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Found 11 results

  1. I'll be in Tokyo from the 25th of September, for 12 days or so. Mostly going for Square Sounds chiptune festival: (it's the replacement of the Blip festival if anyone knows that) .. but will have a lot of time to do other things, so I figured if any of you WATMMers are up for having a drink somewhere, or being my tour guide/gig buddy, it would be pretty good. I've never actually been overseas before so I'm kinda shitting myself over how I'm gonna get around without knowing any Japanese, zole.
  2. this new prototype has been teased by olivier for a bit now. his new yt video offers the first audio and details on his next major project. "A 3-channel analog synthesizer on a Game Boy cart. Sound comes from the Game Boy's headphone output."
  3. If you're a fan of these 8-bit/chiptune inspired games, this is a nice little package with a trippy looking piece of vinyl, and Steam download codes for all the games and their digital soundtracks for $25. http://www.engadget.com/2015/08/24/bit-trip-iam8bit-vinyl/
  4. Hey! Thought some of you might be interested in this compilation. It features an exclusive track from me, and a track by Orange Dust, as well as some of the more harder edged Australian producers. Orange Dust also did the artwork on the LP labels. Limited to 100 copies, so if you're interested, get on it! http://8-bitrecordings.bandcamp.com/releases SIDE A: NOISTRUCT - DON'T TELL PEOPLE BREAKCORE IS DEAD, JUST BECAUSE IT DOESN'T SERVE YOUR INTEREST MATT BLEAK - RECONJURATION SIDE B: THE LAST NINJA - BATTLEFIELD HAZARD DEADCODE - THE POINT DISLASYSTEM - YOUR HEAD IS FUCKED SIDE C: GELIDO - HAPPY APPLE CARMEL HARRIS SLURRYCUNT - PRISSY MORSEL PSELODUX - BONUS ROUND (FEATURING LIPID) SIDE D: ORANGE DUST - AMNESIA MALADROIT - KFMDN
  5. Hello! I am new here. It is my hope that this becomes my new home on the internet. I'm from Vancouver, BC, Canada. I hope to contribute something new, or something worthy of existing to the bloated body that is modern music. I have experience as a performing bass player. This has helped me appreciate great live shows. Many electronic acts have live shows that do not appeal to me. I am a Logic Pro Certified Instructor, which is a part of my day job. I am a music theory nerd, and love exploring theory, and am always up to answer any questions. Here's my most recent offering: http://soundcloud.com/doomczar/sets/demo-2013 Each song in that link was created using Renoise, and mastered in Logic. Please, insert the songs into your ears, spread the link around if you like it, and let me know what you think, especially if it's negative constructive criticism. Thanks.
  6. http://www.pulseboy.com/ Here's a tutorial video to get you started:
  7. Kickin'off this friday with a Massive line up in Liverpoool! UPITUP presents the legendary peeps from Italian seminal label "Sonic Belligeranza", coming over to showcase they're new 12" picture disk release "Extreme 8bit Terror", 8bit covers of heavy metal classics! http://belligeranza.c8.com/ Featuring label boss "Dj Balli"(a true pioneer of breakcore and harshnoise turntablism) and the UK debut of hardcore micromusic masters MAT64 and PIRA666! Lots of surprises, 8bit metal, chiptunes, breakcore, a LIVE metal band, happynoise and so much more! UPITUP presents: "EXTREME 8 BIT TERROR" a Sonic Belligeranza showcase with.... DJ BALLI MAT64 PIRA666 THE TIN FOIL HAT BRIGADE POISONCUT TONYLOCO ODDBWAR BASTARDCUNT MANIAC COP DJ a.P.A.t.T. (GENERAL MIDI) FREDDY's NIGHTMARE (THE REVENGE) UPITUP Dj's + SPECIAL LIVE METAL BAND: NINKHARSAG Friday 25th of November 2011 at CUC (41 Greenland Street, L1 0BS) / £5 http://www.facebook....00579799971516/
  8. Report here in this thread and I'll start a PM conversation. Keep 15th of October free because there is a big chiptune/video game music show that is part of the EB Games Expo, and I've been asked to play at it. Anyway, name yourselves in this thread and we'll take it to PM, or maybe we can keep it going here or in the Upcoming Events subforum - was going to post in there but I'm not sure how many Australian people check that subforum (I hardly ever do).
  9. Hello there. You may have noticed my interest in minimalist music and additive rhythm. Some of you may even remember the 8-bit cover I made of Two Pages by Philip Glass a while back. I've always been fascinated by the music of Glass, and one performance that really strikes me is Music In Twelve Parts. I have three different versions of this piece, and only after carefully studying the score can I truly appreciate its genius. So I thought, what if I applied these minimal works to a minimal sound design, rather than an orchestra? The result is an oxymoron - it flows with beauty, energy, creativity, and amazing detail - despite being founded on basic ideas of process, repetition, and simple waveforms. This is Part 12 of the performance, rewritten with that special 8-bit sound we all know and love as chiptune. Note that the traditional technique of using ridiculous arpeggios instead of chords has been abandoned - the nature of the original piece makes such an approach impossible. 22:42 21.7mb http://www.mediafire.com/?4zo3ou4jfgzepf4 Enjoy!
  10. are there special DAWs that are used to create them? is it worth to buy some old amiga to do them? what about trackers? Does it make sense do reduce the samplerate in ableton to get the sound?
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