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  1. http://m.soundcloud.com/tracks/search?q=afxafxafxafxafxafx If this is fake, it's impressive.
  2. please do! here's mine: https://soundcloud.com/arranha-ceus/ thanks!
  3. I think making a singular thread to share my music is more tidy and less intrusive. Here's a couple new tracks I'm somewhat proud of:
  4. https://audius.co/ I guess they're going to try and not repeat some of SoundCloud's mistakes?
  5. he's talking about it on Twitter as a '112 track album' tongue in cheek it seems, more in line with a Soundcloud dump of various bits and things. just browsing through it now, some interesting little experiments and stuff so far. some seems to have been maybe one-off tracks on comps or something? idk. post some good finds (CSxYSL is nice!), there's over 6 hours from what i'm seeing...also SC is showing only 98 tracks so idk what the discrepancy is about there. anyway, tunes.
  6. fringerviv

    Box It Up

    Going to be adding daily playlists to my account. Here is an example of one I am making today.
  7. Simple ambient tune, hope you guys like. Mountain cliffs and cloudy breeze. https://soundcloud.com/cassbopeep/undone
  8. Soundcloud have releaved themselves for what they were all along and it's no surprise. I just didn't expect this move. As a non-"pro"(or "GO") user, I can't go back and delete old tracks to make up the 90 minutes I've overrun, which means that unless I pay up I'm forced to delete new tracks, thus fucking all the exposure I've gained from all of my most recent work. They've literally made it so once out of "pro" mode your old tracks are INVISIBLE (and I cannot delete them). THE ONLY WAY TO UPLOAD NEW TRACKS THEN MEANS YOU HAVE TO DELETE YOUR NEW ONES (UNLESS OF COURSE YOU PAY THEM THEIR PRO/GO FEE. THIS WAS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE!!!!!) I've paid for pro one last time, but this is the last time. Not going to financially support this piece of shit platform. I'll have to delete all my new stuff and then re-upload and just use this as a small space to promote my bandcamp space. (a company that seems to have maintained my respect over the years) https://soundcloud.com/bitraete/too-poor-to-pay-for-pro-anymore
  9. Engadget is reporting (via the paywalled Financial Times) that Spotify is in talks to buy SoundCloud... https://www.engadget.com/2016/09/28/spotify-in-talks-to-buy-soundcloud/
  10. Here ye! Here ye! https://soundcloud.com/9ynth/kholdensnifds0003
  11. All in one thread for your listening pleasure kickin it off with another sample experiment, all types of feedback welcome [sc5]206917035[/sc5]
  12. I wonder if most of us would get more plays when people's streams have one newer track (written by someone who's probably cooler and better) sitting above in their stream, so it then accidentally plays our music next. Does this count for plays in soundclud ? Secondly, i wonder if people get more plays if they post their music when it's friday night, and people are more receptive to surfing their streams ?
  13. Hi everyone, I posted new track on soundcloud. I would be glad if You could check it out and tell me what You think. Thank You. Big ups! [sc5][/sc5] If You like my stuff please follow me here: https://soundcloud.com/user8a7s6t7h8m8a9c8i6d Download my music for free here: https://inhudentus.bandcamp.com/
  14. Is there a way to follow someone but not have to get their repostings, only their tracks. Reposting should be shunned i think, your stream is a manicured garden (well lets be real , it's a weed filled forest of acquaintances, people you admire sonically and those you just added for some reason once who you kind of root for now cause they're there), i don't want weeds growing in it, only those that i choose may enter, else it'll be like facefart where you're scrolling all day just to get to actual postings. Anyway, i wanted to add back this guy that added me cause he's making drum and bass which isn't terrible and something different compared to the rest of my stream but all he does is repost stuff. So any ideas chaps ?
  15. Hello All, As i am new here, let me introduce myself. Over the last 15 years i have been making music under different pseudonyms. Recently i have been digging through my archeive and compiling Albums and EP's. The first to come is my Acrelid Project. This project is my more abrasive analog acidy techno braindance jungle hardcore industrial skit and was recorded at my shitty old flat with a view surrounded by refineries, funnels and smog in the year 2007. I hope you enjoy. https://soundcloud.com/indifferent-space/sets/acreild-abrasion-on-sound Lots more to come in the near future ;)
  16. Hey y'all Anybody able to make a poll of which tracks from RDJ's soundcloud SOSWII playlist make the cut for a double album? Don't know if it's possible to make one with track lengths attached so you get to vote for 160mins/2hrs 40mins of music (2x80minCD) if not, post your Surfing on Sine Waves II playlist here... Here's Mine, in the order Rich has uploaded to Soundcloud. Haven't Ordered into two discs... 1 8 Utopia 4 Quad Rave TEAC 9 1 Chink 101 11 SomewhereOTTGTBAG 15 SallyVingoe 17 16 Fresher + Cleaner 19 GPO Beat 21 Plinkyplonk 27 Renalgade Sonar 28 17 Kids Beach 30 1 Human Rotation 32 8 Knife Fork Freq 33 mooow [Dixons Theft mix] 36 34.5 P.e 40 CooltempoDemo 65 1 P - String 71 Bellbrk 74 Fork Rave 100 35 Japan 115 fmsubBass 117 thy're here aahha 120 subCan 122 prncDMC 161 5 Scorrier 167 6 RANDOM FX 168 5 African Rhyt 187 1 Metal Gate 189 9 Spectrum 211 cooltempoDemo2
  17. So... I figured that, since the girth of the soundcloud dump may be a tad overwhelming to some (as it is with me), it may be fun to share awesome moments from it, much like in the "Awesome Aphex Twin Moments" thread, in order to point other's attention to tracks or moments they may have otherwise overlooked. In keeping with the "dump" theme... The first moment I'd like to shine a light on is in 11 Phlid 2 where it clearly sounds like Rich recorded his fart, sampled it and used it as an instrument (I think it's clearest at 3:29). He then layers it all throughout the track and adds reverb on it like it is an ambient soundscape. Fucking brilliant.
  18. We're all enjoying immensely Richard's amazing "release" (insert dump, pro-dumpers) of unreleased material via SoundCloud, and making them available for download. Some have even put together artwork and compiled them into collections, but being digital tracks, there's only so far something like that can go. What if you could buy a "Best of" compilation, on a physical format(s), selected tracks, remastered, etc.? Would you? If not, why not? Of course, Richard would need to be willing to provide masters, and agree to it to begin with... The mind reels at the possibilities...
  19. https://soundcloud.com/darcangelo/rough-acid A Little off topic but..................... D'archangelo have started their soundcloud archive dump :) I hope more artist follow suit.
  20. [sc5]193947512[/sc5] trying something new, U likey?
  21. Two new(?) tracks by Arovane or someone who sounds like him a lot. Signs of more things to come? https://soundcloud.com/arovane-1/cae-nij https://soundcloud.com/arovane-1/scrai-n https://soundcloud.com/arovane-1
  22. Any of you guys see this? A spread sheet listing info for each track in The Dump https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11ouNaaVrNp60Ib34Kp0TO1n1XSc7-9DvfiZ9ZiTiD2c/edit?pli=1#gid=0
  23. Is it too far fetched that RDJ and MikeP are both uploading old stuff to Soundcloud leading up to a collaboration? It was Mike who confirmed the identity of user 48736353001 and at the same time user 0000008673 started uploading suspiciously muziqy tracks with various indicators of his own identity. Any thoughts?
  24. Hi Guys n Gals, yesterday Kettel announced on facebook the soundtrack he made for a game called Wabafun. I couldn´t find a thread on that here, so I made one. Here is the Soundcloud playlist: https://soundcloud.com/kettelmusic/sets/soundtrack-for-kinetic-sand-adventure I really like it so far. It follows the path he went with the Ibb and Obb soundtrack. Cheerfull melodic ambient music pieces. Glad to here something new from him.
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