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Found 10 results

  1. The Oddball experiments arts and music festival is back in Oxfordshire for 2019, following a fallow year to recharge the batteries. https://www.supernormalfestival.co.uk/ Plenty of exciting / unknown names in this list for me to discover. Need to do some googling. Did any else here get a ticket? It sold out in a couple of hours. I sold my ticket to a friend and opted to Volunteer - had a blast doing it in 2017. It was a feelgood thing being able to help out with this largely DIY venture.
  2. AlgoMech festival is back, 17-19th May 2019 in Sheffield UK, with a diverse programme blending algorithmic, mechanical and textile artforms. On the livecoding side we’ve got workshops on TidalCycles and Orca and a full-on algorave, with a huge line-up spread over two rooms. Here’s the festival trailer, hope to see you there !
  3. Hiya, Frequent lurker and former Braindance mod here. Thought this worth a shout here. I know it's a bit of a spammy start, but... c'mon... pretty chuffed with this line-up, if we do say so ourselves. So just keen to share the love as we're just a couple of independent entities who've clawed our way up to putting on events like this. So yeah... Cheers all. _____ Mango + Sweetrice Records & Bit-Phalanx Music present: 23rpm : An all-day Electronic Music Festival. (in collaboration with Observatory London) London's finest annual A/V festival of cutting edge Electronic music and classic "IDM" returns for a fourth edition on Saturday 6th October, 2018. After two years in Soho, and last year in Bethnal Green, the festival moves back towards Central London with an utterly stunning, all-new venue... The Grosvenor Chapel, Mayfair. Room One : LINE-UP: - MURCOF (live) (Leaf Label / InFiné) - FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER (live) (Shitkatapult / Raster-Noton / Mille Plateaux) - TIM EXILE (live) (Warp Records / Planet Mu) - COPPÉ feat. PLAID + THE BEE (live) - Special debut collaborative set debut (Mango + Sweetrice / Warp Records) - ANDREA BELFI (live) - Exclusive Electro-acoustic set (Float) - CHRIST. (live) (ex-Boards Of Canada / Parallax Sounds / Benbecula / Ambidextrous Records) - SONAE (live) (Monika-Enterprise) - EARTH IS FLAT / EIF (live) (Bit-Phalanx) - KARSTEN PFLUM (live) (Touched Music / Hymen Records) EXCLUSIVE LIVE VISUALS + STAGING BY: - OBSERVATORY LONDON SPECIAL GUEST DJS: - SUTEKH (Context / Plug Research Records / Soul Jazz Records / Mille Plateaux) - SI BEGG (Shitkatapult / Noodles Recordings / Additech Records) - SOFIA ILYAS (Float) - DF TRAM (Liquid Sound Design / Subatomic) Room Two | Three Channel 'Silent Disco': - FLOAT (label takeover) - PRÓXIMO (collective feat. Datassette / Luke Handsfree / Tengui / Medallion Man / Night Stream) - VINYL PIMP (collective) _____ Tickets on sale via TicketWeb UK: http://tinyurl.com/23rpmticket All-day passes: • £25 Limited Early Bird (while they last!) • £30 Standard Advance • £35 Limited on-the-door _____ Facebook Event: http://tinyurl.com/23rpmevent _____ Promo video: https://youtu.be/wPe7BzxjGWU
  4. File Name: Aphex Twin - Live @ Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona File Submitter: Herr Jan File Submitted: 01 Oct 2015 File Category: Aphex Twin Soundboard recording @ 128 kbps Click here to download this file
  5. Got my ticket already, last year was big fun. HODGEPODGE GOES FORTH Expect bands of all kinds, hardest of the hard amen grindouts, and general booms for all types in our indoor weather proof main stage and workshops, acoustic jiggery, open mics and cabaret performances in our beatiful outdoor marquee. Again we will also have a selection of market stalls for your festival fares. And of course as usual we will be broadcasting the main stage live all weekend on FREEPARTYRADIO.COM so you can come down and shout out your poor mates who are missing all the fun As always there will be camping, parking and you know we add a toilet every year!!! tell yer mates and tell yer mates mates....ooooh im all a quiver more excellent acts still to be announced but heres the lineup so far... ------MAIN ARENA----- ****LIVE / DJ's**** CEEPHAX ACID CREW old school synth king of acid!! one of the top UK acid dance heavyweights comes to boom with you podgers...prepare yourself for analogue mayhem on the dancefloor, with releases on labels such as Planet MU, Lo REcordings and Breakin Records we are proper chuffed to get one of the top dons of eclectic dance to come join the motherpodgin party!!!!! STIVS AND ED COX PRESENT THE DSC (LIFE4LAND) What can we say the originator of clowncore alongside one the most interesting and original acts you will see in the UK, expect bouncy amen driven madness to junglist mayhem from 2 of the best in the business!! STRIKE TEAM (DR BASTARDO B2B OOZAT) (PEACEOFF/OUR F*CKING JUNGLE/HODGEPODGE) The ultimate tag team of doom are back to take hardcore to its logical extremes...filthy hard dnb and techno breakcore with a few surprises in the mix too ...oooh you guys so lucky DR...UM (AMEN-TAL) - amens all the way from the supreme junglemandem... SENOR SCRAM (LIFE4LAND) -awesome ska influenced breakcore WOMBCORPS (AMEN-TAL) - hardcoreyouknowthescore...brutal kick drums, amen apocalypse..just the way we like it DJ VOCODA (SATTA SOUNDS) - a half and half blend of the best oldskool and nuskool flavours, scatty amens and rudebwoy basslines. yet another of the seemingly endless products of the norfolk jungle macheeen!! RAPIDAX (EARBLENDER) -Distorted guitar, screeching vocals and abstract midi effect performed over the most brutally hardcore dance music! THE FEZ! (LOVE LOVE RECORDS) - we call it aceeeeeeeeeeeed!!!! EVADE (HODGEPODGE) - Our Favourite jungalist badman, back once again with his tear-out amen mashery to rub dem down. FUCKNOSE (ERISIAN/INTHEFACE) - best balkan beat mashups this side of the pacos..plus an armoury full of booms blips and basslines that never fails TEST TUBE RABIES (ERISIAN) - dirty jungle and breakcore rinseout from the brightonian noisemaker! FREEPARTYRADIO DJS - rinseout by the residents of the uks best radio station for the free party crewdem DONJOHNSTON (CABARET VOLTAIRE)- Vintage bass and swing---- There's a ghetto groove to that swing!. Top-hat's at the ready!!!! Boooom! SRS (HODGEPODGE) - electro swing and jungle booms...this man has ably expanded our empire to the magical lands of Bristol this year....guaranteed to get you all doing the lindyhop... DR ONKET (HODGEPODGE / EXTREME RINSE ONLY)- the smallest man to ever turn a record, we even had to make miniature 1210's so he wouldnt feel to emasculated..despite his diminutive size his sounds are BIGGGGG..expect amen savagery like a midget never made!! BAGUL (HODGEPODGE) - wonkhop maestro, blends broken jazz and broken beats with a dollop of grime to keep it filthy...he is also very very short BIG EDDIE MCCOOL (HODGEPODGE) - hes large and irish and cuddly!! acid dripping chillout for your early morning moments DAJU (HODGEPODGE)- master of the genres, expert at sewing up the seams, everything from triphop to dub to hiphop to klezmer and more (perhaps even some jewcore for good measure this year). ****LIVE ACTS/BANDS**** SMACKJOINT - 7 piece ska-core band infusing punk ska, dub reggae, metal and hip-hop... Get ready for some horn infested, skanking mayhem!!! (Free track's on their Facebook!) THE POPES OF CHILITOWN - if you saw em last year you'll be salivating at the prospect of seeing them again, raw guitar driven skapunk..they tear the room to pieces every time THE KNIGHTS OF MENTIS - one of the best bands to ever emerge from the oxford scene!! hillbilly and bluegrass for the 21st century!! some cracking originals and some covers to make you fall down laughing....yeee haww THE AFTER HOUR'S QUINTET - Live Electro Swing band from Leed's bringing live Sax, Clarinet, fret-less Bass, trumpet, a turntablist and some smooth jazz guitar to the table... Sure to get you bustin a grooove ana move. Playing the classic's aswell as original's. MARVELLOUS MEDICINE - excellent 6-piece playing reggae with a temptation to mix up the influences...expect some rock and gypsy in there too...theyre bending knees whereever they go and we're well glad to have 'em down THE TEMPLE FUNK COLLECTIVE - 8 piece Funk Step Brass Section from Oxford, UK. Mixing modern tracks with New Orleans influences to liven you up every time ITAL HORNS - irie irie irie..get ready fe to skank down hard to these guys...stalwarts if the scene been rocking stages since i was knee high...serious dub pressure!!!!!! KOMRAD - prog metal and avant hardcore..say..grrrrrrrrr CAPTAIN FLATCAP - When performing live, the Captain and his crew accompany synths and beats with guitar, trumpet, flute, mandolin, and percussion! STEM - haunting yet beautiful triphop...akin to the likes of portishead...something to sway to on the sunday DIGITAL FREAK N'CIE CREW (FRANCE) - all the way from strasbourg we have some of the best triphop and abstract hiphop france has offer..back for a second year cos we thought they were great!! DUBCONSCIOUS ORCHESTRA - Live dub featuring Sax, Flute, Clarinet, Fiddle and Djeme. THE FUNK JUGGLERS - umm..they juggle funk.. PIEMAN - finest beatboxer the shire's ever known THE BOOK THIEVES - conscious uk hiphop at its very best HELL DEATH FURY -Sax infused, Metal, Punk, ska! ----OUTDOOR/ACOUSTIC ARENA---- THE ROOFTOPS - scintillating 7-part all girl a cappella blues and soul...they've weakened the knees of crowds in oxford and london..get yer groovebox working THE INEXPLICABLES - Acoustic, ska infused dub-hip-hop with live sax, beatbox, beautiful vocals and bars!!! Straight outa the south-west. LITTLE RIZLA - busting some real life rhythmic spoken word to make you ears tingle and your insides jingle SPASTICCOLON - spoken word, a man and a drum kit, Imagine John Cooper Clarke vs Animal from the muppets CHILLOUT OPEN MINI-JACK - its kinda like an open mic but its for people who play chillin tunes to come jack in and play away OPEN MIC - its kinda like the open mini-jack thing but with instruments and microphones so bring your geetarrrrs and such and get amongst it podgers POETRY SLAM AND BATTLE - bring your best words whether you be an MC or beat poet or if you just bought yourself a rhyming dictionary....prizes to be won big love podgers xxxxxxxxxxx Camping in the Windrush valley, a whole menu of "real cider" and "real ale" as well as slap-up grub for sale. Bargain at (currently) £30 a ticket for 3 days / 2 nights of music and good times. Get on it WATMM crew 31st May - 2nd June 2013 The Crawley Inn, Crawley, Oxfordshire FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE
  6. Is anyone thinking of going to the Bangface weekender in Cornwall- England: 14-16 Sept? I haven't managed to convince any of my friends so I'm looking for somene or peeps to go along with. Only camping tickets are left for 150 sterling. It's going to be lots of braindance peeps with a Rephlex showcase - peeps like: Aphex Twin, VenetianSnares, µ-ZIQ, Ceephax acid crew, Aleksi Perala, Wisp, Luke Vibert, Tim Exile, Dave Monolith.etc. http://www.bangface....w2012lineup.htm If interested drop me a note. Cheers.
  7. anyone going? http://www.roadburn.com/roadburn-2012/lineup/
  8. Don't know how many countries have covered this story, but if you haven't already heard it: Thursday 18th of august a huge unexpected storm has hit the Pukkelpop festival in Belgium, one of the biggest festivals in Europe. Lots of stuff blown away, tents from camping grounds blown away, trees ripped out of the ground, flew into full stage tents, stage tents collapsing... This has resulted in 5 deaths and numerous serious injuries (a few people still fighting for their lives). The rest of the festival has been cancelled now (which seems ... appropriate). A bunch of my friends were there... I'm glad that they are all OK crazy footage going around: Storm hitting during Skunk Anansie, who had to stop performing abruptly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9w3ZsAb5ikA on the camping grounds: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIGiekIW418 @ 1:58 pay attention to the right to see one of the lighting towers fall over, somehow the camera man didn't notice that. party tent collapsing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okyx6HbpHmI tree falling on different party tent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6F7F14moHUI tree falling through another party tent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i52kwAzlOwU ...... It's my favourite festival, been there 5 times, I'm always looking forward to see the line-up. If it doesn't interest me, I'm not going .... thank god for those many bands I didn't want to see, I guess. Thanks Foo Fighters ... that's a li'l joke right there I just told myself to laugh away my shock lol amiright ..... fuck
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