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  1. This is a joke release more or less, why it's here y'kno... but, anybody familiar with Dudesy, and knows all d'noes 'dat are involved.. and also bloody "Space Invaders" 'n bl'uddy "Nintendos" 'n.... so, basically, those who know, kn'ooooos, 'awrite? Now, this is a small thing 'rite, featuring three things 'dat I did, and I just wanna share them here... 'awrite?!... don't get ya tits tangled.... if ya 'laff, ya 'laff, nuthin' wrong, and 'nuthin' said,.... or, if ya chuckle, and 'den ya don't use ya knuckle, 'den good on ya, jus' enjoy it, 'fah 'fook sake mate: 1. Super Mario (with Dudesy Podcast): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAn9Jo5Sl80 2. Street Fighter 2 (with Dudesy Podcast): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foGFxqpS-3g 3. Smashmouth's All Star, but re-made into a rally cry against corporations (with... basically everyone on the planet cause HMPH!!! Amirite?!!!...) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOWH7wp75rs
  2. Also mentioned in the vinyl reissues thread, but important enough to repeat here - BOC's 1996 classic on Skam Records, Hi Scores, is available again on vinyl, CD and digital download via Bleep.com: https://bleep.com/release/5213-boards-of-canada-hi-scores If you don't already own this release, it is a MUST HAVE for any BOC/classic electronic music fan.
  3. This can be deleted since I decided to put them on spotify in the near future.
  4. This is a good little EP, eh?
  5. Hi! I’m Timi Alexander, a 23-year old Finnish singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist living in London, and I'll be releasing my debut solo album on Soundcloud and Spotify within a week or two. The record takes influence from the 90s alternative rock and hip hop production (Liquid Swords is a big inspiration on the skit-like nature of the album flow), a combination that will further be explored on the future releases, as well as Aphex Twin. I've performed and produced all the music in my bedroom, an environment I've found surprisingly inspiring over the course of the making of the album. Cold Leather - https://soundcloud.com/timialexander/cold-leather Heartblood - https://soundcloud.com/timialexander/heartblood In case you're interested, here's a Dropbox mp3 download link to the (yet) unreleased full album: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s8du8f1kalam09t/Timi%20Alexander%20%28mp3%20version%29.zip?dl=0 Thanks for listening! :-) __________________ [https://soundcloud.com/timialexander]
  6. Australian label Clan Analogue have released Peril Triage, my new 7-track EP as Aeriae. The 7 tracks flow without gaps as the material originally came from my live set, but this is not a live recording. If pressed, most would say it's IDM. I'd have put a Bandcamp player here if I could, but those still aren't working on WATMM, so instead you can click here to go to the EP's Bandcamp page. I enjoy hearing listener reactions. Cheers, ( 1. Firmament 05:07 2. Charnel 05:01 3. Ceanic 04:59 4. Resolver 07:18 5. Valified 07:12 6. Where All Past Burdens No Longer Shall Be Worn 07:24 7. Haliday 06:05 )
  7. Yo all, so here is my first ep https://survivalslacker.bandcamp.com/releases Brief idea's behind it are the stone tape theory & experiencing it in relation to other media like film & physical mediums such as painting. Nice to hear thoughts, there is also a print on offer with the release, that i'm happy to do a watmm discount on :) code is - watmm all the proceeds go towards an upcoming 2017 publication, cheers & happy holidays!
  8. Surprised nobody mentioned it yet ! Just stumbled upon this sweet EP today. I guess it's the 3 tracks that were supposed to be released along with the recording of the Lazarus musical. It's been released for Bowie's 70th birthday (and today is the anniversary of his death ). The tracks were recorded during the Blackstar sessions and share a lot with the LP material. No Plan especially is beautiful. I did not read about a physical release of this EP tho, I'd love to own it, it'd be a nice addition to Blackstar. Also, music video for the title track :
  9. It's free : https://giganomz.bandcamp.com/album/amibooble-analoggle-ep & we can c it in : https://www.discogs.com/fr/artist/4575455-Giganomz Producer is Karen Tregaskin... Tell me more if u know it, about this EP/release & if there is a little story... Thanks! ;-)
  10. Hello. I recently finished a small EP, maybe some of you will like it. I've got a bunch of tracks that are close to finishing but don't really fit in with one another, so every once in a while I'll just drop a couple as an EP and post it here. Welp, here's the first one: https://soundcloud.com/trilobotofficial/lonely-ghost-magick https://soundcloud.com/trilobotofficial/nebular-wanderlust https://soundcloud.com/trilobotofficial/hogs-bison
  11. Welp. Im new here . Still learning how this forum works, but already i've found more incredible artists in a week then I have in months. I just released my first EP ever. Took me waaaaaaaaay too long cause I love to procrastinate and whatnot. SOOOOOOOO i'll share it with you folks :) All feedback is appreciated . Now to try and post it correctly. full download here- https://nowfeel.bandcamp.com/releases
  12. http://warp.net/news/marchromt30a-edit-2b-96/ MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b 96’ first appeared as the Japanese bonus track for recent album ‘Syro’ becoming an instant favourite of those that heard it. The song now comes to vinyl for a global audience, backed with a new version of‘Syro’ track ‘XMAS_EVET10 [120] (thanaton3 mix)’ and an alternate take of‘MARCHROMT’. It will be out on white label 12" with hand stamp on 6 April (7 in N America) 2015. New version of XMAS has me sold.
  13. Not exactly a 'new release' but one from 2009 that was sleightly remastered and freshly released for Youtube.
  14. mcbpete


    It only seems right that there should be a separate thread for the mini EP that comes with the limited edition versions of Ufabulum Anyways, the highlight for me is around the middle of Anger Integer where the drums speed up faster and faster and mutate to become a synth line before rapidly slowing down again to become percussion hits again. Simple idea but gorgeously executed. Panic Massive sounds like something made during the era between Just A Souvenir and Shobaleader One. Contrary to many here I love both albums, and thus also love this one. 40.96a - lovely bit of minimal experimentation, I do like it when Tom slows things down occasionally to produce more soundscapey stuff. Would've liked some more space between the sounds coming in and out, it gets a little crowded at times and doesn't really allow the elements to fully 'breathe' (can't think of a better word at this hour). But I guess as a live performance a lack of complete finesse is to be expected One thing I did think when hearing this EP is how better it sounds than the main album. It seems to be mastered a lot better and with a much more pleasant tonal range compared to the rather mid-top heavy sound of Ufabulum. I wonder if Tom's ears 'popped' after doing Ufabulum and could actually hear properly again during the mastering of this one...
  15. Legowelt is dropping a new EP through Unknown to the Unknown. 4 tracks, dark-ish, dance-y, weird melodies. Solid stuff. http://soundcloud.com/hothausrecs/sets/uttu_051 There's also a video; all info via: http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2015/02/legowelt-readies-new-ep-for-unknown-to-the-unknown-stream-it-in-full-now/ edit: the Soundcloud link above should play the entire 4-track playlist.
  16. out soon (around December 1st)
  17. Also, his NTS mix from June. The first track sure is nice: ////////////// Release is set for 9/29...
  18. Vote for songs from each EP and single that you feel are the best of the release. Take note that for most releases, you are allowed TWO track selections. For exceptionally short releases (consisting of two or three tracks), you are allowed only ONE track selection. For longer releases, you are allowed THREE track selections. And yes, I left out Autechre's co-releases with The Hafler Trio, Tortoise, Seefeel, and others. No Gescom or Lego Feet here, either. You've got enough to work with concerning just the Ae material. Happy voting.
  19. Also available at Boomkat: http://boomkat.com/downloads/911377-deepchord-luxury Just what the doctor ordered.
  20. from his facebook: https://www.facebook.com/retapemusic 1. Jibboom 2. Uninvited Plasma 3. Sugar Rush 4. Nice Implosion very cool. check it out
  21. September 2013 - Warp Records - WAP349 Tracklist 1. 1234 feat. Ragga Twins 2. Ghetto Blast 3. Lock Off 4. Soundboy Fuck Off 5. 1234 (Instrumental) (Digital Only)
  22. http://virtualurbanrecords.bandcamp.com/album/fixation Out now on the fresh new Virtual Urban Records! Released to help raise funds for my broke ass.
  23. Hot Sugar - Moon Money EP Released May 2012 on Ninja Tune Yeah its' not really new or upcoming but I really like the sounds and chill dreamy melodies.
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