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  1. Ilasas. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hr_QCFRDlc0 Don't listen to this track enough due to it being tucked away on the "We Are Reasonable People" compilation. Would be nice to see what Plaid tracks other folk are listening to on the board.
  2. My first encounter with Alighted, two original tracks and a Plaid remix, mastered by John Tejada. Recommended. Igloo says things.
  3. Another strong release from CYRK on Science Cult, this time with more IDMish title track with a great remix from Plaid; the B-side accompaniment is two tracks of fierce electro. Highly recommended.
  4. 2020 Update: Bleep.com X De:tuned Advent: Day 8 https://bleep.com/advent-2020-day-8 For the day 8 of the Bleep Advent 2020, they have a bundle offer from De:tuned including a limited edition slip mat and custom UDG Gear Ultimate Courier Bag - both featuring artwork from Kevin Foakes aka DJ Food. Final part to complete your '10 Years De:tuned' set. Thanks for the support! --- Bleep is celebrating the run-up to Christmas 2019 with a daily limited offer featuring De:Tuned, LuckyMe, Warp, Ninja Tune and more. For the first day of the Bleep Advent 2019, they have a bundle offer from De:tuned including an exclusive silver vinyl pressing of DE:10:10, an A2 print and tote bag shipping now. ASGDE030LTD + Tote Bag + A2 Print + Bleep Tote https://bleep.com/release/158174-detuned-detuned-advent-bundle Vinyl, EP Exclusive silver vinyl Limited to 300 copies Solid silver 180g vinyl Silver foil sleeve Mastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis Artwork by Kevin Foakes (DJ Food) Features Lone, Plaid, Steven Rutter, Erik Van Den Broek and Humanoid https://bleep.com/release/158068-various-artists-de1010 De:tuned Print Limited to 100 Bleep exclusive Screentec Aquatex Acrylic Process Colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black) & Lascaux Aluminium Silver Acrylic Heritage White 315gsm Archival Paper Artwork by Kevin Foakes (DJ Food) Printed by Jonas Ranson at Blacklist Editions London https://bleep.com/merch/158112-kevin-foakes-dj-food-detuned-print- De:tuned Tote Bag Limited to 100 Bleep exclusive Artwork by Kevin Foakes (DJ Food) https://bleep.com/merch/145176-detuned-detuned-tote-bag-
  5. ALL FILES WE HAVE ARE ACCESSIBLE VIA OUR DOWNLOAD MANAGER. TO ACCESS CLICK "DOWNLOADS" TAB AT THE VERY TOP OF THE WEB PAGE. WE DO NOT HAVE FILES FOR ALL DATES LISTED. 1997-12-09 Peel Session - link 1998-06-20 Peel Session - link 1998-08-15 Peel Session - link 1999-XX-XX UK-England-London - Brixton Academy 1999-XX-XX UK-England-Manchester 2002-04-08 Live at the Mercury Theatre - Austin TX USA 2003-10-01 Peel Session - link 2007-01-12 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Brancaleone, Rome, Italy 2007-02-07 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Rotonde 2, Luxembourg, Belgium 2007-02-17 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Belgium 2007-02-24 DJ @ Ginglik, London, UK 2007-03-10 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Maffia, Reggio Emila, Italy 2007-03-15 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Ikra Club, Moscow, Russia 2007-03-16 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Artystyczne Fabryka Trzciny, Warsaw, Poland 2007-03-23 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ LEV, Gijon, Spain 2007-03-31 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Impakt Festival, Utrecht, Holland 2007-04-06 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, USA 2007-04-08 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Knitting Factory, New York, USA 2007-04-10 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Empty Bottle, Chicago, USA 2007-04-11 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Neumos, Seattle, USA 2007-04-12 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Holocene, Portland, USA 2007-04-13 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ NASA, Mountain View, USA 2007-04-26 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Le Geode, Paris, France 2007-04-27 DJ @ Panik, Paris, France 2007-05-13 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Lovebytes, Foundry & Fusion, Sheffield, UK 2007-06-13 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Lovebytes, Foundry & Fusion, Sheffield, UK 2007-09-21 Live Show @ Zufunft Club, Zurich, Switzerland 2007-09-22 Live Show @ Fris-son, Fribourg, Switzerland 2007-10-20 DJ @ Ginglik, London, UK 2007-11-02 Live Show @ Spectrum, Nottingham, UK 2007-11-03 Live Show @ Spectrum, Lyon, France 2007-11-16 DJ @ Ocean Rooms, Brighton, UK 2007-11-17 Live Show @ FACT Centre, Liverpool, UK 2007-11-23 DJ, Revolution 10 @ Corsica Studios, London, UK 2007-12-15 DJ & Live @ Wang, Corsica Studios, London, UK 2008-01-17 Live AV Show @ Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA, USA 2008-01-18 Live AV Show @ Nectar Lounge, Seattle, WA, USA 2008-01-19 Live AV Show @ Mezzanine, San Francisco, CA, USA 2008-01-31 Live AV Show @ Johnny Brendas, Philadelphia, PA, USA 2008-02-01 Live AV Show @ Knitting Factory, New York, NY, USA 2008-02-02 Live AV Show @ Millennium Park, Chicago, USA 2008-02-02 Live AV Show @ The Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL, USA 2008-02-07 DJ @ Big Chill House, London, UK 2008-02-16 Live AV Show @ Resonance, Ghent, Belgium 2008-02-22 DJ @ The Bakery Artrage Complex, Perth, Australia 2008-02-24 DJ @ Laneways Festival, Melbourne, Australia 2008-03-29 Live AV Show @ Empreintes Digitales Festival, Leige, Belgium 2008-04-26 Live AV Show @ Bang Face Weekender, Camber Sands, UK 2008-04-27 DJ @ Top 100, Big Chill Bar, London, UK 2008-06-28 Multichannel Performance @ Faster than Sound, Bentwaters Airbase, UK 2008-08-01 Live AV Show @ Nachtdigital, Cavertitz, Germany ALL FILES WE HAVE ARE ACCESSIBLE VIA OUR DOWNLOAD MANAGER. TO ACCESS CLICK "DOWNLOADS" TAB AT THE VERY TOP OF THE WEB PAGE. WE DO NOT HAVE FILES FOR ALL DATES LISTED.
  6. SO Far... 13-16th March 2020 https://bangface.com/ebang/weekender2020 Squarepusher Tommy Cash Venetian Snares Plaid Fabio & Grooverider Helena Hauff Altern 8 DC Breaks DJ Rap Sound Murderer Luke Vibert Lennie D Ice Benny Page Sentimental Rave Hellfish The DJ Producer Chris Liberator Ceephax Acid Crew Konx Om Pax Claro Intelecto Reso Lucy Furr Coco Bruce Hallucinator Kursa Spyro Shosh Forbidden Society Broken Note Rachel Rackitt Casual Gabberz Djinn Seppa Audiotist Sei2ure Ewa Justka Somniac One Kanji Kinetic Mr Bad Monkey FFF Wan Bushi Dave Skywalker Saint Acid & The Bang Face Hard Crew
  7. Plaid - Stem Sell (Remixes Album World Cancer Day) Feb 4th Vinyl Picture Disc & Double CD Via Touched Music
  8. Since theres no room for current The Black Dog affairs in the Plaid subforum. I decided we should have an official one right here in Music Discussion. Any Black Dog releated news or if you just want to post some of your favourite tracks, you can do it right here. And what better way to kick off the thread then with a new FREE release. Listening to the 1st track for the 2nd time, hard hitting Subject to Delays EP
  9. Plaid associate Mason Bee's latest single taken from his debut album Play Flights, with a beautiful Ochre remix of the title track.
  10. skurken - Zetorr Released 28.8.2020 Via Touched Music 100 CD Only + Digital Via Bandcamp
  11. http://www.percussionlab.com/sets/buddy_peace_and_zilla/watch_and_repeat_play ...browsing percussionlab.com today I found this...posted on april the 10th, so it´s yet kinda new... hope-not-jazz-yo! tracklist: Section 001 (2:18) Sweet Exorcist-Testone Aphex Twin-Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 Disc 2 Track 5 LFO-Advance Mira Calix-Nunu Squarepusher-Come On My Selector Prefuse 73-Culturaluhorgasm Prefuse 73-Diarrhea Takes Over Your Life Section 002 (5:23) Beans-Crevice Prefuse 73-Nuno Antipop Consortium-Tronman Speaks Antipop Consortium-Dead In Motion Prefuse 73-Desks, Pencils, Bottles Squarepusher-My Red Hot Car Autechre-Goz Quarter Aphex Twin-Cow Cud Is A Twin Aphex Twin-Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 Disc 1 Track 8 Prefuse 73-Point To B Prefuse 73-7th Message Broadcast-Unchanging Window Autechre-Second Bad Vilbel Beans-Phreek The Beet Team Shadetek-Hard Dragon Boards Of Canada-In The Annexe Boards Of Canada-Open The Light Beans-Roar Beans-Mutescreamer [Original / El-P Remix] Autechre-Cipater Section 003 (6:34) Prefuse 73-Radio Attack CBeans-Mutescreamer [Original / El-P Remix] Antipop Consortium-Dead In Motion Antipop Consortium-Ping Pong Savath & Savalas-Ultimo Tren REQ-Train Jam Boards Of Canada-The Smallest Weird Number Gravenhurst-Bluebeard Luke Vibert-Acidisco Squarepusher-Shin Triad [Wagon Christ Remix] Brothomstates-Adozenaday Boards Of Canada-Happy Cycling Squarepusher-Go! Spastic Section 004 (8:28) Squarepusher-Come On My Selector Squarepusher-Do You Know Squarepusher Aphex Twin-Cock/Ver 10 Squarepusher-Tomorrow World Two Lone Swordsmen-Tiny Reminder No. 1 Aphex Twin-Mt Saint Michel + St Michael Mount Sweet Exorcist-Testone Squarepusher-Full Rinse Louis Digital-Relax 42 Section 005 (6:16) Squarepusher-Red Hot Car !!!-Shit Scheisse Merde [Part 1] [instrumental] Squarepusher-Dedicated Loop Autechre-Eutow Autechre-C.Pach Something J / DJ Maxximus-Mercedes Bentley Vs Versace Armani [Dubplate Remix] !!!-Shit Schiesse Merde [Part 1] Beans-Booga Sugar Squarepusher-Schizm Track 2 Nightmares On Wax-Sal [Autechre Remix] Nightmares On Wax-Aftermath Nightmares On Wax-A Case Of Funk Two Lone Swordsmen-Spine Bubbles Nightmares On Wax-Sal Sweet Exorcist-Clonk [Freebase] Tricky Disco-Tricky Disco LFO-LFO [Leeds Warehouse Mix] Nightmares On Wax-I'm For Real Tuff Little Unit-Join The Future Forgemasters-Track With No Name Autechre-Doctrine Section 006 (2:54) Autechre-Basscadet Boards Of Canada-Pete Standing Alone LFO-Freak Aphex Twin-Windowlicker Section 007 (6:46) Aphex Twin-Come To Daddy [Little Lord Faulteroy Mix] Louis Digital-Dance Floor Microphysics Broadcast-Drums On Fire Prefuse 73-Altoid Addiction Chris Clark-Early Moss REQ-Friscobeat Nightmares On Wax-Bleu My Mind !!!-Pardon My Freedom [Original / Maurice Fulton Instrumental Mix] Broadcast-Pendulum Luke Vibert-Synthax Nightmares On Wax-Keep On [86 In It Mix] !!!-Hello? Is This Thing On? Section 008 (4:54) Autechre-Corc Aphex Twin-Windowlicker [Acid Edit] Boards Of Canada-Magic Window Squarepusher & AFX*-Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid Prefuse 73-Plastic Luke Vibert-I Love Acid Jimmy Edgar-Morris Nightingale Theme Savath & Savalas-Paulo Other People Place, The-Sunrays Broadcast-Poem Of Dead Song Plaid-Eyen Prefuse 73-Southerners (Interlude) !!!-Hello? Is This Thing On? !!!-Shit Schiesse Merde [Part 1] Aphex Twin-Windowlicker [Original / Acid Edit] Prefuse 73-Female Demands Prefuse 73-Back In Time Broadcast-Microtronics 08 Antipop Consortium-Tronman Speaks Section 009 (2:14) Two Lone Swordsmen-Damp Two Lone Swordsmen-Driving With My Gears In Reverse (Only Makes You Move Further Away) Aphex Twin-Avril 14th Prefuse 73-90% Of My Mind Is With You Nightmares On Wax-Burn Me Slo Section 010 (5:45) Luke Vibert-Synthax CTwo Lone Swordsmen-Section Boards Of Canada-You Could Feel The Sky Beans-Crave Section 011 (2:40) Prefuse 73-Altoid Addiction Autechre-Autriche Boards Of Canada-The Colour Of The Fire Prefuse 73-Trains On Top Of The Game Antipop Consortium-Z St. Aphex Twin-Selected Ambient Works Vol.2 Disc 1 Track 3 Antipop Consortium-Conspiracy Of Myth Aphex Twin-Selected Ambient Works Vol.2 Disc 1 Track 3 Prefuse 73-Radio Attack Boards Of Canada-Sunshine Recorder
  12. Sort of sounds like Plaid songwriting structure with some industrial influence. Has some odd time signatures thrown in there with some solid melody writing. I've been playing this a lot lately. https://redpvramid.bandcamp.com/album/vital-force
  13. so this has to be a new thread.... lets collect all the info we could gather about a new Plaid EP, here. alright? and i asked this to Andy, too, so,, lets see if that's true! thanks Caretstik! for bringing in some good news! :)
  14. Warp lifers Plaid return with their 10th LP. Polymer is a baker’s dozen of tunes that finds the duo of Ed Handley and Andy Turner showing off all of their tricks. Crafted under the manifesto ‘Polyphony, Pollution and Politics’, Polymer manages to synthesise this trio of concerns into a set of stirring electronic compositions. Unsurprisingly for a record so heavily concerned with the current socio-political climate, there are times when Polymer can be an intense listen. Quite a few of these tunes feature the sort of wheezy, pensive synth play that crops up in the work of Oneohtrix Point Never. The fact that this is frequently wed to choppy breakbeat techno rhythms (think Clark) only heightens the air of dystopian unease that skulks in the background of the LP. However, the ‘Polyphony’ that the group lean on here also spawns some gorgeous moments. An entry like ‘Maru’ chains propulsive beats together with some sparkling harmonies in a manner that recalls Modeselektor or Apparat. It is a clouds-parting moment, one where the worries that plague Polymer lift and the listener is swept away by the simple beauty of Plaid’s music. Handley and Turner repeat the magic several times across the track list, and these computer ballads bring Polymer close to the sort of records Mark Pritchard has been crafting of late. As they have done time and again throughout their career, Plaid draw a human warmth from their machines on Polymer. https://bleep.com/release/128327-plaid-polymer
  15. Proswell - Amaterasu Released On Touched Music 31.1.2020 100 CD's Only Plus Digital More Info Soon
  16. Saturday, 1st February 2020 ///// 8pm-4am ///// Five Miles, London (N15 4QA) 'Be Up A Hello' Album launch party Exclusive DJ set + special guest DJ set from PLAID https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/events/rough-trade-east-squarepusher?label_id=YXLL99XXXXY
  17. De:tuned anniversary flashback series 09. Tasty The Black Dog original trio era archival tracks. Now need all the archives! https://bleep.com/release/139089-atypic-de1009 https://www.juno.co.uk/products/atypic-de-10-09/741089-01/
  18. New remix for Maru. It's lush.
  19. Not really a fan of Rick & Morty... but am a fan of both dank memes and the long-running AS bromance with IDMz. Lots of warp and other guud stuff on here (tracklist in description doofi):
  20. Touched Releases Triplicity / Heimaey Both Murya Album On A Double CD/DVD Case Grab The Release Here - https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/triplicity-heimaey
  21. A night of divine electronic music with... Plaid (Warp Records) LIVE AV Set Christ (ex Boards of Canada - Benbacula Records) LIVE Plus some very special guests DJs TBA... Saturday June 8th at Mama Roux's, Lower Trinity Street, Digbeth, Birmingham https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1222958?fbclid=IwAR0z2C4GVXD1L0C3rKdxU-Wx3oBu2mJ35qgwybEmshov8UktGqP8ZbhvQ0U
  22. Artist : Ariadne's Labyrinth Title: Twisted Up & Turned Around Label: Touched Music Cat no: TM54 Artwork:GridPattern Format:CD/Digital Country: U.K. Style: IDM/Electronica Release Date October 27th For those readers & listeners who live in caves or were otherwise disposed this last year, 'Twists & Turns' by Ariadne's Labyrinth was simply one of the best releases that Touched have ever had the pleasure of being involved with and putting out there. If ever an album was deserving of praise then that was it. And now we can pleasure ourselves (and yourselves) once again as a bevy of talented artists pounce on the opportunity to remix and rework the fantastic pieces contained therein. Having had the honour of previewing it I'm more than confident to say it's better that most things that other online outlets have attempted to peddle to me. For those familiar with the release, I am sure that you would agree with me that on audition it would be pretty hard to find faults and even harder to suggest improvements (as if it needed any). But now we can marvel in what others have made of the stems and it's a jolly trip into the styles of others that always manages to encapsulate what was great about Twists & Turns. Helpfully, the order of tracks on 'Twisted Up And Turned Around' follows that of its parent release so it's really nice to just interweave the originals and see their progression through the ears of the featured contributors. And that's what I'm going to do here as they really do deserve to be covered. The opener 'Sound City', thoughtfully treated by Keiss & bringing his experience of two separate Touched Music releases to the plate, concentrates on the airy quality of the track with beautiful chord progressions. Veteran Boxcutter applies his own signature sound and lets us wobble and bounce our way through things - there's definite attitude here. Azrak industrialises 'End Aria' making it full & pumping with a helping of Amen Break thrown in for good measure & Macheen Boi gives us his own self-titled 'bastardisation' but in my eyes it's more of a legitimisation by royal decree - welcome to the family. The distinctive Shepard-like ever-rising tones of 'Griffo's Dream' are treated with respect by both Klaus Wankderlick & Randomoidz and also ADJ - the former producing something reminiscent of Hybrid's more epic pieces and the latter slows the pace down with a more electro interpretation. When I first heard 'Tiny Car' I was immediately thrown back to Rephlex days and the always- pleasurable playings of the Braindance compilation. I didn't realise it could get any more authentic but somehow Karsten Pflum manages to do it with a real analogue vibe peppered with vibrato and squelch. Iceland's Murya returns to Touched with his interpretation with one big in-your-face soundscape. You can pretty much taste the Northern Lights in your mouth. One of my personal favourites from the original, 'Patternicity' always got me with its rolling pace, dramatically executed without being pretentious. It warms my heart that none of the original charm has been lost, with Emma Catnip's remix going straight on repeat, making my shoulders move involuntarily like some kind of music attack. Monoform & Pat Hime also rework the track, the former giving a whole new spin to it with a more relaxed rhythm structure that allows the melody to take centre stage, and the latter using the source material in some truly interesting ways to produce a completely new reconstruction. There's even an alternate remix by Ariadne's Labyrinth which is a nice touch and just demonstrates the infinite possibilities there are when producing this kind of music. From the sound of it 'Omnisomething' must have provided some great stems, with a bold melody and forceful movement through the piece. Recue builds these up to an epic finale in his track, just wait for it. Please dance interpretively to this one and send me the videos. I bet you look like a Chris Cunningham piece. Andrew Course steps in after and manages to make everything loose & sleazy, you can click your fingers to this one and it's rather seductive with an Ochre-like quality. I hadn't heard of Bovaflux before this but I'm glad I have now as his remix of 'Looking For Raindrops' has great arpeggios accenting the original track making for a really fun ride. The ending is positively robotic too. If your arm hairs don't stand up for this one then there's something wrong with you. Juan Nutkins (yes, I had to double-take too) follows and makes it all techno - it's a pumping end to a set, a late-night remedy for all the lagging ravers. This would definitely make them cancel their Ubers. Exm rears his head again and makes things chaotic as per usual, reworking 'Jim's Secret Portal' with an always-welcome eye-opening display of uniqueness from Holland. Milleu almost makes it sound as if Global Goon are in the house by completely restructuring things and making things very relaxed. Fizzarum breaks up the relentless pounding of 'Big Up Fussy' by keeping the pounding but very much deconstructing the beats and melodies with a skilful use of gates and other effects. It's very different and one that's sure to grow on you. I love Generate and always look forward to what he's going to do next - and 'Braindrops' is no different. I'm absolutely loving the rhythms both subtle & not so subtle, it's wonderfully mixed. Another big name comes in the form of D'Arcangelo, with a big piece. It takes all the big bits and makes them even bigger. But the treatment doesn't stop there - in what is one of my personal highlights of the album, Blackpool's brightest light Chevron ups the rave-factor to about a million. Oh Chevvers, I'd berate you but I'd only feel bad about it. Being a long-time fan since the days of Wrong Music I happily welcome this aptly-name hyped up remix into my living room. Better known as The Teknoist, Fyrehammer knocks 'Nola's Salon' off the shelf and glues it back together with breaks and beats all over the place. It's another fun-filled pumpfest. And back once again, Plaid's Ed & Andy deliver once more in what is actually quite an interesting track, darker than what you'd expect and a real departure but of course stunning and more than welcome. The original Outro track gave us a secret track, but there's no secrets here in what's given to us by Randomoidz with his second contribution to the album - it's playful, long & heavy. Finally, Carbinax ends the evening's proceedings by really playing on the strengths of the violin giving a real sense of closure. Available on both physical release and as a digital download, proceeds will once again be forwarded to Macmillan Cancer Support. You'd be silly to miss out on this one. Here - https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/twisted-up-turned-around
  23. Hiya, Frequent lurker and former Braindance mod here. Thought this worth a shout here. I know it's a bit of a spammy start, but... c'mon... pretty chuffed with this line-up, if we do say so ourselves. So just keen to share the love as we're just a couple of independent entities who've clawed our way up to putting on events like this. So yeah... Cheers all. _____ Mango + Sweetrice Records & Bit-Phalanx Music present: 23rpm : An all-day Electronic Music Festival. (in collaboration with Observatory London) London's finest annual A/V festival of cutting edge Electronic music and classic "IDM" returns for a fourth edition on Saturday 6th October, 2018. After two years in Soho, and last year in Bethnal Green, the festival moves back towards Central London with an utterly stunning, all-new venue... The Grosvenor Chapel, Mayfair. Room One : LINE-UP: - MURCOF (live) (Leaf Label / InFiné) - FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER (live) (Shitkatapult / Raster-Noton / Mille Plateaux) - TIM EXILE (live) (Warp Records / Planet Mu) - COPPÉ feat. PLAID + THE BEE (live) - Special debut collaborative set debut (Mango + Sweetrice / Warp Records) - ANDREA BELFI (live) - Exclusive Electro-acoustic set (Float) - CHRIST. (live) (ex-Boards Of Canada / Parallax Sounds / Benbecula / Ambidextrous Records) - SONAE (live) (Monika-Enterprise) - EARTH IS FLAT / EIF (live) (Bit-Phalanx) - KARSTEN PFLUM (live) (Touched Music / Hymen Records) EXCLUSIVE LIVE VISUALS + STAGING BY: - OBSERVATORY LONDON SPECIAL GUEST DJS: - SUTEKH (Context / Plug Research Records / Soul Jazz Records / Mille Plateaux) - SI BEGG (Shitkatapult / Noodles Recordings / Additech Records) - SOFIA ILYAS (Float) - DF TRAM (Liquid Sound Design / Subatomic) Room Two | Three Channel 'Silent Disco': - FLOAT (label takeover) - PRÓXIMO (collective feat. Datassette / Luke Handsfree / Tengui / Medallion Man / Night Stream) - VINYL PIMP (collective) _____ Tickets on sale via TicketWeb UK: http://tinyurl.com/23rpmticket All-day passes: • £25 Limited Early Bird (while they last!) • £30 Standard Advance • £35 Limited on-the-door _____ Facebook Event: http://tinyurl.com/23rpmevent _____ Promo video: https://youtu.be/wPe7BzxjGWU
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