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Found 16 results

  1. Anyone into do it yourself kits and stuff here? Ive had an SSL G4000 built for me and im getting a pultec next, thought as ive got some free time im going to try something myself not really bothered about modular at the moment, its outboard i want so im going to attempt a few 1176 compressors from Hairball Audio http://www.hairballaudio.com/catalog/fet-rackand keep one and sell another and try and build up from there. aim is to end up being able to build kit usually out of my price range & make a bit of money on the side while im at it, bringing joy to friends who want chea
  2. Finished soldering my 4th eurorack module today, the turing machine by music thing. Even though I didn't add any extra flux while soldering I noticed the boards were quite sticky and had some specks of solder on them so decided to try to clean them a bit with cotton swabs and 96% alcohol. While doing this a whole bunch of the joints developed a white crust that doesn't look good at all. I googled a bit but got overwhelmed trying to figure out what it could be so I turn to the watmm hive-mind for help. Here's a pic: (feel free to ridicule my crummy soldering skills) This is aft
  3. http://phlntn.com/emojibuilder/ Let's see what emoji we can come up with...
  4. Ran across this today and it is just too cool (I think) not to share:
  5. I want to start soldering - there are a couple of simple MODs I want to do on some second hand (fairly expendable) pedals I own. I already do plenty of welding with my job so I am pretty sure I will pick it up ok. Anyone got any advice on what kind of iron to buy, what types of solder to use, other hints or tips. Would be useful to have all of this in one place if anyone has anything to add. Was looking at temperature controlled stations, such as the Weller WHS40 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Weller-WHS40-18v-Temperature-Controlled-Soldering-Iron/372223395426?epid=1004229222&has
  6. For the most part I'm someone very much satisfied with software and digital solutions for effects, but there are a couple exceptions with hardware I want to eventually acquire, and both are quite expensive and/or rare. One is a Roland Space Echo tape delay unit, the other is a vintage spring reverb, specifically a Fisher SpaceXpander K10, a tube-driven unit which King Tubby made famous. It produces a long, spacey, almost water-drop sounding delay to percussion hits that is understandably hard to emulate with digital effects. I've also gathered this is something of an ironically unintended soun
  7. The Caustic Window LP - DigiPak and CDr Offer You are hopefully now enjoying the digital download of the Caustic Window LP - but, depsite living in the "digital age", we still have this attachment to physical items - to actually hold a release, look at the artwork, the tracklisting, etc. Well, we unfortunately couldn't do a physical release for CAT023, but we've come up with the next best thing - a physical container to store your CAT023 digital files on so it can sit proudly in your record collection next to your other prized items. I've been given permission by Rephlex and Richard Jam
  8. http://www.huhmagazine.co.uk/8191/a-working-turntable-made-out-of-leg
  9. Levitation is a collaboration effort between three artists. Jack Vogt, Omari Jazz, and Vawter. https://steppepper.bandcamp.com/album/levitation
  10. https://soundcloud.com/zhaozhou/zhaozhous-vocoder-test-14-nov-2014 it was designed to perform super well with super low saw waves like that one song in Syro *thanks Richard* it uses the same frequencies as a bode vocoder i spent the past four days actually coding this because i wasnt happy with any other vocoders. theres still room for improvement, lots of optimisation, etc and the code, for use in ReaJS //Vocoder 14 nov 2014 Thanks SaulT and Amateur Tools DSP //This plugin contains ideas and code techniques by RBJ, SaulT, Moog, Bode, Loser, etc. //USE AT OWN RISK. This plugin c
  11. Eight months ago, a series of mysterious messages were exchanged in the bowels of WATMM, initiating a collaboration which would lead to the creation of a double debut EP, which will be released on the 12th of April in sexy DIY cassette format. We are proud to present: This screen-printed yellow tape comes in a handmade box, with dual-sided artwork, and an insert providing tracklisting and information, all lovingly handcrafted with a DIY approach. On the cassette, you will find 40 minutes of fresh music from Antape and Kotekan, in the form of two 20 minute debut EPs. 14 tracks seeping w
  12. Hi check out this spectacular album from Cave Art duo recorded live in Munich http://zvukolom.org/releases/cave-art-pina-colada/
  13. This is a place for you to share your homemade arts & crafts and DIY projects. I'm NOT talking about fine arts like photography, paintings and scupltures and shit like that. I am talking about stuff like knitting, quilting, pottery, etc. Also, feel free to post stuff like Youtube videos that give helpful crafty DIY ideas and tips. I like to knit. I've made a scarf and a hat and I'm working on my second hat right now. Last night repurposed some old soap into a new bar... I found out about how to do it from this youtube video... [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0m69EiNy77s[
  14. Hi there! If you're curious, I just started a blog about my DIY MIDI controller project. I thought it might be fun to share, since I started with almost no knowledge in electronics and very little in programming... Here's the link to the first post: http://yanghttpout.b...ller-intro.html
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