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Found 7 results

  1. cool new full length on youth. deep electronic atmospherics. too lazy to come up with a creative way to describe it. boomkat say: In advance of their first (and probably last) show at YOUTH's Cafe Oto showcase this week, Yugen Disciple returns with a rugged debut album of noctilucent greyscale hues and post-UKG mechanisms primed for heads into Shinichi Atobe, SND, Demdike Stare.
  2. they can't go wrong with Youth in the studio https://killingjoke.tmstor.es/ https://www.juno.co.uk/products/killing-joke-lord-of-chaos/865225-01/
  3. kassem mosse in ambient form - cool shit! will boomkat you: "Kassem Mosse blesses Youth with a gorgeous ambient album under his Seltene Erden alias making up for a noticeable absence from the release schedule in recent years. ‘Scorched Erden’ marks Kassem Mosse’s full solo debut with Youth after the ’Silica Gel’ cut on their ‘Sports’ CD in 2019. Reviving the Seltene Erden handle last used in 2011 on a 12" for Mule, the modern house auteur yields some of his most preciously melodic works to date, focussing his interests for retro-futuristic and otherworldly sounds into a form of crystalline, iridescent ambient that shimmers shades away from the likes of uon and Huerco S., the jazzier ambient end of Actress and ‘90s Move D, and the lushest Hassellian 4th World dimensions. To be honest this is the sort of Kassem album we’ve wanted to hear for ages, seeing him leave the dance for dust and follow his nose into properly aetheric alternate head spaces, showing off that personalised, hybrid analogue/digital soundsphere and tactile design tekkers that we’ve come to love since his earliest turns in the ‘00s. He sucks us right in with the lush FM synth fronds of ‘Mythil Shard’ and, through enigmatic processes, keeps us there until the gravelly slosh of ‘Palestone’, via stunning pieces of GRM-like sound design in ‘Twinkling Titanite’, and the 0PN-like ‘Passage Jewel’, or the spiralling helixes of ‘Rising Core’ with a gripping sense of narration that marks this album, and him, out for soundtrack purposes. Tip!" https://kmos.bandcamp.com/album/scorched-erden
  4. Whilst I'm not spending my time checking for naughtiness on here I run a Future Sound of London fan site ( http://www.fsolboard.co.uk ) and over the last couple of years we've been putting mix sets together leading to the 'Terminal Radio' podcasts (If you haven't heard them I've archived them here: #1 - #9, #10 - #19, #20 - ). Recently we've been getting guest mixes by some quite famous folks, however the upcoming edition curated by Nmesh really is something special - Check out who we've managed to bag for it: Here's the full spiel about the thing: So tune it, it's gonna be a wild one ! It'll be airing on http://futuremusic.fm/ on Friday 24th October 17.00 - 20.00 BST and will be uploaded to Soundcloud / Mixcloud shortly thereafter.
  5. Guest


    apparently youths are pointing with their thumbs these days and it may down to improved thumb dexterity due to texting and vidja gaming (although, how much dexterity is there required for pointing? i would have thought it could just be down increased thumb importance, dexterity no matter). also applies to ringing a doorbell. for this trend i'm speculating that thumbing will or already has replaced fingering. kids are also getting arthritis in their thumbs. but it is, apparently, rude to point. so perhaps thumb-pointing is a softened version, less poky. i noticed i thumb-pointed the other day after giving directions but that was more of jokey, sideways 'oi get over there!' kind of thing because i'd reached their desired destination before them. pretty sure i usually finger.
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