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Found 21 results

  1. According to the excellent BOCPages: According to Sean Booth, there exists a cover that Boards of Canada made of the Autechre track "Cichli", it still remains unreleased.
  2. Finally! Its here. The album you've all been waiting for, more eagerly awaited than Boards of Canada, more sought after than Aphex Twin, WATMM covers Squarepusher. Congrats to all involved, this is a wicked compilation of tracks. DOWNLOAD HERE, in WAV. Tracklist: 1. Zephyr Nova - Rotate Electrolyte 05:24 2. Hermann - Squarepusher Theme 06:39 3. YIkES! - I Wish You Could Talk 03:06 4. Stocko - Rebus 03:15 5. The Kimmy Gibblers - My Sound 03:48 6. Hefty Carriage - Unknown (Inspired track) 05:08 7. Swegüno - I Wish You Could Talk (Reinterpreted) 05:47 8. Acidburp - Unreleased 03:50
  3. Holy shit things have changed on here - I had to pay to get in! This had better have a happy ending. FWIW I used to post as Hamsteizer around 2007. Then I twiddled my own knob so much little people came out & got in the way of everything. Worked my way back to it & I've progressed from Fruity Loops to Ableton! People are already comparing me to a modern-day Mozart, but I know I'm better than that. I'll post a couple of tracks here & then roam the forums & listen. Starting with an Aphex cover. Name that tune! ++ ok I figured out Scloud, link is here ++ SheLeftMate_01.mp3
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97FBWB4vv3s
  5. Hey all, I'm a long-term AFX fan and just recorded a piano cover of aisatsana this week. Hope you enjoy it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6inYVeOmLNk
  6. Hello Guys, the title pretty much says it all, I hope you enjoy it and if you find any mistakes or got ideas for improvements please let me know :) in case some of you want to play it yourselves - it luckily isn't all too hard to play, the rhytmical part is a bit annoying to practise tho, that's why there's a couple of mistakes in the youtube video wich I hope you guys don't mind. In case anyone wants a MIDI-version I could make one and sent it to you, just message me Cheers! Diskprept1sheetfinal.pdf
  7. Hello Guys, 3 days ago I got a bit bored and decided to make another Aphex Twin piano transcription. Since Nannou seemed to be cool to play on piano and I couldn't find sheet music for it online yet, I figured it would make sense to transcribe Nannou. I just finished the sheet music half an hour ago and can't play the piece myself yet, but I made a recording using CVPiano playing the MIDI-file generated by Sibelius. If you think there are any notation errors or that notes are missing/wrong just tell me and I can rectify it. You can download the PDF-version of the sheet music, the MIDI-file and audio with the following link :) http://we.tl/K01hE4aOx0 Shoutout to the guy who put an awesome slowed-down version of Nannou on youtube, it made everything so much easier for me, especially the part starting at around 4 minutes in the video, wich has got insane rythmical details I never even noticed before. Here's the link: Hope you guys enjoy it! :) PS: if you guys haven't seen my previous post; I have got piano versions of beskhu3epnm and the endig of z17 on my youtube channell too, hope I can soon upload nannou as well. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF25nu7uHQBREwm469JOiHw
  8. Hi all! I'm still not 100 percent sure what/where to post here on WATMM, hope this is the right place (please let me know if not and I’ll move it – also, apologies for any grammar errors English is not my first language ). Anyway, last summer I transcribed the part from 7:27 onwards of Ziggomatic 17 for 2 pianos. After i joined WATMM recently I showed a recording of it to a couple of people who all seemed to enjoy it, so i thought it might be a good idea to share the sheet music since there surely are a lot of fellow piano-players here on WATMM who can try and play this version (or just look at how the sheet music for a classical instrument might be looking for this BEAST of a song). For now i only have a handwritten version of the sheet music which i think is pretty okay, but if some of you are interested i could transcribe it properly with notation software when i find the time. Hope you enjoy, putting a youtube of how it sounds below. Check the video description for further info :)
  9. With guitars and shtuff https://soundcloud.com/minimamal/jynweythek-ylowaha-aphex-twin
  10. amazing tumblr that spots the original pictures from classic album covers http://artofalbumcovers.tumblr.com/ it's mind blowing some of them are a bit a boomer since i've always though the art/design was made for it
  11. Guest

    "New Clear Dawn"

    So, I don't remember how long ago this was but there was some false lead that the new BOC album would be titled "New Clear Dawn." Now we have... I hope that I'm not just pointing out the brutally obvious, but the first thing I noticed was how the cover to Tomorrow's Harvest looks exactly like the millisecond after a hydrogen bomb is detonated in a city due to where it looks like the source of the light is. It also looks like a normal dawn at first glance, but doesn't quite once you notice where the light is coming from. Perhaps its supposed to be interpreted either way: a new, clear dawn or a nuclear dawn? I know this sounds silly and fanboyish, but it's just the first thing I noticed and I was curious to see what others thought.
  12. Has a thread like this been done before? can't find one. I'll start with this one,
  13. I recently came across this rather unusual track, titled "Ventolin (Ae Mix)". It sounds very experimental, kinda like something Booth and Brown would put together while they were just playing around. There's not much to it, no percussion, but some interesting development of synths and white noise. What convinces me is that it does sound similar to the original mix of Ventolin. It has a similar high-pitched ring, though it sounds more like a cover version than something that samples the original. What do you guys think? Is it real? If not, any idea where it's from? autechre - ventolin (ae mix) UNRELEASED.mp3
  14. Was going thru my favuorite youtube videos and found this one cool to watch, imho
  15. Christ. is putting on a month long cover competition over at his FB page! People are to submit a cover of any Christ. track from his entire discography and signed vinyl is up for grabs! For more info see the provided link. I just started my cover of 'Pylonesque'.
  16. Hi there everyone! Are you interested in knowing what your music might be portrayed as in image form? My girlfriend, who is a very talented and experienced graphical designer and artist, would like to start a fun challenge for herself of making possible album covers. This is mainly just for fun, but who knows, you might end up with something you´d like to use for your new release! My girlfriend Joss would like to add more things to her portfolio and would like this to be a challenge for herself, mainly to keep her creative flow going. She has made album covers in the past and would like to carry on with this exercise, so send in your songs and EP/LP projects for her to work with, and hopefully produce something for you. You don´t have to do it seriously at first, you can even just give us a project to work with just for fun, and we´ll give it a go! You won´t have to pay unless you want to use it commercially ;) Peace everyone, Hermann and Joss
  17. So here's my latest and greatest Aphex cover. This is certainly going to be revised at some point when I release the full record. [media=]http://soundcloud.com/eskimospy/ageispolis-aphex-twin-cover[/media] Also, if you're so inclined, the rest of the covers I've done are here: [media=]http://soundcloud.com/eskimospy/sets/aphex-covers/[/media] Cheers WATMM'ers! I welcome feedback, any thoughts are appreciated. Edit: For some reason.. the link is broken, but you can click through to it, sorry for the hassle.
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