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  1. https://lone.bandcamp.com/track/boards-of-canada-roygbiv-covered-by-lone A very lovely ROYGBIV cover done by none other than Lone, a great artist in his own right. He occasionally drops by WATMM 🙂 Anyways, it’s a pay what you want track with proceeds all going to Mind mental health charity. Playing Lone hype man today for sure but this is cool. He seems like a really cool dude. Happy Holidays, here’s looking forward to new BoC tunes in 2022! (????)
  2. Someone made a really quite great 80 min video about BOC's work that's not nearly as lame as it sounds. Made me emotional tbh. Might be rather "tell me something i dont know" for a few of you but it's still very well put together
  3. My album this week is a reissue of the ambient classic from 2001. It's been going for silly prices on Discogs these last few years. However, it's just been re-issued on vinyl and digitals. "An almost forgotten but bona fide Ambient classic floats up on a 20th anniversary edition with the legendary Glasgow-based Ampoule label, newly remastered with a bonus cut for added immersion - highly recommended to fans of BoC, Balil, Porter Ricks. Still every bit as woozy and gouched-out as we remember, Pub’s gingerly wistful debut album ‘Do You Ever Regret Pantomime?’ is a cult classc for those that know; a sublime example of a peculiar sound at its sensitive best. Back in 2001 it saw lots of rotation at our auld shop Pelicanneck and has since become prized for its effervescent melodies and light-touch drum programming that acknowledged and parsed influence from then-contemporary hip hop and post-rock as much as the prevailing trends of ambient and minimal techno. A plangent, elusive sense of nostalgia that arguably prefigures modes of hauntology beautifully percolates the album, dwelling on a melancholy state of mind that, with hindsight, speaks to a timeless sort of wistfulness and tentative tension surrounding the early years of the millennium - which now seems incredibly distant and naive in the midst of 2020’s shitstorm. The tracks are perhaps detectably burred with a gently rolling accent and crepuscular glow that we’d attribute to Pub’s Scottish provenance and which clearly resonates with BoC, so it’s maybe best to play this album after theirs, when its vaporised textures and thizzing melodic tendrils will best work their exceedingly subtle yet palpable magic."
  4. Not really a fan of Rick & Morty... but am a fan of both dank memes and the long-running AS bromance with IDMz. Lots of warp and other guud stuff on here (tracklist in description doofi):
  5. http://parallaxsound...news/4530187515
  6. This was originally a mix I recorded last year for FutureMusic.FM but I've removed my speech/jingles and changed it a little bit, Now it's just 2 hours of Boards of Canada. Enjoy
  7. iunno how long they have been down for... thread is for the annual speculation based on facts we have for a new boc thanks edit: typo on title *http://cosecha-transmisiones.com/
  8. this one is awesome so boc
  9. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Faastwalker/176072202561576
  10. Yeah, I know. Just hear me out. I was talking with someone recently and got trying to explain the Hauntology genre. It’s sort of weird trying to explain the appeal of something you like to someone who doesn’t really understand the appeal of whatever it is. Basically, I gave them the whole 70s nostalgia thing, Film Idents, BBC Radiophonic Workshops, 70s & 80s Kids TV, English Folklore etc, etc. Told them about all the artists working in that area (that I knew of). And they replied “So basically it’s just Boards of Canada?” It just got me wondering. What do you think?
  11. links for noobs: this thread is to do speculation based on facts we have
  12. The Hatcliffe House Tapes Volume 3 Colours and Themes Available now Downloads include Print your own artwork templates for CD and C60 Cassette Cases and 4 Bonus Hi Res A3 Posters https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/album/the-hatcliffe-house-tapes-vol-3-colours-and-themes "In this adventure we travel through the haunted world of past sciences, sequencing envelopes to connect sounds using practical electronics, creating sonic fusion which rises and falls like water. Inviting colour into a dark world to shine and fade away once more." *More of a downtempo compliation, breaks, sequences, old synths laced with retro samples from science/education programmes and b movies. Any fans of Boards of Canada or Black Moth Super Rainbow should enjoy this. Teaser Below https://soundcloud.com/tele-3/oscillopsia-venus Also Available I have also released an EP under my Oscillopeisia Monkier OSCILLOPEISIA - COSMICA EP Available to buy in i Quality Digital Download and Limited Edition 3 Inch CD from https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/album/cosmica-ep Going for a more Cosmic Disco feel here..........enjoy. Teaser Below https://soundcloud.com/tele-3/oscillopeisia-cosmica
  13. https://soundcloud.com/shane_anthony/boards-of-canada-reel-to-reel-mixtape Cheers! Shane
  14. Guest

    J Dilla sampling BoC?

    I was listening to this track by Dilla off the Ruff Draft EP today and the hook/riff (kicks in at 0:33) really reminded me of either a BoC or Autechre track.. I was wondering if anyone else thinks the same, or if they can identify the sample? Sort of reminds me of I Will Get It Tattooed by BoC but I dont think that is it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjsXELHVu44
  15. http://youtu.be/sOK3qAki-fc
  16. Hey all, I'm excited to share my first EP, "Grandma Tapes" with you all. You can listen here: http://inkjetmusic.com/Grandma-Tapes Grandma Tapes is made out of samples from my grandmother's collection of classical cassettes. Everything on the record is a sample, including the drum sounds. And all of it was created/arranged/mixed entirely on the Elektron Octatrack (with a little extra reverb at the very end). There were 3 strict rules I set out for the project - if you're curious, I go into them in detail in the link above. More fun than rules: I also made a music video for the first track out of found ballet footage. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxGiiWnFM0Q You can also listen over at http://soundcloud.com/ink-jet Interested to hear what you all think. Thanks for listening.
  17. Allen Lanier, founding guitarist/keyboardist for Blue Öyster Cult, died yesterday of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He was 67. Lanier also produced the Clash's "Give 'Em Enough Rope" and was Patti Smith's collaborator (and lover) during the 1970s.
  18. So I received my copy of Harvest Moon yesterday, finally - I'm done ordering from Tesco! (well they did say it was going to take a while, to be fair, as they don't normally have these kinds of items, as I was told, and I did yell a fair bit at the lady, too) - I did have the album on June 6th initially for a short period of time, but it was a mistake they made as I was sent a wrong version of the album on VYNIL (who even has a vynil player in 2012?!), and it appeared to be some kind of false edition, too, as the vynil-CD was blue and had some image of the bros carved into it (can vynil-recorders even display images?) - obviously I returned it. So now that I did receive the correct version yesterday, I was surprised to find that the music was on a plain CD-r with no cover, but I like the minimalist tone they were headed for. The aluminium foil smelling of Peccorino the CD came in was a nice surprise compared to the usual shrinkwarp as well (Do you think Warp records is called Wrap records because of the shrink warp? I am only kidding!!) Everything had been prepared & I was so excited when I was about to play the album on my Discman for the first time, unable to believe I was finally about to experience THE moment I had been waiting for for almost three months, ever since I got introduced to BoC after hearing Everything You Do Is A Balloon on an Ibiza Beach-House compilation in March. But this is when I encountered my first problemo: The CD wouldn't play! I didn't know what to do, even after figuring out I had put the disc in the wrong side up (which didn't take me that long), the CD wouldn't play. I was gonna ask on Twoism about it, if it wasn't for my banning. Luckily, when I eventually tried it in my PC, it worked! But here's another problemo: The files. I spent AGES trying to find a decent freeware tool to finally convert them to .M4r which I'm not sure was intended by BoC as part of the listening experience or not, but regardless, IF it was, my apologies for critiqueing them on it. Anyway, this all took way longer than it should and my girlfriend wasn't even wet anymore at this point (that's what she told me, I didn't check) - normally I just show her the drawing I made of Mike & Marc to get her into the mood, but not even this would help yesterday! Well, after an intense argument and lots of crying on both sides, we decided on a compromise: I would get to listen to the album whilst sleeping with her, but she would press charges. So I hit play and WOW was I blown away by the initial base kick on Gemini! It's a bit sad my gf couldn't listen in as I forgot to bring the two-way adaptor so I couldn't connect two sets of earphones (I couldn't share either cause my left one is broken), so she didn't get to listen to the music. I asked her whether it was okay to her as I was a bit worried, but she said it didn't matter at this point which I believed. Now, about the music: I did write a track-by-track review, but that is in the Twoism tab that I still have open from before the banning, and I'm not going to type it again just to get it into this one. 3/10
  19. Hello, the Italian music magazine Mucchio Selvaggio published in the last issue an interview with BOC. Since it cited WATMM in one of the questions to the Sandisons (that made me chuckle when I read it), I made the effort to translate the text. The weird wording is partly my fault not being a native english speaker, partly due to the interviewer trying to be cool by placing dramatic full stops in the middle of a sentence. I attached the scans from the magazine, there's some press photos in it and the original text if you can read italian. Enjoy
  20. What do you think? discuss also what is hot right now
  21. A FEW OLD TUNES A night of music and visuals insired by Boards of Canada. DJ FOOD (Ninja Tune) POSTHUMAN (Balkan / Horn Wax / Seed) TOM CENTRAL (Keep Up!) + GUESTS facebook.com/events/203200013162993 -- To celebrate the release of the new Boards of Canada album 'Tomorrow's Harvest' DJ Food, Posthuman, Tom Central & special guests host a night of music and visuals inspired by Boards of Canada. DJ & VJ sets of BoC rarities, new edits, remixes and classics, plus music & visuals related to the duo... Upstairs at Catch, Kingsland Road, London thecatchbar.com Thurs 20th June. Free entry all night. 8pm-2am.
  22. ENDED. BUNDLE 1 - WARP / BOC / SKAM LFO - Sheath (ltd) £3.50 Blech II £3 We Are Reasonable People £2.99 LFO - Advance £3.86 B12 - Electro-Soma £5.90 Kenny Larkin - Azimuth £5.15 Warp 103 - Remixes £3.29 Jackson & His Computer Band - Smash £2.63 Smash-Up Megamix £na RAC - Diversions £1.99 BOC - Music Has The Right To Children £8.55 Meat Beat Manifesto - Prime Audio Soup £4.71 BOC - In a Beautiful Place Out in The Country £3.95 Bubbahs Tum - Dirty Great Mable £4.28 BOC - Hi Scores - with paper insert - £15-£20 BOC - Peel Session £3.95 Bola - Soup £5.27 Bola - Mauver £1.00 Various - 0161 £3.94 Internet Price: £59.99 My Price: £25 BUNDLE 2 - BLACK DOG / PLAID / GPR Beaumont Hannant - Tastes and Textures Vol.3 £33.56 Andy Pickford - Darklands Ep £14.48 Germ - Black Chair EP £4.60 Balil - Parasight £25.65 Ko-Wreck - Ko-Wrecktion EP £0.50 Peel Session £1.71 Temple of Transparent Balls £3.95 Parallel £2.00 Spanners £4.50 Bytes £5.13 Undoneson £5.04 Not For Threes £3.00 Rest Proof Clockwork £1.97 Plaid Peel Session £2.14 Internet Price: £108.23 My Price: £45 BUNDLE 3 - APHEX TWIN / LUKE VIBERT Selected Ambient Works 1 (1992 cd) £5.00 Surfing On Sine Waves (1993 cd) £2.00 Richard D James £3 I Care Because You Do (x2) £2.57x2 Chosen Lords £8.00 2 Remixes by AFX £1.32 Analogue Bubblebath (US) £2.63 Come to Daddy Remixed £1.89 Come to Daddy Mini Album £1.39 Saint Etienne - Hobart Paving £0.01 Anaolgue Bubblebath 4 £3.29 Seefeel - Pure Impure £3.00 Come to Daddy £1.71 Ventolin EP Remixes £2.00 Girl/Boy EP £4.27 Donkey Rhubarb £4.50 Ventolin EP £1.28 On Remixes £4.27 On £7.00 Quoth (with hidden track) £20 Anaolgue Bubblebath 3 (1997 reissue) £1.97 Lovely £0.09 The Power Of Love £0.85 A Polished Solid £1.00 Do Unto Others £2.75 Me & Mr Sutton £1.97 Tally Ho £2.00 YosepH £1.81 Stop The Panic £1.95 Various - State of The Nu Art £0.99 Big Soup £4.27 Various - Minimalism £2.56 Internet Price: £103.91 My Price: £30 BUNDLE 4 - MU-ZIQ / PLANET MU / SPOOKY / WORM INTERFACE / SUN ELECTRIC Mealtime £7.90 Das ist Ein Groovybeat Ja £2.40 Royal Astronomy £3.47 Phi1700-UV £2.48 Nautilus £0.99 Brace Yourself £1.97 Urmer Bile Vols1&2 £2.06 Royal Astronomy Sampler £0.42 mu-ziq vs The Auteurs (cd sticker wrecked!) £1.99 Jega - Spectrum £4.00 Horse Opera - 3 Cornered Room £1.32 My Little Beautiful £3.15 The Fear £0.99 Speedy J - Ni Go Snix £1.99 Bjork - Hunter £2.14 Bluff Limbo £4 Lunatic Harness £3.84 Tango N Vectif £1.28 Slag Boom Van Loon £4.50 Found Sound £2.00 Stereo EP £2.48 Clank EP £1.49 Shunt EP £0.99 Fingerbobs £0.19 William Orbit - Water From a Vine Leaf £2.13 Plasmalamp - Void Travelling £3.38 Baraki - Colonel Laspberry £1.70 Jake Mandell - Parallel Processes £3.43 Jake Mandell - Quondam Current £1.92 Sun Electric - O'Locco £7.00 Sun Electric - Kitchen £4.27 Sun Electric - Eya £3.22 Internet Price: £83.10 My Price: £25 BUNDLE 5 - AUTECHRE / GESCOM AE sticker - Came with TriRepetae orders? Buggered if I can find it on the internet - Priceless ! £10 Gescom - Minidisc £6.41 Autechre - Quaristice (LTD) £100.00 Autechre - Envane (promo) £7.65 Gescome - ISSSA £5.10 Alternative Frequencies 3 £2.73 DJ Food - Refried Food £1.64 The Widescreen Versions £3.43 Jello - Lungbone EP £6.58 7 Hills Clash £7.69 Internet Price: £151.23 My Price: £80 BUNDLE 6 - TOUCH / LINE / RASTER NOTON / KARAOKE KALK / SONIG / RUNE GRAMMOFON / MISC Philip Jeck - 7 £7.00 Fennesz - Field Recordings £2.83 Cascone Chartier Deupree - After £17.00 Akira Rabelais - Eisoptrophobia £21.36 Farmers Manual - FSCK £6.41 Ambarchi-Fennesz-Pimmon-Rehberg-Rowe - Afternoon-Tea £4.29 Akira Rabelais - Elongated Pentagonal Pyramid £11.97 Christophe Charles - Undirected Dok £6.84 Various(12k/Line) - Between Two Points £13.16 William Basinski - Variations for Piano & Tape £5.27 Clicks & Cuts 2 (3 cds) £5.13 Clicks & Cuts (2cds) £6.58 Morgan Caney & Kamal Joory - Magic Radios £1.71 Aelters - Mixitch Mjuega Djisc £1.32 Farben - Textstar £5.92 Wunder £7.50 Takagi Masakatsu - Eating £5.00 Burnt Friedman - Con Ritmo £2.00 Vert - Nice Types of Ambiguity £3.09 Monolight - Free Music £3.85 Various (VVM) - AuralOffalWaffleTenPintsOfBitterAndABagOfPorkScratchings £2.63 Internet Price: £138.23 My Price: £45 BUNDLE 7 - NOBUKAZU TAKEMURA / PHOTEK / FOURTET / RICHARD KIRK / DJ KRUSH / DABRYE / DJ SPOOKY / DJ SHADOW / MISC Yo La Tengo - Danelectro £2.56 Hoshi No Koe £2.30 Scope £3.29 Funfair £1.32 Sign £2.99 Steve Reich Remixed £10.00 Roni Size - Brown Paper Bag £1.00 Solaris £2.15 Ni Ten Ichi Ryu £3.95 Modus Operandi £2.49 Sonovac - EP £0.63 OF EP £1.99 Glasshead/Calamine £4.27 Dialogue £25.00 Kinoshita/Terasaka £1.79 Dabrye - Instrmntl £5.13 Dabrye - OneThree £4.17 DJ Krush, Toshinori Kondo - Ki-Oku £4.16 DJ Krush - Meiso £3.40 Dark Magus - Night Watchmen £2.97 Sandoz - Chant to Jah £3.21 Sandoz - God Bless The Conspiracy £5.94 Cabaret Voltaire - The Conversation £6.58 DJ Spooky - File Under Futurism £1.50 DJ Spooky - Optometry £1.28 DJ Spooky - Songs of a Dead Dreamer £1.92 DJ Shadow - What Does Your Soul Look Like £5.13 DJ Shadow - In Flux/Hidsight £3.29 Remote Viewer - Here I Go Again On My Own £2.56 Smyglyssna - We Can Fix It £1.70 Toshinori Kondo - Charged £5.13 Internet Price: £124.57 My Price: £35 BUNDLE 8 - FSOL / SALT TANK / POLE / SCAPE / THIRD EYE FOUNDATION / MISC Signed Sealed Delivered £0.50 Cascade £1.81 We Have Explosive Remixes £0.42 We Have Explosive £0.99 Lifeforms £1.32 My Kingdom £1.00 Papua New Guinea £1.97 ISDN (black ltd) £1.99 Dead Cities £2.35 Salt Tank - ST3 £8.00 Salt Tank - ST4 £9.99 Salt Tank - ST5 £4.99 Salt Tank - Wave Intruder £1.99 Pole - CD1 £5.00 Pole - CD2 £6.00 Pole - CD3 £5.13 Appliance - D4 £0.85 Staeditizism 3 £0.99 Staeditizism £2.63 Jan Jelinek - Loop Finding Jazz Records £16.00 Kit Clayton - Nek Sanalet £5.27 Kit Clayton - Repetition & Nonsense £3.29 Scape Showcase £0.99 Various - Structure/Decay £0.44 Third Eye Foundation - Little Lost Soul £1.12 Third Eye Foundation - You Guys Kill Me £2.55 Buckfunk 3000 - First Class Ticket to Telos £1.69 Sutekh - Periods Make Sense £4.16 MDK - Open Transport £1.99 Various - Ischemic Folks £1.28 Various - House of Distraction £1.97 Gez Varley - Bayour Paradis £1.32 Vapourspace - Grav Arch of 10 Suite £6.41 Various - Trance Europe Express 4 £2.79 Internet Price: £109.17 My Price: £30 RANDOM (offers) Wishmountain is Dead £25.41 Thurston Moore - Root (with hoover Bag) £7.05 Masahiko Togashi - Rings £24.88 Bluetrain - No Lightweight Stuff £64.35 Tomita - Different Dimensions £3.99 Michael Fakesch - Marion £1.28 Akira OST £4.99 Jonny L - This Time £7.27 Willy Mason - Untitled £12.00 Cocteau Twins - Snow £4.50 Sheep On Drugs - Drug Music £5.98 Bjork Mit Funkstorung - All is Full of Love £3.00 Kid606 vs DJ Dalek - Ruin It EP £1.97 2K - F**K The Millennium (promo) £1.99 Front 242 - Masterhit (single) £1.29 // ENDED
  23. For the dedicated few who didn't tuck into the stream or the presumably now-ubiquitous CD rips doing the rounds, do you have any special plans on where you're giving TH it's first listen? With the fine weather in the UK at the moment (a serious rarity), one night this week a few of us will be heading out to a place in South Wales called the Devil's Pulpit (quite fitting, I thought): (That's not me). The view looks down on to the Cistercian Abbey of Tintern, which should prove for an epic setting at dusk: Hopefully we won't be tutted at/shuffled along by grumpy ramblers. Still trying to work out a decent pair of speakers for the occasion...
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