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Found 41 results

  1. Acidphakist/Carrierwave just tipped me off to these. Rumor has it they are being debuted at Music Messe 2013. Still as yet unconfirmed: Matrix Synth
  2. New release on the super independent and tiny label Rossz Records. If you like your ambient techno and analog sounds, you will definitely appreciate this wee release. https://rosszrecords.bandcamp.com/album/polygum-cat-food-ep
  3. Ulrich Schnauss will shortly be releasing Now Is A Timeless Present, a career retrospective boxset. Having reaquired all of the rights to his catalogue a couple of years back, Ulrich set about remastering all of his albums to date, with quite substantial reworking done to his most recent two albums, 'A Long Way To Fall' and 'No Further Ahead Than Today'. Alongside his previously released albums there will be a new release, 'Now Is A Timeless Present,' featuring previously unreleased and disparate material. It wil be available to buy digitally from the 6th December with a physical release to follow in January. Click me
  4. Second compilation of the label featuring Weith, Acidulant, Oxynucid and Some-E. Bandcamp link: https://rosszrecords.bandcamp.com/releases
  5. https://hamasynth.bandcamp.com/album/houmeissa
  6. if you do a search in youtube, you might find this video about making a bass in fm: however, i am afraid that most of the videos on youtube seem to be tutorials on how to make a skrillex bass. however, a skrillex bass to me isn't really a bass, although it contains some bass fundamentals. i am a little old school, so i prefer a bass instrument to contain mostly bass fundamentals, for the purpose of creating harmonies and other syncopated events. I envision this thread to be a place where we can share patches or discuss getting actual bass sounds out of an fm synth, (also leads, fx, whatever) and produce some knowledge about the subject for composers who like to use an FM synth as an instrument, not just a full frequency sausage effect.
  7. http://www.darkentriesrecords.com/store/vinyl/solid-space-space-museum-lp/#!prettyPhoto https://solid-space.bandcamp.com/album/space-museum
  8. 1.Novak 監視™ 01:19 2.ラン 05:39 3.0.04 内部 04:24 4.79 Million Adversaries 05:16 5.SANCTION 人造 06:31 video 6.Subterranean District 05:34 7.Maintenance Corridor 21337b 02:10 8.The Last Wave 04:46 9.Another Way 続く 03:25 10.Run Complete 6581 [TIME LIMITED DIGITAL BONUS] 03:22 Inspired by the sci-fi short Tokyo Run combined with the narrative of Mass Distraction. The album is a dark and cinematic insight into a dystopian future nobody wants. Digital version includes TIME LIMITED bonus track only available to download for 90 days. Lush LPs available for preorder on bandcamp with wide dynamic range mastering on zoetrope-style animated picture discs.
  9. "Even / Ever / Over" A beatless synth piece I did, if you have 8 minutes to spare and are partial to slow spacey things... https://paulleonanderson.bandcamp.com/track/even-ever-over And here's a soundcloud link, though this one is not mastered...
  10. Had a little jam with mine yesterday at a friend's place. He was playing on an electribe and his other friend was playing with a volca. Everyone, myself included, was blown away at not only the low-end but also the range and quality out of this thing. I was also shocked at how much precision this one has over the PO-12 (the only one I have to compare it to). The parameter lock system makes basslines and melodies a real possibility. Also the parameter transitions are buttery smooth. You can just about make a full track with this one, certainly if you add a volca or two. Looking forward to the ice melting off the sidewalks so I can walk/bus to work again, just to have an excuse to play with this thing twice a day. If this had a switchable backlight and a MIDI input, and maybe another bank of patterns, it would be pretty much perfect. If TE released a deluxe version with these features in a slightly bigger form factor, they'd sell as fast as they could make them. Really hoping to see the sampler version of this soon.
  11. Experimental jazz-y electronic lushness. Didn't see a topic come up for it in search, but it's freakin' awesome. Digital just came out a couple of days ago, vinyl out in January. More info.
  12. Richard is selling one of his massive Korg PS-3300 synths in the auction I run. If you click on the link you'll see the description & six pics, and at the bottom right of the sixth is a tiny but cool pic of him in front of his three (soon to be two) PS-3200s. I'll attach a bit bigger version here. http://www.spheremusic.com/Bargaindtl.asp?Item=16241 In the same auction is a ton of stuff from Somadril aka Martyn McNelis who was a good friend & associate of Richard and the then rephlex crew. It includes lots of his gear, and a few things which have his recordings on/in. For instance http://www.spheremusic.com/Bargaindtl.asp?Item=15714 which is a minidisc recorder with material on, There's also his entire CD collection inc lots of rephlex & his personal copy of Syro. 200 CDs http://www.spheremusic.com/Bargaindtl.asp?Item=15718 The money goes to his mum, and Richard was very keen to help her out. So anything you like the look of .. please bid.
  13. At under15$ per night I will not miss this! Can't wait!! https://www.lfttckt.com/tickets/lfttkt-casa-1470668344-18962 https://www.lfttckt.com/tickets/lfttkt-casa-1475784287-19210
  14. https://mopfunk.bandcamp.com/album/us-ep enjoy :)
  15. Until Silence by Roll The Dice Formats: CD (BAY 89CD) Limited edition double vinyl LP + CD (BAY 89V) Digital (BAY 89E) Release Date: 2 June 2014 Preorder: http://rollthedicesthlm.bandcamp.com/ Until Silence marks a monumental shift for Roll The Dice, in both sonics and psychogeography. The characteristic framework of piano and synthesiser is reinforced with a newly conscripted string section: dramatic arrangements grind against furnace blasts of static, and phases of unrelenting rhythmic intensity collapse into moments of frayed, fragile beauty. Roll The Dice’s most powerful and nuanced work to date, its tracks are by turns harrowing and searching, pushing the duo’s sound to monolithic, foundation-shuddering heights of ambition, scale and physical weight. 1.Blood In Blood Out 2. Assembly 3. Time And Mercy 4. Coup De Grâce 5. Aridity 6. Wherever I Go, Darkness Follows 7. Perpetual Motion 8. Someone's Land 9. Haunted Piano 10. In Deference
  16. I've always been a massive fan of Shock G's work. I'm wondering if any of you synth experts out there know what's being used for the lead synth part in this track? If you're the audiophile type, the whole Sons of the P CD is my reference for mixing/mastering--warm, dynamic, not limited to shit, perfect. You have to turn up your volume dial more, but it's worth the minimal effort. Also really curious as to what the lead synth is on this... I always recommend Future Rhythm to fans of electronic music--tons of great synth work on this album and the composition of the tracks is top notch--Shock G was clearly well-versed in music composition. I've been blown away by some members of this forum's ability to pinpoint a synth source on many occasions, so I thought this was worth a try. Or feel free to just rain praise on D.U. as well--they're so much more than the Humpty Dance.
  17. Started this 3 years ago... Here is where I put originals, remixes and the like https://soundcloud.com/windowmagic It's all made with analog mono and polysynths, self-made samples and tape manipulation all recorded live without overdubs curious to know what you think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I36CZKsczAY
  18. Korg is being awesome with their toys this year: http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2013/11/04/korg-littlebits-synth-kit-lets-you-snap-together-a-modular-synthesizer/
  19. hey! check out this awesome record, by Von Tesla of Enklav, a uber-cool young italian label. loving how it sounds. enjoy here's the preview on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/enklav/von-tesla-farewell-is-a-building-enk016 here's the link to the Enklav website: http://www.enklav.it/ loving their releases, if you're into deep stuff go check out their catalog cheers
  20. Guest

    name that synth

    any idea what synth is being played from 3:56 to 4:15
  21. Legowelt is dropping a new EP through Unknown to the Unknown. 4 tracks, dark-ish, dance-y, weird melodies. Solid stuff. http://soundcloud.com/hothausrecs/sets/uttu_051 There's also a video; all info via: http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/legowelt-readies-new-ep-for-unknown-to-the-unknown-stream-it-in-full-now/ edit: the Soundcloud link above should play the entire 4-track playlist.
  22. I feel like people think that analog synthesis is superior to digital synthesis. I have a tx81z and, while it's a bitch to program (it's not really that bad), I think the sounds that come out of it are great. It's like a big box of future noise but it's from 27 years ago. I also have access to an Arp 2600 (yeah, I get to play with an Arp. Fuck you) and while the sucker sounds phenomenal, I don't think it's a better synth than the Yamaha (I don't want to get into an argument of tx81z vs 2600, thanks though). The Yamaha is so much more flexible (polyphony is useful). Why do synth manufacturers generally produce synths that are VA, when they could be making something that sounds, I don't know, unique (discuss)? Digital technology is supposedly so much more flexible than analog, and in the synth market it seems that a lot of digital technology is used just to rehash the past. Here's a novel idea: if you want something to sound analog, make it analog (Thanks Korg, you're smart, here's my money). To my knowledge, a lot of albums I really enjoy were made using totally digital equipment, or even completely on a computer (e.g. Truant, Room(s))(surely a lot of albums I really enjoy were also made using analog equipment as well (e.g. Animals, Low)). So why is it that most synths that come out are intended to replicate old school gear? I think digital synthesis is so much more flexible. You can obviously replicate (to a degree) analog gear. You can also do all kinds of other goofy shit. Perhaps analog is more pleasing to the human ear (discuss, please), but I don't think so (but I don't know). Am I supposed to have a point? Fuck, umm.... How about what digital synths do you love that are unabashedly digital? I really like my Ion (even though it's VA it's a beast of it's own). I also really like my samplers, and that shit is digital but it has a fuck ton of character. I've heard Waldorf stuff is really digital sounding (someone send me a blofeld, I'll let you know if it sounds digital). The M-audio Venom looks pretty interesting as well to me, because it it's a synth that makes sounds that are, you know, new. I don't want it to seem like I hate analog stuff, but please argue with me.
  23. Hi, i'm new here i'm huge fan of IDM and everything close to experimental/techno/ambient music since 15 years now like most of you, pretty sure we're not the youngest in the internets : / anyway, here is my music moniker and 4 tunes so far https://soundcloud.com/kloremusic ps: dunno if i'm suppose to embed players here hope you like cheers F
  24. BLUE ELEVEN: PLAINS DRUID £7.99 C125 Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed tapes Each tape with unique artwork buy from: http://bluetapes.co.uk/product/blue-eleven-plains-druid Blue Tapes music has many uses and many forms. While some releases have been an almost-academic exercise in stripping out data to see how the results survive out of context, not everything we do is theoretical. Other times we don’t wan’t to think too much. Sometimes we don’t want to think at all. blue eleven is more than two hours of sound on one bursting-at-the-seams cassette. It is the natural sequel to blue eight: Katie Gatelyin that we had no agenda for it other than to drown in it. blue eleven, by synth mage Plains Druid, is the most immersive music we have released so far. In truth it’s not even so much “music” as sustained aural narcotic - you can dip in and out of the two sides much as you may dip in and out of consciousness. It sounds REALLY good on headphones as you’re falling asleep - the odd beat or squirming-in-the-red flare of synth-distortion snagging a hook into your dreams and suddenly jerking you up through several layers of subconscious. When it does that, the hallucinations get super great. “Super Real Islands” is Plains Druid’s title for this release. If the four compositions that make up this release are islands, then they’re under several leagues of not-water. They have the ability to rise and lower themselves at will and are mostly sentient aqueous flora. Describing in that in visual terms isn’t easy! So we made a GIF. blue eleven is not an endurance test. It’s swarming with sonic detail, so much of which is flittering and swooshing around the peripheral vision of your 3rd eye that trying to track each movement becomes irrelevant. Instead, just plug yourself into this ecosystem and hit the mute button on your thinking brain. Praise for Plains Druid "Music for seeing through the pixels in your screen. When the laptop/tablet/monitor your eyes are slaved to disintegrates and reformulates into hypnagogic Magic Eye tableaux." - 20 Jazz Funk Greats
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