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Found 22 results

  1. Alright WATMM..... We've been chatting in CHATMM and decided this thread should be dedicated to knowledge about Mattias Ostling and all of his aliases releases. There is no information about him on discogs, and his releases are scattered amongst many aliases and many different webpages. The ultimate goal of this thread is to get a reasonably accurate list of his aliases and releases under said aliases, and translate this over to discogs so that he may get more recognition. Dirqual - Sonic S&M Meltdown (2002) Neurophastic - Mi12Promo1 (2002) Crossdaddy Bonebags - Crossdaddy Bonebags (2002) Dirqual - Farm Sluts Gone Wild (2003) Dirqual - Tolerable Cruelty (2003) Dirqual - 18 track comp (2003) Neurowanker - Humming Closet (2003) neurowanker - my famous jazz recordings vol. (2002) Neurowanker - Vol. 1 (2003) Neurowanker - Music Flag (2003) Cagliostro - Compliation 04 (2004) Dirqual - Lowing the Mellow (2004) Dirqual - Single (2004) Mattias - Suck My Baseline - Ride My Snare (2004) Sid Quincy - Quirky Choons (2004) Mattias and his extraordinary Robotic Orchestra - Escape from Allum Prime (200?) Crossdaddy Bonebags - Acid EP 1 (2005) Crossdaddy Bonebags - Acid EP 2 (2005) Crossdaddy Bonebags - Acid EP 3 (2005) Crossdaddy Bonebags - Acid EP 4 (2005) Crossdaddy Bonebags - Acid EP 5 (2005) Crossdaddy Bonebags - Acid EP 6 (2005) Crossdaddy Bonebags - Acid EP 7 (2005) Crossdaddy Bonebags - Shared on his Computer (2005) Crossdaddy Bonebags - Crossfather Force (2006) Mattias Östling - Spectoculon EP (2006) Mattias Östling - Stengatan Tracks (2006) Chromium Serpent - The Serpent Vol. 1 (2007) Chromium Serpent - The Serpent Vol. 2 (2007) Chromium Serpent - The Serpent Vol. 3 (2007) Mattias Ö - Dystopicus (2007 Mattias Ö - Nintendohäxans Berg (2007) Mattias Ö - Naturkollektionen (2008) Trackermatte - Rave Partner (2008) Trackermatte - Hippie Express (2009) Trackermatte - Nollpunkt Terminator (2009) Mattias Östling & Simon Frank - Mattias Östling & Simon Frank (2010) Trackermatte - The Splattered Blouse EP (2010) Trackermatte - Lazers Unending (2011) Trackermatte - Hologram 7 (2011) Rolando Simmons - Volume 1 (2012) Rolando Simmons - Volume 2 (2012) Rolando Simmons - Volume 3 (2012) The Florist - Psinenk (2013) Trackermatte - Shadow Festival (2013) Trackermatte - Dark Door (2014) Trackermatte - Wasteland Boutique (2014) Trackermatte - Planar Mists (2014) Rolando Simmons - Magic Crystal (2015) Trackermatte - Dreamhunter (2015) Rolando Simmons - Volumes 1-4 (2015) Rolando Simmons - Rolando Simmons (2015) Rolando Simmons - Garden Sync (2015) The Florist - Growth (2015) Rolando Simmons - Magic Crystal Remixes (2015) Trackermatte - Dreamhunter 04>14 2 (2015) Rolando Simmons - Yuo're Life (2016) Rolando Simmons - Bridgeland Part 1(2016) Rolando Simmons - Human Touch (2016) Trackermatte - Na (2016) ​Rolando Simmons - Bridgeland Part 2 (2016) Rolando Simmons - Walk on Strawberries (2016) Penelope - WIGD - The Rolando Simmons RMXS ​Rolando Simmons - Bridgeland Part 303 (2017)
  2. 1. Human Touch (CV Beszállás Edit) 05:02 2. Org Vibris (Corso Edit) 05:32 3. Duelling Parrots 05:15 4. Slipgate 04:23 5. Grown-Up Talk 04:19 6. Nueva Traditional 05:49 7. Elanaya Bay 02:59 8. Warming Up 02:58 Rolando Simmons - a revered name in certain acidic circles - joins Utter for the 'Human Remains' EP, a wildly inventive 8-track adventure that deftly dabbles in rave, IDM, Techno and beyond in classic RS style. The project is the creative brainchild of Mattias Östling, who has been on a prolific production streak since the late 2000s, firstly under the name Trackermatte before settling into work under his current moniker. This particular release is a missing puzzle-piece of sorts, compiled and sequenced by Utter's Alex Egan from a self-released digital collection titled 'Human Touch' which initially surfaced on Bandcamp during the producer's golden 2016 'Walk On Strawberries' and 'World Building' era. 'Human Touch' was a curious selection of unmastered oddities - the first Östling made using audio signal processing environment Cecilia5 - which remained largely overlooked due to its digital limbo. The tracklist itself shifted, with bonus tracks appearing then disappearing. While the excellent Dutch label 030303 cherry-picked the original version of the title track for a 2019 2xLP of the same name, the rest of the material remained frustratingly unavailable on vinyl and elsewhere, including the elusive bonus track which prompted Egan to reach out to Östling in the first place, the stunning 'sq1_mc4_iloveu03a_149unedit'. That track is firmly at the core of this new EP, under its new title 'Nueva Traditional', as well as the alternative CV Beszállás edit of 'Human Touch'. They are surrounded by every other un-pilfered gem that originally appeared alongside them - however briefly - with all material freshly mastered and cut by Anne Taegert at D&M. The artwork and large fold-out poster (included with the 12") were designed by the Timpani Mystique Agency. No stone left unturned! Human Remains by Rolando Simmons
  3. Music Pack 1 by Rolando Simmons 1. Morning 04:15 2. Groovebox Grand Prix 05:24 3. Creation Multika 03:06 4. Vom 04:30 5. Echoes In A Little Head 04:22 6. Open The Window Mark 02:44 This is a collection of tracks that have been circulating among friends and family but never found their way onto a public release. Finished compositions, experiments and little tunes. Hope you enjoy!
  4. https://loveloverecords.bandcamp.com/album/world-building Think this release needs it's own thread. Previews sound stellar. Instabought.
  5. new full length from rolando. nice! https://bleep.com/release/140199-rolando-simmons-human-touch
  6. Pre-order: https://analogicalforce.bandcamp.com/album/af0191-rolando-simmons-summer-diary-one-ep-2018
  7. Trackermatte - Wasteland Boutique (Digital) 01. Willow Weaver (2:47) 02. Hidden Groves (6:00) 03. Song of Susannah (5:28) 04. Aquaphone (4:24) 05. Glass Artisan (3:32) 06. Shadow Festival 3 (5:39) 07. Marshland Bouquet (8:22) 08. Midsummer Night (5:07) 09. Villager (6:42) 10. Starclapper (5:36) 11. Tingly Sorcery (4:40) 12. I'manoid (4:53) 13. Smiley Face (5:57) 14. Away On The Lake (6:56)
  8. https://rolandosimmons.bandcamp.com/album/qrth-phyl Mattias continues to blow my mind. Much better than I expected when I saw this was a game soundtrack. Almost 30 minutes of bliss.
  9. https://soundcloud.com/trackermatte i mean, there doesn't even seem to be room left over to fit more AFX signature sounds as well as impeccable mixing and composition aesthetic. are kids born in the 80s just naturally able to do this now? when did they fit the learning curve? does the pope shit in the woods? etc. Mattias, what do you do when you compose, do you ask yourself "what would rdj do?" ;) i love it whatever you're doing. in any case, i'm happy since I really like this DISTINCTIVE style of music that i foolishly consider rdj to be the creator of. I'm learning to question what i read on the internet. but im certainly glad theres more of it. may there be an infinity of exact afx disciples for ever and ever amen. <insert shit ton of afx masks here> i reiterate, i love what i hear and maximum respect to all concerned, it's miraculous to say the least. people arent going to 'get it' for 5 years at least, how important Mattias' work is.
  10. Not sure when it's slated for release but it could end up being his fifth release this year and it marks the first that 030303 records are putting out. The psychedelic artwork is cool and seems strangely approriate. Also, I've never copped anything off of clone but does anyone know if that means a physical release will be a reality for this one? downloadable minimix:
  11. Fuck yes!!!! https://rolandosimmons.bandcamp.com/album/bridgeland-part-303 Melting Vinyl and Nothing are immense!!!
  12. New jawn off the upcoming EP: https://soundcloud.com/rolando-simmons/dreamwave Takes a minute to build but sounds quite good. Cover art looks depressing af for whatever reason. Regardless, color me
  13. New EP (digital/cassette) from Rolando Simmons aka trackermatte, out now on Caoutchou. https://caoutchou.bandcamp.com/album/magic-crystal (someone please tell me how to embed the bandcamp player ) Rolando Simmons lives in a desolate coastal town of Sweden and divides his time between a creaky old townhouse and two rural homes. The dreamlike environment of meadows, grasslands, hills and lakes, combined with his fascination for Drexciya, AFX and Isao Tomita inspired Rolando to make this odd fairy tale music. Similar to his heroes, Rolando uses a bunch of hardware: Alisa 1387, MS-20, MC-4, SQ-1, Blofeld, Machinedrum, TX-7, 606, Poly-800, Filterbank 2, VSR-3 reverb which all ends up in Renoise. Other inspirations include Sibylle Baier, Jandek, Vashti Bunyan and Debussy.
  14. Rolando Simmons' Magic Crystal EP was released on Caoutchou in July. The response was overwhelming; the tapes were gone in 2 days and Rolando got support from the likes of Plaid, Pixelord, Dave Monolith, Jamie XX, Lefto,... You can still download the album here: bit.ly/1GgdsrZ We asked a couple of Rolando's favorite artists to revisit his music and added a remix contest, open for all producers. The result is a mix of interpretations from around the world. Enjoy a free (donation) download and don't forget to share with your friends! 1. Magic Crystal (Karen Lust remix) 2. Deep Trail (Poskok remix) 3. Sisters On The Shore (Beatwife remix) 4. Earthshine (Ninjato remix) 5. Earthshine (Monolog X remix) 6. Deep Trail (Freezy remix) 7. Magic Crystal (Global Goon remix) 8. Deep Trail (Ronaldo Missons remix) 9. Deep Trail (Russian Corvette remix) 10. Deep Trail (Weakmassive remix) 11. Deep Trail (Sk'p remix) 12. Deep Trail (Coppice Hallifax rephrase) https://caoutchou.bandcamp.com/album/magic-crystal-remixes
  15. i imagine a few folks around here tried their hands at Deep Trail remixes. It was pretty fun for me. Anyway, this is what I came up with. I slowed it way down and of course made it reverbier and added like 3 bass synths :) [sc5]218504054[/sc5]
  16. Remix challenge for Rolando Simmons - Deep Trail [sc5]213328240[/sc5] STEMS: svartalinden.se/deeptrailstems.rar Upload your track on Soundcloud and add it to this group DEADLINE: August 10th All tracks will be posted on our Soundcloud page, the victorious track will be released on the Rolando Simmons - Magic Crystal remix album l/s remixes of Global Goon, Beatwife, Karsten Pflum, Wisp & Monolog X Get the album here for free: caoutchou.bandcamp.com/album/magic-crystal Good luck to all contestants!
  17. Trackermatte cassette on Occult Research is imminent. Excite!
  18. http://trackermatte.bandcamp.com/album/shadow-festival Without trying to write a music review, I'll just say this album seems to take a lot of cues from musical styles and expressions i discovered through works like Rushup Edge and the later recordings in the Analord series. And furthermore, Trackermatte's backlog of older releases might some Aphex Twin/Squarepusher fans experience a conniption fit. I'm posting this since the album was just freshly released and I've noticed there isn't a thread about it yet.
  19. drunk theories about trackermatte's music: 1) nephew of rdj 2) produced by rdj (collab with) 3) maniacal and unashamed emulation of rdj 4) the fabled unreleased albums of rdj (and some squarepusher just for good measure) and the least likely 5) sounds like rdj completely by accident - whatever it is, i think triachus knows something.
  20. Hello! We're doing an effort this year to try and focus some energy on our little label. That means we're going from strictly digital releases to proper mastering> digital, vinyl and possibly CD. We're trying to make our mark in the vast emptiness that is northern Sweden. My next album (first in 2 years) and a new Monolog X album are soon to be released, and more potentially interesting stuff coming up. So if you are any interested, join the facebook page or check out www.neles.se
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