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Found 14 results

  1. Amon Tobin announced a new album titled Nomark coming "early 2019" https://www.amontobin.com/news/new-amon-tobin-album-set-for-release-early-2019 Hopefully he finds more of a balance between the rhythms and breaks of his older stuff versus the emphasis on sound design of Foley Room and ISAM...
  2. The World As We Know It is an electronic album made in the absence of instruments. At the same time, it is a guitar/vocal album and entirely human. And so we have something of an anomaly.Amon first recorded these songs during an isolated period in the woods of northern California. It was an exploratory process, much to do with learning about harmony and (relatively) traditional songwriting. A personal exorcism of sorts, he externalised an array of experiences and organised them into his own words.At the time of writing what was to become Figueroa, Tobin had no particular ambitions for the work
  3. From his email newsletter... Thats all there is... no estimated date or title or anything, but it's still excellent news! Also from his site...
  4. Haven't listened to Cujo in years but I think I remember really liking it. Not into this being an exclusive club release though. https://nomarkrecords.bandcamp.com/the-nomark-club The first Cujo Release in 23 years, Nine Bars Back, is available exclusively for Nomark Club members. Out 20 Dec 2019. "Cujo was my first ever project back in the mid 90's. I thought it would be a nice way to celebrate the launch of nomark club to go full circle with the first cujo release in 23 years. there will be two tracks available only through the club specifically for those hardcore fans who mig
  5. My probably instalment of the Single Source Publishing Series: No. 13 - Amon Tobin Including all the vinyl stuff I own, hence there are a few gaps. Nonetheless, enjoy the gravity pull.
  6. Apparently out in June as a freebie? Didn't see a thread on this. If you go to his website (http://www.amontobin.com/) and join a mailing list (maybe also a sign of something coming, finally? lol) you can download it for free. I listened through right now and don't really know how to describe it but I quite enjoyed it. Pretty intense in certain spots. Pretty cool video too btw. That would have been really cool to be there.
  7. Apparently there is a new Amon Tobin album in the works! As per his webpage "Album recording in progress so no tours scheduled. Watch this space for one off appearances but don't hold your breath" To stay in the loop Sign up for the mailing list" PS does this qualify for a thread under new and upcoming releases or does there need to be an official announcement? reed teh rules I know I'm interested to see what he does after Isam, as that was a pretty big departure from his signature sound at least in my opinion.
  8. https://www.noisia.nl/store/release/two-fingers-six-rhythms-vinyl/ Six new Two Fingers (a.k.a. Amon Tobin) tracks including a Noisia feature on 180 grams 12" vinyl ánd free download of the digital. Label: Division Recordings Calalog number: DVSN023 Release date: TBC Format: 1 x 12" vinyl (180 grams) Tracklist: 1. Two Fingers - Cashew Rhythm 2. Two Fingers feat. Noisia - Salah 3. Two Fingers - Saint Rhythm 1. Two Fingers - Tasm Fet 2. Two Fingers - Traces 3. Two Fingers - Adrians Rhythm 22nd of June release: https://www.facebook.com/amontobinofficial/posts/844823612233430
  9. Netlabel Audioscope have recently put out a Benefit compilation called 'Music For A Good Home 3'. All proceeds benefit Shelter, the UK's largest Homelessness charity: Available for purchase here: http://bit.ly/1sTBqBQ The Seefeel track is pretty great, haven't listened to much else yet as I just finished DLing it from Bandcamp.
  10. With 1,600 vinyl records and loads of CDs in my room, I decided to clear out my closet, only wanting to keep the records which are too dear to me to be sold. So, check out my sales collection: http://www.discogs.com/seller/haemingw I ship from Germany, btw. Good thing about it: Shipping from Germany is rather cheap. One CD abroad is 4 € only. A record is generally about 5-7 €. If you have question, get in touch with me. Best Bertolt Brechtakt
  11. ..and seems to continue getting better and better. his sounds r so hand-tooled and well crafted and he seems to have such an aggressively creative mind. i've been listening to foley room and out from out where quite alot recently and he is every bit a genius, in his own right. i adored isam and i'm starving for what he's planned next. this trac / full volume: [youtubehd]BYjsBxTi-Rc[/youtubehd]
  12. Hi guys, Initially I bought a single ticket to go and see Amon Tobin live at Hammersmith Apollo next March, however I'm now likely to be busy during March and kinda need as much money as I can get, so I'm selling my ticket off. Now I understand tickets are still being sold officially, so I'm offering a discounted ticket (excluding booking fee!) of 30, I'll pay postage as well. It's a standing ticket so should be a good spot for an amazing show, alas I'm gutted to not see it but something (and someone) far more important have since come into the picture. Feel free to either PM me or rep
  13. This is part IV in the ongoing series of 10 year anniversary mixes for www.hhv.de. For each year from 2002-2012 there is exactly one track, which are all mixed chronologically. Hence, we start with 2002 and end with 2012. Including Boards of Canada, Hecq, Squarepusher, Para One, Aleksis Perälä... Vinyl only. Also released on www.hhv-mag.com. Here we go: http://www.mixcloud....ar-anniversary/
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