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  1. Clark is doing some weird shit again. I have my reservations about this but we'll see. Album releasing May 26th. Pre-order: https://bleep.com/release/366278-clark-sus-dog First single:
  2. Has he left Warp? His latest single and TV score have been self released even though the last Panthers, an album in the same style, was on warp. In this interview here: https://truantsblog.com/2019/truancy-volume-247-clark/ it says: "Following an expansive discography of LPs on Warp from 2001 to 2017" Does that mean he doesn't release on the label anymore? I hope not but I'd still follow him of course. An argument against it would be that he is still listed in the active artists section on warp.net PS. Lol to this text color.
  3. Taken from today's LittleBig mailout: edit: https://clark.bandcamp.com/album/branding-problem After personally not feeling the Kiri release, I am excited for this.
  4. This guy knows how to be prolific, he just keeps on releasing stuff and I love it. The soundtrack releases on Dec. 6th 2XLP. Pre-order: https://dg.lnk.to/Clark
  5. Sept, 2013 - Warp Records - WARP239 TRACKLIST Disc 1 - Feast 1 The Beige Lasers Smoulderville (Clark Remix) 2 DM Stith Braid of Voices (Clark Remix) 3 Amon Tobin Kitchen Sink (Clark Remix) 4 Nathan Fake Fentiger (Clark Remix) 5 Clark Alice (Redux) 6 Kuedo Glow (Clark Remix) 7 Barker and Baumecker Spur (Clark Remix) 8 Silverman CANTSTANDTHERAIN (Clark Remix) 9 Rone Let's Go (Clark Remix) 10 Nils Frahm Peter (Clark Rework) 11 Glen Velez Untitled (Clark Remix) 12 Clark Absence (Bibio Remix) 13 Clark Ted (Bibio Remix) 14 Vampillia Sea (Clark Remix) 15 Prince Myshkin Cold Caby (Clark Remix) Disc 2 - Beast 1 Massive Attack Red Light (Clark Remix) 2 Battles My Machines (Clark Remix) 3 Letherette D&T (Clark Remix) 4 Clark Growls Garden (Nathan Fake Remix) 5 Aufgang Dulceria (Clark Remix) 6 Maximo Park Let's Get Clinical (Clark Remix) 7 The Terraformers Evil Beast (People In The Way) (Clark Remix) 8 Clark Suns Of Temper (Bear Paw Kicks Version) 9 Health Die Slow (Clark Remix) 10 Depeche Mode Freestate (Clark Remix) 11 Mr. Boggle Siberian Hooty / Fallen Boy (Clark Remix) 12 Drvg Cvltvre Hammersmashed (Clark Remix) 13 Milanese Mr Bad News (Clark Remix) 14 Feynmann's Rainbow The Galactic Tusks (Clark Remix) https://bleep.com/release/44248-clark-feast-beast
  6. April 2 - Re-Textured - London, UK May 10 - Philharmonie - Paris, France July 30 - Dekmantel Festival - Amsterdam, Netherlands
  7. RE-TEXTURED is a multi-venue, multi-sensory festival for London and the UK. The festival combines experimental electronic music, modernist and industrial architecture and innovative lighting installations for the ultimate visual and sonic experience. Mint lineup of techno types. https://www.tickettannoy.com/event/nRpd2AOqUUCJSZTO1qGuTg
  8. Nobody is talking about this, it wasn't mentioned or announced anywhere and this track debuted in his warp30 mix. This remixnisnfucking amazing seriously!
  9. Chris Clark returns with the much anticipated follow up to 'Body Riddle' & 'Turning Dragon' with "Totems Flare", out 13th July 2009. 'Totems Flare' will be sure to blow your mind, an album that his last EP 'Growl's Garden' only hinted at, in terms of potential. Eight years, five albums, untold EP tracks and stints living in Brighton, Birmingham and Berlin later, Clark's sound is more developed than ever - Totems Flare is an elegant meeting of past and present sounds. Chris sees Body Riddle (2006), Turning Dragon (2008) and Totems Flare (2009) as forming a “trilogy”. These albums have seen a steady and clear progression, from the baroque melodics of 'Body Riddle' through the hard techno drive of 'Turning Dragon' to 'Totems Flare', which combines the key qualities of both into yet another huge leap forward. The increase in ambition, scale and panache of 'Totems Flare' is as big as that which 'Body Riddle' represented, and early reactions suggest the public response could be at least as significant. And, vitally, this further leap forward came naturally. “The only hard thing with this album,” says Chris, “was selecting the tracks: I've got so many that it was a constant process of editing and chiselling down the structure until it was completely watertight. I've got enough tracks..... I could stop writing new tunes for the next three years if I wanted to, but I can't resist it....I'm already gone off on another plane. T'will be interesting melding this with the new Totem live show.” Standby for more info and previews to follow soon! http://warp.net/records/clark/new-album-to...-13th-july-2009 Digital Tracklisting Tracklist 01 - Outside Plume (04.21) 02 - Growls Garden (04.59) 03 - Rainbow Voodoo (04.36) 04 - Look Into The Heart Now (04.02) 05 - Luxman Furs (04.08) 06 - Totem Crackerjack (05.21) 07 - Future Daniel (04.09) 08 - Primary Balloon Landing (01.17) 09 - Talis (03.07) 10 - Suns Of Temper (05.40) 11 - Absence (03.10) http://warp.net/records/releases/clark/totems-flare/
  10. I don't know if this is worthy of a separate post but hey, Clark remixed Not The news from Thom Yorke's last album! Buy the remix and the entire EP at https://bleep.com/release/139593-thom-yorke-not-the-news-rmx-ep
  11. Out 26th July on Throttle Records. He dumped Warp? Warp dumped him? Instagram
  12. While the Death Peak topic in New and Upcoming Releases is lively, this album is too damn good not to have it's own topic in the Clark forum. My personal two pence: Death Peak is turning out to be Clark's best yet - so many songs on here are instant classics and I've had the damn thing on repeat all morning long! What's your thoughts?
  13. This is a good little EP, eh?
  14. New album coming 'this season', full info from Warp @ 3pm GMT. Listen to 'Peak Magnetic' at 08:37 (little bit of chat with Clark beforehand) - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08dbwmv
  15. cear

    Clark - Rellik EP

    Warp Records - WAP417DD 2017-09-08 1. Acid Romp Off (03:00) 2. Corroded Hymnal (04:16) 3. A Cutting (01:11) 4. Elaine / Gabriel Theme (05:50) 5. Snowbird (04:05) ______________________________18:22 https://bleep.com/release/89268-clark-rellik-ep
  16. Very intrigued by this venue, looks pretty nuts. I bagged a ticket and looking forward to some techno shenanigans. Press Halls Clark - Death Peak Live James Ruskin Marcel Dettmann British Murder Boys 65d Mavericks Charge Bay Randomer Mumdance Broken English Club Russell Haswell Rommek
  17. To celebrate the release of Death Peak I compiled a 2 hour special of his work for my radio show, including tracks from his latest album. Here's the music only version of that show.
  18. First track : https://soundcloud.com/throttleclark/omni-vignette nice That plus the theme by Bowie, I'm interested :
  19. Clark has just shared this on his FB page : https://www.wetransfer.com/downloads/c607710dbd45b3fa366fafedf0b49c2b20150127142355/e56b58 Can't check it right now since I'm at work but I guess from the "Winter Boots (Part 1)" title that it's an alternate version of "Winter Linn". Maybe the one from his BBC session ?
  20. File Name: Clark - Boiler Room x Bloc Live Set File Submitter: Perezvon File Submitted: 23 Oct 2015 File Category: Clark On our first day of broadcasting from Bloc '15, we witnessed Warp-wizard Clark perform his dazzling 'Phosphor' live show. Click here to download this file
  21. Anyone else ever noticed similar vibes between Silver Sun and Fenix Funk 5? Finally mixed these few tracks together and they work blindingly well IMO: "Silver Sun" even sounds a bit like "Fenix Funk" if you have a speech impediment.
  22. File Name: EatTreats003 Anna Lias - Chris Clark Mix [24-05-09] File Submitter: Perezvon File Submitted: 23 Jan 2016 File Category: Clark "What I tend to do is just jam stuff through as many boxes as I can... until everything sort of bleeds into itself and all its surrounding parts." Anna Lias lays down a thick mush of sublime noisepieces from the electronic entity known as Clark. Click here to download this file
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