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Found 3 results

  1. ok guys help me out here.... if u might recall i built a PC about a year ago with p good specs 4.0ghz xeon 32gb ram 250ssd 3tb hdd for all my music i'm running foobar, u know the media player that is supposed to be FANTASTIC and super LIGHTWEIGHT... meanwhile I barely read flacs off my HDD without stuttering and clicking every fucking second. it's gotten worse too. now I will say that my "soundcard" is a kontrol s4 via usb and then to some M1 studio monitors. The drivers are up to date etc. Is this a kontrol issue or a foobar issue or a RAM issue? I'd hope that a computer like this would be able to read flacs and browse the web at the same fucking time. I have never felt any other performance problem either, running games, complex modeling etc. What is the problem here? should i get a new soundcard? any suggestions? thanks i love u all, d-lo
  2. So most of you probably have a big playlist with your entire collection in it. I was wondering whether you prefer to listen to albums all the way through, or just surf the shuffle/random mode until you find something good? For a while I've been using shuffle like crazy, darting from one track to the next in a 6,000-strong discography of every human emotion ever discovered. Naturally, I've noticed this has taken a toll on me. You see, I have a lot of free time, and spend most it it listening to music. When I skip from one completely different mood to another, it's kinda draining. Every time a track is finished, I have to gear myself up for an entirely new theme and style, another artist's approach to emotion, something which could require of me a completely different way listening. So since yesterday, I've started simply choosing which album I want to listen to, and following through until it's time for another. So far it's going great! I think this might actually be healthier for the mind. So, what are your listening habits? Discuss.
  3. So I recently got myself a snazzy new laptop and until a few hours ago, completely bereft of music asides from the catchy Mr. Scruff song that came with the computer. Now, I was wondering if there was a way to have Foobar create subfolders in my "My Music" folder whenever I drag and drop new music in Foobar? Like, I used to use iTunes a lot, and one of the upsides was that I could drag and drop new music into the iTunes library and the program would automatically create new folders. Here's an example: Say I drag and drop Unstoppable Phax Machine by Ceephax Acid Krew into my libary, and it's the first Ceephax I've downloaded, iTunes would create a Ceephax Acid Krew folder in my music folder, and within the newly created Ceephax folder, create an "Unstoppable Phax Machine" folder to store the MP3s. Also, whenever I edit the song titles or album titles or whatever in iTunes, it would edit the actual files and folders to match what I changed. Pretty neat, huh? I could do all my changes within iTunes itself and never have to mess around with the folders and all that jazz. I hope this made sense. I want Foobar to do this, because I am lazy and like to have everything (music-related) perfect.
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