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Found 13 results

  1. https://fxbip.bandcamp.com/album/reach Some more bip braindance trx.
  2. trying to build some muscle memory w/ a new mixer.. all rough edges are intended 😛 (2018) Skee Mask - Via Sub Mids [Compro] (2019) Meat Beat Manifesto - Pin Drop [Opaque Couché] (2020) □ - □ [□] (2018) Ekhe - Tuli Banyo (rave edit) [Tuli Banyo] (2020) Daniel Troberg - Life On The Planet Cybotron [Isolation EP] (2020) ERRRGO - Somnium [HD.023 | FRACTURA EP] (2020) Vytear - Exit Extinction [Kingtrips EP2] (2019) Daed - Aria [Coordinate] (2020) Nahash + Osheyack - The Horns [Flowers of the Revolution] (2019) Rognvald - Shit Hot Car (Five Speed Mix) [Xwife] (2020) Seven Orbits - Ravevv101 [EP0001] (2020) ADVANCED AUDIO RESEARCH - Titanium Bells [Top Secret] (2013) Jodey Kendrick - Matashi Acid (Spun Mix) [WTFLOL] (2020) Daed - exception [Irregular Expressionism] (2020) Stazma - Nanobot [Shapeshifter] (2013) Ventolyn & Becotyde - Our Upward Shimmer Out [Colour Gasping [Expanded Edition]] (2017) Babyshaker - Graved Up [Rubber Banding EP] (2001) Emotional Joystick - Muddy and Sloppy [Bellicose Pacific] (2020) Stazma - Emo Droid [Fluorhydrique EP] (2012) Odan - Sci Fi Wrapping (Market Forces) [Chunk Spanky] (1996) Dummy Run - Elocution [Dummy Run] (2020) Daed - iter(31/4) [Irregular Expressionism] (2016) Synthamesk - Imprints [Regression] (2006) Venetian Snares - Cancel [Cavalcade Of Glee And Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms] (2012) Richard Devine - Creature II [Creature I & II] (2017) Alessandro Cortini - Finire [AVANTI] you wouldn't hear this w/o these artists / labels: iliantape.bandcamp.com meatbeatmanifesto.bandcamp.com/ eodtracks.bandcamp.com/ hakunakulala.bandcamp.com/ detund.bandcamp.com heel-zone.bandcamp.com/ vytear.bandcamp.com/ occultresearch.bandcamp.com/ analogicalforce.bandcamp.com/ svbkvlt.bandcamp.com/ rognvald.bandcamp.com/ advancedaudioresearch.bandcamp.com/ defunktrecords.bandcamp.com/ edmsoundwave.bandcamp.com stazma-the-junglechrist.bandcamp.com/ ventolynandbecotyde.bandcamp.com/ amen-tal.bandcamp.com/ clockwaverecords.com/ store.kaometry.com/ venetiansnares.bandcamp.com/ richarddevine.bandcamp.com/ cortini.bandcamp.com/ please give them some love!
  3. Some more Bippo Braindance, DrillnBass and stuff Osmosis EP including my infamous Coachella EDM girl track https://fxbip.bandcamp.com/album/osmosis And some favorite oldies free to download https://fxbip.bandcamp.com/album/brain-access-selected-2015-2016-braindance-works-volume-1
  4. New Lush out on the new label Antipattern.dpt Braindance,Drillandbass and doomfunk https://antipatterndpt.bandcamp.com/album/atpn001-bipolar-ep https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/atpn001-bipolar-ep-04-flashmicrobreakph-out-now
  5. Some tussy braindance/drill https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/llone-dance https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/navarino-3 https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/worm-bass-3
  6. Not mastered quite a crazy ride of a track https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/lust
  7. So heres my latest work ,progressive breakbeat tracks with some drukqs,squarepusher,metal,industrial,classical and EDM influence. Its like a mix of every genre ive ever liked.The beat are a bit messy but still im pretty proud of them. https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/transmute-compressor-2 https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/korrected2-loopr-m2 https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/shiftingnecrose-rec5 https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/systemrender
  8. Some drill and bass [soundcloud]https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/nightkerosene[/soundcloud] [soundcoud]https://soundcloud.com/fxbip/find-me-2[/soundcloud]
  9. Guest


  10. http://soundcloud.com/plugexpert/jonas-the-plugexpert Free downloadable mix of oldies, w.i.p and what not. Relentless headache style.
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