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Found 12 results

  1. Dunk Murphy of Sunken Foal fame has released a new album under the Supervene Minced Oath name. On first listen, its a very lush chilled / ambient / electronic affair, nice crispy percussion, layers and textures.... hence the album cover of rolling clouds and dawn light. https://countersunk.bandcamp.com/album/supervene One for my bandcamp Friday list next week. OMG favourite track is Prison Issue Pillow, so lush edit: Project is called Minced Oath! Found previous works by him under this moniker.
  2. Six Figure Salary has been in my head for days, not that I'm complaining - Dunk writes the best melodies I know of.
  3. New IDMs from Dunk Murphy out today on his label Countersunk. "All programmed, sequenced & performed on a Nord Modular Synthesizer (G1) by Dunk Murphy between October and November 2019. Additional effects: WEM Copicat, Korg GR-1, Korg SDD-1000 & Hologram Infinite Jets." 1. Down In Your Guts 6:24 2. Dawn Swamp Stagger 4:57 3. Craicwerk 4:11 4. Cross Your Heart 6:14 5. Pebbledash 4:46 6. Tap The Filling 3:17 7. Seacht Suas 4:49 8. Celtic Shoulder Pad 3:32 https://countersunk.bandcamp.com/album/le-doux-nord-part-i
  4. VARIOUS - RUBBER BEATS vol. VI Out Thursday 19/10 on Caoutchou Records Link to follow: https://caoutchou.bandcamp.com/album/rubber-beats-vol-vi (nothing here yet tee-hee) 1. Bewwip - No Interprets 2. Dijf Sanders - Subway 3. Rolando Simmons - The Hand 4. Sunken Foal - David Cleary (What? He's My Friend) 5. hoera. - Onderweer 6. 6SISS - No-Ism 7. Anadol - Bir Garip Kan Içme Töreni (Grup Ses Remix) 8. Al Rajul Al Hadidi - Replikator 9. Ninjato - Funky Banana Tea 10. ZeMauno - Impossible Arcade 11. WHRK - Unboxing 12. Rognvald - What A Lovely Day 13. Cool and Frank - Deck Him Book It 14. Egon Fisk - Sory 15. Human Mirth Tube Unit - .. 16. zvλd - Home Listening 17. Spongemagnet ft. Velvet C - Hyperblood 18. FINFRIG - Tune the Birds 19. Point 10 - You Pass Butter 20. Batfinks & Jim Noir - Frenty Ate Pints Will also come for sale with shirts that look like this!
  5. Dunk just released vol.2 of Friday Syndrome! I'm really excited as vol.1 was my favourite release of 2012, and it was free. He's charging 5 euro for this one, which is well worth it! Buy it through his bandcamp, or listen at soundcloud.
  6. https://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=275138183/size=medium/ Dunk Murphy (Sunken Foal, Ambulance) just released a full-length of improvised analogue hardware jams recorded to tape. It's beatless ambient, so a bit different from his earlier catalogue. I do love his beat programming, but this album is still very engaging without it.
  7. December 4, 2015 - Countersunk - SUNK0009B 01 Daga Gadol 4:49 02 Daga Gadol (Sunken Foal RMX) 6:15 countersunk.bandcamp.com/album/daga-gadol €1 www.countersunk.org
  8. 01 Clipper (cover) 7:54 02 Overand (cover) 7:04 https://countersunk.bandcamp.com/album/cover-versions-from-autechres-tri-repetae
  9. Date TBA - Countersunk - SUNK000# Tracklist TBA Sunken Foal Ft. Si Schroeder - Never Knew, taken from the album shirt and print to be releasd with album
  10. Oct 2014 - Countersunk 01 People From Your Block 6:12 02 People From Your Block (Instrumental) 6:12 http://www.countersunk.org/people_single.html
  11. Fellow Irish header Sunken Foal has just released his latest album for free here: http://www.countersu...vol1_album.html He's selling t-shirts and posters in support of it. It's great, my favourite track is the first one which sounds like VHS Head playing a guitar: http://soundcloud.com/sunken_foal/cool-arms-of-love
  12. ACPR008 : Sunken Foal - Mother of God Available from Today! Btw, it's well worth spending the extra cash on the Flacs. Tracklisting Low Mountain Light Socket Gift Knee Pads Colloidal Glass Platforms A Row of Gods Pearl Bearings Boomkat review - "Two years after their well-received Planet Mu album, Sunken Foal return with six tracks for Acroplane. 'Mother Of God' finds their sound at a juncture of Alex Smoke-like, Autechre-referencing electronica in 'Low Mountain Light Socket' and the mercury fuming synths and quickstep syncopations of 'Gift Knee Pads', while 'Colloidal Glass' is a glassy IDM configuration and 'Platforms' like some swaggering Gescom beat. Ace." Soundcloud clips of all tracks. http://soundcloud.com/acroplane/sets/sunken-foal-mother-of-god-clips/ Buy from Boomkat http://boomkat.com/downloads/367044-sunken-foal-mother-of-god Buy from Addictech http://www.addictech.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=66221 Buy from Juno http://www.junodownload.com/products/mother-of-god/1677621-02/
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