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Found 6 results

  1. https://research.hud.ac.uk/research-degrees/researchscholarships/schoolofartsandhumanitiesscholarships/richie-hawtin-scholarship/
  2. I think the end result is not that interesting, but someone might like it.
  3. Guy is on a roll lately. Acid King: Syntax: Acid King is quite brutal.
  4. Richie Hawtin will re-release his '90s Concept 1 material on Bandcamp for one month (Resident Advisor)
  5. Guest


    this is a drunk thread. just letting you know now. learn me in the ways of plastikman. 'consumed'.. i used to love but havent heard in a long time (soon to be rectified) 'sheet one' and 'musik' (at least i think thats what its called) i used to adore.. i sold all my plastikman cds for pot money many years ago but i remember loving him... did hawtin ever do anything like 'consumed' besides 'consumed'? id really love to become obsessed with richie hawtin/plaskman... but where does a semi noob to start? (aside from consumed)
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