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  1. I am feeling frisky so I would like give away some copies of my latest album today to anyone interested: The album is here: https://unitshifterrecords.bandcamp.com/album/rc-707 Enter download codes here: http://unitshifterrecords.bandcamp.com/yum Download codes (I will post more if these gets used): xlne-uup7 , jea9-ev75 , f7fk-b8af , mldu-xfua , fpja-jam7 All I ask in return if you download is to add to your bandcamp collection and to write a comment and supoort it on bc if you like one of the tracks. Cheers!
  2. Now live: echospacedetroit.bandcamp.com You can finally pick up the Altering Illusions compilation (CD shipping late Oct, but some of it is available digitally now) And there's also a limited 1hr cv313 live CDR (100 copies) - [email protected]_primary
  3. Check out Volume 1 as well. Tracks to move your feet - maybe even the rest of your body. Or just nod your head to the beat. Or tap something with your finger. Do something.
  4. I put up another digital EP of reverb-heavy, bassline-driven dancefloor-friendly IDMish Detroity techno on bandcamp. The default track above is very techno but I think folks around here will like the opener, "Night Gardening" better- came out very Analord / Cheetah EP. Can't seem to link to that track so you're gotta go the link above and get it from there 🙂
  5. Beltran will release digital & CD on his own Bandcamp.
  6. LA Synthesis is on Bandcamp. This was released in March, but there's nothing else (as of yet). Hopefully they get the material that's on Beatport to Bandcamp. If you've never heard this before, you need to: It's from 1994, remastered and re-released on @Detuned in 2015 with a handful of amazing-as-heck remixes from Plaid, Ian O'Brien, Terrace, ADJ and Carl Finlow; the original track is simply eternal, it doesn't get old - I've been caning it for 25+ years. You should also check out their 1996 album, Matrix Surfer on Shield Records (a great label, too, check out everything - especially Mauler's [Fabrice Lig] PGM 100).
  7. Underworld were probably the people who initially really turned me on to electronic music in a serious way. Both 'Dubnobasswithmyheadman' and 'Second Toughest In The Infants' are triumphs of what can be done musically within the constraint of electronic music. Deep, technical albums. The many supporting EPs that were released along side them were huge, significant remixes - many of which could have served as the main body of work for any other artist. 'Beaucoup Fish' released in '98 and was a more dance floor orientated album. Rhythmically and tonally a departure from the earlier material but still very much recognisable. Many tracks being a twist on straight techno. I enjoy a lot of BF, 'King Of Snake' being clearly my favourite track. It's not as intimate or complex as the earlier stuff, but it's not intended to be. Somewhere around 2000 they released a live compilation album/DVD 'Everything, Everything'. Stunning performances, and just a fantastic package of visual art and music. I've seen Underworld live a couple of times, and this is one of the few live recordings that I think actually does the work justice. Everyone should listen to this, I can't recommend it enough And then, something seems to go wrong. 'A Hundred Days Off', 'Oblivion With Bells', 'Barking', 'Barbara Barbara, We Face A Shining Future' are all tripe in my opinion. Soulless, shitty house music. Embarrassing actually. Listening to an old man mumble of cheesy house beats with super cold production. 4/4 modern, rubbery beats and just musically super uninteresting. Bland is the word I would use. They all sound like fucking Calvin Harris covers to me. Not what veterans of the industry should be involved with. There's a line 'Crocodile' that really exemplifies this for me, and it's something along the lines of "blood on a tissue on the floor of a train". It's like a parody of an underworld line. It's too on the nose, too straight. Too fucking juvenile if you ask me. That line was what really struck my ear. Not only does its attempt at layering fall flat, it sounds awkward and clumsy. There's many other examples of this (like 'Hamburg Hotel' being a joke at the cisterns expense) It's a legacy fucking ruined in my opinion. What went wrong? Am I missing something? Does anyone here actually think any of their later albums have any artistic merit?
  8. First release from Ouero on Chez.Kito.Cat, sounds interesting based on the preview tracks. Recommended.
  9. Listen to SKE001 by Alan dB on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/Ydiix
  10. New material from Robbers. Not really my cup of tea, but maybe of interest.
  11. Sounds like sampled Aphex Twin on the title track. The previous release on DetUnd was a bit more interesting.
  12. https://special-request.bandcamp.com/album/belief-system 23 tracks that meander between scuffed techno fodder, abstract jungle artillery, and behemoth ambient tones First proper album-like release since Modern Warfare, but much more balanced. Some tracks are direct callbacks to that sound, like Sanctuary, Make It Real, and Brainstorm, but he gets a bit more experimental with Leviathan and Replicant. All flavors of techno here too, with the brooding Catacombs, the over-stimulated Curtain Twitcher, the naive Tiresias, and the aptly-named Scrambled in LS1. The part that personally surprised me was how actually good the ambient stuff is, right from the warm and triumphant opening Chrysalis (which i keep thinking sounds like a reprise of New Seeds) to the warning calls of Transmission. Reckoning sounds straight out of a contemporary action film. In Loving Memory ends the album on a surprisingly human note, despite the overall cold outer shell of the two-hour record You could call the whole thing badly navigated and overly broad in its genres, but i think it's a really impressive piece from Paul Woolford, showcasing masterful ability even sometimes at the expense of coherence Highly recommended
  13. Expansive new album of forward-thinking electronics from Lagowski (of GPR fame). Recommended.
  14. Another digital self-release of a FE release. Recommended.
  15. New EP from F.D.W. on Livity Sound. This guy has been quite prolific lately and I haven't picked up all of the recent output, but this release really grabbed me. Hypnotic, percussive techno at its best.
  16. Hi all. I realized music that sounds like spiritual, etheric ambient glitch/techno is the type of music that my mind resonates with the most. Some examples might be Oval, Vladislav Delay, SND, Visible Cloaks, Huerco S., etc. Do you know something similar? Can be visuals too. https://www.webdesignmuseum.org/flash-websites/sixstation-2002
  17. https://benpest.bandcamp.com/album/on-the-three After over a year in lockdown Love Love launches LOVLTD, a new series of limited records containing the tuffest system boomers and shakers. Focused towards igniting the dancefloor this series is a celebration of rave in all its forms: Acid Stompers & Wonkers / Hardcore Continuum // Heavyweight Bass Flex. All the 12”s are graced with artwork by foundational UK graffiti legends A.W.E ‘All World Experts’ est 1984- most notably Keen and Check. To start proceedings Romford-born, Bristol-based producer Ben Pest gives us 4 slabs of lysergic bass-bolstered techno. With records on Don’t, I Love Acid & Earwiggle and following recent collaborations with IMOGEN and Radioactive Man, Ben’s style of techno is some of the slickest and dirtiest going, getting played out by the likes of Bicep and DJ Stingray. A1 ‘Rugged’ drabs a chunky square 303 over strobing flickers of percussion with a kick drum the size of mars, building to an absolute acid-fuelled fervour. A2 ‘On The Three’ boasts a catchy groove reminiscent of mid-noughties warehouse phunk, brandishing cartoony melodies that will put an unhinged smile on the most cynical of ravers’ mushes. Whilst the A side ends bouncey, the B-Side starts off crushing and trancey with ‘83 Is The Wan’, featuring a catatonic kick drum in a New York club pattern driving through a hazy technoid labyrinth that’ll have ravers weaving spirit entities for many a dance to come. Final track ‘More Horrors’ is a full on, no-nonsense party banger. Weighty old skool techno heft with a deep murky bassline and acid squelches. Techno doesn’t come much fatter or funner than this. Limited to 300 copies only.www.loveloverecords.net
  18. My next album is out now. Neon City features tracks from the same album session as 'Ghost Cities'. Thanks to all those who have supported me so far. I really appreciate it! https://virtekhproductions.bandcamp.com/album/neon-city
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