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Found 11 results

  1. the anisotroph sequence of singles begins with two tracks; IDM-style uptempo tracks with hints of modern electro, dark ambient, and glitch. [bandcamp]2487596580[/bandcamp] available at https://tsrono.bandcamp.com/album/anisotroph
  2. https://detund.bandcamp.com/album/ab I found this album while going through a poll for best Estonian album released in 2017. While most of the stuff there was basically usual suspects and boring hipster pop, this double LP (running length 2x37 minutes) is to me personally a jaw dropping pearl and I was instantly hooked. The concept is actually not a new one - trying to marry classical instruments and electronics, but it is really rare to see it executed so tastefully and dynamically as Taavi and Kristjan in this case have. There are step sequencers, but they are guided by the warm and loving hands of a human, so they do not force themselves nor do they attempt to dictate the mood in the same way that a repeating melody in a traditional house or techno track would. On the analog/classical yang, opposite of the electronics' ying, the woodwinds/brass/flutes/what have you do not stand alone, trying awkwardly to make friends with some metronome - instead somehow they manage to keep up a very dynamic and interesting dance, slowing down and speeding up. I think this album achieves what many attempts to combine traditional instruments and modern electronics do not - the music sounds raw, alive and very dynamic, but at the same time avoids using too many tropes associated with either classical or electronic music. In my opinion it's one of the most interesting and innovative albums I have heard in the past 4-5 years. This has probably a lot to do with my personal taste, but I felt the need to share this thing nevertheless. I hope there's people here who will enjoy it as much as I did!
  3. http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/01/06/508501366/norway-will-be-first-country-to-shut-down-fm-network-go-all-digital
  4. I feel like people think that analog synthesis is superior to digital synthesis. I have a tx81z and, while it's a bitch to program (it's not really that bad), I think the sounds that come out of it are great. It's like a big box of future noise but it's from 27 years ago. I also have access to an Arp 2600 (yeah, I get to play with an Arp. Fuck you) and while the sucker sounds phenomenal, I don't think it's a better synth than the Yamaha (I don't want to get into an argument of tx81z vs 2600, thanks though). The Yamaha is so much more flexible (polyphony is useful). Why do synth manufacturers generally produce synths that are VA, when they could be making something that sounds, I don't know, unique (discuss)? Digital technology is supposedly so much more flexible than analog, and in the synth market it seems that a lot of digital technology is used just to rehash the past. Here's a novel idea: if you want something to sound analog, make it analog (Thanks Korg, you're smart, here's my money). To my knowledge, a lot of albums I really enjoy were made using totally digital equipment, or even completely on a computer (e.g. Truant, Room(s))(surely a lot of albums I really enjoy were also made using analog equipment as well (e.g. Animals, Low)). So why is it that most synths that come out are intended to replicate old school gear? I think digital synthesis is so much more flexible. You can obviously replicate (to a degree) analog gear. You can also do all kinds of other goofy shit. Perhaps analog is more pleasing to the human ear (discuss, please), but I don't think so (but I don't know). Am I supposed to have a point? Fuck, umm.... How about what digital synths do you love that are unabashedly digital? I really like my Ion (even though it's VA it's a beast of it's own). I also really like my samplers, and that shit is digital but it has a fuck ton of character. I've heard Waldorf stuff is really digital sounding (someone send me a blofeld, I'll let you know if it sounds digital). The M-audio Venom looks pretty interesting as well to me, because it it's a synth that makes sounds that are, you know, new. I don't want it to seem like I hate analog stuff, but please argue with me.
  5. So, Wood Between Worlds has started putting up the Autumn Harvest tapes, a batch of cassette and digital releases. The full set can be grabbed here, and the individual releases are described below. Spiricom - Spiricom Imposing soundscapes, walls of distortion, arresting drones, haunting vocal loops: these sounds and more coalesce on Spiricom's debut cassette release, resulting in a strikingly cohesive and unique album. Taking influence from other genre-defying artists like Ulver, Leyland Kirby, and Current 93, these tracks utilize various styles - echoing tribal and dub techno on "Incantations" or harkening the deep ambient electronic compositions of Tim Hecker or Ben Frost on tracks like "Overpasse" and "By Myself and Others." Ryan Harris - Endless Shadows Horror, suspense, and enthrallment of cinematic scope. Throbbing synth pulses, hypnotic beats, and enchanting melodies woven together by Ryan Harris. Endless Shadows' sound and vision is a tribute to the scores of John Carpenter and the discography of the label Italians Do It Better. All music was recorded back in 2010, and unearthed in 2014. All improvisational recording live on various synths with no overdubs. Rorqual - sei/ci Rorqual is an ambient project inspired by the Chopped & Screwed movement. The slowing, repetition, improvisation, and cassette/mixtape/lo-fi aesthetic that was integral to the sound of DJ Screw and many other purveyors of the movement is here taken to an extreme and twisted into ambience where only the ghosts of rappers and beats remain. Full disclosure: Rorqual is my (side) project, so I'm obviously invested in that. But no matter, the Ryan Harris and Spiricom releases are both very good. Far outshine my stuff. Definitely give those albums a listen.
  6. I am looking to upgrade my turntable, but I'm conflicted as to how I should be spending my money. I mean, technically instead of buying the hardware, I can be buying actual music. Also, as far as collecting vinyl as a hobby - each new LP is usually going for $30 USD with shipping. If you think about this, buying digital makes the most sense in terms of frugality. It doesn't take up any physical space, it's much cheaper, no waiting for shipping, etc. . . I'm almost talking myself out of it already, but I love vinyl despite what I've said. I'm interested in buying a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon, which is $400 USD - going to spend what I've earned on my bandcamp page to fund the purchase. I thought this would be a good topic despite it being another debate about music formats. TIA.
  7. ... log in to download quickdemo.mp3 quickdemo.mp3
  8. The Korg DSS-1. A great big beast of a sampling keyboard from the mid 1980s. Features a digital sampler & two digital delays, an analog filter & analog ADSR, and the ability to generate synth waveforms (digital I believe, have not used that feature seeing as I've got dedicated synths for that). A bit cumbersome to use, it sat in my closet for years until I had an urge to dig it out the other day & make some tracks, which reminded me that it's probably the warmest sounding sampling unit I've ever used & now I wanna make a whole buncha tracks with it Problem is! It runs on floppy disks. Actually that's mostly a good thing because it coats the samples in lofi grit & it forces you to be choosier about what sounds you use & it makes this cool mechanical noise while it reads the disk. But it's a pain in the arse to record sounds to my Zoom H2, hook that up to the DSS-1 via audio cable, & play the sounds back individually to record them to the floppy. There's a program called Omniflop which allows you to create properly formatted dss-1 disks on a PC, problem is it only seems to work on internal drives & I'm running off a netbook with a usb floppy. Long story short, does anyone else here own one of these things & have any ideas on how to take the hassle out of floppifying my sound banks?
  9. http://soundcloud.com/undergroundclouds/license-20120731acieed I finally got my lab fully reconnected Monday night. This is the first jam I've recorded since then. Also I was using my Shruthi-1 with the digital fx board for a couple months and I got kind of sick of the sound of the filter, so I put the original analog filter back in and I've been enjoying that the last couple of nights. I don't think of acid as my primary thing but I seem to keep gravitating toward it unconsciously. Shruthi-1 is the main acid line, Nord Micro Modular is doing drums, and the reverb is Quadraverb. Distortion is from the gain on my mixer and there's heavy EQ on everything - more knobs to fuck with! Oh, yeah, and the MPC was sequencing the Shruthi-1, while the Nord was running from an internal sequencer, slaved to the MPC. I don't consider myself fluent in acid, so constructive/destructive criticism is appreciated!
  10. Title says all. I'm giving away the 2 codes that came with the album as I don't need them. PM me and I'll PM you
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