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Found 14 results

  1. for the last million of yrs i've been producing music on my lovely-deadly-dated desktop pc with an old intel q6600 cpu and with 4 gb of ddr2 667 mhz ram, which was great back then when those specs were the best offer but not any more, not with todays sw/plugins. i can't mix with more than just a few quality verbs or saturators... cant stand this hell any more! recently i changed the hdd to ssd but that changed only a global responsiveness of windows. soooo, im finally planing buy a new comp, also with very good specs. the thing is if you buy a comp with great specs it's gonna last for a long long time (the last one lasted arround ten yrs?). i already have some parts that im planing to reuse in the new machine... so here's the configuration: cpu: intel i7 8700k mb: asrock z370 extreme4 ram: corsair ddr4 16 gb 2666 mhz vengeance lpx ssd: samsung 860 evo 250 gb - already have hdd: western digital black 2 tb - already have gpu: nvidia gtx 950 - already have psu: corsair rmx 750w cpu air cooling: cooler master hyper 412 case: fractal define d5 os: windows 10 64bit i wanted to ask you, my dear watmmers, if anyone has any better suggestions? all of the listed components are the best ones i could find in my local stores, for the money... thnx!
  2. What kind of filters do you put on your synth / drums to increase the way they sound? came up with the topic from watching this video:
  3. Hi! I’m Timi Alexander, a 23-year old Finnish singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist living in London, and I'll be releasing my debut solo album on Soundcloud and Spotify within a week or two. The record takes influence from the 90s alternative rock and hip hop production (Liquid Swords is a big inspiration on the skit-like nature of the album flow), a combination that will further be explored on the future releases, as well as Aphex Twin. I've performed and produced all the music in my bedroom, an environment I've found surprisingly inspiring over the course of the making of the album. Cold Leather - https://soundcloud.com/timialexander/cold-leather Heartblood - https://soundcloud.com/timialexander/heartblood In case you're interested, here's a Dropbox mp3 download link to the (yet) unreleased full album: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s8du8f1kalam09t/Timi%20Alexander%20%28mp3%20version%29.zip?dl=0 Thanks for listening! :-) __________________ [https://soundcloud.com/timialexander]
  4. I'm starting to get back into music making, it's been since 2005. Excited! Who uses Tabletop to create music? I like a challenge, and that's why I decided to make music iPad only. --> https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tabletop/id436080882?mt=8 M
  5. Mat Zo (very good dance music producer for those of you who dont know,was nominated same time as AFX for Syro at Grammy for his album) has started a new forum for producers,its entirely devoted to production it has no general discussion ,marketing aspect of music or stuff like that,its only about making music. For now it seems to be pretty much only dance music producers but there is a few black sheeps in there too. Its just starting out but its a pretty cool place check it out. https://theproducersforum.com/
  6. I'm not sure if this thread will lead to any major realizations but here's the thing: I've been working on a bunch of abstract noise and ambient stuff and one thing that I've had trouble with was recreating the sounds of certain materials. Metal is pretty easy to recreate, with some short reverb or Xor distortions, but as for wood ceramics and plastic I'm pretty much clueless. Do any of you have experience with this, or any stories to share?
  7. HI guys, i'm questioning myself about what a good album intro is, should it be short, epic, shy, big sounding ? do you have relevant examples ? any bro help would be awesome
  8. there are many i could post but today i was listening some random stuff there and there and i came across this although not the music i'd go first but the (what the thread title says) is huge !!!!
  9. hey, so quite a while back in various forms, me and some mates used to set ourselves a challenge to write a tune or whatever we could within a set time (usually 30 mins) based on certain parameters we would agree beforehand, like a tempo or key or style etc something that gives limitations and makes you have to think a bit its been done loads around im sure but wondered if anyone here would be up for doing it some time as a bit of fun and a challenge to ourselves? then just up it to dropbox or somewwhere and post the link and we all hear what everone has done? i cant do it tonight but if anyone would be in to this, might be a bit of fun?
  10. http://www.cronicbeats.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrfG85l_GSs http://www.cronicbeats.com/
  11. Guest

    Pro Tools users

    How many of you use Pro Tools in producing music? I work in Pro Tools almost every day at work, but I'm editing and mixing for post-production. So music production is at a very low minimum. I make my tracks 95% of the time in BuzzTracker and have been doing so since it pretty much came out. I love it as I can easily get into it and bang out a track very quickly since I know it inside and out. But I feel the need to expand (or even limit) my palette and habits to shake me out of routines and 'no fail' methods in composing. I dabbled in the instrument plug-ins in Pro Tools and had some fun, but it's a different beast altogether compared to the tracker style of composing. I'd just like to read some of your approaches to composing in Pro Tools to give me a few ideas I never considered. And maybe someone else had the same tracker background who 'graduated' to Pro Tools? Thanks!
  12. Hello everyone, here's StocKo. I see all the very interesting threads out there, like the Jay Dee one, and at the moment I'm listening to "old-school" house music, like Motorbass and most of the Crydamoure/Roulé stuff that came out. I'm still amazed by the sound of their 909s beats and their soulful samples. Example : But I can't make a "good" house song . I mean I actually do put 4-to-the-floor 909 patterns with some bass and sample but I never managed to have something actually House-sounding. I suck pretty much with the EQ and Compressor things (except for sidechaining pads in Ableton). So I was wondering whether you could help me or not - please don't answer by "Sample better stuff" or "Make better beats". I hope there's not a similar topic for that kind of music. That would be very kind of y'all Cheers ! StocKo.
  13. I've been following K. Flay since "I Stopped Caring In '96". She has some great depressed raps. She also does all her own production, which is top notch, killer drums and great sampling. Eyes Shut has some harder pop production including a couple of really well-used dubstep synths. [media=] [/media][media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkeqhJrFd5A[/media] She's not one of these Kreayshawn people who pretend to be black. She's doing her own thing and I think it is awesome. The EP is available for free on her site. http://eyesshut.kflay.com/ Hope you like it WATMM. edit: wanted to add an example of her sampling genius. from that grizzly bear song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEmdqgPdX0k
  14. I'm pretty sure this has been done before, but I couldn't find it, so here goes... I've seen several "photoshop tennis" threads on other forums, where one user posts a photo, then another one edits it and posts it, then another one, and another one, etc. I thought this would be even better with music. So, we start with one sound file, then someone calls "next", and then they edit it, chop it up, add stuff, etc. and post their creation. Then the next person will do the same, then the next person, and so on and so on until we come to a complete song. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rules: - Chopping up, adding layers, remastering, time signature changes, and tempo and pitch changes are all allowed. - A substantial portion of the previous edit must be included in the next edit. - You must call "next" before working on the song. If someone else has called next, you must wait until they upload their edit or they run out of time. If you get ninja'd, too bad. (Reserving your spot while someone else is currently editing a song might be negotiable) - You have 24 hours to complete your edit. If you need more time, post before your time is up asking for a day. Max 3 days per edit. If your time runs out, someone else may call next edit. - Try to keep changes simple; don't add too much. - When you upload your edit of the song, also upload each layer separately; this will make it much easier for others to do edits. If one or more layers are exactly the same as they were in previous posts (including equalization or compression changes) then you don't need to re-upload that layer, but tell people which one to download from previous posts. - If you change the key/BPM/time-sig, please post the alterations if possible. - Try to keep files in wav format. If you must go lower quality due to uploading problems, go for high quality mp3. Don't go below 256kbps sample rate. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here is the song so far. There is only one track. I made this with alphakanal automat, a free AU synthesizer. 16 measures at 113 BPM 4/4. The main tone is B, I think. If you think that we should start with a different file (if you think mine is not good enough or too hard to modify), then that's totally fine by me. http://soundcloud.com/the-holy-band-of-god/production-tennis-start Again, if this has been done before, or is not allowed, sorry (although I don't see any reason that it can't be done again). I really did search, but I'm pretty terrible at searching. Also, sorry if this is in the wrong place (maybe it should be in the latest creations section?). Please tell me if you think there should be any additional rules. Now get to producing!
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