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Found 8 results

  1. This is a compilation made up of the first 5 10" vinyl releases on the Bustle Beats label (a sub-label of Subtle Audio). BUSTLE001 - BUSTLE005 were released between 2012 and 2015. Each vinyl came with a 9x9 inch cartoon sticker which told of a battle to save Jungle music. We've included the sticker artwork in high-res pdf format with this album for anyone who wants to print them out. 'Jungle Will Never Die - Cha !' Tracks: 1. Equinox - The Phantoms (Nebula Remix) 2. Nebula - Sound Barriers 3. LXC - I Know U 4. Senses - Rodneys Choice 5. Nebula - Spectrum Of Styles 6. Enjoy - Way Of No Glory 7. D-Fect - Can U Hear What They Say ? 8. DJ Future - Psychedelic Purple Pigs In My Soup 9. Tim Reaper - Sounds Of Life 10. Cloak & Dagger - Sabotage Here: https://subtleaudio.bandcamp.com/album/bustled001comp-bustle-beats-chapter-1
  2. ''A special release to celebrate 10 years of bringing the breaks to D&B'' Happy birthday SA! In case you don't remember, this is the label originally behind Macc & dgoHn's Some Shit Saaink which eventually was released on Rephlex. Vinyl and CD versions have different tracks. The Tracklists are Vinyl Side 1 Nebula - Noir Side 2 Dub One - Speechles Side 3 Alpha Omega - Know How (Aroma Nice & Early Grey remix) Side 4 Mecca - Analysis Side 5 NCQL - Breath Of The Eve Side 6 Reactiv - Metatron Falls CD 01 Nic TVG - Sitting In The Crosswalks (Enjoy's Crossing Layers Remix) 02 Dissident - Overself Archipelago 03 Speak - Stone Giants 04 Kyam - Nola 05 Ornette Hawkins - Jazz Police 06 Polska - Burning Sun (Reborn Vocal Remix) 07 Enjoy - The Crook VIP 08 NCQL - Nocturnalist 09 Relapse - Break Through 10 Scale - Glass Eye 11 Maledicent - Perantique 12 Mecca - Solar Ice 13 Psycho Mantis - U Do Not Want To Go There This was released something like a month ago so the SA's own webshop has sold out the vinyl. CD version is available though. There still seems to be some wax copies on juno and redeye Here a Code's showcase mix for the whole ''Decade In Breakdance'' https://soundcloud.com/codesubtleaudio/code-subtle-audio-a-decade-in-breakbeat-mix If too monstrous try this: https://soundcloud.com/subtleaudiorecordings/ornette-hawkins-jazz-police-a-decade-in-breakbeat-subtle007cd
  3. 2 brand new releases from Subtle Audio (and Bustle Beats) on a Drum & Bass / Drumfunk / Jungle tip. SUBTLE020 :: Mecca & Code A : In Cold Blood AA : Ice World https://soundcloud.com/subtleaudiorecordings/mecca-code-in-cold-blood-subtle020-12-vinyl https://soundcloud.com/subtleaudiorecordings/mecca-code-ice-world-subtle020-12-vinyl BUSTLE005 :: Tim Reaper / Cloak & Dagger A : Sounds Of Life B : Sabotage https://soundcloud.com/bustlebeats/tim-reaper-sounds-of-life-bustle005-clip https://soundcloud.com/bustlebeats/cloak-dagger-sabotage-bustle005-clip SUBTLE020 + BUSTLE005 Bundle ---> http://www.subtleaudiorecordings.com/shop/product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=505 SUBTLE020 only ---> http://www.subtleaudiorecordings.com...roducts_id=504 BUSTLE005 only ---> http://www.subtleaudiorecordings.com...roducts_id=503
  4. Here's a set I played earlier this year at the Shattered night run by the 86 Beatz crew. It happened at Bar-A-Bar, Stoke Newington, London on Friday May 23rd 2014. The night also doubled as a release party for the Subtle Audio Vol III Vinyl / CD. Was nice to be able to play in the home of jungle to launch the release in style ! Here's a link to the set in case anyone is interested ---> https://soundcloud.com/86beatz/code-shattered-sa-vol-iii-launch-party There's a mixture of brand new jungle / drumfunk influenced stuff from the likes of Equinox, B-Key, NCQL, dgoHn, Nebula, Centaspike & Indidjinous, Tim Reaper, Nolige, DJ Future, MartianMan and Enjoy alongside a few older bits from the likes of Optical / Vertigo (Mark Pritchard) Tracklisting: 1. NCQL - Breathe Of The Eve (Subtle Audio Digital) 2. B-Key - Alchemy (Scientific Wax) 3. Nebula - Untitled Jazz (Subtle Audio Vol III) 4. Vertigo - The Drained (Droppin Science) 5. DJ Future - Is It Safe (117) 6. Equinox - Looking At The Moon (Scientific Wax Limited) 7. Martian Man - Hypno Boogaloo (Scientific Wax Digital) 8. Centaspike & Indidjinous - Ominous Mystery (Subtle Audio Vol III) 9. Optical - Raging Calm (Metalheadz) 10. Nolige - This Generation (Drift EP - Free Download) 11. Tim Reaper - Sounds Of Life (Bustle Beats - Unreleased) 12. Ingram (aka Martian Man) - Self Dreams (Enjoy Remix) (Unreleased) 13. dgoHn - 4.37445 Yards (Subtle Audio)
  5. The third and final piece of the Subtle Audio’s VA comps has been out now for a while. Was surprised that there wasn’t already a topic of this, especially when I know that Code posts here sometimes. What we’ve got here are some old familiar SA artists like dgoHn, Nebula and Earl Grey along with some new Subtle Audio players. Like the other two comps the 3CD version has two discs of previously unreleased material and the third disc contains older stuff mixed by Code himself. Worth to check out if you’re a Drumfunk / Drum’n Bass fan. You can order bundles or single editions from their web shop. Code has posted quite a bunch of whole tracks in Subtle Audio’s facebook so go check them out! (Sorry, couldn't figure out how to attach images here)
  6. "dgoHn is one of the artists that best encapsulates the Subtle Audio sound. He offsets heavy breakbeats with an array of smooth keys, strings and vocals, while his arrangements always carry the listener on a journey that is never quite certain but always interesting. These are qualities that have ensured Aphex Twin regularly plays his music at festivals around the world and that dgoHn himself gets booked to play at the most esoteric Drum & Bass nights like Technicality and IChiOne aswell as at eclectic events such as Bangface. “Hang Nail” employs the ubqitious amen but with a crunch and a twist that only dgoHn could provide. The incessant nature of the drums is tempered by a wistful repetitive synth-line and some kind of weird voice and pipe symbiosis." Listen on Soundcloud.com
  7. some of you will already have this as it's been available through the Subtle Audio Shop for a few weeks now, but the official release date was today, Monday September 23rd. Just want to say congrats to Nic - a debut album for any musician is special, glad you considered Subtle Audio worthy of releasing it. Nic TVG, “Then I Disappear” (SUBTLE005CD) 1. A Mouse Among Monsters 2. The Clown 3. Playing Drums As Pads 4. Lose The World On An Excuse 5. I'm Sorry I Puked On Your Dress (Album Version) 6. Then I Disappear 7. Out Of No More 8. Sitting In The Crosswalk 9. Let Yourself Be Unknown (Alternate Mix) 10. She Looks Like Marisa Tomei 11. My Life As A Hairless Aardvark 12. Friday Nights With Heather Clips of all the tracks on the album are available to listen to on the Subtle Audio Soundcloud page (clicking "play" on this player will take you through all 12 tracks) The CD is being distributed worldwide by ST Holdings. And, of course, there are still some copies available in the Subtle Audio Shop too ---> http://www.subtleaudiorecordings.com/shop/product_info.php?cPath=30&products_id=376
  8. Finally been getting some time to work on music more consistently recently, here's one of the things that's pretty much finished... hate or rate ! http://soundcloud.com/codesubtleaudio/code-deadzone-clip ---> http://www.soundclou...codesubtleaudio ..
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