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  1. Some new dark ambient drones as we head into the weekend.
  2. (01) Scanner :: Dimension [sub Rosa] (02) Minilogue :: Clouds and Water (Rrose remix) [Enemy] (03) Conrad van Orton & VSK :: Interaction [Modularz] (04) Acid Arab :: Theme [Versatile] (05) Regis :: Blood Witness [blackest Ever Black] (06) Pearson Sound :: Tsunan Sun [Pearson Sound] (07) Randomer & Hodge :: Second Freeze [Livity Sound] (08) Alex Coulton :: Candy Flip [idle Hands] (09) Gesloten Cirkel :: Zombie Machine (Acid) [Murder Capital] (10) Mall Grab :: Black Palms [unknown To The Unknown] (11) Randomer & Cadans :: Lottarump [Clone Basement Series] (12) Aphex Twin :: D-Scape [Warp] (13) Post Scriptum :: Isdat [infrastructure New York] (14) Lakker :: Halite [R & S]
  3. https://www.facebook.com/Lustmord.Page/photos/a.484794371615.257503.21279386615/10153799800416616/?type=3&theater Sample: https://soundcloud.com/lustmord/dark-matter-medley
  4. http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=1748297126/size=medium/ Veteran industrial duo Orphx just dropped this today - an excellent record all the way through. Fans of intricate polyrhythmic beats take note!
  5. Not mastered quite a crazy ride of a track https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/lust
  6. 2 new ep out,some dark experimental techno,breakbeat,idm stuff on the Possession EP and some dark industrial techno,ebm,darkwave on the Paranoia EP. Previews https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/sets/possession-ep-out-on-bandcamp https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/sets/paranoia-ep Bandcamp https://fxbip.bandcamp.com/album/possession-ep https://fxbip.bandcamp.com/album/paranoia-ep
  7. it's cool because he incorporates sound sculptures from his background in studio art i feel like he is combining a dark czech indie puzzle game aesthetic with a synth take on 2005 era FUSE.tv melodic metal breakdowns?
  8. Guest

    Free Sample Pack

    http://totalkheops.altervista.org/sample-packs/?doing_wp_cron=1451657391.0935831069946289062500 hi Guys! happy new year! This is a collection of free loops and samples 68 files, 133 MB of sounds (48kHz, 24bit, WAV format). Sounds where created especially with Reaktor Ensembles and M4L devices and processed with long FX chains. Bpm 85-90-110-174. Useful for IDM, Glitch, Experimental DnB........ New and larger libraries coming soon! Enjoy making music! Bicho Raro
  9. Here are some dark stuff ive been doing recently,very much inspired by drukqs and the tuss. First track was done with the demos of reaper,absynth,monark for the synths and drumatic 3 and cerebrum3 for the drums. https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/eating-my-flesh https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/quiem https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/metaplus-4m2 https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/millions
  10. Hey all, I finally decided to put this release out, which I'd describe as what it would sound like if David Koresh had stock music composer's creating a self-introspection/ meditation album in the late 90s using early digital software, drawing influences from SAW II and the work of William Basinki. Finished this release 4 months ago, and did a very one-of-a-kind project, where i released it only on cassette, and only pressed to 1 sole copy for a real life scavenger hunt I put together for it, but now I'd like to get it out there, so here it is: A little backstory on CRS 2.1 (copied from the bandcamp release page): CRS 2.1 is an originally-composed LP that exists as the 3rd part of a continuous series of music works related to the fraudulent corporation "Consumer Recreation Services" (CRS), from the David Fincher film, The Game. This is the digital version of a secret cassette tape that was hidden in San Fransisco's Financial District, as the prize of a real-life scavenger hunt based on the film. Hope you guys enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts! <3 https://donovanhikaru.bandcamp.com/album/crs-21 "Untitled 2" from the release: More information on this release (sorry for the fuckton of links): A photo-journal of the tape scavenger hunt published by the finder of the secret cassette : imgur.com/a/uk4OE Promo Video for the release: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvO86AAeyS8 The release page for CRS 2.0- the previous release in the CRS series, available for digital DL, and with more information on the backstory. adhesivesounds.bandcamp.com/album/crs-20
  11. Two close friends of mine just released an album based on a live session they did some weeks ago. I quite like what they did, so i thought i share it here. Here we go: Bandcamp Album SoundCloud-playlist https://soundcloud.com/verstaerkermusic/sets/verstaerker-ahead-mammoth Gear List: Macbeth M3X 2 Korg Ms20 mini Korg monotron Korg volca sample Cwejman S1 elektron Analog Four elektron Octatrack elektron Machinedrum Sonic Potions LXR Roland Tr-8 Sherman Filterbank1 Sherman Filterbank2 eventide Timefactor dynacord VRS23 and others
  12. https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/zoktimo https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/fuksum https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/xe-1 https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/ashmat https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/bok
  13. Here is a new track that I've been slaving over the final mix for, not being able to get it quite right until now. Please let me know what you think! I included the soundcloud file and a youtube link as well for if you want visual accompaniment. The video definitely colors the mood of the track for me. I'd love to hear what feelings/visions it brings to you. https://soundcloud.com/lawrencelawrence/number-9grey [youtubehd]Ms6jShlXM_Q[/youtubehd]
  14. https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/mo-1 https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/joy https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/fk-1
  15. https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/noo https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/8morn https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/callingf Hope you guys will like my new babies!!
  16. wrote this today. might release it on something eventually but for now will remain a youtube video.
  17. About a year back, I got the idea of making a project which involved bass-heavy, dark idm and techno that borders on the surreal. Here's the debut LP. http://centernode.bandcamp.com/album/imetric
  18. 18 track Album of Ultra Dark Braindance Acid Out Now for FREE!! Preview: https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/madness-part-2-album-previewout-now-for-freeclick-buy-link-for-download Link: http://fxbip.bandcamp.com/album/madness-part-2
  19. barely know why I'm posting this here at this point but if you have sub woofers you might like this
  20. This sounds really dark. Looking forward to it. Release on limited CD + EP, CD, LP and digital preorder: http://spectrevision.com/music_management/hauschka/ac-splash/
  21. https://soundcloud.com/sriracha/guest-mix-for-the-darkest-hour 01 arovane::tabl F [Din] 02 monolake::fragile [monolake/imbalance computer music] 03 rrose::worn/scarred [sandwell district] 04 raime::the last foundry [blackest ever black] 05 gescom::key nell 2 [skam] 06 eggfooyoung::bass bin [touchin' bass] 07 crunch::cassette [colony productions] 08 richard devine::klockner [schematic] 09 autechre::under BOAC [warp] 10 astrobotnia::untitled [rephlex]
  22. Bandcamp Link: http://blackcake.bandcamp.com/album/black-cake-2 NSFW Album Art:
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