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Found 23 results

  1. Hey! Just finished up our RPM challenge, and wanted to share with you all. It starts out with more “normal” electronic music and then descends into experimental noise and ambient chaos. Inspired by the writings of Rick Remender, specifically Black Science- traveling thru alternate layers of reality like an onion. It’s free to download here: https://ccundefined.bandcamp.com/album/nacreous-allium The challenge info is here: https://www.rpmchallenge.com Thanks for checking it out! Enjoy!
  2. I find most of this release really irritating, but some of you might be interested. It popped on my radar because I was active in the Amiga scene as a teen.
  3. *ahem* Hellow WATMM... I am very happy to finally announce my album, Super Golyhedronland, will be released on November 22! 13 tracks of frenetic, videogame-inspired electronic madness, which I am very proud of 😁 It'll be on Spotify and all the big streaming services, but also if you got some cash to spare, why not pre-order the digital release today on Bandcamp? I've included a whole bunch of sweet sweet digital art goodies, check it out:
  4. Hi, just listed One-Offs Ep up for pre-order on bandcamp https://lackluster.bandcamp.com/album/one-offs-ep 1. Plip (3:36) 2. Shoo (2:16) 3. 210101 (4:54) 4. Sfacidx3mulch (1:15) 5. Rumk8 (9:49) 6. Kcl2 (3:39) the original press-release from June 2001: "Monotonik is very proud to present an exclusive 6-track EP from Finland’s Lackluster, aka Esa Ruoho, an artist we’ve been releasing (as Distance) since way back when we were putting out .MODs, and have seen go from the limited-edition “CDR#2” on Monotonik (our only physical release ever) to critical acclaim through his 12” and album releases on the UK’s DeFocus Records, and more recent vinyl and CDs put out through Rikos, Merck, and U-Cover, to name but a few. “One-Offs EP” is a collection of material from the last year or so which, quite simply, blows us away. From the starting bloopshuffle into expansive caverns of “Plip”, through the perverse percussives of “Shoo”, and into the suddenly retro, gorgeous simplicity of “21/01/01”, this suddenly feels eons past “Container”, even after its 5-star Muzik rating. Pausing for the breathy interlude of “Sfacidx3mulch”, the EP forges on to the simply epic and extended multilayering of “Rumk8”, as formerly heard in the [email protected] performance, and finally to the wonderful “Kcl2”, all echo-ing organ chords and zen-like calm. What a trip." releases April 10, 2020 p.s. the cover artwork is by Jaakko Iisalo. The originator of Angry Birds designs (the pigs and the birds).
  5. Chip -> Grind -> Demoscene -> Metal -> ambient / weird https://qualitycontrolalpha.bandcamp.com/album/the-ultimate-disappointment
  6. Japanese artist Geniway made a tribute to Final Fantasy XIII using LABO and the Nintendo Switch. Amazing what can be done with a Nintendo Switch and Nintendo's LABO cardboard... thing (not sure what you would classify LABO as): I love the pitch bending by wobbling the box!
  7. 2 Game Boy Micro consoles running Nanoloop 2, no post-processing or editing.
  8. Hi! I'd like to advertise for my friend Niclas well crafted chippy and melodic 4 track EP out now on Unko Records. First track is an original composition and the three others are covers of old well known 8-bit tunes (two from Mega Man and one from Super Mario Land) Check it out: http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=2987190095/size=medium/
  9. Well, that ones are not like to be done by Richard itself, but sounds, from a composition perspective, intriguingly similar... I found myself clicking and clicking in loops to listen. To taste the flavour of this computer algorithms, try the 3rd link first and optionally, enjoy as much as I do =D_ http://xifeng.weebly.com/bytebeats.html
  10. Yo, I'm trying to make at least 10 seconds of audio everyday for the Inpuj 10s project whose sc group page is https://soundcloud.com/groups/10-second-project-2013 Actually I try to make 1 minute rather than 10 secs, these are my takes: https://soundcloud.com/yan_g/sets/inpuj-10-sec-project Some will be reworked on, some will be kept as are, some will be forgotten :) I'll be posting here whenever I add a new track to this set...
  11. Hey guys, TX Chip is putting on a chiptunes show during SXSW called Square by Square Wave. knife city recently confirmed that he'll be playing. If you're going to be in town for SXSW, you should come check it out. RSVP here. Facebook event here.
  12. My computer broke a while ago so I've just been looking over old tracks, here's a mix I did for a party a few years back: http://soundcloud.com/terrestrialcouncil/terrestrial-council-space-jam These are some of my favourite tracks, also there are two songs of considerable length that are still unreleased. It's all from 2008-2010, so mostly older stuff, some day I should do a similiar mix with newer tracks! Since I can't really make too much music right now (got a shit computer I've been using, it's fun, but doesn't meet my needs) I've had more time to think about the future, so any feedback on these tracks would be appreciated! Thanks for listening/reading!
  13. One night, two wahrk sets! followed by FUKTOVER FEST 12.0 (Sorry. The venue changed and there's no up-to-date flyer yet.)
  14. Weird, there is no thread already. This guy deserves more attention. His self-titled LP was wonderful (Young Montanas amazing "Animals" remix was on there) and his second offering has some very lush pieces on there, reminding me a lot of early IDM and my childhood music, mixed with 80 vibe songs. http://www.discogs.com/artist/Groundislava
  15. Guest

    Birthday EP

    Eyyo watmm, I've just put up a free downloadable ep on my bandcamp page featuring some of my favorite tracks from my other bandcamp albums and a unreleased bonus track. Get it here if interested :) : http://plugexpert.bandcamp.com/album/birthday-ep Input 0.00 for the pricing and a free dl slot will open. Cheers, Richard
  16. Hey, I'm back with a new song I wrote and recorded yesterday. Actually I also have a bunch of other songs I uploaded to youtube. the new one is this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbCRBZlCIS4 it's sort of 'zelda' esq I have about 10-15 other tunes from my bandcamp that are uploaded to youtube, as well as some extras that aren't on any release on bandcamp. I'm really trying to get my music out there, basically starting from the bottom again. in 2008 i had a song on adult swim, and my LastFM page has lots of views ect but I'm basically a nobody artist like everybody else so take a listen, it's different than other stuff i promise! JDSY - Cornelius Road.mp3
  17. I cranked this out in about 3 hours. I think it's done. http://soundcloud.com/pselodux/twelver-remix Can't wait to try this out in a live setting. I think I'll do a bunch of remixes like this for a full-on dance action live set, fuck yes! Anyway, here's the original for comparison: http://pselodux.bandcamp.com/track/twelver
  18. Guest

    YQN - Bad 1.0

    Hello there, can't install my studio in my new temporary home so I stick to the Gameboy... http://soundcloud.com/yan_g/yqn-bad-1-0
  19. Guest


    http://soundcloud.com/yan_g/yqn-ocsid/ http://soundcloud.com/yan_g/chip-hop-forgotten-file
  20. http://datathrash.ba...ropping-a-duece Free, and amazonian. Grab this shit (derp) up.
  21. Been digging this kind of angle in regards to chiptune and 8bit music. Makes you hear and further appreciate certain songs. Granted, a few are a bit repetitive, especially ones that take out vocal parts. I tried to avoid anything that sounds like MIDI being lazily run through bitcrushers and/or lame sound banks as best as I could, but I'm no expert on the sound. Anyone else have some good finds? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FH1ccqGIxPQ&feature=related ^btw there are a ton of really good 8bit covers of black metal on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVgWDpmN9TI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXHijjQprOA
  22. playing around with this c64 vst i found and its quite shuffly arps. drums are less chiptune and more old roland style. http://soundcloud.com/derelic7/quickchip
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