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Found 4 results

  1. Brace yourselves for a heavy dose of hi-tech futurisms from a long time Sneaker associate. Laurie Osborne has held true to his free-spirited musical demeanour since his breakthrough dubstep years, springing across tempos and styles while holding fast to a deep-rooted raver’s instinct. His profound appreciation and knowledge of vast oceans of music injects his sound with a boundless, playful enthusiasm. What better format then for the mighty Appleblim to stretch his legs than on a tape? (The first to be spooled out on Sneaker Social Club, no less.) As was evident with his 2018 LP Life In A Laser and his ALSO collaboration with Second Storey, Osborne speaks fluently in the techno and electro vernacular as much as UK soundsystem gear, channeling a sparkling, melodic energy which typified those genres at their inception. On Infinite Hieroglyphics, Osborne trips into expansive imagined vistas and fizzy furrows with a pervasive sub-bass footing. At times the album is cosy and intimate, as on the spangled back room dubbings of ‘Zephyr’, while elsewhere it stretches up and out with the extroverted square wave hyper-flex of ‘Riley’s Spiral’. Throughout though, the track structures remain restless and fluid, moving between phases with the non-linearity we cherish in the most creative rave music. At every turn a new synth lick vibrates into ear shot, a fresh rhythmic angle shifts the weight of the groove or an unexpected FX swerve splays out the sonic narrative. Beyond the cassette trappings of the full album, an accompanying 12” sampler pulls together four tracks primed for soundsystem deployment. But as we’ve come to expect from Appleblim, these cuts are likely to subvert expectation and stimulate a more profound response in the dance – open-hearted and adventurous, a little bit alien and in thrall to the technology, like rave music was always meant to be. https://sneakersocialclub.bandcamp.com/album/infinite-hieroglyphics
  2. 01. Life In A Laser 02. Ignite 03. I Think We'll Let The Gas Sort This One Out 04. NCI 05. Manta Key 06. Flows From Within 07. Chrome Mist 08. Astral Light Highway 09. Pyramirror So, as we are a few supporters from the guy here and as I said in Martyn's topic for "Voids", this has not received enough praise regarding its high quality standard. Appleblim is releasing is first LP after more than a decade in the game, and the less I can say is that it was worth the wait. What is said on the label bandcamp page: More than ten years since he first emerged on Skull Disco, Appleblim presents his debut album. The label he co-founded with Shackleton was the first the world heard of his productions, but Laurie Osborne’s innate relationship with electronic music culture reaches back much further than those groundbreaking early days of dubstep. Early days spent soaking up hardcore, jungle, techno and plenty more besides were fundamental foundations from which to spring into the then-unknown realms of sub-low half-step club music. At that time FWD>> and DMZ were the church for this ritualistic sound, and Appleblim was a regular fixture at both. As dubstep matured, magnified, mutated and meandered, so Appleblim moved beyond Skull Disco to explore different avenues of expression in the new many- layered club music landscape. His own Apple Pips imprint was a natural vessel on which to explore the emergent fusions of hardcore-derived sounds and the US-born house, techno and electro, while labels such as Aus Music equally provided a home for his work (often alongside Komonazmuk). Meanwhile long-standing collaborations with Alec Storey (Al Tourettes / Second Storey) finally manifested in the hyper-modern mind-twist of ALSO, captured as an album on legendary rave label R&S. More recently it’s been possible to hear Appleblim delve into electro-acoustic and ambient production alongside bassweight sounds on Tempa, one of the original bastions of dubstep culture. As the existing boundaries between genres, cultures, eras and scenes continue to dissolve, on his debut album Appleblim offers up a fresh approach that brings some of the foundational sound ethics of rave culture into a modern framework. Hardcore breaks are still a regular sound source in contemporary club tracks, but on Life In A Laser it’s instantly apparent that Appleblim has moved beyond choosing popular drum samples to truly tap into the elusive feeling engendered by the music of the era. It’s a tricky feat to manage, but in the pie-eyed chords of “Ignite”, the subby 808 tom basslines on “NCI” or the Mr. Fingers synth flex on “Manta Key” the sonic finish sports the same understated grit and grime that made those early records so timeless. There’s still space for modernism, not least on snaking 2-step killer “I Think We'll Let The Gas Sort This One Out”, but it’s offset by a layer of dust, not to mention an inherent moodiness that can’t be faked. This fine balance of rave romanticism and future-minded approaches binds together in a cohesive conceptual statement. First and foremost it’s Appleblim’s personal reflection on the music that has moved him on countless dancefloors since his first flirtations with soundsystem culture. At the same time the canny influx of modern ideas into the soundworld of the 90s genuinely results in a new proposition, making for a perfect fit on the modern-day ‘ardcore fetishists label of choice, Sneaker Social Club. Many may claim to draw on old-skool influences in their modern trax, but take one listen to “Flows From Within” and you’ll feel the same time-slipping surge of future-shock as the ravers at Lost, Dreamscape, The Dungeons, Clink Street, Blue Note and all those other iconic spots. https://sneakersocialclub.bandcamp.com/album/appleblim-life-in-a-laser-lp
  3. Just got turned onto this guy, lush pads here and a few skittering beats from the co-head of Skull Disco, nice little EP. 300 vinyl copies also digital, hasn't popped up on the label site yet, but available pretty much everywhere. http://www.tempa.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=section&layout=blog&id=6&Itemid=57 https://www.normanrecords.com/records/160175-appleblim-minus-degree- https://boomkat.com/products/minus-degree
  4. http://www.factmag.c...-290-appleblim/ Gas – Zauberberg track 1 (Mille Plateaux) David Sylvian – The Boy with the Gun (Virgin) Tangerine Dream – White Eagle (Virgin) Echo & The Bunnymen – Over the Wall (Peel Sessions) Human League – The Black Hit of Space (Virgin) Cocteau Twins – Blue Bell Knoll (4AD) Model 500 – Pick up the Flow (Metroplex) Loose Ends – Gonna Make You Mine (Ten Records) Touch – Without You (bassapella) (Garage Trax) Hanson & Davis – Tonight (Fresh Records) 52nd Street – Cool as Ice (Factory) Aphex Twin – a weird looking trivial pursuit style wedge thing (Selected Ambient Works 2, Warp) Black Light Smoke – Decisions feat. Suavecito – Scissor & Thread Behling & Simpson – Where the Oh’s (Applepips) Wedge & Behling – Stairwell (unreleased) October & Borai – Sticky Fingers (BRSTL 001) Behling & Simpson – Tape Hiss – (unreleased) Phat Chex – Git da Funk (unreleased) Crazy P – Changes (20:20 Vision) Paul Woolford – Pursuit (Halo Cyan) Axel Boman – Esteban Peligro (Al Tourettes & Appleblim mix) (Glass Table)
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