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Found 15 results

  1. Experiments in industrial-noise soundscapes. Love the first experimental acid track a lot. Really digging this. ''Force Majeure’s self-titled six-track debut LP of noisy soundscapes, illbient beats and experimental techno drops as a digital release on French label Concrete Collage on 13 April 2022. This short LP traverses a dark path into noisy and dense layers of processed sound – brooding and powerful in its intent, but still retaining some intricacy and dynamics.''
  2. Excellent debt album from Patrica Wolf. 2022 has been very much about ambient and drone for me, and this has been a perfect accompaniment with the two sublime 12k albums this year, and Kali Malone's Cast of Mind reissue. Beautiful album.
  3. Hi guys I’m new to this site but my journey landed me here, looking for soundscapes and sounds on qebrus bandcamp that aren’t released.
  4. https://denovali.com/digitalstore/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=999&products_id=12673
  5. Got big into this guy in the last year or so.. Might be a bit new-agey for some here but sure there must be some other fans about as his music is lush as fuck! and this new one is a beaut.. https://robertrich.bandcamp.com/album/the-biode Surrealist electronic journey through the microbiome. Exploding neurons reassemble to build a metamind. If an anthill could talk, what would it say? What would music sound like if we collaborated with fungi? We are not alone in this fractal universe.
  6. 9 minutes of pure pleasure with heavy hitting sounds, audio and video pleasure :D
  7. New Herd material out on Friday on Darkfloor Sound: upload pics Ambitious and captivating; expansive, textured and unique, this is Herd’s ‘Arteater’. Since we began our record label, like the radio show and blog from which it spawned, we’ve never been just one style, one sound. And this, this record, clearly makes that apparent. Jason Thomson has since 2007, through several net based labels, worked on a multi-part series of abstract experimental electro, ambient electronica and drone soundscape material, collectively titled ‘Tangents’. ‘Arteater’ continues that vein of sonic tapestry, yet stands out on its own. Thomson’s influence is drawn from many places, most obviously that of Future Sound of London. Impressed enough were they, the duo have released material of his via their own FSOLdigital imprint. Pushing the limits of vinyl recording length we have cut close to 20 minutes a side of sound without comprising on quality. We work closely with our mastering and cutting engineers, none more so than here. We could continue writing fancy, descriptive words, but as with all our releases, we let our music do the talking, and there’s a lot to hear in this one. credits releases May 27, 2016 DRKFLR006 PREVIEW www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCElWGbc-KA Mastering - Black Monolith Studios Cover Art - Jason Thomson Art Direction + Design - makemassair Vinyl Cut - Keith Tenniswood
  8. 22nd May 2015 UK EXPERIMENTAL UNDERGROUND 015 SURVEY - VOLUME I After conquering Italy and France, Experimental Underground Surveys come to the UK for their next installment in Selected Underground Ambient Experimental Works. Curator: Ra Sonologyst "UK is the place where, thanks to an ingenious musician as Brian Eno, ambient music was born in 70s. The place where Industrial music was launched thanks to Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire; where always new forms of electronic music came out during last decades. So you can image my pleasure to work on a selection of experimental underground works from there. I want to thank all the artists, as usual, for their great and contagious enthusiasm, and for trusting my work. That's a satisfaction for me, as well as it's a big honor to make the selection of such creative works" TRACKLIST: 1.The Hatcliffe House Tapes - Suspended Animation 04:13 2.Harmegeddon - Neurokinetic 04:48 3.Anni Hogan & Martin Bowes - Organ Donor 4.Lost Harbours - Passing at Dusk 5.D.N.P. - Chasm 6.David Stevens - Last Day - A poem by Luna Rose 7.TimeDog - Dream Atom 8.Jeff Stonehouse - Midnight at Teques, Storm Approaching 9.Room of Roots - Lukewarm 10.Karakasa Kozō - Tales from the Eidolic Fields (Part Two) 11.Joseph Curwen - Whisperer in darkness (excerpt) 12.Septimus Keen - Haunting of the Spheres 13.Lee Riley - Hum X (dream edit) Bandcamp Releases: https://unexplainedsoundsgroup.bandcamp.com/music Follow the Release Event on Facebook Here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1591345747770303/
  9. New mix by me. Made it to preview some tracks from my forthcoming album and a bunch of stuff I love: https://www.mixcloud.com/RossBullfinch/under-a-black-moon/ Aphex Twin - Red Calx Brian Eno - Under Zeebox - 7000 Years Tangerine Dream - Persistence of Memory International Debris - Music for Airports Ambot - Alvnlok Bedroom - The Dream Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-la-la Band - So Some Lonesome Corner So Many Flowers Bloom Deaf Center - John Murphy & Underworld - Pinbacker Slashes Capa Seafar - Awake From Sleep Neotropic - Home International Debris - Thapochys Dead Can Dance - Persephone (The Gathering of Flowers) Blackhill Transmitter - Landslides Brian Eno - From the Same Hill Aphex Twin - Phuqed Up Jack Anderton - Gully Dementia and Hope Trails - Never Warm Caustic Window - Phone Pranks Aloonaluna - Apnea Method Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink Rick Smith - Tokyo <> London 3 cubus - Chaffron Bevron (We Know Nothing Else) Luke Howard - Family The Future Sound of London - Glass The Damned - Curtain Call International Debris - The Lost Colony
  10. Hi I made a ambient/soundscape album which is now on bandcamp if anyone is in to that kind of thing http://aerotek.bandcamp.com/releases If you have some spare pennies and looking to help out a poor artist then please take a listen Thank you kindly
  11. https://soundcloud.com/xelcouth/h202-orange-h202-lengthened This is a reworked and somewhat mastered version of a song I posted awhile ago, and it sounds way better than the original in my headphones. The drone parts are intricate and relaxing and the melody is simple and soothing. Hope you all enjoy.
  12. https://soundcloud.com/xelcouth/h202
  13. Just uploaded some tracks to Soundcloud that I've had lying around for a while.They are unreleased so I thought I'd upload them. https://soundcloud.com/#herdtangents/tangents-48
  14. A bit of background on this album: Field recording played a huge role in it. The album is meant to be a journey from start to finish with some piano pieces interweaving the narrative. The field recordings were done with binaural microphones. The result is that the recordings sound 3D when you listen back wearing headphones, the sounds are very localised and immersive. A lot of the designed sounds came from random places, there's a huge mix of binaural recordings, contact microphone recordings, and recordings from under water using hydrophones. Many of the recordings were taken at Cockatoo Island in Sydney, Australia. It's an island that used to be a high security prison and it's eerie as hell. I also used raw data to generate some interesting noises, particularly by interpreting Chrome.exe as raw audio data and then processing that for crazy effects. The album has a strong theme of space, exemplified by the track 'Heliospheric current sheet'. It's a reflection of my obsession for space weather and its influence on life on earth. The album is as much about space weather as it is about my personal life -- it's a journey through my experiences with a close friend of mine. I hope this background info sheds some light on what the meaning of the album is, and I hope those of you who take the time to listen really enjoy it. :) I've set the album to 'name your own price'. All proceeds from album sales will go straight back into buying music gear. My plan so far is to save up and buy a Dave Smith Instruments Mopho X4 for some awesome analogue synth action! It will be my first analogue synth and my first opportunity to move away from the digital domain. I have $96AUD towards my goal so far, so there's $1353AUD to go. Any contributions made will be greatly appreciated! I'm happy to talk about any aspects of sound design or production -- there's no secrets behind this work. If anyone is curious or wants any insights into how things are made, I'll be happy to share the process as best as I can. If you enjoy the album, try listening to some of the others I just posted on bandcamp. I just put 5 albums up in the past week or so, so I guess it's a bit of overload, but give them a try. :)
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