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Found 17 results

  1. Previous three volumes of New Selecta series compiled to a CD & digital. Also vinyl bundle available. New Jungle mix to accompany the release
  2. New Rognvald full length. Massive jungle storming. Really digging the track above. Squarepusher fans should really love this. Will be released tomorrow, Dec. 13th: https://rognvald.bandcamp.com/album/xwife
  3. https://somia.bandcamp.com/album/beatwife 4_Bosh_Mod.mp3
  4. Spotted on discogs. Some old Beatwife archive stuff "We are beyond thrilled to let you discover some "back in the day" tracks from one of our favorite producers, Richard Wilson aka Beatwife. After a few Jungle orientated releases as Rognvald (with our beloved friends at Love Love Records), he gives us some of his old Braindance tracks that have never been released before. Some are almost twenty years old, but the funky basslines and intricate grooves are still fresh. With a perfect balance between raw synthesizer sounds and clean beats it would have been sad to leave those tunes to die on a hard drive, so here they are, available to you. " Badcnap: https://concretecollage.bandcamp.com/releases
  5. Pre-order link: https://loveloverecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-new-selecta-vol-2 Rognvald, aka Richard Wilson, returns at full throttle with part 2 of 'The New Selecta'. Rognvald’s unique future-old skool sound continues to evolve in this release, the third 12" in his WIFE series. You will travel into unknown subterranean territory with ‘The New Selecta’, exploring the limits of break choppage and granular sound design on a loved and familiar soundscape, as well as 2 dread filled cuts of swampy ambient reductions. Using a minimal sound palette to maximal effect, Rognvald deconstructs and abstracts the tropes of old skool jungle. Blending blunted breaks with burrowing subatomic sinewaves, euphoric rave vocals lead to a nuclear ruffneck ecstacy. The future of jungle is yet to come.... After nearly two decades working predominately under the Beatwife alias, Richard began his project 'Rognvald' focusing on a more break driven jungle sound that flirts with dub and ragga. He has always developed and used his own scratch-built software. Working as an engineer for both Vestax and the Casio Corporation while living in LA has enabled him to gain access to special prototype hardware. Now based in Glasgow, Richard has been dazzling crowds with his visceral live P.A. shows TRACKLIST: A1. Selecta Scene A2. Snare Drums B1. Amen Conductor B2. Tranquilizer
  6. [bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=2665804251 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5] The New Selecta Vol. 1 is the first of 3 new records to be released by Richard Wilson under his Rognvald moniker via WIFETRAX on Love Love Records.
  7. yo yo yo, a first full length Rognvald album for Xmas: What makes this pretty interesting is the third track (or the title of it). Thought that Savi Rhankar - Dovedale X0.10 was definitely a Heorge Garrison track....and maybe it is. Dunno, Rognvald stirring a pot. It will be on Love Love Records as usual: https://loveloverecords.bandcamp.com/album/lord-rover And this is the Dovedale I have:
  8. Hey guys, forgot to post about this on here.....we are currently having a lil' sale for the whole of September on our Bandcamp. https://loveloverecords.bandcamp.com 25% off everything if you use the discount code 'SEPTEMBER' Thought some of you might be interested....might be a good time to pick up some old goodies, or pre-order the new bits. :] Love Love Sam Fez :F
  9. I'm really excited to announce the 3rd album for Recruit Records: Beatwife - Earl Rognvald 1. Badboy Flow 2. Face Daddy 3. Fat Bowler 4. Child of Pappa 5. Plankeron 6. Acid Acid 7. Export Grabber 8. Tru Massey 9. Turn Oozy 10. Wotnot - Slapper Mix 11. Where's Your Tunt 12. Acid Girl 13. Joe's Party Mix 14. Earl Rognvald Over 60 minutes of bangers on cassette and digital. Estimated release date: March / April 2015 More info soon on Recruit002 as well.
  10. Braintree

    IDM DJ set

    I DJ'd a set in San Francisco last month featuring some favorites and lesser known artists: https://www.mixcloud.com/treebrain/idp-13-march-25th-2017-underground-sf-san-francisco-ca/ Aleksi Perala MNLTH William S. Braintree Microlith Aphex Twin Rolando Simmons / Trackermatte Beatwife Carrier Signal zvλd Dwaallicht (Wisp) Terminal 11 Bewwip Squarepusher Cheers!
  11. "HAPPY BANG FACE BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALL :) THE JUNGLIST BOOK / DISNEY THEME! On the day it all began in 1923… Dress as rave variations of classic characters e.g. Mickey Acid Mouse, Bangbi, Spinderella, Peter Bang, Mary Poppin' ;) KJ Sawka Micky Finn Technical Itch Bailey Radium Uncle Dugs Duran Duran Duran DJ Smurf Beatwife Gammy Abba Gabba Dave Skywalker Saint Acid & The Bang Face Hard Crew Plus more TBA :) 10pm - 6am / Friday 16 October 2015 @ Electrowerkz, 7 Torrens Street, London EC1V 1NQ eTickets now live > £15 only from bangface.com (no booking fees on bank transfers) Spread the hype > https://www.facebook.com/events/913277038711161 http://www.bangface.com/events/birthday2015"
  12. Geek Pit is back and to celebrate our new home at Broadcast, we're having a party! Coming along to party with us is BEATWIFE (LOVE LOVE), UPSTANDING MONK (Void), THE PARLIAMENTALIST (Audiobean) and WIT!? It's completely free entry all night, and there will be lots of party goodies available on the night. Beatwife ACID/BREAKCORE Back on Scottish soil after a spell in LA, BEATWIFE finally graces Geek Pit with his own personal brand of wonk and sparkle. Mashing fidgety breaks with wall to wall acid, Love Love and Planet Mu favourite Beatwife's live sets have captured dancefloors and headspaces across the globe. https://soundcloud.com/beatwife Upstanding Monk ACID Crafting sonic soundscapes like a machine, Glasgow's Upstanding Monk has built a reputation for himself as a purveyor of finely fashioned acid rave. A must see for those who like their tunes simutaneously introspective and banging. https://soundcloud.com/upstanding-monk The Parliamentalist BREAKCORE/GABBA/JUNGLE Blending politics, breaks and Daniel Bedingfield, The Parliamentalist manages to troll the establishment while pleasing the ears. A son of Thanet, Kent now resident in Glasgow, Audiobean co-conspirator the Parliamentalist is a Geek Pit favourite https://www.mixcloud.com/TheParliamentalist/the-parliamentalist-live-at-geek-pit-glasgow-feat-mc-disco-and-davey-shades/ Wit!? JUNGLE/GABBA/BREAKCORE Half-naked jet-setting local jouster blasting out mashup rave bizznizz and touching up all the lads! With sets as tight as his boxers expect a sonically charged sexual experience! Wit!? Makes wrong feel so right. CAUTION: YOU WILL GET WET https://soundcloud.com/witmashup/wit-live-diggit-bristol-04-04-2015
  13. Hey guys, thought I'd post our new Japanese sampler CD in here. There will be limited copies available from our store. It is released this Monday, May 4th and comes with free digitals. You can pre-order it from www.loveloverecords.net Previews of the whole release can be heard here: The exclusive track Murder Sound [Landen Massive] by 'whitelabel' can be listened to in it's entirety here: https://youtu.be/ZBpZw4WMW5I Tracklist: Scrase - Flyover (MNLTH Remix) Lakker - Deathmask Beatwife - All My Friends dLUDEd - Autumn – Light Edit Missqulater - High Leaper Scrase - Alopog FFF - Schemin' Christoph De Babalon - It's Returning Beastmaster - The Iron Pig HVAD - Angst whitelabel - Murder Sound [Landen Massive] TAFKAS - Duvet Anklepants - Mammalian-Baby falcors flight to rejuvenation Josh Hutton - Darkly Darkly Little Star Love Love Recordsは、エレクトロニック・ミュージックに留まらず、非エレクトロニック・ミュージックまでをも包括する、強烈でユニークな音楽を発信している イギリスを拠点としたインデペンデントレーベルであり、ワールドワイドに活動しているレーベルである。このCDは、彼らLove Love Recordsが世に発表した過去4年間のセレクションであり、あらゆるフォーマットでリリースした中から珠玉の曲達をコンパイルしたバラエティ豊かな内 容になっています。 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Love Love Records is an independent UK based international record label that covers a wide range of electronic and non-electronic music, but often with a strong and unique sound. Contained on this CD is a selection of our output over the last four years, with a variety of tracks taken from all formats of our releases - including 2 brand new tracks from Scrase and whitelabel that are exclusive to this release.
  14. Ahoy! I'm fucking excited. We will be hosting Beatwife for the March 7th Bonkers! night. Re-Bar, Seattle. 21+ As always, details as they're hammered out. <3 "Seattle Rave thugs roll out!"
  15. October 2013 - Planet Mu - ZIQ342 Shitmat + Burnkane (or Beatwife) Tracklist 1. Dusco 2. Drizzle 3. Dank 4. Drowning 5. Dilute 6. Death 7. D’mmmm 8. Demonoid 9. Damiana http://planet.mu/discography/ZIQ342
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