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Found 16 results

  1. PROOF (POSSIBLY) THAT HEORGE GARRSISON IS THE ACTUAL APHEX. Maybe not Drukqs 2.0 as alluded to by the title, but at least Steinvord continued. (Which IMO was a Drukqs 1.5) https://youtu.be/0YIT9JSMqIo?t=944
  2. Really neat website where you can create MC Escher-style metamorphoses: https://escher.ntr.nl/en/mmm
  3. Richard/Weirdcore should consider this for the next campaign:
  4. I love stuff like this, even more so when it's backed by some science... https://www.quora.com/What-would-the-world-be-like-if-the-land-area-and-ocean-areas-of-Earth-were-switched
  5. This is a project I've worked on the past year and a half. Really wanted to make some lo-fi stuff of various genres, ended up with 2 separate EPs during that time. They were pretty closely themed, so I just stuck them together into this neat little album (at least in my opinion lol). Wouldn't have finished this without a push from some friends, you know who you are. Let me know what you think!
  6. Hello. The baton has been passed, end of an era etc etc. Friendly Foil has retired as curator of the CHATMM compilations and Roasty and I have taken over. The next theme will be Academic Electronic Music. We mean this in a vintage 1930-1960/70 sense. Stiff audio experiments, geometric diagrammatic artwork, men in white/tweed coats, smoking pipes and toiling over vast machines with blinking lights spilling out ticker tape. Also, we'd appreciate it if you also submitted at least a paragraph with your track explaining what the concept was and how you went about executing it. 'show your working out' so to speak. FAQ: Yes. Wav or Aiff I thought "show your working out" p much had this covered You can submit up to two tracks, if you want. If you're collaborating on a track with someone else, you can submit that too, though it'll count as one of the two tracks. Please keep them at a sensible length though (don't make me force a time limit - but if absolutely must - 8 minutes max) Some examples: Feel free to post other examples.
  7. Guest

    Need to get cool

    I wondered if anybody has any guidelines to attain mass appeal. I have enjoyed being ridiculous and playing the fool and although it is it's own reward... I have read tales of "losing face" or "saving face," well what if you have no face at all as an artist? How do you go about building a supercool brand name out of yourself and get that teflon smooth public image? I had some ideas. I'm almost 40 but I was noticing that this hairstyle was something that young people like to rock these days: also, the publicity photos like this seem to get all the kids spending their allowance money on records: anyway, I am really sorry that those two pics aren't the exact same pixel dimension, yeah it bothers me too. thanks in advance for your ideas!
  8. TRACKLIST: 01. DJ Clearboth - Take Off 02. MEGADRIVER - RAP IS HARD 03. DJ Foot Twerka - Future Of Juke 04. Ness - 4DVVV5 05. Phyla Zen - cy/ClopClop 06. Mozzarella Stick - Foilwerk 07. moth mouth - ask me no 08. Hilligoss - White Devil Solo Jazz 09. CYBERTONY - Lark 10. DJ Foot Twerka - Gettin' Some Head 11. Raes Haed - Hsent (Gedinda Tuinorizone) 12. kool deejah - spook life 13. Hello Spiral - DNA RE'CODING (GET YA SPIRAL ON NAGAZ)! 14. Jonas The Plugexpert - Jukle Frenzy 15. Tellem Hawk - GOTITGOINON! 16. foot-tw3rk - fancy 17. Duel St - Nice Turn 18. theboysrepublic - dropsick Theme: FootworkMusic by: The people of WATMM.com. Cover Art by: Justin Bergstrom (www.behance.net/patternoverlap) (with added black border because of Bandcamp's weird 700x700 requirement...) CH011 released 03 July 2014 Music by: NorthernFusion, GRVGLTCHR, QBLA, PhylumZunami, Friendly Foil, Squarerchetua, chim, Djeroek, vincentvc, cloudbreaker, NoResults, patternoverlap, Whoopdee, auxien, Tamagotchi San, hello spiral DOWNLOAD HERE (IT'S VERY FREE AND COOL)
  9. Josh Cooley has a book coming out featuring famous scenes from R-rated movies in the style of children's books. Really cool stuff!
  10. TRACKLIST: 1. Raccoon Acid - We Both Like Girls 2. Magic Hour - Dog In Field 3. theboysrepublic - badgirl 4. QBLA - Cross Fit Girl 5. Zander One - Why 6. GRVGLTCHR - Stag Beach 7. Sunnyside Corporation - Corpus Crispy 8. Edward Mass - Green Noa 9. Idiotek - Pinflex Music by: The people of CHATMM. Cover Art by: Justin Bergstrom (www.behance.net/patternoverlap) LINK
  11. Bearman - Love Symphony Hi, my name is Matan Berman and I produce my music as Bearman, I come from Israel. I would like to show you my newest track called "Love Symphony". Moreover, I Have a lot of passion for creating music please let me know what you thinking. https://soundcloud.com/bearmanproducer/bearman-love-symphony
  12. http://globalgoon.bandcamp.com/album/horizon
  13. My chillout / ambient song. Listen to it and tell me what you think! http://soundcloud.com/sergej-sokolov/revitute-chillout
  14. Guest

    Sup's first anniversary

    His account is one year old today on September 13th. I dedicate this thread to the forum's most influencing figure of the year. He literally founded deep philosophies like the arts of ndc and jbc. I am even considering compiling an official supabulary so everyone can communicate more easily. May coolness be with us. :sup:
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