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Found 17 results

  1. New Simon Scott album coming 20th of January 2023. A site study of the nature reserves that formed the basis of his 2012 album, Below Sea Level, on 12k. Ioved both the album and accompanying book. Very much looking forward to this.
  2. 2nd album from Patricia Wolf. I'm looking forward to this. If you like your ambient and field recording work, do check out the first album on Past Inside the Present. Balmat is Shaping up to be a great label, the Hoavi release was excellent. Would have liked to have snagged a copy of Languid Gongue.
  3. Submersion - Egress CD/DL | September 2021 audio.submersion.info/album/egress soundcloud.com/submersion/infrareal 01 Discipline 02 Cyclicality 03 Infrareal 04 Sound Surface 05 Infraconscious 06 Circadian W/P by Justin Francazio (June - August 2021) Block print and design by Submersion Photography by Submersion and N.F. Mastering by Pheek Synth/Effects Sound Collages (10) Storms/Rain/Wind Waves AM/FM/SW/MW Radio Noise Campfires Surface Noise Insects 59:06 audio.submersion.info submersion.info/store soundcloud.com/submersion
  4. I'm not familiar Novi_sad, but today sees the release of his first album for Raster. Already loving this. Field recordings intermingle with diaphanous tones, sometimes punctuated by moments of noise. Oceania starts off the album with processed field recordings, soon delivers a gut punch, before the relaxing again. One of those tracks that will give you a jolt if you've got your music on shuffle. I've been very impressed with the direction Raster has taken since the dissolution of Raster-Noton.
  5. Submersion - Momentum https://audio.submersion.info/album/momentum CD/DL Rerelease (Reworked Audio) | May 2021 01 Expansion of a Moment (20:32) 02 Discordance Congruence (15:01) 03 Light Filtering Through (15:00) 04 Accreted (17:59) 05 Accreted (Reprocess) (19:36) — Digital Bonus Synth / Effects Sound Collages Feedback Lake Shore Train Thunderstorms / Rain / Birds Night Insects Night Coyotes / Voices W/P by Justin Francazio Original audio (alternate version): 2012-2013 New arrangement, mixing, and mastering: April 2021 Accreted (Reprocess): April 2021 Momentum was originally released in 2014 as an experimental long-form digital album. 1:28:08 submersion.info soundcloud.com/submersion
  6. Submersion - Inward https://audio.submersion.info/album/inward CD/Digital 01 Inward I 02 Inward II 03 Inward III 04 Immerge 05 Angles 06 Inward IV 07 Oblique Motion 08 Eight Sound sources: Synth / Effects Feedback Radio Static Wind Waves Rain Thunderstorms Cicadas Traffic 1:09:20 W/P by Justin Francazio August - September 2020 Mastered by A.P at GS Mastering & Post audio.submersion.info submersion.info/store soundcloud.com/submersion
  7. https://guidewire.bandcamp.com/track/tyvan-cemetery
  8. https://svsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sf01-string-figures-lp
  9. these have nothing to do with jazz https://soundcloud.com/soothsayer-1/observation https://soundcloud.com/soothsayer-1/peak-nothing https://soundcloud.com/soothsayer-1/heatwave-braced https://soundcloud.com/soothsayer-1/what-the-body-remembers https://soundcloud.com/soothsayer-1/videotape-straight-to-video that's a lot, thanks for listening to any or all.
  10. Been listening and enjoyed a lot of CHATMM regulars and never thought to post here for some reason, so... https://soundcloud.com/soothsayer-1/safe-haven https://soundcloud.com/soothsayer-1/drifft
  11. This is a new project from sound artist Janek Schaefer. I'm one of the contributors to this project. For those of you interested in field recording, check it out. http://www.foundsoundscape.com/
  12. this is a collection of field recordings from 2011 - 2015. roughly 80 minutes of audio from the Harpers Ferry and surrounding area. samples of the Shannondoah & Potomac River, leaves blowing in the wind, acorns falling from the trees, crows and all sorts of birds, insects and animal noises. distant traffic, the thick rumble of the train station, samples of the Hurricane Sandy storm, all neatly edited into a smooth ambient album. i've always wanted to put together a collection like this, and i will be doing more in the future. thanks for listening/looking. https://ourson.bandcamp.com/album/collected-natures
  13. Guest

    Wave G.R.

    Hey ylc people! hope you guys enjoy this. (G.R. stands for Gerhard Richter by the way. the song is about "Seestück (bewölkt)")
  14. Sorry to lure you in all pervy. I hope that didn't break any rules. This is my EP... http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=3595070575/size=medium/
  15. http://soundcloud.com/minilogue/minilogue-blomma-new-album Minilogue: Blomma (Cocoon Recordings) CD1.: 1. Everything Is All You've Got 2. Atoms With Curiosity That Looks at Itself and Wonder Why it Wonders 3. Forgotten Memories 4. Existensberättigande 5. Nor Coming Nor Going CD2.: 6. E de nån hemma? 7. Mellan landet 8. Evaporerar ut från sitt gömställe
  16. New white label (27 minutes total). Unmissable if you're into field recording/Chris Watson/drone/the sounds of nature. Buy at Touch and get 320 kbps instant download http://touchshop.org...products_id=489 More info at Boomkat: http://boomkat.com/v...winderen-debris ESSENTIAL SHIT, YO.
  17. I skipped Cross Pollination and East African Nocturne but this one sounds unmissable. Any one else looking forward to this? 10 Minute sampler: http://soundcloud.com/experimedia/chris-watson-el-tren-fantasma Boomkat blurb: "A stunning tapestry of field recordings from the master, Chris Watson, with his fourth album appearance on Touch, and his first since 2003's acclaimed Weather Report. Originally aired in a BBC Radio 4 broadcast last year, the sounds that constitute El Tren Fantasma (The Ghost Train) replicate the cross-country, coast to coast, Pacific to Atlantic FNM train route from Los Mochis to Veracruz. This line, a high watermark of Mexican engineering, no longer exists as a passenger route, but Watson beautifully recreates and evokes it using archive recordings. Watson spent a month on board the train with some of the last passengers to travel the route, when he was working as a sound recordist on the BBC TV series Great Railway Journeys. Watson fans will know what to expect: an aural adventure of great beauty, poignancy, humour and vivacity." Also he gone done released a bangin 12" for da clubs (kind of): http://boomkat.com/v...ignal-man-s-mix
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