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Found 17 results

  1. "Harmont Zone is a themed audio project inspired by the greater world and atmosphere of Roadside Picnic (1972), the Russian science-fiction novel by Arcady and Boris Natanovich Strugatsky. Each episode is an experimental, moderated trip into the many unknowns of the Zone, a trip consisting of curated music, ambience, field recordings, and other pieces of sound. It is also directly inspired by the recently reborn Roadside Picnic Radio Podcast (2005–2021) by esteemed artist and filmmaker Joshua Zucker-Pluda." https://augustfreytag.com/work/harmont-zone https://augustfreytag.com/work/a-roadside-picnic for fans of SOISONG, Eccentronic Research Council
  2. Travel across the synth(etic) universe with BUNKR's new album, very much in the same category as Ambidextrous. Recommended.
  3. Superb spacey experimental techno from Zachary Lubin Out on Jeff Mills imprint AXIS records. I absolutely LOVE the first intro beatless track especially. https://www.axisrecords.com/product/zachary-lubin-abeona-adiona/
  4. Prospect is an indie sci-fi movie that is now streaming - the creators have made a neat VHS-style trailer and I must say they nailed the aesthetic quite well! Here's the official trailer sans 80's VHS effects:
  5. hello, i don't post here much anymore, but i wanted to share this in hopes to raise a little rent/milk money as i'm quite broke, hungry and a bit down and out at the moment. so, i'm making my entire discography available for under $17, (75% off) that's 14 albums, about 12 hours of music, give or take, that i've poured my heart into over the past 12 years. the sale won't last past friday i think, so grab everything now while it's super accessible! it would help me out quite a bit. to access the discography, go to a release page such as this one (my most recent: - https://ourson.bandcamp.com/album/simple-sanctuary - and click "Full Discography" thanks to anyone listening, and a big, warm hello to the old school watmmers i used to pal around with on here. thanks for your time~!
  6. I started playing Android: Netrunner and I'd love to compile a playlist with fitting music. It's an intense game with lots of strategic depth which requires a good amount of thought. This implies the music should definitely not be too demanding for the listener but rather be great in the background to set the mood. I already thought of adding music from Loscil, Biosphere, Cliff Martinez, Tron OST,... What else would fit in nicely? Keywords to keep in mind: sci-fi, ambient, cyberpunk, dystopia,... It certainly doesn't have to be beatless. Gentle electronica with a gloomy sci-fi vibe would be epic!
  7. Hey, Music Makers! What do you think about this track from my latest drop? I am wondering if anyone will be able to guess where is this sample from khm..khmmnerd.. :D Sincerely, Yours.
  8. I just put together a list of supposedly the best science fiction books of all time.. anything missing? Personally, my top five would look something like this: Neuromancer Dune Anathem Snow Crash (Fall of) Hyperion And I suspect Iain M. Banks will creep in there soon.
  9. A previously undiscovered compilation tape made by warrant officer Ellen Louise Ripley. 2 hours of spaced out electronic ambience taken from the infamous Nostromo sessions. Soon to be remastered and released on Weyland-Yutani Recordings. Broadcast on FutureMusic.FM 5/10/15 https://www.mixcloud.com/TheDeadMexican/ripleys-mixtape/ Vangelis - Albedo 0.39 [Windham Hill] Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow - The Test Worked [invada Records] Vangelis - Blush Response [EMI] Drape - With a Thousand Thoughts [bandcamp] The Jaffa Kid - Esnee Cremee 2 [Recycled Plastics] Blanck Mass - Sub Serious [Rock Action Records] Aphex Twin - Match Sticks [Warp] Aether Pilot - Dwelling Space [bandcamp] Boards of Canada - Transmisiones Ferox [Warp] Gavin Miller - Fotograf (Part 1) [This Is It Forever] Biosphere - Phantasm [Apollo] Unkle - Blackout [GU Music] James Horner - Dark Discovery [That's Entertainment Records] The Gasman - Flash [Planet Mu] Autechre - Yeesland [Warp] Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow - ISO Hymn [invada Records] LFO - Forever [Warp] Chlorine - Frog Sweats [soundcloud] Konx Om Pax - At Home With Mum and Dad [Planet Mu] Prhizzm - I Miss you Already [benbecula] Errors - Early Nights [Rock Action Records] Orbital - Time Becomes [internal] Linpadual - Severn [bandcamp] Deepwarmth - Starting Point [Recycled Plastics] Dissolved - Faint Chamber Seven [bandcamp] Brian Eno - Prophecy Theme [Polydor] Delphic - Ephemera [Dangerbird Records] Northern Plastics - When The Red Mist Clears [Cytoplantastic Records] Air - Caramel Prisoner [Virgin] Northern Platics - Flutter [bandcamp] Queen - In The Death Cell (Love Theme Reprise) [EMI]
  10. just in time for the spooky Halloween playlist, here's a real creepy and desolate sci-fi soundtrack just put up today: "this material spawned from a dream sometime in 2013. i recorded 2 hours in one sitting immediately after waking from the dream, and have been editing it gradually over the past year. it's a sci-fi horror story about an unconscious space explorer stranded on a strange planet, told through a desolate, ambient soundtrack. i tried to create an "alien field recording" sounding album (Environmental), but with sparse movie like orchestral melodies that tell of a dramatic event unfolding in the story (Narrative). and finally, dream scenes where the unconscious explorer (the listener, perhaps?) is subjected to alien hypnosis (Visceral)." --> https://ourson.bandcamp.com/album/the-sleeper-listens <-- imagery & interpretation aside, this is an extremely quiet and long album, and probably my most inaccessible music to date. but i'd like to think this album would be a stepping stone in the direction of making film music or any sound design job as i am currently unemployed & broke, using my music as a crutch & begging for tips. above all, enjoy and thank you.
  11. Acrelid - Abrasion on Sound Availble for download now from: https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/album/acrelid-abrasion-on-sound
  12. not sure how many people caught this post in the TH thread, i thought given how much this influenced the new album, it deserves its own thread so the max number of fans get to see it.
  13. heya, just finished this up tonight. short little diddy. brothers and sisters be well.
  14. http://soundcloud.com/auxfactor/auxfactor-memory-search Listen and Comment! aF
  15. looks like it has just the right level of Bay-ness for a global super hero team flick. if they pull off the Skrull invasion, it will totally work. http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/marvel/avengers/
  16. Bill's tribute to all songs sci-fi. some good ones on here, lol 1. Major Tom 2. Space Oddity 3. In a Little While 4. Space Cowboy 5. Space Truckin 6. Rocket Man 7. She Blinded Me With Science 8. Walking On the Moon 9. Spirit in the Sky 10. Bohemian Rhapsody 11. Silver Machine 12. Mrs. Major Tom 13. Empty Glass 14. Lost in the Stars 15. Learning to Fly 16. Mr. Spaceman 17. Twilight Zone 18. Struggle 19. Iron Man 20. Planet Earth
  17. http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2011/09/avatar-coming-to-disney-parks/
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