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  1. yeah i break this album out once, maybe twice a year, in an attempt to appreciate autechre. broke it out yesteday and i must say i QUITE enjoyed track 8. quite enjoyed it indeed. i think i even "got" it.
  2. So I have been pretty much exclusively listening to the following few artists: Autechre, BoC, Plaid, Bonobo, Squarepusher and Clark I'm looking for something more in the vein of Ae/Clark style music. I'm NOT looking for anything with vocals, and I much prefer synth over real recorded instruments. Any good suggestions? Thx all
  3. ALL FILES WE HAVE ARE ACCESSIBLE VIA OUR DOWNLOAD MANAGER. TO ACCESS CLICK "DOWNLOADS" TAB AT THE VERY TOP OF THE WEB PAGE. WE DO NOT HAVE FILES FOR ALL DATES LISTED. Autechre live at archive.org Live listing of shows (including DJ sets) performed by Autechre/Gescom, in Year-Month-Day format: 1993-10-15 UK-England-Birmingham, Oscillate at Bonds, source of info: ticket stub and oscillate member 1994-04-01 UK-England-Birmingham, Oscillate at Bonds, source of info: oscillate member 1994-04-17 - Russia-Moscow - Britronica 1994-08-06 Netherlands-Amsterdam - Oscillate / TripleX at the Gasholder, source of info: oscillate member 1995-02-04 UK-England-Birmingham - Oscillate at Que Club Birmingham, source of info: oscillate member 1995-12-02 UK-England-Birmingham - Oscillate at Que Club Birmingham, source of info: oscillate member 1995-XX-XX - Glastonbury Festival 1996-XX-XX - Austria-Vienna - Flex 1996-XX-XX - Italy-Rome - CSOA Forte Prenestino 1996-XX-XX - Norway 1996-XX-XX - USA 1997-03-01 UK-England-Birmingham - Oscillate at the Chapel, source of info: oscillate member 1997-03-28 - Germany-Berlin - Volksbühne 1997-12-28 - UK-England-London - Blech 1998-04-21 - Austria-Krems - Danube Festival 1998-05-XX - Belgium-Hasselt - Zaal Belgie 1998-08-09 - Canada-British Columbia-Vancouver - Palladium Club 1998-XX-XX - John Peel's Meltdown 1999-04-XX - Austria-Vienna - Phonotactic 1999-10-10 - USA-California-Palm Springs - Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 1999-11-05 - UK-England-London - Old Truman Brewery - Z Rooms - Warp 10th Anniversary Party 2000-06-16 - Spain-Barcelona - Sonar 2000-06-20 - Meltdown 2000-10-14 - UK - Warp Lighthouse Party 2000-XX-XX - Germany-Berlin (broadcast on Kriegstanz Radio) 2000-XX-XX - USA-New York-New York City - 10 Degrees 2001-03-09 - Nesh - (as Gescom) 2001-04-01 - Germany-Cologne 2001-04-08 - UK-England-Camber Sands - Pontins Family Fun Center - All Tomorrow's Parties 2001-04-11 OR 2001-04-12 - UK-Enland-London - The Fridge 2001-05-04 - USA-New York-New York City - Bowery Ballroom 2001-05-05 - USA-New York-New York City - Bowery Ballroom 2001-05-06 - USA-New Jersey-Princeton - Terrace Club 2001-05-07 - USA-Massachusettes-Boston - Middle East Underground 2001-05-08 - Canada-Quebec-Montreal - Club Soda 2001-05-09 - Canada-Ontario-Toronto - Steam Whistle Brewing Co. 2001-05-10 - USA-Ohio-Columbus - Wexner Center for the Arts 2001-05-11 - USA-Illinois-Chicago - Metro 2001-05-12 - USA-Minnesota-Minneapolis - Quest 2001-05-15 - Canada-British Columbia-Vancouver - Sonar 2001-05-16 - USA-Washington-Seattle - Showbox Theater 2001-05-17 - USA-Oregon-Portland - B Complex 2001-05-18 - USA-California-Oakland - Club Indigo 2001-05-19 - USA-California-Los Angeles - El Rey Theater 2001-05-21 - USA-Texas-Austin - Mercury 2001-05-22 - USA-Florida-Orlando - The Club at Firestone 2001-05-23 - USA-Florida-Miami - Knights of Columbus 2001-05-24 - USA-Georgia-Atlanta - The Roxy 2001-05-25 - USA-District Of Columbia-Washington - Nightclub 9.30 2001-05-26 - USA-Michigan-Detroit - Hart Plaza - Detroit Electronic Music Festival 2001-07-12 - Netherlands-Amsterdam-Paradiso - (as Gescom) 2002-XX-XX - UK-Manchester - (as Gescom) 2003-04-04 - UK-England-East Sussex - Camber Sands - All Tomorrow's Parties - (as Gescom) 2003-04-08 - UK-England-East Sussex - Camber Sands - All Tomorrow's Parties - (date questionable) 2003-11-06 - France-Strasbourg - (as Gescom) 2005-04-14 - UK-London - SE1 Club - ECOne 2005-04-15 - UK-Scotland-Glasgow - Arts School 2005-04-16 - UK-Manchester - Zoo 2005-04-17 - UK-Nottingham - Stealth 2005-04-18 - France-Paris - Point Ephemere 2005-04-19 - Belgium-Antwerp - Petrol 2005-04-20 - Netherlands-Eindhoven - Effenaar 2005-04-21 - Germany-Hamburg - Blumen Und Planeten 2005-04-22 - Germany-Berlin - Maria 2005-04-23 - Germany-Koln - Sensor 2005-04-24 - Germany-Mannheim - MS Connexion 2005-04-25 - France-Reims - La Cartonnerie 2005-04-26 - France-Lyon - DV1 2005-04-27 - Switzerland-Geneva - L'Usine 2005-04-28 - France-Marseille - La Friche Belle De Mai 2005-04-29 - Rome-Italy - Brancaleone 2005-05-06 - USA-District Of Columbia-Washington - Black Cat 2005-05-07 - USA-Pennsylvania-Philadelphia - Trocadero 2005-05-08 - USA-New York-New York - Webster Hall 2005-05-09 - USA-Massachusetts-Boston - Paradise 2005-05-10 - Canada-Quebec-Montreal - Usine C 2005-05-11 - Canada-Toronto - Opera House 2005-05-12 - USA-Michigan-Detroit - Masonic Temple Theatre 2005-05-13 - USA-Illinois-Chicago - Metro 2005-05-14 - USA-Minnesota-Minneapolis - Ascot Room 2005-05-17 - Canada-British Columbia-Vancouver - Richards - 1036 Richards St. 2005-05-18 - USA-Washington-Seattle - Neumos 2005-05-19 - USA-Oregon-Portland - Berbatis Pan 2005-05-20 - USA-California-San Francisco - Mezzanine 2005-05-21 - USA-California-Los Angeles - El Rey 2005-05-22 - USA-Arizona-Pheonix - The Old Brick House 2005-05-24 - USA-Texas-Dallas - Trees 2005-05-25 - USA-Texas-Austin - The Parish 2005-05-26 - USA-Louisiana-New Orleans - Twiropa 2005-05-27 - USA-Georgia-Atlanta - Variety Playhouse 2005-05-28 - USA-North Carolina-Asheville - Orange Peel 2005-05-29 - USA-Maryland-Baltimore - Sonar 2005-06-10 - Japan-Kawasaki - Club Citta' 2005-06-11 - Japan-Osaka - Bayside Jenny 2005-07-01 - Denmark - Roskilde Festival 2005-07-08 - UK-Newcastle Upon Tyne-Quayside - MS Stubnitz - The Other Music - Version Festival 2005-07-14 - Netherlands-Amsterdam - 5 Days Off Festival 2005-09-09 - Austria-Graz - Elevate Festival 2005-09-17 - UK-London-Koko - Easy To Swallow - All Tomorrows Parties 2006-04-08 - Ireland-Dublin - Temple Bar Music Centre 2006-04-09 - Ireland-Belfast - The Stiff Kitten 2006-04-21 - Austria-Krems - Danube Festival 2006-04-22 - Spain - Zaragoza Festival 2006-06-08 - Finland-Turku - UMF 2006-07-14 - UK - The Glade 2006-11-24 - UK-England-Manchester - Boddingtons Brewery - The Warehouse Project 2006-12-01 - Spain-Barcelona 2006-12-28 - 9:20 PM CET - That Other Site™.com broadcast from the home of AE 2006-12-30 - That Other Site™.com broadcast from the home of AE 2007-03-25 - UK-England-Hemsby - Pontin's Holiday Park 2007-03-30 - Belguim - Les Halles de Schaerbeek - Reset 2007-07-14 - Belgium-Dour - Dour Festival 2008-02-29 Manchester, England - Music Box 2008-03-01 Glasgow, Scotland - Arts School 2008-03-02 Newcastle, England - Digital 2008-03-03 Birmingham, England - Med Bar 2008-03-04 London, England - TBC 2008-03-05 Cologne, Germany - Stattgarten 2008-03-06 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg 2008-03-07 Antwerp, Belgium - Petrol 2008-03-08 Hamburg, Germany - Hafenklang 2008-03-09 Berlin, Germany - Berghain 2008-03-10 Katowice, Poland - Jazz Club 2008-03-11 Budapest, Hungary - Merlin 2008-03-12 Zagreb, Croatia - Kset 2008-03-13 Graz, Austria - Post Garade 2008-03-14 Turin, Italy - Hiroshima 2008-03-15 Rome, Italy - TBC 2008-03-16 Bologna, Italy - Kindergarten 2008-03-17 Lyon, France - Epicerie Moderne 2008-03-18 Strasbourg, France - La Laiterie 2008-03-19 Paris, France - Rex Club 2008-03-20 Geneva, Switzerland - L'Usine (Electron Festival) 2008-04-04 Los Angeles, CA - Echoplex 2008-04-05 San Francisco, CA - Mezzanine 2008-04-06 Portland, OR - Doug Fir 2008-04-07 Seattle, WA - Neumos 2008-04-08 Vancouver, British Columbia - Richards on Richards 2008-04-11 Chicago, IL - The Abbey 2008-04-12 Toronto, Ontario - Lees Palace 2008-04-13 Montreal, Quebec - Club Soda 2008-04-14 Cambridge, MA - Middle East Downstairs 2008-04-15 Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg 2008-04-16 Philadelphia, PA - Transit 2008-04-17 Washington, DC - Black Cat Interviews: 1997-02-XX - Netherlands-Amsterdam - VPRO 1997-12-XX - SOS - TECHNO-LOGICAL 1998-XX-XX - Toazted.com 1999-10-XX - Jockey Slut - Warp Factor Ten 2001-04-23 - It's No Fun To Compute (french) 2001-09-28 - Grooves 2002-04-XX - Sound On Sound 2003-02-02 - Grooves 2005-03-31 - KultureFlash (published 2005-04-XX) 2005-04-11 - Pitchforkmedia 2005-04-15 - BBC Collective - Autechre On Music, Technology And Egg Custard 2005-05-03 - www.inthemix.com.au/features/20857/ - Autechre Sounds Like..? 2005-05-XX - Cyclic Defrost-Issue #011 2005-07-XX - Toazted.com interview Other Broadcasts: 1991-06-XX - IBC Pirate Radio 1995-08-30 - Peel Session 1997-03-XX - RadioMx 1998-06-20 - UK-London - Queen Elizabeth Hall - Peel Session 1999-07-05 - Peel Session (broadcasted 1999-09-08) 2000-XX-XX - Pi Radio 2003-03-28 - France - Helter Skelter Radio Show 2003-03-30 - BBC Radio 3 Mixing It 2003-03-30 - London Xpress 2003-03-31 - BBC-Radio 1-Breezeblock (broadcasted 2003-04-01) 2003-04-04 - XFM The Remix 2003-04-07 OR 2003-07-04 - Resonance Clearspot 2003-04-07 - Solid Steel 2003-05-27 - Peel Session - partial broadcast of 2003-04-08 2003-06-28 - Mixing For Radio Nova 2005-01-24 - UK-Manchester - That Other Site™ Radio 2005-04-(10 & 11) - live stream from autechre.ws (8 hours 21 minutes) 2008-02-23 - Autechre.ws webcast Other audio: Rob Brown hip hop mix tapes: . Ultra Rare Mix Tape V.1 Ultra Rare Mix Tape V.2 Ultra Rare Mix Tape V.3 Software: leaked Max MSP patch used in EP7 era ALL FILES WE HAVE ARE ACCESSIBLE VIA OUR DOWNLOAD MANAGER. TO ACCESS CLICK "DOWNLOADS" TAB AT THE VERY TOP OF THE WEB PAGE. WE DO NOT HAVE FILES FOR ALL DATES LISTED.
  4. Redruth


    the second portion of 'lcc' is spine tingly sick-sweet. this is a very naughty record
  5. http://media.warp.net/images/20110421-japanbig%5B1%5D.jpg ATP announce Made In Japan benefit concert, with Squarepusher, LFO and Fuck Buttons, plus a new, exclusive Autechre track as part of the ticket price. The concert will take place at the Forum in London and all of the profits will go to the Japanese Red Cross Charity in support of people affected by the disaster. We hope you can support our friends at ATP with the event. Afterwards, head to Warp at Bang the Box, part of Lovebox festival's Pop-Up series at Village Underground, with Hudson Mo, Rustie, Kwes and special guest Benji B going late. THURSDAY 21st APRIL BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND ATP Concerts presents... Made In Japan @ The Forum, London. 6pm-12am Squarepusher (improv/jam set) LFO Fuck Buttons Guest DJs: N>E>D Declan Allen Buy tickets and receive a free new Autechre track '6852' ** Lovebox presents...Warp at Bang The Box @ Village Underground, London. 10pm-5am Hudson Mohawke Rustie Kwes special guest Benji B HMV Tickets / Ticketweb
  6. I always thought of this as an inconsistant progression between the manic sterile sounds of LP5 and the organic weirdness of Confield. However, I dug this out again this week and have been playing it a lot, and I have grown to love it a lot. I always thought a handful of tracks were great, especially the last 4, but now tracks like Squeller, Left Blank, and Liccflii have really grown on me. The only track I still don't like is Outpt, which starts off interesting but is too repetitve and goes on too long to hold my interest. Autechre always surprise me by keeping up with my tastes years down the line!
  7. Draft78


  8. Saw this a few minutes ago. Check out TDR's status update. http://www.facebook.com/thedesignersrepublic
  9. https://autechre.bleepstores.com/ Now open to all, with new items added!
  10. Was listening to this at work today and thought "Fuck me this is brilliant", there isn't a weak track on this release. Pencha is amazing especially. Also, the case says 'Mechanically Reclaimed by Autechre', I'm curious, does this mean the tracks are remixes of earlier stuff? Specifically Tilapia which has that Cichli sounding synth. Also, talk about how wicked this EP is.
  11. Just seen news of this release from VOD....🤤 RELEASE-PROGRAM VOD-RECORDS 2021 / 2022 (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) LATE MARCH 2021 VOD166: Hafler Trio / Autechre 7Lp-Box Lp01. æ³o / h³æ Lp02. æo³ Lp03 ³hæ Lp04/5 5ah³eo Lp06/7 ha³oe
  12. Guest


    http://That Other Site™.com/mb/100194/new-autechre...ce-out-on-33-08 This was on That Other Site™. I hope it's true. Good thing I checked it today. lol, I spelled it wrong according to Phobiazero lol I meant to type Quaristice, if a mod reads this, can you edit please?
  13. Hi all. I watched lots of time documentary movie about Techno music, created by French/German television ''Arte''. As I know movie calls ''Universal Techno''. I don't know why, but always in my head is minds like... ...if here is so many fans of ''Autechre'', than probably most of people probably know about what movie I talk about, cause there also was some scenes about ''Autechre''. So, if fans interested in ''Autechre'', than they trying find interviews, videos, music (of course), etc., Looks like in all web isn't so many ''documentary videos'' about ''Autechre''. Maybe few... ...So probably most of people from this forum already saw some part of that movie (''Universal Techno''), (I think). Anyway. Problem not in movie, and sorry for my long text about movie, and not about ''Autechre''. I trying explain since where everything begins. My problem is... ...I just trying find one track name, which I heard in that movie (in part when ''Autechre'' plays live in Barcelona - Sonar 1996). I trying find that track name for over 2 years... ...but still no results. Some people which I asked before, said cause that briliant track not released. So another question than... ...If track not released, than also people here will not answer... ...but, than maybe anybody here know some sources to ''Sonar 1996 tracklists'' or something like ''Autechre's dj set at Sonar 1996'' ? I mean, any info between words ''Autechre'' and ''Sonar 1996'' ? Any? Here is a link with that video, where I heard that song (song starts at same time, when video starts - at 00:00) (maybe video helps...) --->>>
  14. https://touched.bandcamp.com/track/twels I think this is the (possible) Autechre track on the new Touched comp. What do you think? Some people think it's track 3. Do you agree and why?
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHo6qWxoDOQ&feature=player_embedded
  16. out in december https://ra.co/news/76205 https://detunedrecords.bandcamp.com/album/st8818r-humanoid
  17. I like to trip on mushrooms like 2-3 times a year, cause it's fun but mostly because it makes good music so intense. With autechre, its just one step beyond and a different experience, damn! A toughnut album like move of ten, you instantly get what these guys are making the trip is so heavy but controlled, they realy want you to trip balls, it's just amazing Even when the shrooms are working out and i put AE on again i get smacked right back in the zone also the next day you will remember all the music better then ever before, can save you years of time waiting on a record to unveil its power (in my case sometimes) so has anyone else had any experience with shrooms and autechre?? btw drugs are bad
  18. According to the excellent BOCPages: According to Sean Booth, there exists a cover that Boards of Canada made of the Autechre track "Cichli", it still remains unreleased.
  19. This is consistantly in my top 3 albums autechre has produced. Silverside, Slip, Piezo, Further, and Teartear are absolute classics and they never get old for me. The first 3 and last 3 tracks are damn perfect in succession. Anyone else feel this way?
  20. https://acroplanerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/decayed from Decayed EP On a rmx roll here.
  21. Guest

    the hafler trio

    my guess is that because of the autechre collabs there have to be some fans/followers here. a few years ago i decided to make a commitment to really understand the essence this group (well, andrew mckenzie) and i have to say that for the most part ive been unsuccessful. best i can figure is that the works are intended to directly affect the listener in more than just an emotional/intellectual way. its like hes aiming for some kind of serious alteration of consciousness that can only be achieved if you fully engage with the work. that is, put as much work into experiencing the album as the creator did in making it. thats a tall order but also interesting in that it presents a serious challenge to the listener. back before mckenzie deleted his email list i used to ask questions about how to best approch his work, and he would more or less always use various metaphors that said the same thing. like "its like getting your house in order for guests that will arrive at an unspecified time" or something similar. im still not quite sure what that means. heres and example of his oblique way of uh.. im not sure - a description (for lack of a better word) of the "kill the king" reissue - i remember reading autechre say that the hafler trios work "has a rare humor" and i completely agree. the man has an extremely odd sense of humor and its certainly present in that blurb above. an interview with mckenzie- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJWaLucb664 also, i think this guy deserves some kind of award for graphic design. quite beautiful -
  22. Ok, sorry for the delay but at first i wrote an entire review about a legowelt album before i realized it wasn't even autechre at all. sean had to pm me and point this out. (i submit all my reviews to him before i post them so he can make any suggestions. actually, he basically wrote the entire oversteps review since i was in a bad mood that day.) first track starts off sweet, it's like stockhausen for 4 seconds. then my custom gameboy ringtone kicks in. can't believe ae made gameboy songs! wait, that's actually the album. lush. but then this just noodles with half-finished basslines and beep bops and stuff that i don't care about. i fucking hate electronica. the second track has this really cool beat. but here's the problem: it has lyrics. now this was fine on oversteps but there's something really wrong with lyrics like this: "have you ever" by bobby brown [rob brown] Smoked a penis? Cokes a dog? Drunk a drum beam in a firehouse hose? Cooled a chic with manly finess? Then took the trip to the little boy's space? Jewed a lawyer with a dollar campaign? Soiled an undy? Spoiled his complaints? *** seriously? that's fucked up! but the beat is wicked, kinda sounds like a wolf, pitched down really low so it sounds like a black guy on reverse helium, having a fight with a laundry bin inside a tunnel. pretty scary actually. mostly because i'm kinda afraid of wolves and black guys.ultimate fear: a wolf riding on a black guy's shoulders while hearing this song. the third piece is weird. so at first i'm just sitting in my condo jacking off. in the background candles are lit, they smell like jasmine. a stick of incense burns, also jasmine. i'm alone except for my pictures of the 'chre bros. in the oven is a heart shaped red velvet cake, uncooked. the oven is set to 1 degree. when it is done cooking, i will cum. i read two poems. the first is by me and it reads: *** (untitlted) *** like a jeweled opera in the penny lotus position i do anoint thee while kisses and fairy blushes all from the meat loins of my cloth are cut with a crisp pair of blades by a tailor in the womb *** as this poem is not enough, the second is in order. first i drink down a glass of wine, a mixture of both colors of wine. i call it "pink wine." it's delicious going down and i look forward to smelling it coming out (sounds weird but isn't). next, the second poem. somewhat longer in length. it is called Bambook Revolution born to kill, kill to born. Police attest to 101 dalmations. out of the smoldering ash of corpses come the corps of the New Age... and then they all drifted silently in the river ganges, the river thames, the euphrates and the easy-to-spell-M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I the whole race of corpses like brush down stream, lovers and enemies sittin in a tree D-Y-I-N-G; first cums love then comes marriage then comes death in an orphan's carriage wee wee wee all the way home. **** this poem aeffects me greatly and i have to blow out the candle. even then i am still quite worked up so i turn off my record player and put the legowelt back on which is comforting since i just heard it and reviewed it earlier. i decide it's probably not a good idea to listen to this part ever again. after a while i put on side three, the final side of the LP edition of lego feet. there simply isn't a fourth side which is strange. you flip over the vinyl and then you have nothing in your hand. fucking mental. the final piece. i'm excited, if not too excited. here's what it sounds like to these ears: 909 toms. they're playing along pretty good with a spring reverb going on too. stoked for what comes next. then it's really cool because you can hear them fade in the next part; an interesting technique. the next part is the kick. it's like, lower in frequency with a "thumping" "boom" kinda sounds. like a bass drum. sounds like when a big heavy thing hits the ground but wickider. then comes in a pad. or a bass. i can't tell. honestly, i don't know the difference. i think a bass is monophonic but a pad is a chord. lush. i couldn't figure out the next part but sean says it's "high hats" which i'm assuming just means they were stoned when they made this weird higher up sound on the 16th notes. the next sound litteraly sounds like farting. not sure what to make of it. a sample from brian eno's "an ending (ascent)" comes in and the whole piece gets emotional and i'm crying a lot at this point. i'm feeling nostalgia for a past that never was. i'm feeling nostalgia for the future. it's fucked. it feels sad, but warm and comforting. everything sounds so familiar and new at the same time -- nostalgia for the unknown. lush! then comes some other stuff, not sure how to describe it. some signature ae sounds: a balls and marbles dropped on the floor, a ghostly voice, weird modem sounds at a variety of pitches, 4/4 signatures that sound like 17/9. you can tell they hang out with rdj but still have their own sound. finally, i don't feel like listening till the end and turn off the music only to realize all along i only listened to the first song. it's 4 seconds. fml 10/10
  23. I think this is my favorite Autechre album. It's a strange feeling, because this was the first AE record I heard. I was like 10 years old and I listened to "Dael" after downloading it and "Clipper" on Napster. I didn't like it at the time [i would have preferred to listen to the Power Pill remix over and over. and the Mortal Kombat theme]. A few years later, as a teen, I discovered Confield. And I think that was when I REALLY started to obsess over this group. All along I would return to Tri Repetae, but I found it lacking and dull in comparison with most of their other work. I mean, I liked it - I liked ALL Autechre to some degree. But it wasn't as fun to listen to for me as some of their other albums. Recently though... something clicked. I've discovered the atmosphere on this album - it's unparalleled in all of their work. The depth inside of the music is somehow further...deeper. While the technical elements of the sound are not as interesting perhaps as they will get later on... the feeling is like a gigantic trench. When you're listening to "Stud," your mind just goes deeper into a feeling of nothingness. I think Amber is very similar in approach, but somehow they went 'all the way' with Tri Repetae. To infinity and beyond. The dissociative effect of the music is wonderful.
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