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Found 8 results

  1. Sean mentioned it in AAA, so I looked for more info: Out at the start of 2014 as a limited edition vinyl and digital release will be Dilankex with a 17 min remix from Autechre. http://www.obermanknocks.com/
  2. As is always the case with Oberman Knocks (London based Nigel Truswell), his new twelve track album Conder-Rhyptik, is very much identifiable as his own unique sound, but this new outing (his eighth release for aperture), sees quite a different arc to both the tracks themselves and as an album overall. Where his 2018 album Trilate Shift was a move away from the hard, metallic and well defined ‘shapes’ of previous releases, Conder-Rhyptik gravitates back towards the more angular, defined, sometimes challenging constructs of his earlier works, but with a broader spectrum of sounds and tempos, ranging from the vigorous Hathmex Kalermatic Extraction through to the much more subdued Mighnonix. Conder-Rhyptik is the result of Knocks’ return to the studio following the work on his first theatre show, SHIT, (produced by Ireland’s international award winning thisispopbaby), which premiered in Dublin back in March 2020 (followed again in 2022, when it reopened following the lifting of COVID restrictions). Although predominantly produced during lockdown, this isn’t an album focused on dealing with the isolation and other subsequent issues experienced during this period, but more an explorative journey into constructs in which to escape to. From the expansive opening track Indrophell’s Nytraphorms, right through to the staccato elements of final track Appradynol Inter-Dyverr, Knocks has further developed his love of arhythmic, abstract sounds to produce an album that is sometimes unapologetically difficult in places, whilst elsewhere seemingly much more simple in mood and form. With a number of acclaimed releases under his belt, there’s still a sense of someone pushing themselves for the pure thrill of sound exploration and the production itself, rather than being focussed on the endpoint of releasing something that might strike a chord with whatever might be fashioanble at the time. This focus is what contributes towards forging his own unique sound. https://aperturerecords.bandcamp.com/album/conder-rhyptik?from=fanpub_fnb
  3. 2019 07 05 1. Vencer Quad Cutt 2. Triangulated Sorminn Fifth 3. Skomlix 4. Egroscatchia 5. Quimteck Outaorto https://aperturerecords.bandcamp.com/album/remhex-coyles-ep
  4. 2018 11 16 Aperture ap012 01. Bromsunn Part Dystrikt 4:36 02. Callemhoger Duffries-Bent 4:39 03. Ratched Cummian 4:38 04. Spassksee 3:20 05. Keffrapleet 5:14 06. Anphunbit Shorebrix 5:59 07. Jarr-Copperr 4:31 08. Memmer Doytt Deff 6:31 09. Perdenfligh Syxers 6:18 10. Bowphantiks 6:35 11. Ex_con Phorma Lynes 4:46 12. Guillermon's Casual Rupture 3:03 13. Connthunquette 4:24 14. Denser Merk-Krio Tip 5:03 ► 1:09:37 https://aperturerecords.bandcamp.com/album/trilate-shift http://aperturerecords.com/news--events.html
  5. https://puertoricorelief.bandcamp.com/ 1. Blamstrain - South Of The Border 2. Markus Mehr - Duck Became Swan 3. Pleq - First to Fall (Giulio Aldinucci Remix) 4. Eigenheimer - Gene Zijde 5. Illl - The Flamboyant Tree 6. Tomonari Nozaki - Phosphorescent Waves 7. Olga Wojciechowska - All These Worlds Are Yours 8. Confessor - Ghosts 9. Hecq - Devotion 10. Net - Diplopod Dance 11. BLN & Roel Funcken - Aven 12. Oberman Knocks - Bicker Left Flack 13. Triple Sun - Vieques 14. Somfay - Delta Song 15. ADJ - Love 16. Ard Bit - Whisperings 17. Gigi Masin - London 18. The Green Kingdom - 85 Ambimix 20 artists join in to aid in the reconstruction effort after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico in conjunction with the charity "Friends of Puerto Rico”. All proceeds go directly to Friends of Puerto Rico, they bridge between education and cultural communities in Puerto Rico and its diaspora and are actively raising funds that invest in communities that support educational, cultural and development programs in Puerto Rico. As part of the organization’s commitment, 100% of the donations received for the Hurricane Maria Recovery Fund will be to invest to rebuild Puerto Rico through the thirteen centres managed by the Boys & Girls Clubs in Puerto Rico.
  6. "Aperture Records is excited to welcome back Oberman Knocks with a brand new four track EP: Wrecque Byte Quarters. This EP hits you with shards of metallic sounds, broken fragments and abandoned beats. Dwelling on the darker side as always, but with an almost bleaker perspective, Knocks continues to show a desire to go beyond the realms of the norm, remaining obscure in a delirious fashion. Never an easy listen, but certainly rewarding, 'Wrecque Byte Quarters' reignites a genre that has been too close to dormant for far too long." listen http://www.digital-tunes.net/releases/wrecque_byte_quarters_ep aperture http://www.aperturerecords.com
  7. "Autechre's Sean Booth sez "Sounds like a soundtrack for some brutal tech horror film - so dark. Makes our stuff sound like a posh garden party** "Beatcroff Slabs follows Knocks’ first release on the Aperture label, the widely acclaimed 2009 debut album 13th Smallest, and is comprised of 16 tracks that take his sounds down yet darker, more twisted corridors and into ever expanding sonic spaces." http://www.aperturer...f-slabs-ap004cd http://www.themilkfa...erture-records/ http://boomkat.com/d...beatcroff-slabs
  8. " The ‘Dliankex’ 12″ for the Aperture label is described as a “work of opposites”, with a white side containing Oberman Knocks’ original and a black side containing Autechre’s remix. The record is dual speed, so that the original plays at 45rpm and the remix at 33rpm." http://www.factmag.com/2013/11/21/autechre-remix-oberman-knocks-dliankex-for-new-12/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+FactMagazineMusicAndArt+(FACT+magazine%3A+music+and+art)
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