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Found 6 results

  1. Hey Pop Pickers! We need your skills! PSA038 is available on Mixcloud now : https://www.mixcloud.com/PenrynSpaceAgency/psa-mission-038 But don't listen on Mixcloud, check it out on our website http://www.penrynspaceagency.com - its much more informative and there's links to Discogs / SoundCloud and the all important Buy links to help you make sound investments This month's guest mix by EOD is tweaking my OCD as one of the tracks needs identification Track 27 http://www.penrynspaceagency.com/showinfo.php?mission=038&playOffset=5293 If you know what it is please drop us a line with the missing data and we'll ask Gus Honeybun to do you some winks! MX
  2. #PSA013 First Birthday Broadcast - 2hr mix of hot spacey electronic music We played Aphex Twin's track 'Sally Vingoe' in the mix, as you all know it was released via SoundCloud earlier in the year. But there was some discussion as to the origins of the title - slang for salt & vinegar perhaps? Listen to the mix and all will be revealed - from the source. This month's show also features 2 exclusive unreleased tracks by Arvo Prat Archived Shows: http://PenrynSpaceAgency.com Next show Sat 26th Sept 10pm BST If you need a reminder follow on the twitface
  3. Hello everyone, I'm doing a 2 hour plaid special on my radio show tomorrow at 6pm gmt. It won't be jam-packed with exclusives like Martin's recent Mixlr broadcast (which was excellent by the way) but it'll have 2 hours of Plaid's music which can't be a bad thing. Hope you can all tune in futuremusic.fm
  4. Recently just started a new electronic radio show on mixcloud called Hidden Signals http://www.mixcloud.com/hiddensignals/ Please have a listen and enjoy...
  5. Hey gents! I run a hip-hop/electronica/down-tempo radio show at my college radio station (third semester runnin!) and I'm looking for submissions from talented folks like you. Yes you, ya filthy animal. I had a thread in December for my last show of 2011 and got some really awesome tunes (plus nice feedback from listeners) and I want to continue that into my final semester here at Mizzou. So for this thread, I will be running it throughout the semester and will basically keep it as a tune bank, that way it gives you plenty of time to submit a track and it gives me a chance to play what you've submitted. Need some extra exposure? This will definitely give you that opportunity. Have an EP/LP in the works? I can help promote it. Want to be jbc and have your works played over the midwestern plains of columbia? Submit that shit here. The primary focus of the show is to get independent artists out on to the airwaves as well as playing some throwbacks and some mainstream music. If you have any works that you'd like to submit, I will gladly take a look at it and see if I can fit into my rotation. I really really enjoy exposing independent artists plus I love hearing music from the nooks n crannies on the nets. If you've already submitted tunes in my last thread and I played them for my last show, then don't worry about re-submitting as I already have the files saved. However, if you did submit and I didn't get to play it, then you can re-submit them here and I'll give it another looksy. Also as an aside, I am currently the Hip-Hop director at kcou so if you have some decent beats, then definitely shoot me up with a PM or e-mail me at [email protected] If I like what I hear, I can put it into KCOU's library and it will be there for a long long time. Plus it will be in the Hip-Hop rotation library, meaning that it can be played on rotation shows or when there are no specialty DJ's in the studio. If you know someone else with chill beats, have them contact me and I will definitely check em out. Also also, I can schedule a phone interview with you during my show if I really like your stuff. Have questions, hit me up. *Guidelines for submission* 1. Submit a track in either this thread or via PM (mp3 is preferred) 2. You can provide a brief background of yourself or the music if you wish 3. There is no limit on submissions 4. It can have cussing and swear words, just needs to fit the boundaries of expressive material 5. If you have a website for your music, let me know 7. If you are unsure if your music fits in the genres, submit it anyways and I'll let ya know! 8. Tracks can be submitted at any time throughout the semester 11. Profit Showtime: Every Saturday from 10pm to Midnight Stream the show at http://kcou.fm The time is in CST, so adjust accordingly Le fachebook page. Check it, like it, bop it, twist it, pull it - http://www.facebook....135410776569898 Check out my last show of 2011 featuring many artists from teh wattums - http://soundcloud.com/deltatones/the-dustbowl-last-show-of-2011 Thank you, jah bless Joe Dust
  6. Squish Kibosh presents "The Steam Room" A new monthly radio show on Future Music With guest mix from Rephlex's latest signing EOD aka CN 8pm-10pm GMT "Your culture is steam" http://www.mixcloud.com/thesteamroom/session-1-may-12-eod/ http://future-music.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/future.music.page https://www.facebook.com/iameod http://www.eod.fm/ A Steamy Selection from Squish Kibosh Phonatacid - Afx When The Going Gets Weird - Dmx Krew Clairvoyant - Zwischenwelt Sleeper in Metropolis - Anne Clark Fotografische - Photodementia Euphorium - Dave Monolith 90 - Eod Untitled - Global Goon Feat.Minko Icasean Sewer Patrol - Cygnus Routine Descent Procedure - Mr Squish 190_Pass - Nhkyx I'll Make you Dance (Zero Charisma Remix - Kool Rock Steady/Lidell Townsell Swivelneck V1 - Upstanding Monk Eod Steamy Mix Main Title (Escape from New York Soundtrack) - John Carpenter Drexcian Star Chamber - Drexciya Other People - Detroit in Effect In Deeper Presence - Los Hermanos Arnos Park - Bochum Welt In The Maze Park - Afx Saw2track7 - Aphex Twin Experiment Zero - Zerkalo Devoid of Wires - Arpanet It'S You - ESP So Real - New Look Mindanao - Vocoder Photon Photino - Inkamera Teardrops - Aleksi Perala Total Information Awareness - Cylob Acid Breezer - Ceephax Dem Tatas - DJ Deeon Unreleased - EOD People of the Basins - CN Oannes - CN
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