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  1. Makes sense to have a topic dedicated to this as Aaron periodically adds OOP and unreleased material to his Bandcamp. The most recent addition is now digital reissues of Moonglow, Badminton and Clearance Bin as 'Snares Man'. I haven't heard any of these before so it is great to have them digitially available and for not much at all ($2 USD each). https://venetiansnares.bandcamp.com/ Otherwise we have other OOP albums/EPs in case any fans missed out, some of which have exclusive digital bonus material. Let's keep this updated as he adds to it.
  2. Hi, So since early 2019 I've been spending a lot of time gathering all my favorite bits from Vsnares catalog, eventually gathering them in this massive mix. I tried to make it more eventful than a simple "deck to deck" mix, yet smooth and enjoyable for a casual listener. Hardcore fans might enjoy tracking down all the subtleties too. No deck was used, all the sync & mix was done with Audacity and Calculator, a few effects were added sporadically. Almost every track has been edited at some point. I tried a Mixcloud upload but this got instantly unavailable for USA listeners (really...), so I quickly did a Mixlr link : https://mixlr.com/nyuhm/showreel/lcmx03-venetian-snares-4 Tracklist : https://pastebin.com/JYAnFYTN Hope you enjoy. PS: some might remember 4 years ago i applied the same principle on Autechre discography, still online (and ok for USA ;) : https://www.mixcloud.com/NYUHM/autechre-25-years-the-megamix/
  3. December 2019 01 Personal Discourse 3:51 02 Like Tooth Decay 3:36 03 Fuck A Stranger In The Ass 3:12 04 Point Blank 4:00 05 Boiled Angel 4:38 06 Cricket Spine Bin 5:04 07 Aqap 6:02 08 Milk 8:55 09 Eating America With Pointed Dentures 4:43 10 Punk Kids 3:14 https://planetmu.bleepstores.com/release/142504-venetian-snares-greg-hates-car-culture
  4. I couldn't find a specific topic just about Venetian Snares EP's, I have been listening to a lot of them today and I have decided that they pretty much all kick a lot of ass. All of these are amazeballs and I am having trouble ranking them in order: Cubist Reggae Affectionate Pink & Green Horsey Noises Your Face Infolepsy Fool The Detector Doll Doll Doll I would like to hear more EPs from Mr Snares, he seems to be at his most experimental in this setting, with Cubist Reggae being a notable high point that would be awesome if explored further.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/lanoise/videos/10155242014099101/ "Happy to share this song from my ongoing collaboration with Daniel Lanois! We’ve been recording an album together and will be playing some shows later on in the year, the first being at the Great Hall in Toronto May 31."
  6. Some time in December. Too soon? http://www.faceslaces.com/faces/18454-michael-paradinas-planet-mu/
  7. µ20 3CD, unreleased tracks, **book with special edition** CD1 01. Kuedo – Slow Knife (2014) 02. Herva – Kila (2014) 03. Remarc – Thunderclap (Dubplate Mix) (2009) 04. DJ Diamond – Dozin (2014) 05. Anti-G – Oohh Shit (2015) 06. Ital – Digi Dub (2015) 07. Mr. Mitch – Phantom Prophet (2015) 08. Ekoplekz – Detroit (2014) 09. Claude Speeed – Center Tech (2014) 10. RP Boo – Azzoutof Control (2004) 11. Traxman – Nothing Stays Tha Same (Funk Bomb Remixx) (2015) 12. Ital Tek – Vacuum I (2015) 13. FaltyDL – Brazil (Maddslinky Remix) (2010) 14. Boxcutter – Neonia (2012) 15. Venetian Snares – Meeting A Buddha (2013) CD2 01. µ-Ziq – Cherk (2014) 02. Jlin & Fawkes – Ankou Celeste (2015) 03. Silk Road Assassins – Shaded (2015) 04. Oriol – Near Me (2012) 05. Machinedrum – Le Ol Skool (2011) 06. John T. Gast – Congress (Original Version) (2015) 07. Swindle – Airmiles (Terror Danjah Carbon Footprint Remix) (2010) 08. Milanese – 1up (2004) 09. Luke Vibert – Starchild (2011) 10. John Wizards – Lushoto (µ-Ziq Remix) (2013) 11. Miracle – Strange Taste (2013) 12. Polysick – Magog (2014) 13. Gemmy – Goin’ Up (2014) 14. Heterotic – Cute (2014) 15. DJ Nate – Awww Baby Yea (2014) 16. Vex’d – Firestar (2003) 17. Konx-Om-Pax – Astro Belter (2014) CD3 01. Jega – 103 (1997) 02. Leafcutter John – Kickcut (2001) 03. Neil Landstrumm – Beauty Sq (2010) 04. Dykehouse – Cloud Sculptor (2002) 05. µ-Ziq – Improper (1997) 06. The Gasman – 2teq-10 (2013) 07. Hrvatski – Glass (2000) 08. Datach’i – Greenwood Mating Ritual (2003) 09. Hellfish – Pandora’s Front Smash Hole (Planet Puke Edit) (2015) 10. Ed Lawes – Chain 1 & End (2004) 11. Slag Boom Van Loon – Butch (Speedy J Remix) (1999) 12. Mark One – Dirty Birds (2004) 13. Frost Jockey – Twee (1998) 14. Remano Eszildn – Contax (2008) 15. Ambulance – Circlette (2002) 16. Mrs Jynx – Coral Face (2006) 17. Tim Tetlow – Stelophane 101 (2000) 18. Shitmat – S950-003 (2008) planet mu website text massive cover in spoilers as well because this pic is bloody big .. Sep 04, 2015
  8. https://venetiansnares.bandcamp.com/album/xmas-song 1. Xmas Song 02:39 buy track aboutThere's a place in the snow. creditsreleased December 21, 2016 Written, produced & performed by Aaron Funk. Published by Mute Song Ltd. tags tags: christmas electronic idm analog breakcore christmas musicjungle xmas Winnipeg
  9. Here the full line up: http://mtl.redbullmusicacademy.com/ More artist's to be annonced soon. Anyone on watmm considering to be present?
  10. https://venetiansnares.bandcamp.com/album/traditional-synthesizer-music http://www.planet.mu/discography/TIMESIG005
  11. https://soundcloud.com/fineprimitivesounds/telynbobm-ton And it's okay, I lived in Cornwall (and then Devon) for a few years back in the 90's.
  12. Done in renoise with just the pattern editor, no automation lanes, sounds a bit drukqsyish.
  13. Aaron Funk just posted this picture on his Facebook feed, along with the numbers 367.
  14. "Sometimes something really rough can come out of nowhere and flip life upside down. Thanks for having my back and caring about me and the music I make. Here's a special new album for you to enjoy! Thank you for your consideration!" https://venetiansnares.bandcamp.com/album/thank-you-for-your-consideration
  15. Just posted on his Facebook page; potentially/probably a new album on Planet Mu. https://www.facebook.com/vsnares/posts/10152348064078394?stream_ref=10 **UPDATE** Link to album previews on µ - (tour dates also on page) TrackList 01. 10TH CIRCLE OF WINNIPEG 02. DELETED POEMS 03. 1000 YEARS 04. YOUR SMILING FACE 05. AMAZON 06. MY LOVE IS A BULLDOZER 07. SHE RUNS 08. 8AM UNION STATION 09. SHAKY SOMETIMES 10. TOO FAR ACROSS 11. DEAR POET 12. YOUR BLANKET
  16. The purpose of this thread is to organise the tracks that are located across various bonus discs that were sent out to different people whom had pre-ordered My Love is a Bulldozer from planet µ. The tracks came as only part of a song with 2 pieces of music per disc and 22 parts in all to be found, the aim to assemble the whole piece by mixing together the parts. So go for it guys, post your stuff here, i will put any useful links from your posts in the first post as they come along.
  17. funny moments especially the answer to It makes sense also if you’re not trying to keep up with whatever is happening sorry if its already been posted! http://www.factmag.com/2015/08/13/interview-venetian-snares-hates-the-music-industry/
  18. Just wondering, considering he is one of the greatest beat choppers to ever live.
  19. Aaron posted a couple of images to his vsnares facebook profile: The track listing, I am assuming. Also posted "3/03", could be the title or the release date.
  20. New comp from wil-ru out now. Contains also a new track from Venetian Snares. Here's some info: ''or our 51st release, WR has joined forces with Synthrotek DIY electronics to bring you this 13 track compilation focusing on musicians working within the modular synth community. This compilation showcases the dynamic sound and versatility of the modular synthesizer, covering a wide variety of electronic terrain from electro pop, acid, noise, IDM, drone, krautrock, industrial, abstract experimentation and sound sculpture. Drawing from both WR artists (Koolmorf Widesen, The Swedish Movements and Cliff White) and other talented artists/producers from around the globe (Twin Braids, Tanuki House, Venetian Snares Rodent516 and more), this group of tracks is intended to draw attention to the strange world of modular music and the community of musicians working in this unusual format. Sponsored by Sythrotek "Classic Noise", the world's source for DIY audio electronics kits.'' Tracklist: 1. Twin Braids – Moments Like These 2. Koolmorf Widesen – ZheRave 3. The Swedish Movements – Flesh Canopy Bullet Riders 4. Surachai – Form Thirty-Five 5. Ralph Barton – Unlimitid Infinity 6. Venetian Snares – Burst Carpenter 7. Tanuki House – 3-D World Runner 8. Sound Out Light – Composition For Beyond Rainbow Dome 9. Cliff White – Slow Noise Day 10. Rodent516 – Tomsoroma 11. The Adytum – Seven Star Sails 12. Eolian Mollisol – Nandodrone 13. Jatun – The Shattered World CD version available on wil-ru site Digital lovers go to bandcamp
  21. http://trashaudio.com/2013/06/workspace-environment-venetian-snares/ Fuck haha, he has an insane amount of kit
  22. Selling some CD bundles from my private collection. PM me if interested. Shipping goes from Germany to worldwide. Please ask for shipping costs. Hymen, Ad Noiseam & Antzen Rec. bundle 18 CDs + 1 DVD (CDs are NM / packages VG+ to NM) 45 € - Mad EP - The Madlands Trilogy 3CD (Ad Noiseam) - CDatakill - Valentine (Ad Noiseam) - Contagious Orgasm - Ripple (Ant-Zen) - Exocet - Violation (Ant-Zen) - Mad EP - Not Afraif Of Spiders (Hymen) - Enduser - Form Without Function (Hymen) - Snog - Beyond The Valley Of The Proles (Hymen) - Snog - The Last Days Of Rome (Hymen) - Somatic Responses - Pounded Mass (Hymen) - End - The Sick Generation (Hymen) - Hecate - Seven Veils Of Silence (Hymen) - Nymphomatriach (aka Venetian Snares & Hecate) - Nymphomatriach (Hymen) --> Promo CD in cardboard jacket with artwork NOT ON THE PHOTO BUT INCLUDED IN THE BUNDLE: - Ad Noiseam 2001-2006 2CD+DVD (Ad Noiseam) - Lapsed + Nonnon - The Death Of Convenience (Ad Noiseam) - Hypnoskull - Dark Skies Over Planet.E (Ant-Zen) Planet µ bundle 15 CDs (CDs are NM / packages VG+ to NM) 40 € - The Gasman - This One's For You (NM/NM) - The Gasman - Audiogold (NM/VG+) -The Gasman - Love Collection (NM/NM) - Exile - Pro Agonist (NM/NM) - Shitmat - Grooverider (M/VG+) - OOO - Upon Cycles (NM/NM) - Chevron - Everything's Exactly The Same (NM/NM) - Last Step aka Venetian Snares - Last Step (M/NM) - Electronic Music Composer - Abandon Music (NM/NM) - Kyler - Pur Coys Tales (NM/VG+) - Datach'i - Mmale & Ffemale (NM/NM) - Konx-Om-Pax - Regional Surrealism (NM/M) --> Promo CD in plastic sheet with cover - Ra - Ev. Panic Redone (NM/NM) - Milanese - Extend (NM/VG+) - Tim Exile - Tim Exile's Nuisance Gabbaret Lounge (NM/NM) M-nus Records 4 CDs (CDs are NM / packages VG+ to NM) 10 € - Magda - She's A Dancing Machine (NM/VG+) - Troy Pierce - Gone Astray (M/M) --> keine Promo! - JPLS - Twilite (NM/VG+) - v.a. - minMAX (NM/NM) Big Dada Promo Package 7 CDs (CDs & packages VG+ to NM) 8 € - Diplo - Florida - Ty - Wait A Minute - TTC - 3615 (Original-Release!) - New Flesh - Universally Dirty - Lotek Hi-Fi - Lotek Hi-Fi - Bigg Jus - Black Mamba Serums v2.0 - Cadence Weapon - Afterparty Babies
  23. I'm looking to buy all 6 (or more?) of the different bonus tracks offered on the 'My Love Is a Bulldozer' pre-order bonus CD. I will make it worth your while. :) Please send me a PM!
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