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Found 15 results

  1. Pretty modern classical/ambient miniatures from Uwe Zahn. RIYL Bersarin Quartett's most tender moments.
  2. Ambient goodness from Arovane. Recommended.
  3. Label boss collaboration with Arovane, coming 4th of November.
  4. https://arovane.bandcamp.com/album/wirkung Symphonic in its scope and variety, Arovane made Wirkung to convey emotions, expressions, and experiences. The title translates into English as “effect,” something fundamental to the nature and practice of music. For Arovane, that means following the inspiration of the romantic composers in their ethos of creating music that was “individualistic, emotional, dramatic and often programmatic. Am I a romantic person? Yes!”, he says.This story with sounds is filled with the warmth and grain of substantial timbres, colored with bright, metallic shapes and punctuated with occasional rhythms, notably on the title track. This is not an album of beats but of constant motion from mood to mood, through shades of light and darkness.“It is a nice idea to find romance” in digital music making, Arovane points out, “and there is a soul in those sounds, in my opinion.” Wirkung is that romanticism in electronic music, a drama channeled through voltage and microprocessors, with tracks like “find” and “stat” flowing over from half-forgotten memories of late-night viewings of Blade Runner and Solaris, of cold, crisp air after a winter snowfall, and the hazy warmth of an August morning.The album’s moods are Arovane’s, carried over to his compositions, each one “implemented,” as he says, “in a specific sound image.” Though produced during 2020, Wirkung is a blissful escape from the stresses and anxieties of that lost year. The pandemic, the musician says, didn’t influence him musically. “It can only be felt indirectly, if at all,” he adds, “I had much more time to make music than usual.” Time, and focus—“It’s very, very quiet where I live, a small village. The disturbing news was from afar”—those resources come through on the album. The obvious sonic comforts of tracks like “aer” and “elagnt” are supported by a core of emotional clarity. That feeling of direction and purpose continues all the way through the concluding track, “komposition no. 1.” At first, that music is a surprise, a succinct improvisation multi-tracked with a harpsichord patch and a Neupert clavichord lute instrument. It’s the interaction, or “wechselwirkung” of two melodies. Arovane agrees that “this falls out of the album concept in terms of sound and composition, yes.” But it looks to the future, as “it forms a bridge to a new album,” in the works for later this year.
  5. Fresh vinyl, too. Extremely highly recommended.
  6. New Arovane album dropping on 12k this November, vinyl and digital. I wouldn't have expected an Arovane release on 12k, though Mr Deupree did master his last two albums on Pure Magnetik... Nice autumnal vibes on Ephemen, sounding very promising to my ears.
  7. https://arovane.bandcamp.com/album/atol-scrap-2021-remaster One of the best 90s electronic albums IMO, getting a remaster and vinyl release 20+ years after it first came out.
  8. Loads Of Great Artist such as Arovane, Ambidextrous, Tim Koch, Coppice Halifax, Martin Abrahamsson, Ghostwerk, Roel Funcken, Metamatics, Lackluster, Sleepy Town Manufacture, Gis, Qeshi, Christ, Novel23, Zebra Neo Ouija takes the platter and spins it with their own textural funk on Cottage Industries 6. Cottage Industries 6 contains a wide range of beautiful electronics from relatively unknown and known musicians from around the world. The music fills the void that experimental electronic music seems to leave wide open. Rather than scratching your head at the end of this 67 minute excursion, you’re forced to think, relax, and sit back to contemplate. It becomes quite an adventure when music takes a new shape and form and Cottage Industries 6 makes that possible by allowing 14 different artists to create their own atmosphere’s and textures. All proceeds from the digital sale of this album will be donated to Touched - Music for Macmillan Cancer Support. touched.isig.co Out Now On Limited CD and DIGITAL it's on their site at http://neoouija1.bandcamp.com on Bandcamp!
  9. All Touched Release Are Half Price For 6 Days. https://touched.bandcamp.com/music Touched one 123 tracks now only £3 Touched Two 255 track now only £6 Touched Remixes 120 tracks now only £5 All For Cancer Support. Just with them 3 albums thats 498 tracks for £14 Is that A Deal Or What?
  10. Ok Here Is Something To Wet Your Appetite For Touched Two Remixes.
Released On Touched - Music for Macmillan Cancer Support June 26th. 
AROVANE - Woven (Peter Benisch Remix) Loads More To Come.
  11. New Arovane EP out February 23rd on Andrea Parker's Touchin' Bass label: Previews here: http://www.touchinbass.com/resources/other/audio/tb045/aarlenpeers-edit.mp3 http://www.touchinbass.com/resources/other/audio/tb045/ll-eth-edit.mp3
  12. Two new(?) tracks by Arovane or someone who sounds like him a lot. Signs of more things to come? https://soundcloud.com/arovane-1/cae-nij https://soundcloud.com/arovane-1/scrai-n https://soundcloud.com/arovane-1
  13. https://touched.bandcamp.com/ Hello watmm I'm spreading the word of this massive compilation which is due to be released this month, with all the money going towards Macmillan Cancer Support. The man behind this compilation is Martin Boulton, which he has been doing all the hardwork to get this compilation together and out there. It feature's over 100 artists including The Future Sound of London, VHS Head, Arovane and the list goes on. Confirmed Artists so far: (ghost) 10.32 2020K 2ndMOUSE A God With Horns Abereiddy Astronomical Society Ade Hodges Adviruz Am-Boy Ambidextrous Anders Ilar Antonymes Arovane Awkward Noise Bagpipe Whiskey Bearhead Bengalfuel Blamstrain Brambles Brothomstates Cali May Chris Weeks Christ Christian Kleine Ciarán Byrne Cousin Silas Datassette Dementa Derren Heath Dez Williams Digitonal Dunaewsky69 Eigenheimer emptywhale Endote Erothyme Eyesix Fil Ok Floating Spirits Funckarma Future Sound of London Gang Violins Generate George Sarah Goto80 hunc. Ian Holloway Ilkae Illl Imploded View Intriacte Irma Ishq James Bernard Jet Jaguar Jet Jaguar Julien Neto Kettel KINGBASTARD Kreuztot Lackluster Little Eris Logreybeam Maps & Diagrams Marsen Jules Meta Program Michael Manning Miles Tilmann Milieu Min-Y-Llan Missingsense Noboru Watanabe Nonima & Dissolved Normal Noumen Novel 23 Ochre Offthesky Ola Bauriman Olan Mill Plaid Playman54 Plazmatron Production Unit Protman Pub Qemikal Flow Roel Funcken Ross Adams Ruxpin Scyye Segue And Pleq Sense Shadow Priest Shammen Delly Si Begg Skytree Somatic Responses Soutien Gorge Sun Glitters Surface10 Swegüno Ten and Tracer The Angling Loser The Dandelion Council The Inventors Of Aircraft Tim Hutton Tim Koch Tom Roberts Twerk Twisted Perspective UNKNOWjp Ursa Minor Vector Lovers Verbose VHS Head View Weldroid Z-Arc Zan Lyons There is more info here on the facebook page and share it around. It's going to be jammed packed full of gems. https://www.facebook.com/touchedmusic
  14. Ulrich Schnauss just posted a message on his facebook wall announcing the return of Arovane. He's signed with the n5MD label and will be releasing a new album, Ve Palor, in the autumn of 2013. There's also been a remastering and digital re-release of the his Cycliph EP. http://n5md.com/ Cycliph re-issue: http://n5md.com/discography/209/Cycliph-(reissue) https://soundcloud.com/n5md/arovane-vraiil
  15. any love for these artists? they made quite a bunch of extraordinary releases that still sound great but I rarely read about them here. some of them also released new stuff recently http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTJtg3FVqN4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=de9XL_n8DoE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Koa2HS_SYA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNNAcs46qjQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWj8pibTX5s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3ne9A2fTf8
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