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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Folks It's been a long time since I posted here. I wanted to share something new I've been working on, a new EP I just released on May 1st that I hope people here would really enjoy. This is a vivid reimagined vision of a time when Irish Country legend Big Tom and his Mainliners were leaders of 'The Peoples Temple' in Monaghan back in the late 70's and would travel around the country summoning new followers for the sacred dances around stone circles and beaches. His followers would come down the Four Country Roads in droves, the Smithwicks would be flowing and be tainted with thee auwl Magick Mushroomz, the masses would be waltzing and jiving around large fires howling to the skies as the sun rises as the big beat keeps on thumping.The music in this EP is a mixutre of old and new music Shammen Delly produced in his 'Dunge' up north in Donegal, which sounds like a surreal noise fest of oneric distorted whirling warbly synth chords and thoughts of 70's German Krautrock emotional mellotrons, blending in hidden country bass lines, and a wash of psychedelic industrialistic rhythms and downtempo decrepit trip-hop big beats, and organic recordings of piano,harmonium, and personal tape recordings from Friel's family members throughout the past taken from an old tape the producers mother recorded when she was a kid. There's a tapemix I made from Tascam Portastudio 424mkIII sessions titled 'An Evocation to Tonduff' for your listening pleasure also. Listen/Buy here: https://shammendelly.bandcamp.com/album/the-peoples-temple-ov-big-tom
  2. OUT NOW!!! The Hatcliffe House Tapes - Volume 10 - Occults and Rituals An audio journey into the dark world of Magic, Occults and Rituals. Featuring: EVP's, Near Death Experiences, Black Masses and Narrations on different Beliefs and Rituals. Blended together in a collage of music, beats and soundscapes. WARNING: Contains Mild Satanism https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/album/the-hatcliffe-house-tapes-vol-10-occults-and-rituals Availble now on: Black C60 Cassette/CD and Digital Download From: https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/merch For it is the Season of the Witch... and the night draws nearer...
  3. The Hatcliffe House Tapes Volume 3 Colours and Themes Available now Downloads include Print your own artwork templates for CD and C60 Cassette Cases and 4 Bonus Hi Res A3 Posters https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/album/the-hatcliffe-house-tapes-vol-3-colours-and-themes "In this adventure we travel through the haunted world of past sciences, sequencing envelopes to connect sounds using practical electronics, creating sonic fusion which rises and falls like water. Inviting colour into a dark world to shine and fade away once more." *More of a downtempo compliation, breaks, sequences, old synths laced with retro samples from science/education programmes and b movies. Any fans of Boards of Canada or Black Moth Super Rainbow should enjoy this. Teaser Below https://soundcloud.com/tele-3/oscillopsia-venus Also Available I have also released an EP under my Oscillopeisia Monkier OSCILLOPEISIA - COSMICA EP Available to buy in i Quality Digital Download and Limited Edition 3 Inch CD from https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/album/cosmica-ep Going for a more Cosmic Disco feel here..........enjoy. Teaser Below https://soundcloud.com/tele-3/oscillopeisia-cosmica
  4. :// тoday we нad a vιѕιтor ғroм earтн. нιѕ naмe waѕ нarry тυcĸer and нe мaĸeѕ elecтronιc мυѕιc ғor тнe people oғ new jerѕey υnder мυlтιple alιaѕ ѕυcн aѕ yoυng ѕpιneѕ, g l o o м c v l т, and owl cнallanger. dυrιng нιѕ ѕтay, нe worĸed on vocal dυтy dυrιng мy engιneerѕ caмp oυт procedυre and proceѕѕed/мanιpυlaтed ιт ιnтo мυlтιple dιgιтal ғorмaтѕ ғor тнe galaхιeѕ conѕυмpтιon. we нope yoυ enjoy тнιѕ мιleѕтone ιn нιѕтory and we looĸ ғorward тo тranѕмιттιng мore daтa тнaт we coмe acroѕѕ ιn тнe ғυтυre. //: Album: Star Child
  5. Digging the New Album from Bklyn's CREEP. "Echoes" 1. "Introduction" (feat. Planningtorock) 2. "Vertigo" (feat. Lou Rhodes) 3. "The Key" (feat. Alpines) 4. "Days" (feat. Romy Madley Croft) 5. "Empty Chrch" (feat. Andrew Wyatt) 6. "Call Her" (feat. Tricky and Alejandra de la Deheza) 7. "You" (feat. Nina Sky) 8. "Jessica King" (feat. Dark Sister) 9. "Animals" (feat. Holly Miranda) 10. "Dim the Lights" (feat. Sia)
  6. :// E.V.A //: Inspired by Boards of Canada and B12, E.V.A is my solo project that i currently work under. I started releasing and playing gigs in September 13' and have been expanding ever since. I have two albums and an EP released on my Bandcamp and my Third Album has been released on Don't Live Like Me Records and is being released on Cassette in December 13'. I will provide links below if you have a few minutes to check out my music. Thanks for listening and look forward to using WATMM. -Kyle KO Bandcamp: http://eva-music.bandcamp.com/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/head-shadows Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Headshadows Label: http://dontlivelikeme.bandcamp.com/ Tumblr: http://headshadows.tumblr.com/ KO8.mp3
  7. Title: Elektronischen Sommersonne Vol. 1 Name: Various Artists Style: Chill Out/ Trip Hop/ DownTempo/ Electronic Cat. Number: WDR030 Label: White Delta Records/ Eastar Records [Delta Worldwide Group] Including artists: Olegy/ Sergey Tarin/ Cooleejeff/ A.S.P.83 and more Stores: Beatport Apple iTunes Amazon and all the fine digital stores across the globe. Thanks for the support.
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