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Found 13 results

  1. if you do a search in youtube, you might find this video about making a bass in fm: however, i am afraid that most of the videos on youtube seem to be tutorials on how to make a skrillex bass. however, a skrillex bass to me isn't really a bass, although it contains some bass fundamentals. i am a little old school, so i prefer a bass instrument to contain mostly bass fundamentals, for the purpose of creating harmonies and other syncopated events. I envision this thread to be a place where we can share patches or discuss getting actual bass sounds out of an fm synth, (also leads, fx, whatever) and produce some knowledge about the subject for composers who like to use an FM synth as an instrument, not just a full frequency sausage effect.
  2. Loving noisy-ass FM stuff recently. Some of you might enjoy this mess as well 😁 https://delikuvveti.bandcamp.com/track/iiiiiiii
  3. I figured I should start a proper thread rather than continuing to spam the GAS thread.. especially since the 1.02 OS just got released. I'll start with a couple of good tutorial videos I found:
  4. https://m3ds.bandcamp.com/album/drn4 FM EXPLORATIONS AND MICROTONAL DRONES FROM NYZ (AKA DAVE NOYZE, DAVID BURRASTON, NOYZELAB, BRYEN TELKO) preview audio : http://soundcloud.com/meds-label/nyz-drn4-fractal-compression-mix 90 minute tape, real time duplicated on Nakamichi and Tascam machines. Limited to 100 Copies. & https://m3ds.bandcamp.com/merch/drn4-limited-edition-t-shirt
  5. https://soundcloud.com/zhaozhou/fm-bass-fun-with-mozarts just trying to get my FM chops together. this one uses Odo's Purple2 vsti for the bass.
  6. https://soundcloud.com/zhaozhou/skibbys-first-fm-bassline for demon porpoises only
  7. [sc5]92428033[/sc5] Just started this one about 22 hours ago. Still trying to determine the overall direction of this track. Has kind of a hypnotic, nocturnal vibe (hypnocturnal?), with a slow-to-moderate tempo. Feedback is welcome.
  8. The 9th Broadcast, this time with very special guests Lakker(KilleKill, Blueprint, Love Love Records). Live on http://future-music.co.uk/ from 10 pm til midnight GMT http://lakker.wordpress.com/ https://soundcloud.com/lakker http://loveloverecords.net/lovwax01/lovwax01larger.html http://www.killekill.com/ http://blueprintrecords.blogspot.co.uk/ Previous Transmissions: http://www.mixcloud.com/UpstandingMonk/
  9. I sequence notes to control the pitch of the carrier. I sequence different notes to control the pitch of the modulator. I make harmonic fun times. Any idea what I can use to do this besides Max, pd, Reaktor, etc? Preferably a VST of some sort.
  10. Okay, before I get "booed off the stage", hear me out... I always kind of regret playing the records I own, even though I'm absolutely in love with them. I bought a few of the Björk DMM records and I love them to death. I was brought to tears, quite literally. I never play them. I own a few AFX records that I cherish, and love the format completely (he did amazing stuff on Analog Bubblebath 3 "paper-baggie issue") but I never play it. Even more recent stuff, Bee Mask's Elegy for Beach Friday, Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat, and the few Alva Notos I have I never play. Not to mention cassette tapes. They are warm and fuzzy, but they degrade far too fast. Not only that, but tape players (now pretty old) tend to eat tapes up, almost randomly. A friend gifted me his first tape ever which has since become a rarity, and my cassette player of doom destroyed it beyond repair. I've had tapes noticably degrade after only about 5 listens. I agree that's part of the 'charm' of analog, but I know people can do better. I don't want to worry about how old my stylus is every time I play a record in order to get that warmth. Which is where Laserdiscs come into play... Discovision and early Laserdiscs were written in exclusively analog audio. Later, the analog audio had been supplemented with other various digital formats, Dolby Digital, DTS, and PCM, but the analog track remained there through the entire span of Laserdisc un-glory. It's complicated and a circuitous thing to look up, but its fascinating. Most players have the ability to turn on multiple tracks, and even play audio through more than one output at a time. What this means is that content creators (musicians) could, in theory, create an analog audio track, a digital track, and analog video, in a format that doesn't degrade if mastered correctly. Creative folks could utilize all three and create compelling mixes of companion digital and analog tracks that stand alone or work together, and of course offer some sort of visual accompaniment. Each stands alone, a listener could watch it with one or both outputs active, or just listen to one. The format is amazing, but has some obvious downsides... The FM (how they pulled off analog audio) was never done properly, and needed signal noise reduction in the bottom end, which means if a musician cares a lot about the video aspect of the "album", they'd have to sacrifice some bass. Another obvious downside is that not a single manufacturer of Laserdiscs still makes them. The only thing available is something like a "laserdisc burner" which was sold for like $40,000 in the early '90s, but the media is expensive and rare, and the 'burned' audio is only PCM. Then... There's the idea that almost the exact same thing can be had with a DVD, except the analog, and had with a VHS cassette except without the "non-contact" bit. So completely unreasonable, but still got me thinking about format to release my stuff, being creative and whatnot. And got me thinking about a new analog format (which will never come out), the FM disc, read by laser. -J.J. See
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