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Found 14 results

  1. http://cathode.org.uk/bwsf.html BEFORE WE SPLIT FREQUENCIES Vol.1 collects most of the non-album music released by Cathode on singles and compilations between 2001 and 2008. BEFORE WE SPLIT FREQUENCIES Vol.2 collects (mostly) unreleased recordings from Cathode made between 2001 and 2009. Experimental electronica from Newcastle upon Tyne.
  2. https://soundcloud.com/planetmurecords/vampillia-vs-u-ziq-sea "A remix done in October 2011 for Japanese band Vampillia" - www.vampillia.com Supremely dark juke/footwork remix.
  3. Just got an email from Clark/WARP: Ello, http://throttleclark.com/iradelphic-sessions So these tracks produced around Iradelphic have been zipped up, compiled and cremated into a neat little package with the robust and fitting imagery of Julian House. They seem to belong to a different era now I've been busy writing lots of new stuff since, but they still shed an old, persistent light on the world I immersed myself in during the albums creation. I thought it would be more interesting than just promo-ing you with a load of "alternate (ie not as good) mixes". They didn't make it to the final cut, but I feel it would be solipsistically tight to keep them to myself. As The Circle Closes should have perhaps gone on the album. I dont know. Who knows. And me throwing them out to you lot, my loyal yet anonymous audience, well it's just a way of moving on, freeing up headspace and showing you a piece of it along the way. The new live shows should hopefully showcase the direction I'm going in. It's chaotic and raw at the moment. But there is order in the edges too. It's great to get to hear this gear loud, in rooms full of people, rather than a sterile mastering session. Anyways, thanks for the ears, see you later. Chris. 20 April - Koko - London, UK 26 April - LunchMeat Festival - Prague, CZ 27 April - Arc Festival - Bristol, UK 04 May - LEV Festival - Gijón, ES 11 May - Mapping Festival - Geneva, CH 1 June - Taico Club Festival - Nagano, JP
  4. I'm thrilled to announce my brand new label called 2ism Recordings!! The first release by Benign & Roy Hessels - Ego will be released on the 12th of April! Check out our teaser song here: Listen on and Last.fm An all-embracing and precise review about the entire release is to be found here. Whilst you are listening to the first song, you might as well want to take some time to read what 2ism Recordings is about and what we have to offer. In today's music scene, it is very hard for a label and artists to stand out of the crowd. With today's tools everyone with a computer can create music. In the past decades, this has caused a whirlwind of new artists in the already crowded and ever growing (electronic) music-industry. So, where do we come in and why do we stand out? It's all in the name 2ism, as in two-ism. This should be taken very literally given everything we do, is done in pairs: the music is created by 2 artists and so is the artwork. The collaboration between 2 artists makes it very special; how will the collaboration turn out? Can the style of each artist still be recognized? Did they blend into a new musical entity? All these factors form a thrilling journey! This label strategy triggers artists to think outside of their own comfort zone. Define a vision for the combined work, identify each other's strengths and ultimately rely on those strengths and each other's capacity to create something fresh and original. It entices to create a whole instead of a collection of songs. The first release is the work of Roy Hessels who is living in Utrecht, The Netherlands and Benign (Pieter Van Bochaute) living in Brussels, Belgium. They produced their album over the course of a year. Although it was kind of logic with modern technology that they would have created the album over the Internet, Roy and Pieter also visited each other to compose several songs. For more background information about the label and artists, please go to www.2ismrecordings.com.
  5. http://soundcloud.com/cybertone/idaco I have a feeling that this may be slightly too slow, maybe bump up the BPM?
  6. "Cybertone's debut self-titled album is a bouncy work of melodic bedroom electronics and tight, funky grooves. These tracks were made lovingly with the cozy classic sounds of an 808 and 303, singing harmoniously together, with an added dose of glossy neon funk and concise software cut-ups. Cybertone is a charming young man named Mike from Ontario and since his debut album is so special and cool, Milieu and Mrs Jynx stepped in and did some remixes for it. Cybertone is completely free, so there's really no reason you shouldn't check this out - a braindance excursion awaits!" - Brian Grainger http://recycledplast...album/cybertone Check it out! My first album under my new alias.
  7. http://bewegungrecords.bandcamp.com/track/amongst-the-clouds Sorry it won't embed here, but it's not on my SC and I wanted to share it regardless. By the way, as earlier stated, my ep is done and can be downloaded here. it includes this track and a few others (mods if this shouldn't be in this subforum, lemme know, im not a spammer!)
  8. http://soundcloud.com/graveglitcher/grvgltchr-split-the-atoms-wip
  9. With all this top notch drexciyian electro coming out lately(Cygnus/Photodementia/CN), I couldn't help trying to make one myself : http://soundcloud.com/graveglitcher/grvgltchr-quantum-gravity
  10. http://soundcloud.com/graveglitcher/grvgltchr-jalapeno-theme more of that old school sound
  11. After reading the "Electronic Cliches That Are Bad" thread, I decided to try to stuff all the mentioned cliches into one track here are my results: http://soundcloud.com/graveglitcher/grvgltchr-regular-type remember, all comments are constructive
  12. http://soundcloud.com/graveglitcher/grvgltchr-topanga Comments much appreciated !
  13. Guest

    Oddbwar - Upmix

    next in the upmix series some awesome booty acid maxi rave selections from local(liverpool)legend, Dj Oddbwar! Tracklist and download here: Upmix
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBU6d3DK_dk&feature=youtu.be
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