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Found 15 results

  1. This is the Thai food thread. We can allow tangential discussion of other SE Asian cuisine and food culture. I do not want to hear about how you love Sriracha, you basic bitch.
  2. I'm 33 and having a premature midlife crisis. I turned down rich bitch. She invited me to the family estate for Christmas and I said no. I cut off contact from the other one, the only woman I've ever loved, the one whose friend I assaulted. I've maintained the no contact rule for four months and intend to maintain it in perpetuity. As for Lady k, she could be dead for all I know. The rogaine has worked, surprisingly, and I have a full head of hair again. The cycling has even paid off and I'm losing the pounds. Decent job, my own office, money in the bank. Thinking about a leather jacket. Am I too old for a leather jacket? I don't mean a dad's one like M&S Blue Harbour or something, I mean like a cool one. I'm thinking of trying online dating. Can anyone recommend a suitable site for London? Guardian? Is the whole thing as horrendous as it appears? Went shopping in Camberwell the other day. Lilac chinos are packed away for the summer but wore my pyjama top again. Got confused post migraine and ended up wandering around Morrison's car park. This thread will be my depository for my midlife crisis. You're going to help me through it watmm.
  3. kakapo


    A puzzle for watmm. You awake to find yourself in a completely enclosed space measuring approximately 5' by 3' by 3'. There is a single source of light in the form of a battery powered led strip. A small black cat lies curled at your feet. Two questions. a) How did you get here? b) How will you escape? I will reveal the answers tomorrow night.
  4. Does anyone have any piercings? In particular nipple piercings.
  5. kakapo


    Has anybody here ever married where the principal reason was something other than romantic love. I know there will always be practical considerations, but has anyone married for money? Friendship? Kids?
  6. kakapo

    Dead cat

    There's a dead cat in my front garden. Judging by its body position I believe somebody has placed it there deliberately. What does this mean? Will I be sleeping with the fishes? I was going to post a pic, but I know how sensitive some of you are. But pic on request.
  7. Yo, I have very bad posture. How do I correct it? Can anyone recommend a) specific gym exercises b) a yoga routine with all the hippy nonsense removed? My office chair is shit and I do the occasional 12 hour day and it's really not helping at the moment, has anyone tried the orthopaedic straps that you can get that force you into correct posture? Worth seeing a chiropractor/osteopath? Thanks, kaka
  8. Has anyone had their teeth done? What process? Worth the effort?
  9. Not an analogue digital debate. I have a decent amount of records, and my setup is fine (pro-ject, arcam, MA and Focal monitoring, original 7509s). I bought my first record when I was 6 (Come on Eileen) and have been buying both records and cds ever since. My take on vinyl is simple. It adds distortion. Nice distortion, that adds 'presence', particularly to the human voice and some acoustic instruments. It's sometimes more sympathetically mastered. It's not higher fidelity than cd. In theory, better frequency response and worse dynamic range. In practice, few systems are able to take advantage of the higher frequency response. Sometimes a perception of more dynamic range due to mastering, and the 'presence' effect. Artwork etc. All subjective considerations. All of the boc catalogue sounds better on cd, and a decent mp3 rip. In fact some of the pressings are awful, trans canada highway in particular. (For balance I prefer ae on vinyl, and some afx) If you want the closest fidelity to the sandisons when they did their mixdown, listen to cd. If you want to hear how an 'analogue' synth sounds, listen to cd. And yet, not just here, but absolutely everywhere on the net, under every discussion or review of TH, there's a string of comments. "Yeah, I've pre ordered this. On Vinyl. Did I mention I have a record player. Collect vinyls. Yeah, you haven't heard BoC until you've heard a second hand scratched copy of twoism on a £50 usb turntable through computer speakers." Ignoring the fact that from a production point of view they have always been about both analogue and digital, people seem to make some unthinking connection between their general 'analogue' aesthetic and the medium through which they actually hear the music. Don't have that £150 for a mint geogaddi? You're not missing anything. "How do you know when someone has a BoC album on vinyl?" "They'll fucking tell you."
  10. Yo, Came home today to find housemate's boyfriend sitting in the living room with his laptop set up and using it as a study. He'd been there all day while she was at work. I'm not seeking advice, I know what I'm doing. It will be a polite conversation about how she's a lovely flatmate, they're a lovely couple, but there are boundaries etc. Just interested to know what other people's boundaries are. I tend to work on the principle of 3 nights a week max, but they are guests, the flatmate takes full responsibility for them and that there is never any need for them to be staying over at the house on their own. Reasonable?
  11. Original 1993 laserdisk UK pressing of "What is Love" by Trinidadian-German star Haddaway. Essential and seminal proto dubstep. Last one on ebay went for £800, so grab yourself a bargain. Buyer pays paypal fees. £500 Edit: Sorry, just realised it's a cassette, not laserdisk.
  12. Hey babe, Saw Demdike Stare at the weekend, who were awesome. Their film reel began with a scene of an old man in cloak (bit obi wanish) walking across a desert type landscape towards an oversized sun. Swirling clouds then form across the horizon, followed by clouds of ash. Out of this appears a figure in bandages(?) walking towards the old man. The wind blows away the swadling to reveal a female child who has ashen, flaking skin. What was I watching? Thanks, kakapo
  13. Alreet, I'm in the process of switching from a speaker/amp set up to powered monitors, but still need to be able to input multiple sources (rca, line level) to the monitors. Is there any reason why a very simple passive A/B input selector switch wouldn't do the job? Something like: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-Way-Stereo-Audio-Input-Control-Switch-/160552882964?pt=UK_Computing_Sound_Vision_Video_Cables_Adapters&hash=item2561b29314#ht_500wt_922 Or is there a reason why I should fork out a bit more on something like this, bearing in mind my monitors have volume control on the front, and I need multiple inputs, not outputs? http://www.dv247.com/studio-equipment/sm-pro-m-patch-2-passive-volume-attenuator--51232
  14. Hello, This is not a mac vs pc thread. I bought a macbook pro a few months ago and since then I've been mainly using it as my toilet internet browsing machine. I'm probably not getting the most out of it this way though so I'm going to be using it as my main creative/work machine while my desktop pc is being relegated to a games/torrent/porn machine. I have quite a few questions. I could use google, but I'm going to use this thread instead. Can anyone recommend a way of using a single mouse and kb with both a mac and pc? I know there are 'kvm' switchers, but these seem to get a bad rep. How are people integrating pc/mac setups, or is it not worth the hassle? I'm thinking of dual booting the mac. Are there reliable bootlegs of windows 7 knocking about? Don't want details, just want to test it out without wasting my time. I get the basics of my mac, but are there any good introductory resource sites beyond apple's own? A good desktop themes site for mac? Thanks, kaka
  15. I have a thing for natural i.e. non put on, duckfaces, principally English actress Ruth Wilson. So imagine my delight when hot new duckface Lana Del Rey turns up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HO1OV5B_JDw It's not about the pout or blowjob lips, angelina jolie and a million myspace wannabes are not duckfaces. They've got to look like a duck without even trying. I trust I'm not alone in this. Feel free to post other duckfaces I may not be aware of. Leslie Ash loses you 10 watmm points.
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