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Found 14 results

  1. Touched Presents Yimino Release Date 26th March 2021 Via Touched Music Bandcamp After The Album Preview Via Mixlr 100 Only CD In A DVD Digipack + Digital
  2. A1. "Truc" A2. "Last Seen" B1. "Pyramid 17" B2. "Swerver" B3. "Osculated" C1. "Hed Set" D1. "Seen Last" 180g 12" + 10". Limited pink marbled 12" + 10". Digital. No CD. Clips on Juno
  3. Plaid - Stem Sell (Remixes Album World Cancer Day) Feb 4th Vinyl Picture Disc & Double CD Via Touched Music
  4. **OUT NOW** Scanner - The Signal Of A Signal Of A Signal Limited Picture Disc https://touchedrevolutions.bandcamp.com/merch
  5. It's been out a while and yet I couldn't find a thread about it. This is a surprisingly good album , harking back to those incredible broadcasts they use to do back in the day. It has all the copyright watermarks etc to give it a real archive feel. While there are quite a few new pieces int this continuous 49 minute piece, they cleverly sprinkle in lots of old early 90s samples that had me misting up. Great stuff. https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/touched-by-silence-please-note-fsol-is-cd-only-boxes-will-ship-in-early-feb
  6. Buspin Jieber - Volcanic / Harmonic / Sounds (V.H.S.) (Touched Music) Released 24.4.20 Via Touched Music Bandcamp Soundtrack To The Strangest Summer Ever, One Of The Best Albums Ive Ever Heard. 100 CD in VHS DVD Case
  7. Released Via Touched Music & Bleep 26.3.20 100 Green Vinyl Via Touched Music Bandcamp After The Brainwaltzera Mix Via Touched Mixlr 400 Blue Via Bleep 100 CDR Artwork By Grid Pattern
  8. Touched Music MEGA SALE If you Missed Any Release Time To Grab Them Is Now, Flash Sale For A Few Weeks. Most Vinyl & CD’s £3 And Under https://touched.bandcamp.com/merch Parallax Sounds CD Bundle Offer 4 x CD's £5 On Records Bundle Deal “3 Vinyls 2 CD's” £10 Roel Funcken - artist - Dear of the Yog CD Album £3 Karsten Pflum - Love Canticles CD Album £3 Aot-x - Per Aspera Ad Astra CD Album £3 DemSongzByWe by Funckarma ‎- Vinyl 12” £2 Pattern Errors by Nynack ‎- Vinyl 12” £2 ON002 Compilation - Vinyl 12” £2 Synthesized Sounds For Young Humans by Justin Maxwell CD Album £3 Tau Ceti by Keiss – CD Album £3 Massive Irretrievable Data Loss by Attraktta CD Album £3 A Distant Rainbow, Remixed, Remastered, Repackaged, Rereleased by Min-Y-Llan CD Album £3 End Of Mission by Weldroid CD Album £3 Various ‎– Lost In The Humming Air (Music Inspired By Harold Budd) CD Album £2 Digital discography at a discount of 70% is added to Buy The Full Discography Now Only £76 SO far just over £76.000 has been Raised https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/touched-music
  9. Hello there WATMM, I am pleased to announce the first of two very special compilations of Milieu trax, assembled exclusively for release at the excellent Touched Music label. The two-volume Sunbather's Pharmacopeia is designed to appeal to both longtime listeners, first-timers and the casual consumer in between, and this first volume focuses on material from the earlier phase of the Milieu sound - the slow tempos, detuned synthesizers and bittersweet melodies. As of right now, the release has only been announced via the Touched social media outlets, and there isn't anything on Bandcamp just yet. HOWEVER, a good amount of promo is being done, and some of it is the cool and interactive kind, so read on! To start, multiple videos have been made for some of the tracks on this collection, the first by Mr. Touched himself (and can only currently be viewed via the Touched Facebook page) and the second by Broken Machine Films (the in-house videographers at Illuminated Paths) which is soon to come. There may yet be more videos, but don't quote me because I'm not the one in charge of that department. Secondly, there will be a three-hour online event on the Touched Mixlr feed, on Friday July 26th, which consists of a DJ set from the talented Steve Brown (Combinations In Electronic Sound), a DJ set from myself (moonlighting as DJ Brian Damage) and then a screening of the Touched album. The link to the Touched Mixlr is here, and this will happen at 2PM Eastern Daylight time (7PM in the UK and 8PM in much of the rest of Europe). I will be hanging out in the chatroom at Mixlr to answer questions and shoot the breeze, likely with a couple shots of whiskey in my hand. If anyone here has attended the listening parties I did on Twitch for Sun Cast or Shallow Earth, this will be somewhat like that. And speaking of that last bit - depending on how the Mixlr show goes, and whether or not anyone there missed out, was late coming in, or still wants to listen to music and chat, I'll be willing to have an afterparty on my Twitch channel, where I might even break out the synths and drum machines and jam a bit, or play tracks, or whatever! Bedtime is relative in Milieu Land. Finally, I've answered some studio-related questions in an interview segment for Synthspotting (Twitter & Facebook) and given them a few badly lit photographs of what the studio looks like right now. I don't know when they will post their Milieu feature, but I will try to update this thread when it happens. So there you go - some cool Milieu-related things to look forward to soon. And definitely, if you can, check the DJ set out on Mixlr - it's not your usual DJ affair of just spinning records, but rather, more like an old hip-hop mixtape that takes loops from dozens of different tracks and uses them as building blocks for brand new grooves. I have done one previous DJ mix in this style and you can download that here. There also may or may not be a bootleg cassette containing both of the Brian Damage DJ sets coming out after the Touched release... More info posted here as it comes!
  10. As you may know, the last Bass Agenda radio show of 2015 was a 2 hour special on the work of Touched: Music for Macmillan Cancer Support. This featured an interview with Martin Boulton, the man behind Touched, and highlighted a sample of the artists that have taken part in Touched’ s releases to date; all of which have raised much needed money for Macmillan in the UK. During the un-broadcast part of the interview Andy Barton who runs Bass Agenda & Bass Agenda Recording’s suggested a collab release between Bass Agenda and Touched; the idea being to expose a different group of artists and listeners to Touched and raise money from a different section of the underground listening public; Electro and Techno listeners who may not have engaged with the ambient and IDM focussed releases Touched has put out to date. Within a few days of that conversation the release had been named and 90 artists were on board! Here is what you need to know: ‘Touched Bass’ releases on 22nd April during a special 2 hour broadcast of Bass Agenda on www.futuremusic.fm 1. It will feature over 100 tracks 2. The artists who have agreed to get involved include The Hacker, The Exaltics, Mazzula, Lectromagnetique, Carl Finlow, Radical G, G-Man, Franck Kartell, Roman Zawodny, Body Mechanic, Steve Stoll, Darkmode, Marco Bernardi, TFHats, Scape One, Clatterbox, Mark Broom, Si Begg, Cyan341, Mark Arcer, Posthuman, B12, Rootsix, David Morley, Slaves of Sinus and many many more 3. All proceeds will go Macmillan Cancer Support to help cancer patients and their families 4. It will be amazing
  11. New Min-Y-Llan Ep Released Today On Touched Music For Macmillan. 3 Original Tracks & 3 Remixes. Get It Here https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/touched-by-lights
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