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Found 22 results

  1. I am happy to present Nils Wortmann new work 'Alles so schön still hier'. A unique book listing the 100 best Ambient works between 1975 and 2020, with a description and further recommendations. The book features works by Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, William Basinski, Harold Budd, Edgar Froese, Steve Roach, KLF, Pauline Oliveros, Éliane Radigue, Biosphere, The Caretaker and many other artists. The book can be ordered from the following link: Link (for the moment the book is available only in German)
  2. Couldn't find a thread about these books, if you're into reading about electronic music and related culture, pick them up - highly recommended; available in physical and digital formats. Matt Anniss: Join the Future - Bleep Techno and the Birth of British Bass Music Martin James: State of Bass - The Origins of Jungle/Drum & Bass Laurent Fintoni: Bedroom Beats & B-Sides - Instrumental Hip-Hop & Electronic Music at the Turn of the Century
  3. The treatment of migrants at our southern border is a horrific abuse of human rights. Concentration camps on American soil should be a shameful thing of the past not returning in the present. COMPONENT RECORDINGS has gathered together myself and other artists to raise money to fight this injustice on our border. As part of this, I’m releasing an ep of brand new music entitled "ENEMIES AWAIT US." The sales from this ep and other artists on Component Recordings goes to RAICES who help the families of migrants, separated families and those detained by the thugs at ICE. Please enjoy the music but most importantly DONATE!
  4. Has anyone seen this before? If so, it's been updated! http://music.ishkur.com/
  5. Tune in this coming Sunday to hear the new Synthetrix album, Reflexion http://mixlr.com/synthetrix/
  6. This is a collection of 18 electronic tracks I did in Ableton Live 9 over the last years & uploaded to YouTube. Click a pic to go directly to a single clip - or else use the links to 3 playlists (each containing a set of 6 clips). Electronic Tracks -1- Ralph Nolte Electronic Tracks -2- Ralph Nolte Electronic Tracks -3- Ralph Nolte ---
  7. I have been banging my head against this track for a full year. This is the 20th and (hopefully) final version. I'm really pleased with it but i always imagined it turning out a lot catchier based off of the original sketch. I built and deconstructed it many times. The final product has 42 audio tracks running throughout but i don't think it feels overly congested. Thanks for listening!
  8. Interesting article in The Guardian about the "music" Alan Turing made with his early computers: https://soundcloud.com/guardianaustralia/first-ever-recording-of-computer-music
  9. https://markbullshit.bandcamp.com/ rough acid trax, if that doesnt appeal u wont like it but if u like the idea of a rough album full of acid and ambient vibes, very simple, not at all complex like aphex twin, then this might appeal to about 5 people in the whole world. safe. every track was live recorded, mostly to mono, no overdubs gear list fenix i fenix ii fenix iii roland tr 808 roland tr 505 roland tb 303 roland sh 101 roland mpu 101 roland m480 roland juno 106 roland alpha juno 1 roland mc 202 yamaha qy 300 alesis midiverb fostex spring reverb
  10. Vote for (up to three) songs from each studio album that you feel are the best of the release.
  11. http://www.factmag.com/2014/02/28/the-14-synthesizers-that-shaped-modern-music/
  12. ... log in to download quickdemo.mp3 quickdemo.mp3
  13. 2 Oscillators No Release from Czechoslovakian misfit The Druggler. He's not really Czechoslovakian. I know coz it's me. This is my first Bandcamp release as I'm on a bit of a money-drive at the moment, so if you'd like to pay and download that'd be fucking quality cheers. All done using my MFB SynthLite II Synthesizer module, with my 626 appearing on about half the tracks as well, with the MFB run through a Zoom RFX-1100 FX rack. Hope you like :L http://thedruggler.bandcamp.com/ 1. Shunt Lyp 2. Glue Acid 3. 35p Energy Drink 4. Throw It At Someone 5. Cheap Circuit Rave 6. Gkomeyt (Breath Mix) 7. Turn Inside Wheels 8. Breadknife Samurai
  14. https://soundcloud.com/tonfarben/transit-final-version Finally my new hardware setup is complete and I can make electronic music without using any computer. I bought an Electribe MX that now sequences my Doepfer Dark Energy and also my Polysynth CheetahMS6. The Poly has got a new Eprom Chip which allows it´s parameters to be edited via knobs through the Beringer BCR2000. The Doepfer Darktime gives the Master Clock for the Electribe and also for the Monotribe which you hear in the beginning. The Dark Energy has now got a second VCO module and ADSR Envelope module in a small modular case from doepfer along with a multiples module and a mixer module. As effects I use an analog chorus for the Polysynth and an analog delay as Insert Effect. The drums are played with the electribe itself and also use the inbuilt electribe effects.OK, this is not fully analog, as the Electribe uses PCM samples for the drumhits, but I got rid of the computer and pain in the ass mouseclicking and now can make tunes without it. I use the Electribe as a sequencer beacause it can store all the patterns so I can organize my "songs". Just two patterns here to change between the slow and fast drumbeat and the bassline. The rest is tweaked live. Sorry for the strange font above, I copied that from FB. Hope you enjoy the track and please tell me what you think. :-)
  15. (I made a similar post the other day - but the post is unreadable and it came out with a blank page - therefore this repost) Here 20 tracks from Aerphax. There are 93 tracks at: http://www.soundcloud.com/aerphax and http://www.youtube.com/aerphax FREE to download. It covers the genres of IDM / experimental / ambient (dark and melodic) / techno / acid / electro / synthwave AERPHAX - OCT-ÆW [youtubehd]URM2pqiaG50[/youtubehd] AERPHAX - Theme from The Spring Cruisers [youtubehd]YumEg7PxUsU[/youtubehd] AERPHAX - Shuffle Express [youtubehd]Lt7-TfJkbHI[/youtubehd] AERPHAX - Airplane PX72 [youtubehd]P49XWX7Sl0I[/youtubehd] AERPHAX - Turn left to get hold on agent timetraveller 3600 [youtubehd]e_VwYnTZvlQ[/youtubehd] AERPHAX - Athon [youtubehd]7se4_Kc4IYA[/youtubehd] AERPHAX - Passion Elements [youtubehd]uJ0Ja530Pb0[/youtubehd] AERPHAX - Night Cruising Diodes [youtubehd]bJq6DaMjBfg[/youtubehd] AERPHAX - Cubic City [youtubehd]gQkBGXoww3M[/youtubehd] AERPHAX - Predator 19 [youtubehd]jpqb2Nc2wZQ[/youtubehd] AERPHAX - Travelling Leads [youtubehd]8IPkfhDlBRk[/youtubehd] AERPHAX - JE-DOC XIOW [youtubehd]MBhc2mXF36Y[/youtubehd] AERPHAX - Troit High [youtubehd]1wZzk4_2AgU[/youtubehd] AERPHAX - Hall GL8 [youtubehd]NXbQ0xUzykU[/youtubehd] AERPHAX - VIPER 07 [youtubehd]bnPBQdxz1u8[/youtubehd] AERPHAX - Combining the Modules [youtubehd]YlJ-aq6m5Z4[/youtubehd] AERPHAX - South Harbour Gassilo CPH 2450 [youtubehd]hCP7Mccj9Ac[/youtubehd] AERPHAX - Copper Surface Buildings [youtubehd]rWYLhkFYGyA[/youtubehd] AERPHAX - Retor Auduniques [youtubehd]ghelNfczBuA[/youtubehd] AERPHAX - Awortax: [youtubehd]F7lC7IGD1Fo[/youtubehd]
  16. Millions of people all over the world are passionate about music. Throughout history, people have looked to music as one of the deepest expressions of the soul, a way of communicating thoughts and feelings that would otherwise be lost in words. And while this emotive impulse is one reason to start making music, we should know by 2012 that there are many others. Now that YouTube has officially replaced the MTV generation in terms of sheer cultural explosiveness, we are witnessing many more of these new reasons. These days, people want to be famous. And they don't care how it's done. We have an entire culture of people who are rewarded for being weird, hilarious, crazy, fucking awesome, or to use the dictionary word, egregious. People want to be different, they want to step out. They want to be known for something, anything that will get them attention. This has become such a powerful motive, that for most of today's popular musicians, it has simply replaced the original meaning of music. Forget , forget aesthetics, forget . People are becoming incredibly successful for their work, but it has nothing to do with musical talent. It's not simply a case of failing to be a good composer. Indeed, artists such as Skrillex and deadmau5 have achieved exactly what they wanted to do with their music. They're not interested in technical skill, or attention to detail, or any of the priorities of professional music. Their focus is popularity, and figuring out exactly what their fanbase wants. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSeNSzJ2-Jw And as it turns out, they want bass drops. They want robot diarrhea. They want manic, sugary melodies that make you feel warm inside for five seconds. You don't see people on YouTube looking for deep, emotional soundscapes to appreciate and empathize with. Because that's totally gay, you know? This is a culture that rewards stupidity, outlandishness, and being totally whacked out on crazy sounds. In fact, the very idea that someone would take this music seriously is hilarious in itself. And that's part of the novelty. They know you're not supposed to treat Dubstep like a Beethoven symphony, and for many people it's refreshing to be able to enjoy music without having to put too much effort into it. The point is, the appeal of this music is social rather than musical. It's all about popularity, in every sense of the word. This may seem frustrating to many, especially if you focus on musical talent as a virtue, but this is simply where our culture leads when you have all the ingredients. For what it's worth, Skrillex (and most dubstep artists, to some extent) is very successful at what he does, and he has the hit counter to back it up. He gives fans the entertainment they need, and they in return give him all the attention and praise a celebrity could want. It may not be emotive, but it's music that can be shared and enjoyed as freely as any internet meme. Whether that makes it "real music" is entirely up to you...
  17. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01lsyjg
  18. http://www.cyndustries.com/synapse/intro.cfm Some amazing stuff in here! For example:
  19. hehe ppl welcome to chunky's jester music from the wormholes of quarkex 5 comes the youtube videos stolen right from richard branson's tracey island riddle me right and riddle you silly come on now and watch knightmare with billy dont be scare dont be afraid chunky is here to make it safe in the kru so come on now and open a brew guinness is the drink that you all want to sprink hehehe hohoho obobobobobobobobobo boo excuse me ppl we are curently experiences technical difficulties please wait 15 minutes then the flight take off to neptune will commence we at chunky airlines apologise for the delay and please request to drink some pabst blue ribbon during the short wait thank you
  20. Straight out of Philippe Nore's sound design lab in France, glitchy experiments for Karakasa. Will not disappoint. Recommended for fans of Raster-Noton, Alva Noto & Ryoji Ikeda. DOWNLOA:D & ENJOI. Release Download MP3 Download FLAC
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