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  1. ALL FILES WE HAVE ARE ACCESSIBLE VIA OUR DOWNLOAD MANAGER. TO ACCESS CLICK "DOWNLOADS" TAB AT THE VERY TOP OF THE WEB PAGE. WE DO NOT HAVE FILES FOR ALL DATES LISTED. 1997-12-09 Peel Session - link 1998-06-20 Peel Session - link 1998-08-15 Peel Session - link 1999-XX-XX UK-England-London - Brixton Academy 1999-XX-XX UK-England-Manchester 2002-04-08 Live at the Mercury Theatre - Austin TX USA 2003-10-01 Peel Session - link 2007-01-12 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Brancaleone, Rome, Italy 2007-02-07 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Rotonde 2, Luxembourg, Belgium 2007-02-17 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Belgium 2007-02-24 DJ @ Ginglik, London, UK 2007-03-10 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Maffia, Reggio Emila, Italy 2007-03-15 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Ikra Club, Moscow, Russia 2007-03-16 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Artystyczne Fabryka Trzciny, Warsaw, Poland 2007-03-23 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ LEV, Gijon, Spain 2007-03-31 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Impakt Festival, Utrecht, Holland 2007-04-06 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, USA 2007-04-08 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Knitting Factory, New York, USA 2007-04-10 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Empty Bottle, Chicago, USA 2007-04-11 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Neumos, Seattle, USA 2007-04-12 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Holocene, Portland, USA 2007-04-13 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ NASA, Mountain View, USA 2007-04-26 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Le Geode, Paris, France 2007-04-27 DJ @ Panik, Paris, France 2007-05-13 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Lovebytes, Foundry & Fusion, Sheffield, UK 2007-06-13 Live AV Show with Bob Jaroc @ Lovebytes, Foundry & Fusion, Sheffield, UK 2007-09-21 Live Show @ Zufunft Club, Zurich, Switzerland 2007-09-22 Live Show @ Fris-son, Fribourg, Switzerland 2007-10-20 DJ @ Ginglik, London, UK 2007-11-02 Live Show @ Spectrum, Nottingham, UK 2007-11-03 Live Show @ Spectrum, Lyon, France 2007-11-16 DJ @ Ocean Rooms, Brighton, UK 2007-11-17 Live Show @ FACT Centre, Liverpool, UK 2007-11-23 DJ, Revolution 10 @ Corsica Studios, London, UK 2007-12-15 DJ & Live @ Wang, Corsica Studios, London, UK 2008-01-17 Live AV Show @ Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA, USA 2008-01-18 Live AV Show @ Nectar Lounge, Seattle, WA, USA 2008-01-19 Live AV Show @ Mezzanine, San Francisco, CA, USA 2008-01-31 Live AV Show @ Johnny Brendas, Philadelphia, PA, USA 2008-02-01 Live AV Show @ Knitting Factory, New York, NY, USA 2008-02-02 Live AV Show @ Millennium Park, Chicago, USA 2008-02-02 Live AV Show @ The Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL, USA 2008-02-07 DJ @ Big Chill House, London, UK 2008-02-16 Live AV Show @ Resonance, Ghent, Belgium 2008-02-22 DJ @ The Bakery Artrage Complex, Perth, Australia 2008-02-24 DJ @ Laneways Festival, Melbourne, Australia 2008-03-29 Live AV Show @ Empreintes Digitales Festival, Leige, Belgium 2008-04-26 Live AV Show @ Bang Face Weekender, Camber Sands, UK 2008-04-27 DJ @ Top 100, Big Chill Bar, London, UK 2008-06-28 Multichannel Performance @ Faster than Sound, Bentwaters Airbase, UK 2008-08-01 Live AV Show @ Nachtdigital, Cavertitz, Germany ALL FILES WE HAVE ARE ACCESSIBLE VIA OUR DOWNLOAD MANAGER. TO ACCESS CLICK "DOWNLOADS" TAB AT THE VERY TOP OF THE WEB PAGE. WE DO NOT HAVE FILES FOR ALL DATES LISTED.
  2. Bleep is celebrating the run-up to Christmas 2019 with a daily limited offer featuring De:Tuned, LuckyMe, Warp, Ninja Tune and more. For the first day of the Bleep Advent 2019, they have a bundle offer from De:tuned including an exclusive silver vinyl pressing of DE:10:10, an A2 print and tote bag shipping now. ASGDE030LTD + Tote Bag + A2 Print + Bleep Tote https://bleep.com/release/158174-detuned-detuned-advent-bundle Vinyl, EP Exclusive silver vinyl Limited to 300 copies Solid silver 180g vinyl Silver foil sleeve Mastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis Artwork by Kevin Foakes (DJ Food) Features Lone, Plaid, Steven Rutter, Erik Van Den Broek and Humanoid https://bleep.com/release/158068-various-artists-de1010 De:tuned Print Limited to 100 Bleep exclusive Screentec Aquatex Acrylic Process Colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black) & Lascaux Aluminium Silver Acrylic Heritage White 315gsm Archival Paper Artwork by Kevin Foakes (DJ Food) Printed by Jonas Ranson at Blacklist Editions London https://bleep.com/merch/158112-kevin-foakes-dj-food-detuned-print- De:tuned Tote Bag Limited to 100 Bleep exclusive Artwork by Kevin Foakes (DJ Food) https://bleep.com/merch/145176-detuned-detuned-tote-bag-
  3. so this has to be a new thread.... lets collect all the info we could gather about a new Plaid EP, here. alright? and i asked this to Andy, too, so,, lets see if that's true! thanks Caretstik! for bringing in some good news! :)
  4. Warp lifers Plaid return with their 10th LP. Polymer is a baker’s dozen of tunes that finds the duo of Ed Handley and Andy Turner showing off all of their tricks. Crafted under the manifesto ‘Polyphony, Pollution and Politics’, Polymer manages to synthesise this trio of concerns into a set of stirring electronic compositions. Unsurprisingly for a record so heavily concerned with the current socio-political climate, there are times when Polymer can be an intense listen. Quite a few of these tunes feature the sort of wheezy, pensive synth play that crops up in the work of Oneohtrix Point Never. The fact that this is frequently wed to choppy breakbeat techno rhythms (think Clark) only heightens the air of dystopian unease that skulks in the background of the LP. However, the ‘Polyphony’ that the group lean on here also spawns some gorgeous moments. An entry like ‘Maru’ chains propulsive beats together with some sparkling harmonies in a manner that recalls Modeselektor or Apparat. It is a clouds-parting moment, one where the worries that plague Polymer lift and the listener is swept away by the simple beauty of Plaid’s music. Handley and Turner repeat the magic several times across the track list, and these computer ballads bring Polymer close to the sort of records Mark Pritchard has been crafting of late. As they have done time and again throughout their career, Plaid draw a human warmth from their machines on Polymer. https://bleep.com/release/128327-plaid-polymer
  5. Proswell - Amaterasu Released On Touched Music 31.1.2020 100 CD's Only Plus Digital More Info Soon
  6. Saturday, 1st February 2020 ///// 8pm-4am ///// Five Miles, London (N15 4QA) 'Be Up A Hello' Album launch party Exclusive DJ set + special guest DJ set from PLAID https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/events/rough-trade-east-squarepusher?label_id=YXLL99XXXXY
  7. Ilasas. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hr_QCFRDlc0 Don't listen to this track enough due to it being tucked away on the "We Are Reasonable People" compilation. Would be nice to see what Plaid tracks other folk are listening to on the board.
  8. SO Far... 13-16th March 2020 https://bangface.com/ebang/weekender2020 Squarepusher Tommy Cash Venetian Snares Plaid Fabio & Grooverider Helena Hauff Altern 8 DC Breaks DJ Rap Sound Murderer Luke Vibert Lennie D Ice Benny Page Sentimental Rave Hellfish The DJ Producer Chris Liberator Ceephax Acid Crew Konx Om Pax Claro Intelecto Reso Lucy Furr Coco Bruce Hallucinator Kursa Spyro Shosh Forbidden Society Broken Note Rachel Rackitt Casual Gabberz Djinn Seppa Audiotist Sei2ure Ewa Justka Somniac One Kanji Kinetic Mr Bad Monkey FFF Wan Bushi Dave Skywalker Saint Acid & The Bang Face Hard Crew
  9. De:tuned anniversary flashback series 09. Tasty The Black Dog original trio era archival tracks. Now need all the archives! https://bleep.com/release/139089-atypic-de1009 https://www.juno.co.uk/products/atypic-de-10-09/741089-01/
  10. New remix for Maru. It's lush.
  11. Since theres no room for current The Black Dog affairs in the Plaid subforum. I decided we should have an official one right here in Music Discussion. Any Black Dog releated news or if you just want to post some of your favourite tracks, you can do it right here. And what better way to kick off the thread then with a new FREE release. Listening to the 1st track for the 2nd time, hard hitting Subject to Delays EP
  12. Not really a fan of Rick & Morty... but am a fan of both dank memes and the long-running AS bromance with IDMz. Lots of warp and other guud stuff on here (tracklist in description doofi):
  13. Touched Releases Triplicity / Heimaey Both Murya Album On A Double CD/DVD Case Grab The Release Here - https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/triplicity-heimaey
  14. A night of divine electronic music with... Plaid (Warp Records) LIVE AV Set Christ (ex Boards of Canada - Benbacula Records) LIVE Plus some very special guests DJs TBA... Saturday June 8th at Mama Roux's, Lower Trinity Street, Digbeth, Birmingham https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1222958?fbclid=IwAR0z2C4GVXD1L0C3rKdxU-Wx3oBu2mJ35qgwybEmshov8UktGqP8ZbhvQ0U
  15. Artist : Ariadne's Labyrinth Title: Twisted Up & Turned Around Label: Touched Music Cat no: TM54 Artwork:GridPattern Format:CD/Digital Country: U.K. Style: IDM/Electronica Release Date October 27th For those readers & listeners who live in caves or were otherwise disposed this last year, 'Twists & Turns' by Ariadne's Labyrinth was simply one of the best releases that Touched have ever had the pleasure of being involved with and putting out there. If ever an album was deserving of praise then that was it. And now we can pleasure ourselves (and yourselves) once again as a bevy of talented artists pounce on the opportunity to remix and rework the fantastic pieces contained therein. Having had the honour of previewing it I'm more than confident to say it's better that most things that other online outlets have attempted to peddle to me. For those familiar with the release, I am sure that you would agree with me that on audition it would be pretty hard to find faults and even harder to suggest improvements (as if it needed any). But now we can marvel in what others have made of the stems and it's a jolly trip into the styles of others that always manages to encapsulate what was great about Twists & Turns. Helpfully, the order of tracks on 'Twisted Up And Turned Around' follows that of its parent release so it's really nice to just interweave the originals and see their progression through the ears of the featured contributors. And that's what I'm going to do here as they really do deserve to be covered. The opener 'Sound City', thoughtfully treated by Keiss & bringing his experience of two separate Touched Music releases to the plate, concentrates on the airy quality of the track with beautiful chord progressions. Veteran Boxcutter applies his own signature sound and lets us wobble and bounce our way through things - there's definite attitude here. Azrak industrialises 'End Aria' making it full & pumping with a helping of Amen Break thrown in for good measure & Macheen Boi gives us his own self-titled 'bastardisation' but in my eyes it's more of a legitimisation by royal decree - welcome to the family. The distinctive Shepard-like ever-rising tones of 'Griffo's Dream' are treated with respect by both Klaus Wankderlick & Randomoidz and also ADJ - the former producing something reminiscent of Hybrid's more epic pieces and the latter slows the pace down with a more electro interpretation. When I first heard 'Tiny Car' I was immediately thrown back to Rephlex days and the always- pleasurable playings of the Braindance compilation. I didn't realise it could get any more authentic but somehow Karsten Pflum manages to do it with a real analogue vibe peppered with vibrato and squelch. Iceland's Murya returns to Touched with his interpretation with one big in-your-face soundscape. You can pretty much taste the Northern Lights in your mouth. One of my personal favourites from the original, 'Patternicity' always got me with its rolling pace, dramatically executed without being pretentious. It warms my heart that none of the original charm has been lost, with Emma Catnip's remix going straight on repeat, making my shoulders move involuntarily like some kind of music attack. Monoform & Pat Hime also rework the track, the former giving a whole new spin to it with a more relaxed rhythm structure that allows the melody to take centre stage, and the latter using the source material in some truly interesting ways to produce a completely new reconstruction. There's even an alternate remix by Ariadne's Labyrinth which is a nice touch and just demonstrates the infinite possibilities there are when producing this kind of music. From the sound of it 'Omnisomething' must have provided some great stems, with a bold melody and forceful movement through the piece. Recue builds these up to an epic finale in his track, just wait for it. Please dance interpretively to this one and send me the videos. I bet you look like a Chris Cunningham piece. Andrew Course steps in after and manages to make everything loose & sleazy, you can click your fingers to this one and it's rather seductive with an Ochre-like quality. I hadn't heard of Bovaflux before this but I'm glad I have now as his remix of 'Looking For Raindrops' has great arpeggios accenting the original track making for a really fun ride. The ending is positively robotic too. If your arm hairs don't stand up for this one then there's something wrong with you. Juan Nutkins (yes, I had to double-take too) follows and makes it all techno - it's a pumping end to a set, a late-night remedy for all the lagging ravers. This would definitely make them cancel their Ubers. Exm rears his head again and makes things chaotic as per usual, reworking 'Jim's Secret Portal' with an always-welcome eye-opening display of uniqueness from Holland. Milleu almost makes it sound as if Global Goon are in the house by completely restructuring things and making things very relaxed. Fizzarum breaks up the relentless pounding of 'Big Up Fussy' by keeping the pounding but very much deconstructing the beats and melodies with a skilful use of gates and other effects. It's very different and one that's sure to grow on you. I love Generate and always look forward to what he's going to do next - and 'Braindrops' is no different. I'm absolutely loving the rhythms both subtle & not so subtle, it's wonderfully mixed. Another big name comes in the form of D'Arcangelo, with a big piece. It takes all the big bits and makes them even bigger. But the treatment doesn't stop there - in what is one of my personal highlights of the album, Blackpool's brightest light Chevron ups the rave-factor to about a million. Oh Chevvers, I'd berate you but I'd only feel bad about it. Being a long-time fan since the days of Wrong Music I happily welcome this aptly-name hyped up remix into my living room. Better known as The Teknoist, Fyrehammer knocks 'Nola's Salon' off the shelf and glues it back together with breaks and beats all over the place. It's another fun-filled pumpfest. And back once again, Plaid's Ed & Andy deliver once more in what is actually quite an interesting track, darker than what you'd expect and a real departure but of course stunning and more than welcome. The original Outro track gave us a secret track, but there's no secrets here in what's given to us by Randomoidz with his second contribution to the album - it's playful, long & heavy. Finally, Carbinax ends the evening's proceedings by really playing on the strengths of the violin giving a real sense of closure. Available on both physical release and as a digital download, proceeds will once again be forwarded to Macmillan Cancer Support. You'd be silly to miss out on this one. Here - https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/twisted-up-turned-around
  16. Hiya, Frequent lurker and former Braindance mod here. Thought this worth a shout here. I know it's a bit of a spammy start, but... c'mon... pretty chuffed with this line-up, if we do say so ourselves. So just keen to share the love as we're just a couple of independent entities who've clawed our way up to putting on events like this. So yeah... Cheers all. _____ Mango + Sweetrice Records & Bit-Phalanx Music present: 23rpm : An all-day Electronic Music Festival. (in collaboration with Observatory London) London's finest annual A/V festival of cutting edge Electronic music and classic "IDM" returns for a fourth edition on Saturday 6th October, 2018. After two years in Soho, and last year in Bethnal Green, the festival moves back towards Central London with an utterly stunning, all-new venue... The Grosvenor Chapel, Mayfair. Room One : LINE-UP: - MURCOF (live) (Leaf Label / InFiné) - FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER (live) (Shitkatapult / Raster-Noton / Mille Plateaux) - TIM EXILE (live) (Warp Records / Planet Mu) - COPPÉ feat. PLAID + THE BEE (live) - Special debut collaborative set debut (Mango + Sweetrice / Warp Records) - ANDREA BELFI (live) - Exclusive Electro-acoustic set (Float) - CHRIST. (live) (ex-Boards Of Canada / Parallax Sounds / Benbecula / Ambidextrous Records) - SONAE (live) (Monika-Enterprise) - EARTH IS FLAT / EIF (live) (Bit-Phalanx) - KARSTEN PFLUM (live) (Touched Music / Hymen Records) EXCLUSIVE LIVE VISUALS + STAGING BY: - OBSERVATORY LONDON SPECIAL GUEST DJS: - SUTEKH (Context / Plug Research Records / Soul Jazz Records / Mille Plateaux) - SI BEGG (Shitkatapult / Noodles Recordings / Additech Records) - SOFIA ILYAS (Float) - DF TRAM (Liquid Sound Design / Subatomic) Room Two | Three Channel 'Silent Disco': - FLOAT (label takeover) - PRÓXIMO (collective feat. Datassette / Luke Handsfree / Tengui / Medallion Man / Night Stream) - VINYL PIMP (collective) _____ Tickets on sale via TicketWeb UK: http://tinyurl.com/23rpmticket All-day passes: • £25 Limited Early Bird (while they last!) • £30 Standard Advance • £35 Limited on-the-door _____ Facebook Event: http://tinyurl.com/23rpmevent _____ Promo video: https://youtu.be/wPe7BzxjGWU
  17. So, as spammed over here, the Plaid boys will be debuting their first full collaborative live set with Coppé at this year's 23rpm Festival next Saturday (6th October) in London. Something a bit different for them for sure. Coppé has guest-appeared at one or two of their gigs over the years, but never a whole set together focusing just on their collaborative material until now. Coppé has something of a cult following scattered thinly all over the world (partly thanks to her splitting her time between Japan and the US over the last 20 years). This is something I've been helping her build on in the UK since 2011, and this year we thought it worth giving 20 years of her most prolific collaborations a shout out. Since 1998, Coppé has regularly recorded and released original collaborations and remixes with Plaid, with around a dozen tracks now between them. There's talk of a whole collaborations album harvesting these together + brand new tracks especially for it. It was something of a surprise to Andy & Ed as well when we all sat down and looked at just how much work they've actually done together with her over the years. So, thought it worth marking the occasion here with a ganders at some of their tunes together... This was originally produced by Kettel in 2005, but later remixed by Plaid in 2007 and kinda became the staple-version for Coppé's live set (and her 2013 'best of' sampler). One of their earliest full collaborations from 98's 'Peppermint' album, and still my personal fave. Been itching to hear this live for years now! This one just sums up everything that Plaid do beautifully for me. '45 degrees' (from Coppé's 20th anniversary album '20rpm' - 2015) with Plaid at their most "clean", sparse, crisp and minimal. Another Plaid remix that took the minimal original and became the defining version. I know I'm bias... but, can't wait for the set :)
  18. Now Up For Pre Order.. https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/dear-of-the-yog 1. Spawkings (Martin Nonstatic rmx) 2. Missingsense - Goodnite Reroute (Roel Funcken rmx) 3. Fygon Isk (Ben Fowler rmx) 4. Drogan (Lusine rmx) 04:30 5. Artcloud - Sunder (Roel Funcken rmx) 6. Leaved (Generate rmx) 7. Plaid - Wen (Roel Funcken rmx) 8. Balaklavskiy Prospex (Ben Milstein rmx)04:13 9. Pead Bandorum (Kettel rmx) 10. Ochre & Roel Funcken - Spock Covex 11. Other Form of Matter (Erothyme rmx) 12. Circuit Interference (Woulg rmx) 13. Ben Milstein - Cosmic Flatulence (Roel Funcken rmx) 14. Bloid Fraxton (Rumpistol rmx) 15. Pead Bandorum (Illuvia rmx) 16. Sisix & Shwex - Divergence (Roel Funcken rmx) 17. Cober Blue (Julien Mier rmx) 18. Android Robson (Ochre rmx) 03:00 19. Humanoid - Post human (Roel Funcken rmx) 03:07 releases May 26, 2018 So I’ve had this idea for years, and finally its coming to life, thru a release on Touched. I wanted to do something bigger with my musical power for a good cause. I have an amazing network of musical friends, and almost everybody I asked to get involved said yes. I just want to make a statement, we all have power to do something good in this world, just think about it what it is for yourself and think of ways to make it happen. 3 years ago I adopted a rottweiler from the shelter, he was in the shelter for 2 years. From all the dogs I took walks with I connected the most with him. And although he is a handful, I love him more than anything in the world. And it opened up my eyes even wider how I connect with them, mostly better than with humans. I just love animals, and dogs in particular. It was clear I wanted to pick a charity that helps dogs, nothing grabs me more by the throat than the horrific situation for dogs in the dog meat trade in Asia. I supported the soi dog foundation a couple of times already so this was a logical choice to focus on them. They do amazing stuff in the whole of Asia. Mission Statement of soi dog: To improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Asia, resulting in better lives for both the animal and human communities, to create a society without homeless animals, and to ultimately end animal cruelty. www.soidog.org I want to thank anyone that has participated to bringing this release to life. The whole release turned out even more fantastic than I could have imagined. Thanks everyone. First of all Martin from Touched music. touchedmusic.com Musicians : Martin Nonstatic ultimae.com/artists/martin-nonstatic Missingsense foresense.org Ben Fowler www.benfowlermusic.net Lusine lusineweb.com Generate soundcloud.com/generate Plaid www.plaid.co.uk Ben Milstein soundcloud.com/milstein Kettel www.kettelmusic.com Ochre ochremusic.com Erothyme erothyme.bandcamp.com Woulg soundcloud.com/woulgmusic Rumpistol rumpistol.com Illuvia soundcloud.com/illuvia Sixis & Shwex soundcloud.com/sixis-3 soundcloud.com/shwex Julien Mier soundcloud.com/julien-mier Stakker www.facebook.com/binn.dogends Art : SHVLFCE shvlfce.wixsite.com/shvlfce Mastering : Bob Macc at Subvert Central Mastering scmastering.com And Rip Thomas Denis aka Qebrus. He was supposed to do a remix, we were talking about it a lot, unfortunately it didn’t work out. I hope he has found his peace now. See you on the other side. soundcloud.com/qebrus license
  19. Artist : BLN Title: Reworked Rewired Vol 1. Label: Touched Music Cat no: TM50 Format: Limited CD 100 & Digital Country: U.K. Style: IDM/Electronica Release Date: 23/3/2018 Description. It's officially Spring time in the Northern Hemisphere. The birds & the bees are at it again and so it appears are the artists of Touched Music, ever-generously contributing their work for a good cause. This time round our benefactor is Romanian Victor Popescu, better known to you & I as BLN. Previously appearing on our compilations and remix releases, BLN sees "Reworked Rewired" out on Touched this March. On the live scene since 1997, Victor brings us his ever-pleasing mix of rich sound and technical rhythm and makes his first appearance on Touched after his debut album on Square Sound Records in 2010 and a stint at Raumklang Music. It's a fine display of skill, where both original works and remixes coexisting in a big and happy wonderland, ordered well that makes the whole package a great adventure. Opening with a thoughtful reworking of Basementgrrr, we are quickly taken to a lush place with "The Round Cube", before a track of special note, a remix of Nine Inch Nails' 'In This Twillight'. The almost-haunting melody and pacing is only improved upon with thoughtful electronic noise and beats. 'Mad' just makes you want to robot dance, it's an awesome post-Dubstep-Acid mash which follows on from the NiN track with all the squelch one would need for a week. Some may remember Plaid's remix competition back in 2014 to conincide with the release of 'Reachy Prints', where artists were invited to remix the fantastic 'Tether'. Well, Victor did remix it incredibly well, so it's great to have the pleasure of including his version with this album. Ed & Andy would be proud. Further remixes of Roel Funcken, Midimode, Port Royal, Phylum Sinter and Touched's very own Min-Y-Llan make this release extra special, as if all the original noise on here wasn't enough. To top it all off, two of the tracks are teaming up with Yvat, which take a somewhat darker turn and accentuate the whole thing nicely. Grab A Copy Here From The 23/3/2018 - https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/reworked-rewired-vol-1
  20. halisray


    I love Plaid - have most of their albums except for Trainer... is it a good album compared to the rest of their stuff? Should I buy it? Just want to hear some thoughts of other Plaid fans :D
  21. 8.2.2018 Min-Y-Llan A Distant Rainbow, Remixed, Remastered, Repackaged, Rereleased.... 100 Only New Artwork From The Man Of The Moment Grid Pattern Remastered By Crimson Sun Audio - Mastering And Mix Engineering Remixes From Roel Funcken Christ. Ochre LogreybeamMusic & 2 From The Mighty Plaid Plus 4 Extra Tracks On The Digital.
  22. Artist : Ariadne’s Labyrinth Title: Twists & Turns Label: Touched Music Cat no: TM66 Format: CD/Digital Country: U.K. Artwork: The Designers Republic Style: IDM/Electronica Release Date Oct 27th 2017 This is what nicely sums up the Touched label. After the surprise release of one of the biggest names in recent electronic music history, Autechre, it's equally humbling to be able to offer up talented, up and coming artists. It makes us realise that there are those out there just as impressive as the established masters. There's a place for everyone here and we welcome them with open arms. "Twists And Turns" is simply stunning. After an initial EP release earlier this year on Detroit Underground with 'Lost And Founded' and a contribution to Touched Music's summer mix that reappears here, 'Ariadne's Labyrinth' delivers a complex and intricate work that screams effort and talent. It opens boldly and doesn't screw around. Leads are in your face, breaks and rhythms delicately layered and nearly all of the tracks build up beautifully into crescendos that are deconstructed with equal majesty. With an almost leftfield feeling at times, I'm often reminded of 'Spokes' (the everlasting joy from Warp Record's Plaid) and the live tour that went along with it - twisted delays and assertive melodies guiding you from one track to the next. Most tracks could easily intertwine and the whole experience is both dance-worthy and contemplative with a rolling middle portion reminiscent of the best bits of the 'Dial P' mix rolled into one. This is both excitingly new and nostalgic. A skilled violinist and pianist, the training shines through with impeccably self-recorded & sampled violin scattered about the album. It bridges the electroacoustic gap while firmly staying loyal to electronica, neither raw or over-processed with a perfect level of usage. Similarly impressive is the use of scattered Amen-style breaks and confident kicks that underpin the whole thing. Although full of variety it never feels like it's searching for a purpose or trying too hard to fit in. I can relax or I can boogie, the choice is mine as the choice is there. From ambience to Klezmer and Jazz influences through a bevy of melodic electronica the whole thing ends perfectly with a relaxed piece that gives you a chance to contemplate what just happened. And albeit less secret and surprising as they used to be, it's lovely to be presented with a hidden track - my first listen was a pleasant revelation that my experience wasn't quite yet over. Be sure to expand your collection and grab a copy from Touched Music, as always proceeds will be going to the ever-deserving Macmillan Cancer Support! 26th 8PM Mixlr Preview Show http://mixlr.com/touched-music/ Buy Here - https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/twists-turns
  23. Details Mango + Sweetrice Records & Bit-Phalanx Music present: 22rpm : An all-day Electronic Music Festival. • RPM EVENTS MOVES TO SHOREDITCH! • London's newest annual A/V festival of cutting edge Electronic music and classic IDM returns for its third instalment on Saturday 7th October, 2017. This time, we are moving to Shoreditch with our all new home for 2017... St. John's church on Bethnal Green. Expect another stellar line-up, mind-bending visuals and very special treats you've come to expect from the rpm events. ROOM ONE: The Church Hall. • VALGEIR SIGURÐSSON LIVE | Bedroom Community (presenting new album 'Dissonance', live). • BOLA LIVE | Skam Records (Debut UK performance of new album D.E.G) • ASH KOOSHA LIVE | Ninja Tune • COPPÉ LIVE | Mango + Sweetrice (presenting new album, 'Milk') + New live band: Malcolm Chalmers: Programming & live mix | Damon Brown: Trumpet | Adam King: Double Bass | Leon Greening: keyboards | Kim Minchan: Drums • SCANNER LIVE | Monotype Records | Sub Rosa • B12 LIVE | Warp Records | FireScope • DIGITONAL LIVE | Toytronic | Data Wave • DEREK PIOTR LIVE | Bit-Phalanx Music | LINE Imprint (European live debut) _____ The return of: • LIGHTRHYTHM VISUALS (Ben Sheppee) Exclusive live visuals & staging throughout the day. _____ VERY SPECIAL GUEST DJS (MAIN ROOM): • ULRICH SCHNAUSS Special guest DJ | PIAS / Independiente / Domino • PLAID Special guest DJ | Warp Records • GESCOM (Andy Maddocks) Special guest DJ | Skam Records _____ ROOM TWO: The Lumen Crypt: Three Channel Wireless headset 'Silent Disco' Channel One: • BLEEP.COM Special guest Bleep DJs, Exclusive playlists and more. Channel Two: • ABSTRAKT REFLECTIONS Five artists from the label on an all-day DJ rotation. Feat... C0MA | FLINT KIDS | ANDREW COURSE | HYPERCUBE | MICROSCOPISTS Channel Three: • EIF (Earth Is Flat) + Friends Bit-Phalanx Music | All-day DJ / LIve hybrid sets. ...Plus unique AV installations & performances from: • HOWLROUND • CHROMATOUCH _____ TICKETS NOW ON SALE: http://tinyurl.com/22rpmticket £25.00 - Limited Early Bird - Standard Entry £30.00 - Advance - Standard Entry £35.00 - Very Limited On The Door
  24. Artist : Paranerd Title: Silktrops Label: Touched Music Cat no: TM38 Format: CD 100 Only/Digital Country: U.K. Style: IDM/Electronica Release Date August 25th 2017 Description. The excellent Touched Music for Macmillan Cancer Support, standby to release the third album by Canadian producer Paranerd, ‘Silktrops’. It’s dropping this week on CD and digital formats, with striking, colourful cover art and a promise to provide acid, ambient, braindance music. From the first track, Paul Goguen delivers on all fronts, with funky, laid back beats, reminiscent of early Detroit techno and lush interweaving pads and melodies. If braindance music is the ability of it to transport the listener to a faraway place with disco dancing astronauts, ‘Droid Shop’, ‘Fmeem’ and ‘Silktrops’ pack in enough dream inducing ambience and head bopping rhythm, to take you there instantly (wherever ‘there’ is for you!). The pace drops a few BPMs for the beautiful ‘Bellint’, awash with atmosphere and echo, a subtle vocal sample and some stunning detuned melodies. The melodies seemingly cross the divide back to a punchy faster beat for ‘Froz’, creating a nice contrast to the filter swept low harmonies and light high accents that create a sense of a cold, lunar freeze. ‘Drome’ takes us back to the outer space disco, before ‘Lunabear’ growls over a wonderful rolling bass line. Then the beats drop out for a trip with ‘Voso’, with delayed melodic stabs and though provoking chord changes. ‘Lentslide’ and ‘Vacate Fine Nancy’ introduce an almost breakbeat sounding element to the album, still with those perfect chord shifts and atmospheric touches, ending all too soon with the gorgeous off kilter beats of ‘Clutch from a past to State a Present’. The whole work has a cohesive, ambient heart that beats gently throughout each track. Melodies and rhythms stack against each other, before melting through the synapses and if that isn’t the definition of acid, ambient, braindance music then I’ll eat my space helmet. A wonderful package that makes you feel good twice; Once for the aural pleasure and second because it’s all for a good cause. This album has put Paranerd, Paul Goguen and his many aliases on my radar and I look forward to listening to ‘Silktrops’ many times, while I hunt down previous releases and look forward to more to come. Words By Murray Heath https://soundcloud.com/touched-music/paranerd-silkrops-01-droid-shop
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