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Found 70 results

  1. The first dub tune I've worked on in my new studio so I hope everything sounds as it should. The intro was made in a hurry because I needed to send this tune to a festival.
  2. don't miss out on this ep guys, it's fuckin great!! subwoof is a must
  3. Blir


    Not often I get the pleasure of introducing people to some new music when this forum is pretty ahead of the curve on that side of things, but I've not really seen anyone mention Yaporigami, a Japanese sort of noise techno artist who is producing great track after great track and nobody has mentioned him. Any fans of industrial would probably find themselves right at home here. Also fans of raster noton would probably dig, but take it on its own terms. Play loud with a great soundsystem. Allow me to introduce you: This track from his Jade Fib EP as you can tell has a pretty nifty video. This EP might be his most abrasive stuff, if the harsher elements are too much then I direct you towards his Hertzian album, which is pretty much solid gold: Enjoy! And if you like it then support the guy http://hz-records.bandcamp.com/album/hertzian http://plumus-yaporigami.bandcamp.com/
  4. Hey WATMM, I'm back doing a weekly radio show again on www.sub.fm This time around I'm heavily focusing on that modern UK "bass music" (115bpm-145bpm) sound, while heavily mixing in the IDM greats of the last 25 years. You'd be surprise how well classic Warp mixes with the modern stuff, almost as if dance music is just now catching up. There will also be the occasional jungle/dnb set just because. The archives are here: http://soundcloud.com/foxsounz/sets/sub-fm So far I'm 3 episodes in and it's been getting a good reception. Hoping to get some more live or archive listeners from this site, as I think aesthetically it would really resonate with the folks here. New episodes air Saturdays. 4-6pm EST, 1-3pm PST, 9-11pm GMT. Archives usually go up on Sundays. Cheers!
  5. https://plugexpert.bandcamp.com/album/dayak-warrior-dance-ep-2 some beats.
  6. shits on fire yo https://soundcloud.com/sietecatorce/panico https://sietecatorce.bandcamp.com/album/ep3
  7. (01) Scanner :: Dimension [sub Rosa] (02) Minilogue :: Clouds and Water (Rrose remix) [Enemy] (03) Conrad van Orton & VSK :: Interaction [Modularz] (04) Acid Arab :: Theme [Versatile] (05) Regis :: Blood Witness [blackest Ever Black] (06) Pearson Sound :: Tsunan Sun [Pearson Sound] (07) Randomer & Hodge :: Second Freeze [Livity Sound] (08) Alex Coulton :: Candy Flip [idle Hands] (09) Gesloten Cirkel :: Zombie Machine (Acid) [Murder Capital] (10) Mall Grab :: Black Palms [unknown To The Unknown] (11) Randomer & Cadans :: Lottarump [Clone Basement Series] (12) Aphex Twin :: D-Scape [Warp] (13) Post Scriptum :: Isdat [infrastructure New York] (14) Lakker :: Halite [R & S]
  8. He's been teasing a mixtape for a while now, and here it is. It includes a few tracks that were posted on Soundcloud previously, but this is mostly new stuff. Very atmospheric and pretty sounding as usual. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3fuey34udpetawz/
  9. 01. wAgAwAgA - inflight frogs 5:10 02. wAgAwAgA - morning beach 4:58 03. wAgAwAgA - Yng lAz 4:00 04. wAgAwAgA - rivah jetty 2:56 05. wAgAwAgA - scrumpin selecta 6:26 06. wAgAwAgA - telescopic lug 5:00 07. wAgAwAgA - cookswait 4:51 08. wAgAwAgA - dub intent 5:09 09. wAgAwAgA - elev8or 3:52 10. wAgAwAgA - spLtinttnt 4:00 11. wAgAwAgA - ThLvLngn 4:32 12. wAgAwAgA - stithlootla 6:36 13. wAgAwAgA - wind down 5:26 https://wagawaga.bandcamp.com/album/tasmagoria !
  10. Guest

    Gate Four tracks

    Here's a new track that we just finished... finally have the courage things here. Comments much appreciated! https://soundcloud.com/gatefour/kingsway
  11. Fox - Insular 1 :: Anima 2 :: Mindscape 3 :: Polyamory 4 :: 22nd Century 5 :: Digital 6 :: Elevate 7 :: Let Go https://soundcloud.com/feralsound/insular Available exclusively at http://feralsound.bandcamp.com on Feb 12, 2016. Limited edition hand stamped digital files only 300 copies before the server is programmed to burst into flames. Don't sleep on this one!
  12. autopilot


    https://soundcloud.com/feralsound/luminesce Tracklist: Body Party Rmx Daybreak Polyamory Digital Blossom Enjoy! Free 320 download at the SC link.
  13. Quite like how this one turned out...less beats than usual, I might try knocking out a few more in this vein. First time trying to mix down a track like this, so any production feedback appreciated...
  14. "A Lovely Day In Babylon" 01 :: The Abyss Gazes Also Into You 02 :: Fairweather (ft. Sinerise) 03 :: 21st Century DOWNLOAD "Velocity" 01 :: Lunar 02 :: Digital Love 03 :: Mindscape 04 :: Progression 05 :: Dilation 06 :: Elevate 07 :: Missing You 08 :: Tears DOWNLOAD Enjoy!
  15. autopilot


  16. autopilot


    https://soundcloud.com/feralsound/endogenous tracklist is in the track description enjoy!
  17. [sc5]216477112[/sc5] This came out real minimal and gloopy, maybe analordy (???). one time when I was on drugs, and freaking out, I came upon a golden wall that stretched in all directions, infinitely. I walked up to the wall and felt its cool smooth surface and felt a profound calm and love. my panic and anxiety was, at least, momentarily, alleviated and i basked for a bit. the wall was totally inscrutable and it struck me that it would give me no answers and no clues about what was on the other side of it. true story. heh.
  18. autopilot

    Be Mused

    https://soundcloud.com/vulpineal/be-mused This is a mix of all original songs I created in the last year or so. It's got a mix of tunes by Vax (old alias) as well as Fox (new alias). Featuring Collaborators / Remixers / Remixees: NOVA Sinerise Ambur Rose Undrig B1t Crunch3r Plaid ARtroniks Deafblind
  19. Hi all. Here is one of the dubstep variety. (dark subby kind, not in your face midrange attack) https://soundcloud.com/andovaaler/little-haiti
  20. Vax Sub Culture 1 :: Fenrir 2 :: Naive 3 :: Sub Culture 4 :: Unrest 5 :: Deleted Scene 6 :: Furtive 7 :: Wintermute Available Here Enjoy!
  21. DMX Krew is headlining the launch of a new monthly night called 'BLIP'! It's on the 19th feb at the Dead Dolls Club, Bethnal Green. It's gonna be all kinds of electronic music from Ambient & Electronica to Electro & Techno.
  22. https://soundcloud.com/vaxxn/psycho-nautical
  23. autopilot

    Carpe Noctem

    https://soundcloud.com/vaxxn/carpe-noctem Lights Out (featuring B1t Crunch3r & Ambur Rose) Neutral Dub Extinction Rmx (original by ARtroniks) Vulpineal Tortured Dub (featuring Ambur Rose) Vulpineal (Undrig Rmx) Insider Foxtrot In The Zone Rmx (original by BunZer0) Tether Alternate Rmx (original by Plaid) The Bass Corner Ashes Nuclear Family Once (featuring Moonstones) Lobetrotter Redolence Kitsune Dub Inari Hydrate (featuring Logam) Sludgehammer Yokai Dub Trigger Warning Undeniable Rmx (original by Truth) Critical Dub Furtive Psychonauts Rmx (original by The Illuminated) Kami Hex Dub IHTFP Vagrant Rfx i2i Orb Weaver (featuring Organik)
  24. autopilot


    https://soundcloud.com/vaxxn/kinetic A mix of glitch/techno/techy dubstep for the holidays. Enjoy!
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