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Found 10 results

  1. Hey all, I'm considering upgrading to Windows 11 on my dusty (but quite recent) music-making laptop, anyone in here who have taken the plunge? Run into any compability issues or latency nonsense? Please advise.
  2. Intro video should give an idea of how it works. Lots of stuff to talk about with it but just wanted to start this up for now. I’ve been playing with it intermittently over the last couple months, still very new/learning still.
  3. Hi Everyone, I've been using Logic for well over 20 years, but bounced around between various DAWs once they stopped making the PC version ages ago. I've been using Reaper for the past three years or so and I really like it. I could never get comfortable with Ableton - despite it being excellent software. Main thing for me was lack of customization for key commands. Anyway, Reaper has so many advantages for electronic music production, especially those requiring flexibility in routing or microedits: Excellent bounce in place functionality, ability to have effect chains on a per EVENT (rather than per track) basis, sample-edit editing in the arrange window, plus about a million more things. I suppose some downsides could be the relatively "primitive" GUI and simple built-in effects. If anyone is curious, here's a DAW runthrough of a recent track in Reaper. Anyone else using it? Happy to hear all your tips and tricks... Thanks for listening, Jake
  4. Guest

    Drukqs Gear and Samples

    What drum samples or drum machines were used? How much of it was ITB? What software was used?
  5. A couple of spontaneous compositions. Inspired after viewing the 2017 solar eclipse in southern Illinois here in the States, these tracks came to be almost overnight.. Let me know what you think of the EQ in particular, I feel that's where I need the most help. https://soundcloud.com/helioscence/totality-different https://soundcloud.com/helioscence/gems
  6. https://soundcloud.com/helioscence/star-flower A spontaneous dance track spawned of unfinished remnants from friend Phyletic. The driving, positive vibe to this track makes it one of my personal favorites. Created first using the music production software GarageBand, then moving the composition into Reason8 Essentials to be fully expanded to completion. I hope this track encompasses something beautiful and moving for you, it has for me... Places where my art and music live virtually: Official Website: Helioscence.com Instagram & Twitter: @Helioscence Facebook.com/Helioscence Updated Art Print Shop: Etsy.com/Shop/Helioscence Image thumbnail Artwork by Paul Mezinskas View the piece in it's entirety: helioscence.com/visions/
  7. I make all my tracks in Reason and Audacity and am trying to finalize some tracks for a vinyl release. I've read about compression, understand the basic concepts and parameters and am struggling a bit with solutions to a few basic and very common problems to someone new to mixing/mastering game. If anyone out there is able to Skype with me for 30-40 min that would be best. That's a big favor though, so I'll outline the state of things here, and if anyone wants to chime in that would be great. At some point I got the advice to lay off compression until the end. The argument is that compressing stuff as you go often leads to an arms race in which you compress individual elements to get them to sound good, and you inevitably come to an end product that is over compressed. Most of my drum machines have some compression on them on their way out, but it's minimal. I now know I really should be treating the kick/snare/metal all differently, and I think I sort of the do that with the 4 channel strategy, but yeah, in the future I'll be smarter. The synths: the basses and leads and pads mostly have no compression. So here I am at the end, I'm running the main out through 4 channel parallel compression and then a 4 channel limiter. I'm finding I have 2 common and related problems a. still too quiet b. peaking transients My sense is the second issue is affecting the first. If I look at the waveform of say, produk 29, I can see nice fat peaks, with nothing peaking out, and of course it sounds perfect. Also, the compression doesn't raise the lower stuff so that the song is nicely dynamic- there's no constant drone of jacked low sounds. I understand it's hard to really help me without diving into the tracks because compression solutions, complex, context-dependent, and somewhat individual. But I have a few general questions about the solutions I've come up with. 1. What are some good guidelines for the parameters of a 4 channel parallel compression? For all of them I have very low thresholds, attack and releases at 40ms and 370 ms. For the first 3 bands I have ratios of around 2:1 but for the highest band I'm at 8:1 to push offending transients, which are mostly in that range, down. I basically like the sound I have uncompressed, so I don't feel like I need to add punch to individual elements. I really just wanna get this louder while preserving the uncompressed sound. 1. Is hard limiting OK? Many of the transient problems are from snares. I can help that by changing the attack on the snare sounds but I can also just hard limit the final waveform, and then compress the whole thing again lightly, at say 3:1 with high threshold, short attack and decay.
  8. Doesn't Ableton usually do a spring sale on Live? I recently bought a Push from a friend and have been waiting to upgrade to Live 9 when they have a sale. I thought they normally did for Easter/Memorial Day weekends, but both have come and gone and no sale at all. Any rumors or people with better memories than mine who have any idea if I'm going to be waiting forever?
  9. Okie dokie. This holiday post will be for the Ableton / Max for Live users here. 1st to reply to this thread gets one item of their choosing from the Bit Voltage Store Also: Bit Voltage on Facebook (if you wanna keep up with holiday goodness)
  10. http://chaoticdaw.com/ It's a really small project that the developer said he's not going to be able to continue, but it seems really neat and promising. Anybody play with it? Anybody interested in developing it further?
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