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Found 15 results

  1. I brought up this thought in the dedicAtEd thread for Untilted but I think it is an interesting enough idea generally speaking. Here's the alternate order I came up with for their 2005 offering, Fermium is not removed because I dislike the song but because it feels like the odd one out. This is just my first attempt at this and I don't think I have a better sequence than S and R (fucking love this album the way it is as it is), but it is fun to try rejigger things a bit and see if there are some nice ways of changing the sequencing, just for fun 1. LCC 2. The Trees 3. Augmatic Disport 4. Ipacial Section 5. Iera 6. Pro Radii 7. Sublimit Here's what auxien said about this new order/removing Fermium: "hm, not sure about Fermium on its own, feels naked like that. but it is a little bit of an odd one out on the album perhaps, so i see the case there. random thoughts listening to this tracklisting: LCC as opener and Sublimit as closer is necessary, good work on not trying to fuck with that not sure about The Trees as track 2, feels a little too close in shape to LCC Ipacial into Iera is fucking great Iera into Pro Radii works pretty well Pro Radii into Sublimit works pretty well too overall not as offensive as i'd expected trying to tweak what's pretty close to a perfect album. may see about doing an alternate tracklist of my own"
  2. i am intererested in making a ARG (alternative reality game) do u guys have any ideas/tips for my ARG?
  3. Yesterday, I was entertaining myself, while in quarantine, by re-creating the plot of my favorite film using ONLY emojis. Today, I thought "Wouldn't it be fun if we did a guessing game, similar to the "guess the movie still" thread. I went deep trying to go into as much detail as possible with mine, to kick things off. If you can, try to challenge yourself to do the same. Also, I'm using Size 36 font with the emojis so it's easier to read. Game on!!! ????????‍??????????????????????‍♀️?‍♂️??⛓?? ????????????????????????❌⭕️??????‍??‍♂️✈️????????????‍♀️????
  4. Let's play a game where the objective is the poster tells a lie, and the others must figure out how or why what the poster is saying is a lie. I'll start: I decided to take a trip to Italy last summer, and booked a flight via Alitalia, and went to the International Airport, boarded my flight and sat down in seat 17F. The flight was uneventful, and I enjoyed my stay in the country. What part of what I said was a lie? (and no, not that I really didn't take a trip to Italy last summer). Italian WATMMers may immediately get this.
  5. Guest


    Hi everyone! I've created the soundtracks and all the sound design for a game called 'Bongville'. Took two intense years of coding and work, so hope you like it. It's going to be out on Google Play in a couple of days. Here's a little trailer: https://www.residentadvisor.net/feed-item.aspx?id=94506
  6. So for the next day and a half, Humble Bundle has a cheap deal on some shitty games as usual, but more importantly this deal includes a copy of Gamemaker, which is a seemingly entry-level game making application. The bundle altogether is only $12 to get the Android Export portion which I'm guessing means you can publish your games on Android for like 10 zillion people to not see. Here's the link: https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly to the bundle. I watched a couple tutorial videos about the absolute basics, doesn't seem too crazy. The code is something I've never delved much into, though I can dabble and not fuck shit up too much (I can use Processing okay for a beginner, and I could usually do really simply HTML shit...) Anyway, is that actually a good deal? And would I be getting in over my head? Like, I'm thinking of it as a means of just trying my hand at getting some simple/weird game ideas down, not like making Call of Duty for Android or anything. And more so just to try my hand at some more advanced code-style project stuff. Obviously Gamemaker's whole appeal is that you don't need to know code, but I'm quite sure I'd have to use some to really get through to an end product 'finished' game. Has anyone used Gamemaker? Or, have any of you made little games yourselves? Advice, thoughts? I mean, yeah, it's only $12, but I'm just curious about any thoughts on that system or if I shouldn't waste my time unless I would really wanna go head first down that path of making games (which I don't).
  7. roasty

    Flep Bird

    http://flepbird.tk/ http://flepbird.tk/
  8. Hi Guys n Gals, yesterday Kettel announced on facebook the soundtrack he made for a game called Wabafun. I couldn´t find a thread on that here, so I made one. Here is the Soundcloud playlist: https://soundcloud.com/kettelmusic/sets/soundtrack-for-kinetic-sand-adventure I really like it so far. It follows the path he went with the Ibb and Obb soundtrack. Cheerfull melodic ambient music pieces. Glad to here something new from him.
  9. This isn’t my invention but nicked it from Skinny Puppy fan site/forum litany.net. I did get the picture that they had gotten the concept from somewhere else, so can’t really say where this really originates. I thought that maybe you guys and gals would like to give it a shot. I tried to find out if this have been made before but couldn’t find anything. This might be stupid idea but here we go. So the name of the game says basically everything. We choose an album and every member can give one (+) point and one (-) point per day to tracks of their choice. Every track has five points in the beginning but this can be settled. When the points of some track drops to zero, the whole track drops out. Eventually we got the last track standing – an official truth of the best track on the album and we don’t need to argue on that matter anymore but can focus on more important things . This was only a rough sketch but gives the info you need. Naturally there are details of how the thing runs but thought to introduce the idea first in case you’re not familiar with it already.
  10. it is a game like that old boards of canada one press space to float and wasd to move and mouse to change view http://ompoint.net/fauna.html
  11. in particular, i'm addicted to DCSS tl;dr tile-based, turn-based RPG where you explore dungeons with many classes and religions. steep learning curve. it's exTREMEly addictive.
  12. The rules are simple : post a picture which you think have a similarity with the previous one example then your turn
  13. *READ BEFORE LISTENING* im really trying to make a dark creepy album that makes you very uneasy. to fully enjoy try to listen to this in the dark by yourself. im very new at this so any tips to make this creepier would be greatly appreciated. http://soundcloud.com/bewegungrecords/umbra-lurking
  14. I'm pretty sure this has been done before, but I couldn't find it, so here goes... I've seen several "photoshop tennis" threads on other forums, where one user posts a photo, then another one edits it and posts it, then another one, and another one, etc. I thought this would be even better with music. So, we start with one sound file, then someone calls "next", and then they edit it, chop it up, add stuff, etc. and post their creation. Then the next person will do the same, then the next person, and so on and so on until we come to a complete song. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rules: - Chopping up, adding layers, remastering, time signature changes, and tempo and pitch changes are all allowed. - A substantial portion of the previous edit must be included in the next edit. - You must call "next" before working on the song. If someone else has called next, you must wait until they upload their edit or they run out of time. If you get ninja'd, too bad. (Reserving your spot while someone else is currently editing a song might be negotiable) - You have 24 hours to complete your edit. If you need more time, post before your time is up asking for a day. Max 3 days per edit. If your time runs out, someone else may call next edit. - Try to keep changes simple; don't add too much. - When you upload your edit of the song, also upload each layer separately; this will make it much easier for others to do edits. If one or more layers are exactly the same as they were in previous posts (including equalization or compression changes) then you don't need to re-upload that layer, but tell people which one to download from previous posts. - If you change the key/BPM/time-sig, please post the alterations if possible. - Try to keep files in wav format. If you must go lower quality due to uploading problems, go for high quality mp3. Don't go below 256kbps sample rate. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here is the song so far. There is only one track. I made this with alphakanal automat, a free AU synthesizer. 16 measures at 113 BPM 4/4. The main tone is B, I think. If you think that we should start with a different file (if you think mine is not good enough or too hard to modify), then that's totally fine by me. http://soundcloud.com/the-holy-band-of-god/production-tennis-start Again, if this has been done before, or is not allowed, sorry (although I don't see any reason that it can't be done again). I really did search, but I'm pretty terrible at searching. Also, sorry if this is in the wrong place (maybe it should be in the latest creations section?). Please tell me if you think there should be any additional rules. Now get to producing!
  15. Guest


    I'm downloading this shit right here right now. This could be the beginning of an unhealthy obsession. Looks like my buds are playing on Kellers Void and Jung Ma, hopefully everyone will decide on one of those. Anyone play this yet?
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