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Found 11 results

  1. As many of you know, we will (likely before years' end) be updating WATMM - not only the forum, but the site itself (yes, there's a site) so it is all integrated. This was facilitated by the need to upgrade the forum software, and with the upgrade, it will allow the site proper and the forums to be as one, with content like news, discographies, articles, FAQs, image galleries and the like (like WATMM once had). The forums alone will bring lots of changes (far too many to detail right now in this post), but what would you, the WATMM community, like to see? Think of this as a "can we fix" or "could we have" bug/feature request, so hopefully the most good and reasonable ideas can be researched and tested. The beta site will be going up soon, and I thought now would be a good time to find out what (if any) expectations you guys and gals might have. General questions are welcome as well.
  2. The new CHATMM comp will be released on Sunday 22/11/15. There will be a sync listen in CHATMM at 17:00GMT. You can download and stream the first part over here: https://lefttheroom.bandcamp.com/album/volume-11-academic-electronics
  3. Hello! It's that time again. The theme this time is Cloud Rap. Wikipedia has this to say about Cloud Rap: Cloud rap (also known as Trillwave) whose distinguishing features include ethereal, dreamlike beats (which often use wordless vocal samples, wherein singers harmonize or hold long notes, to produce a majestic effect) and abstracted, sometimes deliberately absurd, lyrics. Whereas in chatmm: "so....... vaporwave + rap + dank memes = cloudrap?" The term is believed to've come from cLOUDDEAD, though some people claim this is not the case https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO04mjdel3U We would hope that most submissions will have vocals. Instrumentals are of course welcome but hopefully they will be in the minority. If you don't want to rap/sing and don't have anyone that will do it for you, improvise. Perhaps find some speech somewhere on a youtube video. Chop it in time and tune/autotune it with or against your track. Deadline is March 25th Some other noteable examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtwKrvkzmqw Please feel free to share more. GET CREATING!
  4. Volume 15: HTWV 1. Rowan - Tenacity Scorched 03:47 2. DataSports - Sunshade Summit 02:27 3. Tricone - Awaiting The Rains 03:46 4. Sunnyside Corporation - Sidewalk Mirage 04:20 5. PabulumAttic - Fan Collapse 04:04 6. Hello Spiral - Bacardiwave 11:51 7. DJ Saint-Hubert - blotches dont know 04:25 8. pan pipe crafter - pineapple lost at sea 00:44 9. PabulumAttic - Fever Bursts 03:19 10. soothsayer - Heatwave (Braced) 04:46 Theme: Heatwave Cover art by: Justin Bergstrom (www.behance.net/patternoverlap) Music by: barbu, DorkingtonPugsly, Friendly Foil, hello spiral, lamourfou, patternoverlap, pyramidpanes, Ragnar, Tricone RC. Link: https://chatmm.bandcamp.com/album/volume-15-htwv
  5. Tracklist: 01. tiered distribution and remuneration model - total success pack 02. Tamagotchi San - Eco BOO$T Surgery 旅行 スペシアル 03. Smasm - We Tried To Look At The Data But There's So Much Vapor On This Wave That There Is Condensation On Our Glasses 04. VNCF - Sexcapades '95 05. Ness - For Jon D and Jimmy McShane 06. Social Media Platform - No Music 07. Mozzarella Stick - I'm Not Sing My Song To Share It 08. Magic Hour - up up and away 09. solo jazz cup - trulove2 10. Hello Spiral - Science Transforming Life ® 11. CORN - MAKEMEBAD 12. Radio 92 - 35 mph 13. Salaam Helicoid - Interest Free Credit™ 14. Poblequadrat - Poor Delegation 15. Ness - Daryl, John, Mark, Rick and Olga hooking up for Bacardi and Coke 16. warrior and friend - lovelove funk and emotions faster edition Theme: Vaporwave Cover Art by: roasty Music by: chim, Friendly Foil, DerWaschbar, NorthernFusion, Whoopdee, Tamagotchi San, sergeantk, hello spiral, triachus, gmanyo, poblequadrat DOWNLOAD LINK C U
  6. TRACKLIST: 01. DJ Clearboth - Take Off 02. MEGADRIVER - RAP IS HARD 03. DJ Foot Twerka - Future Of Juke 04. Ness - 4DVVV5 05. Phyla Zen - cy/ClopClop 06. Mozzarella Stick - Foilwerk 07. moth mouth - ask me no 08. Hilligoss - White Devil Solo Jazz 09. CYBERTONY - Lark 10. DJ Foot Twerka - Gettin' Some Head 11. Raes Haed - Hsent (Gedinda Tuinorizone) 12. kool deejah - spook life 13. Hello Spiral - DNA RE'CODING (GET YA SPIRAL ON NAGAZ)! 14. Jonas The Plugexpert - Jukle Frenzy 15. Tellem Hawk - GOTITGOINON! 16. foot-tw3rk - fancy 17. Duel St - Nice Turn 18. theboysrepublic - dropsick Theme: FootworkMusic by: The people of WATMM.com. Cover Art by: Justin Bergstrom (www.behance.net/patternoverlap) (with added black border because of Bandcamp's weird 700x700 requirement...) CH011 released 03 July 2014 Music by: NorthernFusion, GRVGLTCHR, QBLA, PhylumZunami, Friendly Foil, Squarerchetua, chim, Djeroek, vincentvc, cloudbreaker, NoResults, patternoverlap, Whoopdee, auxien, Tamagotchi San, hello spiral DOWNLOAD HERE (IT'S VERY FREE AND COOL)
  7. Volume 9: Glitch Pleez 01. Hoggy - Moss on my cupcakes 02. Richard Jonas - 20 euro 50 03. Hello Spiral - A Certain Uniformity Of Content At Certain Periods 04. Lanarc - · \ CeN 05. Silver Trifolium - Hi Hey Hi, Rainforest 06. Hello Mister - Buck'd n Fomb'd (mechanically reclaimed data vomit mix) 07. Social Media Platform - Container 08. Mozzarella Stick - CHATMMMMmmm 09. Smasm - Arthur The Sex Hamburger (Rump Tax Mix) 10. Frito-Lay Freddy - F f F f F F 11. Jonas The Plugexpert - Truncated And Abnormalized 12. Lanarc - Opal Theme: Glitch Music by: The people of CHATMM Cover Art by: Hello Spiral & triachus DOWNLOAD - DOWNLOAD - DOWNLOAD It's free
  8. hey what's up watmm I found these old dat tapes recently with old unreleased works from long ago. haven't posted on here in a while and I had a feeling you'd be very interested in some cool old tunes from the archives. cheers https://soundcloud.com/marimba-warrior/rock-and-roll-in-portugal rock-ish track. everything is being played live. guitar is home built. https://soundcloud.com/marimba-warrior/walking-into-a-saloon-song imagine yourself walking into a saloon looking cool. thats what this piece reminds me of. slow but hard rock for the bikers. https://soundcloud.com/marimba-warrior/bright-alright tropical music for sunny times. good for beach parties https://soundcloud.com/marimba-warrior/emotional-tombool one for the hood. very nice hip hop vibes. hope you ENJOY =)
  9. It's finally here. Here's what the Marimba Warrior had to say about the video: "oh wow man my mind have been blewn. this music video for my song has touched me in way that no other song has before. it is litirally a master peace. im thank full that the video creator went for a lose interpretetion of the music instead of only looking at the song title and then do some thing with portugal and rock guitars flown through the air and palm threes and so on. this video receive the marimba warrior seal of aproval. thank you for looking and listening." ENJOY =)
  10. Tracklist: 01. Jonas The Plugexpert - snelle jackson 02. Slack Bun Empire - Bad Braincells 03. Hilligoss - Submerged Mate 04. wabby - Drumpelstiltskin 05. GRVGLTCHR - Nucleo 06. lhoka - inglan 07. clycl - Charybdis 08. DorkingtonPugsly - Chatmm Is My Sphincter 09. Zander One - Copse 10. Mauer Hag - Bag Up 11. Pselodux - Ratikin 12. Jonas The Plugexpert - Kneeing Abobo 13. Hello Spiral - A Wallowed Mongrel Hewn 14. underscore - code nurser DOWNLOAD
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