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Found 18 results

  1. Reissue of Stinson's 20-year old solo album w/ new artwork + extra tracks from the CD version. Highly recommended.
  2. https://bleep.com/release/17027-transllusion-the-opening-of-the-cerebral-gate?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Retail+Exclusive+|+Transllusion+-+The+Opening+of+the+Cerebral+Gate+(Tresor+Records)+|+Pre-Order+Now&utm_campaign=Transllusion+-+The+Opening+of+the+Cerebral+Gate+(Tresor+Records)&vgo_ee=aD%2FrQTA%2FgH2CQrr1yIycAnwFoqDlMHNmyq65fGLdufk%3D
  3. Skittering beats, glitchy scratchy nastiness, discernible Autechrean influences, and a couple of tracks with King Kashmere on rhyme duty. Bandcamp has only one track, Juno has clips. I'll wait until full release, but tentatively recommended.
  4. A cassette/digital release from The Fear Ratio's vaults on Bleep. Nothing to listen as of yet.
  5. Reissue up on Bandcamp and the usual sites, scheduled for the 2nd of September this year.
  6. huge album from function incoming. https://shop.tresorberlin.com/index.php/tresor315.html along with the new rrose and barker, some gigantic techno full lengths this year.
  7. ''Tresor Records proudly announces From The Far Future Pt. 3, a new album from Terrence Dixon. Continuing the story of his previous two iterations on this title, spanning 3 vinyl discs, it is a serene undertaking of unrivalled Motor City rhythms and sound. It finds the Detroit producer oscillating, from excursions in paradises of synth pointillism to husky storytelling and Dixon’s peculiar beat work. A master in letting shapes find their form, Dixon allows the listener to wallow in recurring scenes. Lost Communication Procedure, Found In Space and Remarkable Wanderer etch a sound world of choral vibrations and cinematic dirge. Where gaseous clouds scrape the natural sonic pastures of such environments, the hypnotized listener staggers a drunken step, moving sideways by 0 or 1 or -1 into new scenes. Not least an expert in industrial abstraction, a human silhouette permeates Dixon’s sound. His ethereal storytelling portrays the heart-rending romance of Unconditional Love and unearths in I’m Away In Detroit monologuing moodscapes recalling our GPS voice assistants. Out of Darkness initial recalls Kraftwerk’s Geiger counter, as from pure signal data and feedback spells an unceasing locomotive wormhole. Hazy, dense grooves drive across bleak city scenes in We Can Rebuild Him, into the raw vibe of Framework and the rude stabs of Spectrum of Light. The varying presence of Dixon's work is one of his textural signatures, at arm's length, brushing right within, and far out. The bumping mood of Earth Station is one such moment, close enough to isolate the diving bass somewhere within, simultaneously from afar it becomes positively gravitational. The first two records of the series are rightfully considered among the finest embodiments of contemporary minimalism, symbolic documents of afro-futurism. This new work revives the classic series, continuing the relationship between Tresor and the undisputed master of Detroit techno into the present day.'' Some bits here.
  8. Very good EP from Shawn Rudiman on Tresor https://www.juno.co.uk/products/shawn-rudiman-autonomic-pilot/735432-01
  9. Tresor - TRESOR295 9th June 2017 01. Anguilla Electrica 02. Shoal Beat 03. Prismatic Error C 04. Scuba Rondo 05. Port Of Tangency 06. Sandy Ground https://tresorberlin.com/catalogue/
  10. Due March 9th, on Tresor. No snippets yet, as far as I can tell, but according to residentadvisor.net and thevinylfactory.com it's going to be 8 distinctive "themes" of "beatless synthscapes" (similar to last year's Cellular Automata) mixed into one single 30-minute track.
  11. Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald will release a second collaborative album as Borderland on Tresor on April 24. Transport will be preceded by the Riod 12″ on March 11, and forms part of the Berlin label and club’s 25th anniversary celebrations, which will see a number of gigs and one-off releases from the Tresor family. It follows the first Borderland album from 2013, where the duo updated the template of minimal Detroit futurism for a contemporary audience.
  12. Available at all good record shops https://www.factmag.com/2017/05/23/dj-stingray-kern-vol-4-tresor/amp/
  13. "After 17 years of silence dub techno stalwarts Porter Ricks are back with the Shadow Boat EP, a new three-tracker on Berlin’s Tresor label. The release will be followed by an album, due out next year. The duo’s last release was a split EP with Techno Animal which came out on Mille Plateaux back in 1999." http://crackmagazine.net/2016/10/dub-techno-duo-porter-ricks-return-17-years/
  14. http://www.factmag.com/2013/04/05/techno-innovators-juan-atkins-and-moritz-von-oswald-ready-collaborative-album-as-borderland/
  15. "From the Far Future Vol.2 comes more than a decade after its predecessor, an album that perfectly embodied the Detroit-inspired futurism that characterizes much of Dixon's music. "It's over 12 years later and seems like yesterday to me, it really does,” says Dixon. “ From The Far Future Pt.2 is my real life drama playing out before your ears, it has everything on this album that has something to do with where I live. I wanted to make this album as huge as it could be. This is a statement album. A variety of tracks from a minimal point of view.” http://www.discogs.com/artist/Terrence+Dixon http://tresorberlin.com
  16. "Tresor Records are pleased to present S_W_Z_K, the new project from David Brown aka Swayzak. Whilst the name remains identifiable, S_W_Z_K presents a clear departure from his work with James Taylor who recently left the legendary production duo. Taking cues from the outfit’s heavier live material, Brown — with the sporadic help of long time collaborator and friend Richard Davis — steers S_W_Z_K into deep and spacious techno on this eponymous debut album." [media=] [/media] http://tresorberlin....012/04/swayzak/ http://www.swayzak.com/
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