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Found 17 results

  1. Let an AI judge your (questionable) taste in music: https://pudding.cool/2020/12/judge-my-spotify/
  2. https://audius.co/ I guess they're going to try and not repeat some of SoundCloud's mistakes?
  3. Spotify announced today they are welcoming SoundBetter (think TaskRabbit for musicians and engineers in the music industry) into their Spotify for Artists services: https://artists.spotify.com/blog/spotify-for-artists-and-soundbetter
  4. Hello! Just registered to forum so I could share a playlist of all Rephlex releases available on Spotify. That's maybe 1/5 of all releases & a bit heavy on Cylob at the moment ;) Let's hope more Rephlex stuff appear on Spotify. Let me know if there's something missing! Many tracks are hand-picked from other releases, for example Drexciya 3 - Molecular Enhancement appears on 3 separate Clone reissue volumes. And there aren't that many complete releases available. Rephlex Records (playlist on Spotify)
  5. Pretty cool tracks. Bit on the minimal side and definitely experimental/ambient but has a lot of small flavors of other things, but ultimately ounds pretty unique honestly. Found out via a write up on FACT here, she plays viola as part of this somehow? Out for vinyl and iTunes, but that's really it apparently. Stupid...the label doesn't even sell the digitals. not up anywhere else I've found, if anyone finds somewhere I can purchase the digitals other than iTunes, please post. https://www.escho.net/shop/astrid-sonne-human-lines Can listen on Spotify at least https://open.spotify.com/album/1CnHPA4K4Nue7yGhG0Ckez?si=S2TJ2AmeRL2jJ7vn1m1mHg
  6. I didn't get bitten by the streaming bug 'til I tried out Apple Music around 6 months ago; I tried Spotify and the lot but didn't really get into it cus of the bad interface (+ ogg vorbis). Once I found out that Apple Music had seamless integration with their library and your local library + tag editing I was hooked, the convenience of this platform has made it almost impossible to go back to my 100% local library. The question that's been biting me ever since has been, "Is this moral?" not only is Apple (and every other streaming service) paying artists close to nothing, but also technically restricting the user's freedom with DRM. Are streaming services further contributing to the corporate control over the music industry by shafting indie labels and individuals in the name of convenience? Do they cheapen the art form? Is any of this morally acceptable?
  7. Engadget is reporting (via the paywalled Financial Times) that Spotify is in talks to buy SoundCloud... https://www.engadget.com/2016/09/28/spotify-in-talks-to-buy-soundcloud/
  8. With Taylor Swift pulling her discography from Spotify this week, now songwriter Aloe Blacc reveals he received less than 4000USD in royalties (1/3 songwriting credit of the 12K) from Pandora for a song he co-wrote with AVICII - after it was streamed 168 million times! http://www.wired.com/2014/11/aloe-blacc-pay-songwriters/ What do you think is fair compensation for streaming/playback royalties?
  9. just checked to see what it is. can you guess without looking? I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. is it the same in different countries?
  10. This is really neat for any Spotify users out there, this pulls from millions of songs not yet streamed for you to listen to. http://forgotify.com/player.cfm from FACT Mag: I've mostly heard classical but this was the first album that came up for me, and it was pretty good:
  11. Hey guys, I'd like those of you with experience on one or more music subscription services to chime in. I'm definitely not going to buy all of my music again through some iTunes clone, but instead of hosting it myself and paying for power and bandwidth, it seems intelligent to just use one of these new-fangled subscription services. That is, so long as they have everything I have and a lot more. Which music subscription services have all the music you've wanted to hear? If none, then which come the closest? Thanks!
  12. spotify haters not invited to participate. I swear we had a spotify thread but cannae find it now. So lets use this thread for posting listening recommendations, playlists and whatever else. Since getting spotify I have been mostly listening to music I used to own. Some unexpected things showed up on spotify: Fionn Regan - 100 acres of sycamore (on its day of release) - recommend heartily to folk fans Neil Young - Archive Vol 1 (its a $150 boxset, which i could never quite afford) also it would be good to use this thread for posting watmm artists albums that are on spotify. William S Braintree - This Is Story hmm no wisp...no rephlex i guess who else?
  13. Hi. Since Spotify is apparently available in US also i was wondering if any of you need invites? I've got some 20 of them to share. I need an your email address to send them to so pm me. thanks! ipe
  14. have any other u.s. americans checked this out? I signed up for an invite a while back, but it still hasn't arrived. I actually was fortunate enough to get an invite code from a reddit post today, however. the first thing I did once I logged in was look up phthalocyanine, since I figured they wouldn't have much of his stuff. as it turns out they have four of his albums. throughout the course of listening to no one said you didn't I think I heard two or three audio ads between tracks. it looks like this is going to be a great option for when I'm away from my music collection or want to check out an artist.
  15. Guest

    Skam on Spotify

    Yay! BoC, Jega, Freeform, Team Doyobi, Gescom, Push Button Objects, Bola, Dr Derek F, Quinoline Yellow, mr76ix, Massonix, North Manc Beds, VHS Head, Nuearz.
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