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Found 59 results

  1. been on a bit of a classic hip hop bend lately, spent way too much this month: Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight 12" Kurtis Blow - The Breaks 12" Run DMC - It's Like That 12" Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Message 12" West Street Mob - Breakdance 12" Future Sound of London - ISDN (limited edition) 2xLP Gonjasufi - Holidays 7" Rjd2 - Exotic Talk 12" (clear vinyl) Beatles - Abbey Road LP Future Sound of London - From the Archives 2xLP Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures LP
  2. One of only two lacquer manufacturing plants in the world for vinyl burned down in LA. Expect delays: https://www.analogplanet.com/content/major-vinyl-production-catastrophe-apollotransco-lacquers-burns?fbclid=IwAR2H8rNtMeL9ELs2EwexRYhBIDxQI1ipV8m4hCmu1CpljDz1Of73pd1LMXc https://patch.com/california/banning-beaumont/fire-rips-through-banning-commercial-structure
  3. https://pitchfork.com/news/devastating-manufacturing-plant-fire-threatens-worldwide-vinyl-record-supply/
  4. So my good friend Nathaniel has just pressed up 50 copies of his newest on a 12", and as usual, I feel that his recordings are criminally underrated. Anyone who is into Mrs Jynx, more melodic Milieu stuff, and generally the Rephlex classics of Vatican Nitez, Desktop Robotics and Wasted Sunday, with a little bit of pre- drill Mike P as well...basically you need to check this shit out. I was lucky enough to release two curated collections of trax he mailed to my PO box (Egret's Crystal / A Heart Is A Forest) at my Recycled Plastics imprint, and anyone who is already into that stuff will no doubt be quite into this new one!
  5. My new compilation double LP The Lower Lights, released by the lovely folks at Past Inside The Present. Available from https://pitp.bandcamp.com/album/the-lower-lights There's about 25 copies left of the vinyl at the time of posting. Also, a companion cassette of alt tracks, called Beneath The Lower Lights available at https://pitp.bandcamp.com/album/beneath-the-lower-lights on cassette tape/digital. Sorry I missed posting this earlier when more vinyl colour stock was available, but I figured better to post it now to give the watmm peeps a chance to grab the vinyl before it's gone. Cheers!
  6. As reported by @oscililik and others, some Collapse EP vinyls have audio issues. If you have such an issue, please reach out to [email protected], and please provide the following information: Where you purchased the record (if you purchased it through Bleep or Aphex Twin directly, contact Bleep customer support - their support link is at the bottom of the Bleep homepage) A photo of the issue (or if it is audio related, a recording) A copy of the purchase receipt or invoice WARP is committed to quality product and customer satisfaction, so they will attempt to rectify issues like this as best they can.
  7. Hi WATMM familia ;) Great community here and been loving all the updates and commentaries on new releases. Mirae Arts is a small independent label focused on collaborating with artists and releasing quality vinyl records. We hope to release a wide array of electronic music with no focus on one specific sound. You can stream the releases here: https://miraearts.bandcamp.com/ All the records are also available at your regular record stores (Juno, deejay, Boomkat, etc). All come with sticker inserts too :) We released three records this year from Seraphim Rytm, Michiru Aoyama, and Katsunori Sawa (under EOC alias). Check out the details below! Seraphim Rytm - Prayers By The Lake (MA001) Seraphim Rytm is the alias of Damaskin, the veteran master of dark hypnotic techno who has releases on esteemed labels such as Unknown Precept, Noiztank, and 10 Label (Japan). Michiru Aoyama - Brilliant Days (MA002) The second vinyl release on Mirae Arts comes courtesy of Michiru Aoyama, a Japanese ambient producer from the quiet seaside city of Kamakura, just south of Tokyo. EOC - The Path of Untitled Memories (MA003) Katsunori Sawa returns to his EOC (Enormous O’Clock) alias for Mirae Arts. Hailing from Kyoto (Japan), Katsunori Sawa is the co-founder of 10 Label with techno producer, Yuji Kondo. Currently producing and performing as a solo artist as well as in collaboration with Yuji Kondo (as Steven Porter), Anthone (as BOKEH), and Chafik Chennouf. - Enjoy and thanks for listening! https://miraearts.com/
  8. A few old idm and tekno records available, but now also released in digital format on Bandcamp. https://owencrap.bandcamp.com
  9. https://solaronemusic.bandcamp.com/ SolarOneMusic and The Exaltics are once again back with a special project on a special format. After their really dark and experimental „Das Heise Experiment 2“ album, now The Exaltics strike back with 2 dancefloor killers in their own sound and world. A side starts with an eerie intro whilst the second track takes no prisoners with his pumping bassline and eerie strings. The flip side has something really special to come up, Egyptian Lover is on the mic! Together with The Exaltics he really pushes the track forward and for sure this one will be burn down some dance floors around the world! Every record comes with a download code. The outer contour of the picture is also the contour of the record and makes this release to something really special and to a high collectable item https://soundcloud.com/solar_one_music/the-exaltics-feat-egyptian-lover-exodus-ep
  10. "Filthy!", "Sick!", "Nasty!", "Disgusting!" -all apt descriptions of my personal hygiene. Limited run of hand-painted (by artist Liam Buckley) sleeves with a 7" record inside. 2 productions of the same track made around 10 years apart. buy buy buy! https://www.normanrecords.com/records/174513-dom-iv-nothing-happens buy buy buy! https://soundcloud.com/cosmic-pint-glass/dom-iv-nothing-happened-preview-clip https://soundcloud.com/cosmic-pint-glass/dom-iv-nothing-happens-preview-clip
  11. https://stonedwave.bandcamp.com/album/stonedwave005-sononaut https://bleep.com/release/87900-jochen-heym-sononaut Tracklist: 1 Exit Vessel 2 Winterlicht 3 Init Conversation 4 Unreachable 5 Final Transmission [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2644830988 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=1714643335] [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2644830988 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=4216353446] [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2644830988 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=348765299] [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2644830988 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=1750343154] [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2644830988 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=1721795393]
  12. Pretty cool tracks. Bit on the minimal side and definitely experimental/ambient but has a lot of small flavors of other things, but ultimately ounds pretty unique honestly. Found out via a write up on FACT here, she plays viola as part of this somehow? Out for vinyl and iTunes, but that's really it apparently. Stupid...the label doesn't even sell the digitals. not up anywhere else I've found, if anyone finds somewhere I can purchase the digitals other than iTunes, please post. https://www.escho.net/shop/astrid-sonne-human-lines Can listen on Spotify at least https://open.spotify.com/album/1CnHPA4K4Nue7yGhG0Ckez?si=S2TJ2AmeRL2jJ7vn1m1mHg
  13. Artist: Progressive Anarchists Album: West Meets East Type: LP Style tags: psybient, progressive, postrock Media type: Vinyl LP, Digital Label: not on label [bandcamp album=1106869045 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5] about the album The album "West Meets East" contains a selection of six songs in an untypical style of psychedelic music - influenced by various kinds of electronic music as well as progressive rock and post rock. The production of West Meets East has been done using various hardware synthesizers which were sometimes played using MIDI guitars and electronic wind controllers with the goal to play unknown and rare sounds in an uncommon way. The goal of the Progressive Anarchists is to compose genre-free psychedelic music with a progressive flow and rare sounds. The music may be described as a mixture of "Old School" goa trance, ambient, dub as well as post rock and even classic rock. But it isn't really anything of that - just to imagine. The vinyl release is based on a different master to satisfy the different preferences of different listeners and the characteristics of this media. It is self-released and not on label. how to get The digital version of this album is available on the most popular streaming and download platforms like Spotify, Deezer and Napster but the album can also be listened for free on Soundcloud or be downloaded on our website for free. The vinyl release may be ordered at bandcamp. Use the discount code 'psybient' to get 10% off. about Progressive Anarchists We are two guys (Paul and Thomas) from central Germany working together in our studio. The production of electronic music is more or less a hobby of us. Progressive Anarchists were originally found in the MID-1990s to release Fasttracker files. During the years, a studio has been created a DAW with different hardware and soft synths replaced the old Fasttracker. After releasing many single tracks just to provide them as free downloads over the years, we decided to release an album with six selected works on vinyl. credits Artwork: Ursula Zepter http://www.atelier-13.de/ Mastering: Mike Gruszin http://www.ellues.com/ weblinks www.progressive-anarchists.org Soundcloud Discogs Jamendo Spotify Deezer itunes if you like to support us Add any of our songs to public playlists, play them at your podcasts, write a feedback.
  14. Leo Anibaldi: Muta - First Ever Reissue An essential piece of the Italian history, and more precisely of the early Rome’s rave scene in the ’90, is finally back after almost 25 years. Reissue of the classic album Muta by Leo Anibaldi is now available. First 100 copies in 3xLP Blue. All in Audiophile 180gr. vinyl https://electroniqueitrecords.bandcamp.com/album/muta A mysterious yet enormous record this one, channeling some of the blackest ambience of the Italian maestro, blowing up the ‘techno’ term into eight slow burners that easily recall the most quieter side of Coil and the razor-like SAW by Aphex Twin. Not just this anyway: recorded in total solitude with little help from the outside world, here Anibaldi shows to listeners how Rome was stratified with much more than just acid rave culture, something you’re more akin to attribute to Lory D - probably the first to come to mind regarding that period. Now fully reissued with the original mastering by the famous sound engineer Claudio di Toma and the original, untouched artwork ‘Muta’ is the essential, (and probably) missing piece of your record collection. Treat yourself, to fully understand.
  15. The extended 2x12" vinyl release includes 2 tracks from the clocolan Arches EP and an exclusive single. Transparent blue and classic black (randomly mixed so it's...like a box of chocolates). Available on Bleep, Juno, etc. should also be arriving at n5MD soon.
  16. As reported by NPR, Sony is going to start pressing vinyl again!
  17. B12 - BrokenBroken TM35 Vinyl, CD, & Digital Will Be Available As A Pre Order From 9 A.M. Next Saturday Morning April 29Th (Limited Numbers) The Vinyl Is Engraved each side with The Messages MUSIC CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE & NO ONE SHOULD FACE CANCER ALONE Full Release Will Be May The 4th (Star Wars Day) After A B12 ShowCase On Touched Mixlr.... Also Coming Up Very Soon Will Be An Auction Of B12 Goodies, So Keep Your Eye & Ears Out... https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/brokenbroken
  18. It's about god damn time. https://younggodrecords.com/products/great-annihilator-2017
  19. Checked out the Glasgow 2005 set last night after seeing it mentioned on here (Dear lord it lived up to the hype) and remembered the free download with the represses. Got it downloaded and damn it's good! What did you guys think? I've also created a Spotify playlist for ae live sets and found some downloads on here. I had a great commute this morning.
  20. Hoping to find someone that would want to part with this amazing album. Title says it all. Not necessarily looking for mint, VG+ is fine. Discogs says the average sale is around 20 USD, but we can bargain. Thanks! Discogs profile for rep: https://www.discogs.com/user/akoontz21
  21. New 36 album, forthcoming on A Strangely Isolated Place. 2xLP 12" transparent red vinyl. Release date: October 24th 2016 Track list: A1 Room 1 A2 Room 2 B1 Room 3 B2 Room 4 C1 Room 5 C2 Room 6 C3 Room 7 D1 Room 8 D2 Room 9 D3 Room 10 Format: Double transparent red vinyl in matte-laminated gatefold sleeve (300 copies) & Digital Download. Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri @ Black Knoll Studio Artwork by Dennis Huddleston
  22. https://www.diggersfactory.com/project/335/the-flashbulb-soundtrack-to-a-vacant-life Only 7 days left for the minimum order to be reached! Its currently at 127 out of 200
  23. Nubian Mindz EP from Sleepers Records in Berlin out April 8. [sc5]246012873[/sc5] [sc5]246012743[/sc5] there are more previews on the Sleepers Soundcloud PRE ORDER here Very nice Detroity sounding stuff steeped in the proper past. Run of 300 vinyl. I'm going to be putting something out with Sleepers this summer, which I'm super pumped about. They are good guys with a cool party and big plans. Check their Facebook page for more info.
  24. Hey guys, First post here but I used to be a long-time member and just got busy with life. Back to do some lurking and occasional posting though. Hope all is well. I've got just under 300 pieces of vinyl here that I would like to get rid of. Most are either doubles or just things I don't want/need anymore. I think a collection like this is well suited to this forum as there is alot of works that are right in line with the heroes here (afx, sqp, etc.). Anyway, I'm willing to part this out individually, in lots, or even as a whole if anyone wants. I aim to keep prices really low and the more you buy the lower they get. I'd like to beat ridiculous discogs prices by a good margin and make these available at reasonable prices. So, have a look and just post here or PM me with whatever you want! I take paypal and ship out daily. Thanks for your attention :) While I haven't graded these individually there is a vast amount that is in mint condition, and generally everything is really top notch. If you need ratings just let me know. ===== acid, breaks, techno, electro, idm, disco, italo, minimal wave etc ===== 030303 - #3 214 - cascadian nights ep 808 state / ub40 - one in ten (remixes) adonis - no way back (the advent remixes) (trax records) afx - analord 01 afx - analord 02 afx - analord 03 afx - analord 04 afx - analord 10 (pic-disc) afx - analord 11 the ace of clubs (luke vibert) - benefist the ace of clubs (luke vibert) - classid trax the advent - recreations part 3 (2x12") the advent - time trap teknik LP air liquide - sonic weather machine lp analogue fingerprints - age of hypocrisy 12" andrea parker - here's one i made earlier 12" anna - systems breaking down 12" automan 15 - transvolta - disco computer 12" basement trax vol. 1 (jack 1) basic movements - jelly/bubble&wine battle trax presents - assmilate this ! vol.1 (signed by bass junkie) battle trax presents - bass junkie - comply ep1 (signed by bass junkie) battle trax presents - bass junkie vs dexorcist (bt012) battle trax presents - kronos device - damage control ep battle trax presents - kronos device - dynamik devices ep battle trax presents - kronos device - qube ep 1 battle trax presents - kronos device - qube ep 2 battle trax presents - middle men - ufology ep (signed by bass junkie) beamish & fly - stoked ep bergheim 34 - how to sell out when noones buying 12" beverly hills 808303 vs auto-kinetic (blue vinyl) black devil disco club - 28 after lp black devil disco club - circus lp (sealed) black devil disco club - eight oh eight lp blade runner soundtrack - orchestral adaptation of music composed for the motion picture by vangelis (full moon) blouse - shadow/nights & days 7" buzz - see you sioux (dark entries) captured tracks 125 - blouse lp carl finlow - electrilogy pt.1 (in blue bag) ceephax - acid quakers 1000 ceephax - drive time lp ceephax acid crew - pages from ceephax 12" charlie - spacer woman (mr disc organization) 12" charly - his name is charly (45rpm) chezere - where does your mind go 12" chicago - chicago 13 lp promo (feat. street player) christopher just remixed - im a disco dancer (dave clark & dj hell remixes) chromatix - life-like 12" chromatix - multiplayer ep clone #7 - the brothers fuck and friend ep clone records - the men you'll never see ep (feat. i-f and electronome and d.i.e.) connie - funky little beat ep cosmic force - uncompromised 12" creme - a tribute to robert moog pt 1 creme - a tribute to robert moog pt 3 crucial events - drop bass network 021 curtis mayfield - superfly soundtrack david rottmeyer - remixes 12" (feat. electronome) death domain - ethidium bromide/programmed cell death (dark entries) decal - forget the 80s depeche mode - a pain that i'm used to (remixes) diply rythm - diplo - big dada 112 dj judge dred (mike dred) - diatomyc 001 12" dream disco - take me home 12" drexciya - hydro doorways ep eden transmission - im so high ep ensemble pittoresque - for this is past lp eric (bobby orlando) - boy or girl fluroscopic kid (hekla/hrvatski) - soft drink jihad 12" frankie bones - bonesbreaks vol. 1 frankie bones - bonesbreaks vol. 3 (with original apexton sleeve) frankie bones - bonesbreaks vol. 5 (with original apexton sleeve) fsol - we have explosiv further reductions - decidely so / not unknown 7" gescom - a1-d1 12" (skam records) gescom - skull snap ep gigi galaxy - lemuria ep give 'em enough dope volume 1 lp glenn underground - u-topia-o-disco gosub - mirror watcher ep gosub - we are still searching harthouse - a taste of hard trance 12" hexstatic - listen & learn ep (clear vinyl) hollertronix #1.5 hyde vs. exakt - i am the enemy ep hydraulix - 4 pumps 2 dumps hydraulix - bounce 12" i-f - the man from p.a.c.k lp inhalt - vehicle (dark entries) instruments of rapture part 5 - 6th borough project japanese telecom - remxes (iu004) jeff and jane hudson - flesh lp jega - card hore - ska009 (skam records) jega - spectrum lp kettel - making gentle love to famous ladies kevin lazar - mutant iii lp kraftwerk - showroom dummies / the model 7" (pic-disc) la funk mob - breaking boundaries messing up heads ep leftfield - swords remixes ep lfo - frequencies lp lipps inc. - funkytown loud e - yoy 2" (ambassador's reception 03) luke vibert - lover's acid 12" lx sweat - city of sweat (sealed) man parrish - hey there, home boys 12" mantra - the second age 12" mantra - third mind martial canterel - confusing outsides lp (white vinyl) martial canterel - occupy these terms 7" martial canterel - you today ep martin dupont - lost and late lp mike dred & peter green - beyond the box (code d) mike dred - analogue android LP (with custom hand artwork on vinyl centers and lp cover, limited to 100 copies) mike dred - the nine circles of styx (red vinyl) morgan geist - unclassics #1 (feat. dance reaction - disco train) mr velctro fastener feat. laser squad - electric appliances remixes naughty trax vol .1 (rugged 6) neon judgement - early tapes (blue cover) (dark entries) nettle - firecamp stories (remixes ep 1) new breed (bobby orlando) - umsturz (jetzt) nick holder - alternative mixes vol. 1 (feat. love 'em, leave 'em) nostalgie eternelle - ev03 ep 7" orchestral manoeuvres - architecture and morality lp patrick cowley - mind warp lp patrick cowley - school daze lp phillippe laurent - hot bip lp (minimal wave) phoenecia - odd job (soul oddity remixes) portraits in stereo - henry mancini (5xlp) quinoline yellow - cyriak parasol lp ralph dorpher's eraserhead revision - haswell & hecker 12" rob base and dj ez rock - it takes two ep roberto auser - darkness walks 12" rotters golf club presents - machine funk specialists pt 2 sagat - luvstuff 12" salt and pepa - tramp / push it 12" savath and savalas (prefuse 73) - rolls and waves ep schematic records - ischemic folks vol 1 siouxie and the banshees - interview disc limited edition (pic disc) smak - 13/14 (skam imprint smak) soft metals - captured tracks 116 lp (signed by patricia hall) spac hand luke - rephlex cat 177 ep speedjack (mark bell/lfo) - surge lp speedy j - bugmod 12" squarepusher - burningn'n ntree lp squarepusher - burningn'n tree promo lp squarepusher - co:number ep squarepusher - squarepusher plays ep squarepusher - vic acid 12" (sealed) sticky - triplets (test press) the 2 live crew - the essential dj 12 inch and mega mixes the gentle people - emotion heater ep the hacker - melodies en sous-sol the hypnotist - defenders of the universe the kosmik kommando (mike dred) - overmind lp the magnificent dj jazzy jeff - rr008lp1 the mellowtrons - pay attention ep the mellowtrons - time of the signs ep (feat. mira calix) the misfits (film) - original soundtrack music by alex north lp the pump panel - to the sky remix 12" the source experience - different journeys lp the stick guys - p-roc / polaris the wee djs - fear and lothian lp the wiseguys - ladies say "ow!" ep tom dissevelt & kid baltan - song of the second moon (the sonic vibrations of tom dissevelt & kid baltan) - original 1968 pressing (limelight) trinere - they're playing our song ep two thumbs - 4 (feat. virtual reality 1) ultradyne - resurrection catharsis 12" ultradyne - visions of a past life 12" ultradyne - wrath of the almighty (feat. we are eternal - return of the five) universal indicator - blue (mike dred) universe - world techno tribe lp urban tribe - biohazard 17284 various artists - streetsounds electro 1 viewlexx - test pilot volume 2 vip 001 - black (john b remix)/ma2 (ray keith remix) - formation vitalic - poney ep (remastered) vpro - radionome lp xeno & oaklander - sentinelle xeno & oaklander - vigils lp yaz - don't go (remixes) ====== old skool jungle, drum and bass, ragga ====== 2 bad mice - kaotic chemistry lp (sm:(e) 2 bad mice - like it deep 12" cutty ranks - who seh me dun ep asylum - da base ii dark b_key - man of science/3rd parallel b_key - the core / scatter b_key - the guitar tune/the mask bay b kane presents survival techniques vol. 1 lp blue - tonik 12" breakage - prophecy/wheezer 12" capone - chronic 19 champa b - sci wax 017 12" code k (bay b kane) - hoppa/if you believe 12" (test press w/l) defender - feel it (remixes) dj hype - roll the beats (promo) dj red alert & mike slammer - ruffer!!!/gotta release dj teebee - instant irradification 12" dom and roland - industry lp (4xlp) doube h productions - the swingin in the trees ep (feat. how dark it is) dub-one - pressure of 10,000 ep dune - too much 12" dylan & facs - beartrap/ceptor 12" dylan & facs - blowpipe/pantsnake 12" dylan & facs - plankton 2000 vip 12" e-sassin - symptom/firing squad ep e-sassis - genome/future shock 12" enforcers - battle of the breaks (5xlp, reinforced records) equinox - killa sound / looking at the moon (white vinyl) flex classics - flex cl007 (l double) flex classics fl05 - l double 12" foul play - being with you (remixes) future forces - tanhauser's gate / neithworld(sic) 6 fuze recordings - twisted soundscapes hard disk - dubplate business 1 - e.k.u.c.d.m (feat. how dark it is remix) ill figure - nimrod/dupe 7" jonny l - im leavin ep jonny l - move upon/cut-off 12" jonny l - running/spike 12" jonny l - this time ep juice records promo - way of life lp (feat. splash,mts,zinc,embee jungle bizznizz - volume one lp loa-vibe - climax ep mc jay j & devious d - different styles ep moving shadow - known:unknown ep moving shadow presents - stage rollcage ii the soundtrack (4xlp) nolige - sci wax 007 12" penny black - uncharted territory vol 1 12" renegade hardware - armageddon 2 (the remixes) renegade hardware - quantum mechanics (1 disc) - future forces & kane - morpheus/dom & roland - extra terrestrial (remix) renegade recordings promo - new horizons (3xlp) rufige kru - beachdrifta 12" sci wax 004 - nolige/fracture 12" sci wax 007 - nolige 12" sci wax 010 - b_key/dub one sci wax 016 - dub one 12" scientific wax - limited 005 (drum cypha/d-fect) scientific wax - sw014 (exclusion principle / equinox) shabba - let's get it on (jungle remixes by shy fx, goldie & dillinja) simon bassline smith - intent ep sm:)e - sm 9013-0 - ny jungle ep soundmurderer & sk-1 - stylee/fathom special red and mad dog - body, mind & soul/rumbled (test press/baby blue vinyl, 150 copies only) suburb base & moving shadow present - the joint lp tear - skeptic 12" (pic-disc) test pressing - dj mayhem - stormtrooper 12" (straight from basement phil, never released) test recordings (lemon d) - static / rapture tic - raw/system switch trouble on vinyl - code of the streets (4xlp) underground software - different ting (prommo copy) xxx 01 - dylan & facs - cazmz remixxxes 7" xxx 02 - b_key - capacitor remixxxes 7" xxx 04 - facs - capture/stark 7" xxx 05 - dylan - warpath remixxx 7" ====== hardcore, speedcore, breakcore ====== alec empire vs elvis presley (el turco loco cat 006) lp amon tobin - kitchen sink remixes downpour - windstorms broken microphones 12" hellfish & producer - round iii i:gor - znak zapytania ep low res 006 - electron abuse lp mascha records - mr03 matt green - crude audio (epileptik) matt green vs speedy qs 12" panacea - hybris/hedonist 12" panacea - twisted designz lp speedcore slaughter - mascha records 002 venetian snares - pink and green venetian snares - shitfuckers! (with enema advert insert)
  25. Hello There is a brand new 12'' out at the end of the month on the fantastic Don't Records The record is now up in the Pre-Order state, so jump on in and secure your copy today http://www.swervingthecommunity.com/product/032-chris-moss-acid/ blerb: Chris Moss Acid returns to Don’t for a follow up to last year’s ‘The Acid That Ate Bournemouth’ with 4 tracks of blistering proportions. ‘The Joker’ is a twisted and squeltchy hard nosed House/Techno hybrid that punches through a sound system, while ‘Pumped Up MF’ nestles coyly between Ghetto/Booty and Acid with a suggestive bassline ripping things apart. On the flip, more mayhem with ‘DP Acid’ which is as derranged as they come before the EP closes in magnificent style with ‘Elektra’, Electro’s answer to Bohemian Rhapsody. This is a pre-order, records will ship by the end of April, then price will increase to £7.99 [sc5]259006406[/sc5] - Also while i'm on the vinyl tip there is a split 10'' with Umwelt on Rave or Die right now https://newfleshrecords.bandcamp.com/album/rave-or-die-05 [sc5]247162002[/sc5]
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