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Found 13 results

  1. https://www.unearthedsounds.co.uk/products/mr-roque-dub-cradle-slumber-dub https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/103053-psi001-mr--roque More to come. 🙂
  2. https://rohsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/metro-pol Metro/Pol is Herwig Holzmann's 2nd full length album under the "Mono Peninsula" moniker. It's a collection of 6 monotonous, repetitive dub atmospheres, tape saturated ambient soundscapes and lo-fi hardware explorations.
  3. Submersion (http://submersion.info) "Inner" Album Mastered by Lawrence English at 158 → https://goo.gl/69musq (previews) → https://goo.gl/mD8DjU (pre-order) Limited Edition CD, 7" Vinyl Dubplate & Digital Release date: 24/10/2018
  4. "Golden Bough" by Docetism https://goo.gl/qJrynE // http://rohsrecords.store "The idea that the life of the oak was in the mistletoe was probably suggested, as I have said, by the observation that in winter the mistletoe growing on the oak remains green while the oak itself is leafless." Release date: 12/6/2018 Mastered by The Analog Botanist (Milieu) Copyright © 2018 ROHS! RECORDS, All Rights Reserved
  5. joergmueller 'Drawn From Memory' Album (CD+7" Dubplate) 
 Available soon @ Bandcamp:
- CD Limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies (Digipack 4p);
- Limited Edition 7" Dubplate - DIY printed sleeve (Limited to 20 hand-numbered copies) + CD (Bundle-only);
- Digital; Release date: 20/Apr/2018 W&P by joergmueller (2016)
Recorded at Love Street studio (Cologne)
Mastered by The Analog Botanist (Milieu) Copyright © 2018 ROHS! RECORDS, All Rights Reserved
  6. All ROHS! Netlabel releases in one place. 72 tracks. 10+ hours of music. "ROHS! Netlabel Collection (2008-2017)” is the complete netlabel release series archive plus some rareties released between 2008 and 2017. Link: https://rohsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/rohs-netlabel-collection-2008-2017
  7. Compilation previews: https://soundcloud.com/rohs-records/previews-dub-affairs-voliii-compilation Dub Affairs Vol.III featuring tracks by: Eder-B, Hemisphere Dub, Babe Roots Feat. Milly James, Mind over MIDI Feat. Paul St. Hilaire, Dub Across Borders, Jah Forcefield, Ondarituale Feat. Mystica Tribe, Akcept, Hieronymus Dub Sounds and Desove. Mastered by The Analog Botanist (Milieu) Original artwork by Andy Mintaka Limited Edition CD - 4 Panels Digipack (200 Hand-numbered copies) Release date: 5 March 2018 Copyright © 2018 ROHS! RECORDS, All Rights Reserved
  8. Docetism - Breast And Vulture ~ "Breast and Vulture" was inspired by personification of "Nature" from "Iconologia" by Cesare Ripa (1560-1622). It was a very influential book containing emblematical representations of virtues, vices, passions and natural phenomena. Nature is depicted as a female figure with milk poring from her breasts and a vulture on her hand. This simple yet powerful image reaveals universal truth that life is accompanied by death, and death is accompanied by life. ~ Link: https://rohsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/breast-and-vulture
  9. Twin Peetz & Moolsaasa 'R I T U A L' R I T U A L, the new 5-tracks Mini-Album by the Berlin-based duo Twin Peetz & Moolsaasa is now available on Free Download. ROHS! Bandcamp → https://goo.gl/gWYwof W&P by Twin Peetz & Moolsaasa Mastered by Twin Peetz at Odrex HQ (Berlin) Copyright © 2017 ROHS! RECORDS, All Rights Reserved
  10. Had a lot of fun making this track. It might just end up being part of the dub EP I'm working on... Slow version
  11. I have created a bandcamp site with some new tracks that you can check out if you wish. So far I've posted some dubtechno and some electro/techno stuff. Here's the link
  12. A 1. Deepchord - 01-06 (cv313 Rework I) 2. Deepchord - 01-06 (cv313 Rework II) B 1. Deepchord - Electromagnetic Dowsing (cv313 Live Rewire) 2. A Silent Storm (cv313 Reprise) C 1. cv313 - Seconds To Forever (Intrusion's Lost Dub) 2. cv313 - Altering Illusion D 1. cv313 - Above Clouds 2. cv313 - Hypnosphere E 1. Deepchord presents: Echospace - Spatialdimension (Intrusion Dub) F 1. Deepchord presents: Echospace - Spatialdimension (Intrusion's Narcotic Intake) G 1. Variant - As Time Stood Still H 1. Variant - MagneticPulsation 2. Variant - Enchanted Samples http://diskunion.net...tail/CM-0042616 Most of the tracks are newish. Samples sound lush.
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