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Found 15 results

  1. Orbital's soundtrack from The Pentaverate, a Mike Myers vehicle streaming on Netflix.
  2. Not saying anything about the movie itself, but Hauschka's soundtrack is beautiful.
  3. just watched alex garland's annihilation and it has got some really nice sound design. overall movie is rather good too, but not as groundbreaking as it was hyped to be. would have profited from a larger budget i guess.
  4. We all know Jonny Greenwood makes great music especially classical soundtracks but this one is something special, havent been surprised by music in a long time like this. This OST is a mixture between atonal orchestral music, rythmic percussian and experimental electronics. previews: https://consequenceofsound.net/2018/03/jonny-greenwood-unveils-score-for-you-were-never-really-here-stream/
  5. Scott Walker scored a new movie called The Childhood of a Leader by Brady Corbet. http://www.4ad.com/news/723 for more previews check this (to long) trailer , towards the end you can hear the incredible sounds by Scott. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COSxIEo2vxU
  6. https://bleep.com/release/72066-yuzo-koshiro-streets-of-rage-2 This came out in April, but I didn't see a thread for it.
  7. What a trip, I cannot recommend this highly enough. Fantastic fully formed tracks rather than just vignettes. Almost perfect as far as I’m concerned. The The “Hyena” Released on CINÉOLA March 6th 2015 http://www.thethe.com/shop/
  8. Searched and could'nt find a thread for this but there should be cause it sounds gorgeous. http://boomkat.com/downloads/653017-mogwai-les-revenants-soundtrack-album
  9. front back Dalglish - Venoyn - 12" 45rpm vinyl EP mastered by Lupo limited to 350 copies in a full color matte jacket with full color artwork. 5 tracks. note: It's very hard to convey just how awesome this artwork looks in photos which appears to be drawn using fine tipped ink pens. It is extremely detailed and only an extremely high resolution photo can capture the detail. The first ever Dalglish piece of vinyl, and the first vinyl of any Chris Douglas project since the release of 'Seimlste' in 2002 by his now deceased OST alias off Qlipothic https://soundcloud.com/fluorescentgrey/dalglish-venonyn-ep-sampler full EP sampler shipping now : http://recordlabelrecords.org/191.html
  10. [youtubehd]TeBbSbF_y_c[/youtubehd] "BYTREQW" - A new CD by Scald Rougish on ICASEA. Available to buy on friday 15th Febuary direct from the ICASEA bandcamp page and also via Norman Records. It will be available from other stores in a week or so, and Disk Union are already stocking it in Japan. This CD is limited to 150 copies worldwide. Computer Art by Satoshi Aizawa. Typography and Design by Takashi Aoki. Promotional Video by Alexander Peverett.release date 15/2/2013 http://www.amhain.net http://www.icasea.bandcamp.com http://www.normanrecords.com/records/138051-scald-rougish--bytreqw-
  11. Icasea is proud to present a collaboration with Scald Rougish - aka Chris Douglas. Chris has been releasing music since 1992 under many aliases, such as OST, Dalglish, Rook Vallade, Wooli Bodin.... 'Auen Ansici' was recorded for ICASEA in 2012. 'Bardachd' was recorded in 2001 and until recently was thought lost. Mastered for this release from an original master cassette. More to follow.... 2 x Cassette in a hand numbered edition of 50 copies. Comes in a presentation box with computer art cover, printed insert and a digital download in a format of your choice. There are 5 different covers in editions of 10, your cover art will be assigned to you arbitrarily. http://icasea.bandca...ansici-bardachd for digital albums go to: http://amhain.bandcamp.com/
  12. "A Fennesz CD titled AUN has now cropped up in the pre-order sections of several online stores. Information beyond that is a little scarce, but it does appear to be the film’s soundtrack, packaged with a full colour booklet of stills from the film, and artwork designed by Philip Marshall. Some of the tracks have appeared on record before, on Fennesz and Sakamoto’s 2007 album Cendre, but the majority of it is new material." http://www.factmag.c...to-see-release/ http://www.fennesz.com/ http://www.ashinternational.com/ http://aun-film.com/?page_id=21
  13. " ben lukas boysen has been writing, producing and performing music since 2003, specializing in sound design and composition. with a series of highly regarded albums as hecq on hymen records, plus a busy schedule producing music for a number of high-profile advertising, film and gaming clients, he has firmly established himself as a forward-thinking electronic musician and sophisticated sound designer. The focus of his every project is to find an efficient and direct way to leave a strong emotional impact, whether it is the production of an album or the conception and completion of a commercial project. he invests a lot of thought and time into every single piece of work and therefore makes every production special rather than settling with something fast and convenient. He is determined that every score, commission, track, or remix should get the same amount of attention and detail. in short: moving away from music and sound as a product and perceive every project as a customizable and individual challenge. a number of companies like cartier, bmw, leica, greenpeace, lacoste or mtv have made use of this approach for their commercials, websites and general sound concepts. furthermore ben also designed a 'live pack' for the widely recognised music software ableton live" "restive is not the first film ben boysen made the music for, but it is his first soundtrack to be independently released as an album. as on his previous works as hecq where he has already demonstrated his ability for cinematic sound design, this soundtrack works perfectly as a stand-alone release for those who are not familiar with the movie. with its beautifully elaborate compositions carrying dense moods from light sadness to subliminal tension and disturbance, restive's music is strong enough to speak for itself and to create a motion picture in the listener’s mind. with a basis of mighty sub basses and partial beats, dramatic orchestral ambience interweave with atmospheric synthesized pads and deep reverberation carrying a continuous imaginative suspense of something hiding right beneath the shadow of a thinly layered sonic veil." [vimeo]28959404[/vimeo] http://restivefilm.com/index.html http://hecq.de/ listen http://hymen-records.com/ (argentum)
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