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  1. I've been stalking this forum for a while but finally ponied up and paid for an account. This is my first album release! (a wider distribution will occur on Sept 3rd by Ingrown Records) I wanted to share here first though. Its cool to trash it, beat it up tell me what sucks (as long as you tell me why!) 🙂 I trusts your critiques! There were no Software DAWs effects or VSTs used in the making of this album its all just sequencers controlling hardware synths and effects boxes mixed on a small analog console and then record to tape. Enjoy!
  2. Hi all, some of you may remember me..? I was here earliest in 2000 2001 posting tracks as forlon and later as missingsense. I've done an album on antilounge records, remixes featuring Ochre, Elektrovolt, G∆rtm∆len and Marric. Real happy how this turned out. We have tapes!
  3. Infinite Tape Loops: People (Ambient Tape Longform) Out today: Limited Edition CD+DL → http://bit.ly/2uujjXN "People is one of those rare disseminations of time, where the aural answers to the question(s) linked to our limited lifespan start to make more sense than all theory that could have been written.."
  4. https://mforsleep.bandcamp.com/album/infinite-loops-come-quietly (Come Quietly has been conceived to stay in the background, listening at low volume is highly recommended)
  5. Infinite Loops: Spirits Drifting - by Music For Sleep https://mforsleep.bandcamp.com/album/infinite-loops-spirits-drifting (Spirits Drifting it's a headphone experience. Spirits Drifting has been extracted from found sounds of improvised studio session recordings - archive)
  6. hello, i don't post here much anymore, but i wanted to share this in hopes to raise a little rent/milk money as i'm quite broke, hungry and a bit down and out at the moment. so, i'm making my entire discography available for under $17, (75% off) that's 14 albums, about 12 hours of music, give or take, that i've poured my heart into over the past 12 years. the sale won't last past friday i think, so grab everything now while it's super accessible! it would help me out quite a bit. to access the discography, go to a release page such as this one (my most recent: - https://ourson.bandcamp.com
  7. http://smarturl.it/beat.tape
  8. If you have 45 min free of your time, this ambient track will worth every single second. Found this on bandcamp https://discreetmusic.bandcamp.com/album/water Discreet Music is the solo project by the Japanese artist Hiroaki Yamamoto, inspired by Brian Eno's Album “Discreet Music”. Each recording has been extrapolated from live tape loops performaces. Loops derive from new or old tape recordings. Each sound was written and programmed using analog and modular synths, processed and reprocessed through filters and analog effects to find the ‘No-Sound'.
  9. First release of this project and label by Henrik Stelzer, who normally records as Fluorescent Heights. I stumbled upon his work back in 2013, he's been a prolific artist in the underground cassette tape scene. This is a bit more varied than his other alias as well as less ambient/drone oriented. Still all analog synth recorded to tape. Lot of lo fi house / tape hiss heavy techno vibes akin to Sand Circles, the Cyclist or anything off the Not Not Fun label 100%. There's also some beatless tracks of beautiful retro synth ambient, including some with the decay and distortion that harkens fel
  10. New Megatraveller coming from Central Processing Unit. Cassette is limited to 100 copies. Shipping is around the 17th of June. According to the CPU bandcamp page the digitals are a recording of the master tape if it makes any difference to you. Pre-order from CPU bandcamp: http://shop.cpurecords.net/album/vs-endboss Some pre hearing is up on CPU Soundcloud: . Sorry, don't know how to get soundcloud embedded. I could really use some WATMM N00b FAQ chunk. On a side note I wonder if this is the same piece of art that was supposed to come out on Recruit Records? All I know is that
  11. Started this 3 years ago... Here is where I put originals, remixes and the like https://soundcloud.com/windowmagic It's all made with analog mono and polysynths, self-made samples and tape manipulation all recorded live without overdubs curious to know what you think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I36CZKsczAY
  12. http://malfokusita.bandcamp.com (Hit the link above for an 11-minute video of me explaining the series in a bit more depth)
  13. I have just had this murky & minimal hip hop track released on this compilation "Things Which Get You" out now through the MFT Preservation Series! It is available as a digital download or a limited edition cassette tape. The compilation highlights various experimental / ambient / left-field musicians from the state of Indiana! You can check out the comp here: http://mftpreservationseries.bandcamp.com/album/things-which-get-you Thanks for listening! 'Because Poetry and Hums aren't things which you get, they're things which get you. And all you can do is to go where they can find y
  14. Ugly Mane released the third and final part in his mix series last week. This mixtape is great, features tunes he's made from 1999 up until 2012. It's a really varied mix from musical projects spanning many different genres yet it fits together really nicely. Bursts of punk, super smooth jazz, instrumental hip-hop, hardcore gangster rap & techno wash over you and bring you to ecstasy. Can't figure out how to embed the bamdcamp module so here's the link - http://liluglymane.bandcamp.com/album/third-side-of-tape
  15. "An audiotape-based alternative to the turntable, providing turntablists with a more versatile and intuitive way to scratch." https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jeremyseanbell/the-scrubboard The following video is a demonstration of the early prototype. You should also watch the video from the Kickstarter page, the guy gave thought to the final product (i really like the idea of turning the Scrubboard into a keytar-scrubboard hybrid !).
  16. new music :) EWE OF NOW RECORDS // FAMILY ALBUM _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_--__--__ __--__--_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- FREE DIGITAL or $5 LIMITED CASSETTE TAPE 74 MINUTES OF HI-FI STEREO FEATURING 28 DIFFERENT ARTISTS, LIMITED TO 100 COPIES. NEVER PUT IT IN UR BOX IF UR SHIT EATZ TAPEZ. eweofnowrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/family-album // ewe-of-now-recordings.tumblr.com/ 1. CAMO TAPES - BATCH1 2. MONTGOMERY WORD - SWAMP THANG 3. MIEKSNEAK - ROOT 4. DOSH - SUMMERTIME TIME 5. STUDENETS - THE STARES 6. MYSTERY CAVE ft. M3RLENN & ZOCHI
  17. Following with Felix Kubin’s line of research on the creative underground tape scene, in this brief podcast we revisit the origins of the format with former Philips employee Wim Langenhoff. Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/extra/wim-langenhoff/capsula As a former employee at Dutch electronics conglomerate Philips, Wim Langenhoff was involved in the development of the audio cassette. He was also a member of The New Electric Chamber Music Ensemble, an Eindhoven-based artists’ collective that became notorious in the region for their anarchic performances in the late sixties. The different sectio
  18. hi all, i have these stuff for sale. it would be urgent, so feel free to send offers to biashead at gmail dot com. thanks! AFX: Analog Bubblebath Vol. 2 12" (CUT 002) AFX: Analogue Bubblebath Vol. 3 12" (CAT 008) Aphex Twin: Drukqs 2 Track Promo (DRUKQS 01) Baby Ford: Normal (BFORD15) Buck-Tick: Timeless (Invitation) Caustic Window: Joyrex J4 EP 12" (CAT 004) Curve: Falling Free (The Aphex Twin Remix) one-sided promo 12" (ANXT 41) Die Fantastischen Vier: Liveunddirekt (COL 486503 6) V/A Secret Tracks 2 MC (SELECT 5/94) V/A Taking Liberties (TTPCD 005) Wagon Christ: Redone EP
  19. Eight months ago, a series of mysterious messages were exchanged in the bowels of WATMM, initiating a collaboration which would lead to the creation of a double debut EP, which will be released on the 12th of April in sexy DIY cassette format. We are proud to present: This screen-printed yellow tape comes in a handmade box, with dual-sided artwork, and an insert providing tracklisting and information, all lovingly handcrafted with a DIY approach. On the cassette, you will find 40 minutes of fresh music from Antape and Kotekan, in the form of two 20 minute debut EPs. 14 tracks seeping w
  20. Hi, hope no one minds me posting this info about the first release on our label. http://soundcloud.com/blue-tapes/matt-collins-excerpt-from-the http://bluetapes.co....hout-an-outline We're very proud to announce that the first release on the new blue tapes label is a solo release from former Ninja High School leader Matt Collins. Toronto's NHS were arguably the 00s most overlooked band. Their ferocious 2005 album, Young Adults Against Suicide (Tomlab) - feted by Plan B, Pitchfork, Drowned In Sound, etc - is one of the greatest albums by bands who only ever released o
  21. "Further Records are releasing an unusual double-cassette ‘battlepack’. Tape 1 is “Exoferric”, a collection of experimental recordings old and new by CHXFX (aka Dave Henson who also records as NOCHEXXX). Tape 2, entitled “Latent Acid”, features all-new material by me, under the alias PLKZFX, with a slightly cleaner, dare I say ‘dance-orientated’ sound than usual. Tapes are shipping at the end of this month." http://furtherrecord...ric-latent-acid
  22. "Ekoplekz will already be familiar to fans of bass music, thanks to his releases on Punch Drunk and Mordant Music (he also appeared on Further last year with a live LP). Wanda Group is a bit more mysterious; the UK artist's catalog to date consists mostly of digital EPs, 7-inches and cassettes, and is divvied up among a gaggle of pseudonyms like Dem Hunger, The Hers and Tiger Piss. The upcoming split features one long piece from each of them. "Dead Escalator Suite" and "Slow Down Your Blood" both include a number of different movements, totaling about 20 minutes each. The album will be availab
  23. "Volume 3:All Pathways Open comprises a further twelve tracks lovingly transferred from those now fabled 1/4″ and cassette tapes." "The Advisory Circle kindly lent a hand and retransferred ‘Electronic Rhythm Number Eighteen’ for which we are very grateful. Our Head Technician tells us this particular segment had been giving him a fair bit of trouble, so the help was appreciated." http://pyecorneraudio.wordpress.com/ buy http://boomkat.com/c...l-pathways-open listen http://furtherrecord...l-pathways-open
  24. http://www.tapeworm.org.uk/ttw40.html http://www.oldapparatus.org/
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